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Patriot Software is a powerful online platform which combines cost-effective payroll and billing modules. Its features are designed to provide all functionality and ease of use, without requiring extensive training. In addition, the software is hosted on secure servers with secured data centers to provide uninterrupted access and continuous use.

Patriot Software’s payroll and accounting solutions are designed and developed by people who understand the challenges of small and medium businesses. They are the answer to your payroll and accounting requirements.

Patriot Software’s online accounting and billing solutions simplify these processes so that, as a small business owner, you no longer face the complex and technical aspects of accounting and billing processes.

It provides end-to-end capabilities for efficiently creating and managing invoices, efficiently organizing accounting data, and accurately calculating salaries.

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Patriot Software Benefits Overview

Patriot Software Features


Not all entrepreneurs are accounting experts. That because, all business efforts require accounting to ensure that your organization properly charges customers, monitors and manages accounts receivable and payable, and sees their financial status and project revenues, among other things, in the near and distant future.

Patriot Software helps you solve all your accounting problems. Your only concern is your business. With Patriot Software’s accounting solution, you can accurately calculate and pay for your contractors and suppliers, track those payments, and generate reports that you can send to your accountant.

Patriot Software

Patriot Software offers a basic online payroll service that greatly simplifies the payment method for your employees. Configuring is not a difficult task because customer support helps you get started with payroll by entering employee data, payroll information, historical data, and more.

Once your Patriot software payroll software is up and running, simply enter your employees’ hours and let the software do the calculations. Patriot Software guarantees that all calculations made in the system are very accurate. Best of all, you can do as many billing transactions as you want.

Once billing processing is complete, you can immediately print check-outs with pre-printed or blank checks. If you wish, you can also pay by direct deposit.

Patriot Software Features

1. New configuration Assistance

The most important news about Patriot Software this year is the addition of a special configuration wizard that was previously missing. Instead of navigating through the settings menu, the site guides you through a series of screens that describe what is required to start billing.

This wizard displays links to useful resources, such as: For example, the procedure for obtaining a State Jobless Number (SUTA). There is also a green box at the top of the screen that shows you the missing information. Stay there and you can not settle until you have entered all the required data.

Patriot Software Invoice

Patriot Software is flexible when it comes to creating elements that reflect employee hours (holidays, regular hours, double hours, etc.) and possible payment methods (including payment methods), premiums, commissions, and fees).

If you offer your employees benefits such as health insurance and retirement, you can set them up so they can be assigned to employees when you create your records. Information on corporate deductions and contributions is entered in the same way even though their data fields are slightly different.

For example, to create a print for your 401 (k), click Add Print and select the type from a drop-down list. You can enter a description that will be displayed in the reports and payment checks.

You can then enter the standard dollar amount to deduct paychecks as a percentage or as a fixed amount (assuming this is different for each employee, assume that – white only). You can also enter any limit and, if necessary, specify the correct W-2 field.

2. Added Settings

You also need to enter the tax configuration of your company and specify the unemployment rates. Patriot Software has created a great page with links to status information that you can check if you do not have these numbers.

You will also learn how to apply for a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) and meet state registration requirements. And it contains links to forms that new employees must complete and submit. You must provide the bank account information for billing, complete an authorization form, and enter the impression of your paycheck and/or your direct deposit settings.

Quick Links:

If your employees want to log in to password-protected portals, where they can see pay stubs and other billing information, you can create usernames and passwords for each employee and send invitations.

For this reason, Patriot Software and its competitors, such as SurePayroll, offer new users the ability to track the configuration process and enter the data they need to view billing history. It is very complicated. You can always return to the configuration pages when you have completed the wizard to make the necessary changes.

3. Add Personal information

Once your company’s payroll is completed, you can create a record for each employee. This is a simple process, but it takes a lot of time. Fill in the blank fields to receive information that has not yet been entered (name,  , social security number, contract date, etc.) and select from the list the options that you have just created (eg type of payment and Frequency).

After you have entered all of the requested information, you can access individual records from a screen by clicking on the tabs that open different sections of the record, such as B. payment information, history, deductions, and contributions.

It is an effective way to make all these details available. In reality, no one does it better, although some sites use the screen space more economically and emphasize the appearance of the screens and their content.

3. Navigation tools

Patriot Software’s design has changed since the last site visit. It is different from most competitors. We do not immediately see how it works. Due to the duplication of the top left and vertical horizontal toolbars, it is best to work on it, divided into the dashboard, accounting, billing, support, and configuration.

Hover over one of these buttons and a menu with related links will appear. Click on one of the first three buttons. The left vertical toolbar displays links that are similar to those in the drop-down list above. The center of the screen also changes according to the content of this area.

Patriot Payroll System

The last two buttons, Reports, and Settings display the links in the Billing menu.

Sounds confusing to you? The table of the site also differs a little from the competition. The five icons above point you to the pages most viewed. The middle part of the screen contains messages from Patriot Software.

The links to your help options are shown below. As suggested by OnPay, there are no tasks like Gustos and no activity charts. In the end, you get used to it, but the UI here could use a redesign that makes it clear from the start.
However, once you click on a link, the work screens are intuitive.

They use standard conventions for online data entry. Fill in the gaps or click on the links or select from the drop-down lists. Sometimes directional arrows are marked as a guide next step, like on the Pay Employee screen.

All services we review provide navigation guides that guide you through the multi-level processes. But others like Gusto are more interesting from a graphics and aesthetic point of view.

Patriot Software Pricing

Patriot Software offers various SMB and enterprise pricing programs to choose from. Here are the details below:

Online Accounting

1099 Software – $7.50/month

  • Free customer support
  • Unlimited vendor payments
  • Unlimited create & print 1096 & 1099
  • Vendor & 1099 reports

Accounting Software (Cash Basis) – $12.50/month

  • All Online Accounting features, plus:
  • Track expenses, money & income
  • Create invoices
  • Record payments
  • Track unpaid invoices
  • Track bank withdrawals & deposits

Online Payroll

Basic Payroll – $10/month

  • Minimum of 1 employee
  • Free setup & customer support
  • Print checks or use direct bank deposit
  • No tax tables to download
  • Printable W-2s
  • Employee portal

Full-Service Payroll – $25/month

  • All Basic Payroll features, plus:
  • Minimum of 1 employee
  • File W-2s and W-3s
  • Deposit & file federal payroll taxes
  • Deposit & file state payroll taxes
  • Deposit & file local payroll taxes
  • Tax filings


  • Good Setup Assistant
  • Excellent orientation for new users.
  • It offers basic features of the accounting supplement on a small fee.


  • Confusion on navigation and control panel.
  • The total bill will not be displayed after the treatment.

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Final Verdict: Patriot Software Review

Any small business that uses an online payroll service to manage employee payments usually needs a lot of support, especially during setup. Patriot Software’s full paycheck is designed to support its customers from start to finish, and the new configuration wizard makes getting started easier.

Its user interface manages the basic tasks required to create employee records, define deductions and contributions, and process payroll. However, the navigation and dashboard are unusual and can be confusing until you get used to it.

Share your experience in the comments section below, what’s your viewpoint on Patriot Software. What features of the Patriot Software you liked most.

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