pCloud Review 2021: Is It Worth To Buy? [Must Read]

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About PCloud.com

PCloud is a cloud storage program for all those who are looking for a comprehensive storing solution. The easy-to-use interface provides the user with all the brilliant multi-tasking features for business as well as personal use. PCloud headquarters are in Switzerland, and the advance thinking team of pCloud will provide best solutions according to the growing market.

With the help of PCloud storage, you can secure your data, pictures, videos, and music anywhere and anytime. All your important stuff will remain with you till you don’t want to let go it forever. pCloud is a new solution in the cloud document storage space, founded in 2013. Here is detail pCloud Review 2021 with pros and cons.

PCloud works as an online storage place for all your stuff so that you can access them anywhere, share them anytime, and keep pace with your job. You can get PCloud for your desktop browser, mobile application, and download it for your various processors like Mac, Windows, and Linux.

You can forward large files in short time with your download links, an invitation to your archives and collect files in pCloud account via upload links. It downloads at the speed of 80 MB/s, 59 seconds to upload 1 GB file, and 36 seconds to download 1 GB file.

pCloud File Security Made Simple Review

PCloud was set up in 2013, with the motive of providing widespread services and the best technical features for cloud storage. Its exclusive features include data transfer via TLS/SSL procedure and are counterfeited on at least three server sites in an extremely safe data storage region. Its strong-arrayed encryption from pCloud Crypto provides encoded data with an easy to use interface. PCloud got featured in many known publications namely:

PCloud FAQ:

Is pCloud any good?

If we look at the overall aspect, then PCloud storage is best among the new entrants in the cloud services.

How much does pCloud cost?

The pricing of the pCloud starts from $7.99/mo for the Premium Plus Plan that gives 2TB storage and 2TB download link traffic.

What are the features of pCloud?

PCloud has all the multitasking features as of any expensive brand such as File Management, Unlimited capabilities, Encryption, Security, Synchronization and more.

Multi-level features of PCloud:

pCloud File Manager

PCloud has all the multitasking features as of any expensive brand. You get all those components which would otherwise cost too much in the case of other cloud storage services. Let’s take a quick sneak-peek of the extensive features of PCloud:

  • File management

pCloud Review - File Manager 1

The size doesn’t matter in PCloud storage as you will find all your files on the top web interface. You can simply categorise your data according to their layout. The trashed records will remain in the storage for specified time and you can retrieve it within that period.

  • Unlimited capabilities

There are no restrictions attached to the file size and uploading or downloading content. All kinds of collections can be directly uploaded or downloaded with high speed on the server. There is no limitation put by the web server, whether you are have taken Free or Premium Plan.

  • File sharing

You will enjoy hassle-free distribution of data to any service provider. You can invite your colleagues or friends to your folder feature. You can make necessary changes to the setting so that everyone accesses your folder as per your convenience. You can also generate upload and download links to your friends so that anyone can move files directly to you pCloud storage.

  • Synchronization

pCloud immediately harmonizes your archives among the cloud storage manifesto and your various manoeuvres and processors. You can also reserve your precious data to your cloud server with only turning Automatic upload feature On. It will regularly backup all your data.

  • Security

At pCloud, you get best of safety measures to protect your data from any theft or failure. TLS/SSL encryption your data is stored at three places in a very safe data storage space. The client-side encryption feature only allows you to have keys for file decryption.

  • Encryption

The arrangement of all interpretations and safety layers that pCloud utilizes has confirmed to be indestructible. It is the trouble-free and most protected way to encode all the data. It lets handlers to protect their private archives with high-end safe keeping. It offers together encrypted and non-encrypted files in the similar version.

  • Accessibility

You can access your files from as many devices as you want as PCloud provides the best edition for the web (file and folder collaboration), drive (Windows, Mac, and Linux) and mobiles (Android, iOS). It integrates all your data at one place irrespective of the number of devices attached to the cloud servers.

  • File versioning

PCloud stores all your files regardless of their latest or older versions. You can keep an eye on the modifications made and reinstate the older versions as and when needed. You can also retrieve file amendments by tapping the desired button in settings. You can quickly inspect the activities, performed within your pCloud account.

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  • Integrations

PCloud assists you in keeping all your social sites pictures and videos safe in the storage. Instagram, FB, Picassa, all your reminiscences are assimilated and save to pCloud servers safely. Various plugins, as well as, WordPress website database are backed up by pCloud servers for effortlessness of working system.

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Services offered by PCloud: PCloud Review 2021


pCloud Drive Windows Expand your computer storage with up to 1TB

  • Increase your PC space with PCloud Drive and retrieve all your storage as virtual drive
  • Protect your data private data with virtual drive
  • Immediately coordinates with all your devices with all the updates
  • All data will be accessible in offline mode also
  • Work together on your database with your friends and colleagues via one simple right-click action.
  • It supports all Mac, Windows, and Linux

Mobile App

pCloud Review - Mobile Encryption App Mobile Data Storage

  • Get access to all your data on-the-go using up to 2 TB added Cloud Storage
  • Provides ample of space for all Android, iOS, or Windows smartphones
  • PCloud Crypto feature gives maximum security to your mobile version
  • Backup all your pics, videos, and mobile data directly through automatic upload
  • Get access to all your chosen files even in offline mode
  • It has built-in music players to play your favorite saved music.
  • Fast sharing of data among friends
  • No compromise on any of the mobile features


  • The web browser assists you in having full control over your files universally
  • Protect your data with Crypto files on Chrome or Mozilla
  • Quickly downloads any number of files with local network in inaccessible place
  • In-built audio player integrates your favorite music which you can listen while browsing your data
  • Watch high-definition videos even in low internet connections
  • Check modification of files in history of web application
  • Save time and traffic by directly acquiring collections into your account without transferring them.
  • Connect your account to social profiles for a secure gridlock


pCloud Encrypted Cloud Storage Cloud Encryption Software

  • Encodes your important files and makes them undetectable to others
  • Client-side safety of files in case of theft or failure
  • Zero-knowledge privacy takes away files access even from the service provider itself
  • Various keys and security layers protect the data from getting lost or stolen
  • Easy-to-use A-grade security
  • Crypto tab or folder available on computers, mobiles, and web browsers assist you in multi-layered protection of database


pCloud Review - File Security Made Simple

    • Safe cloud storage for any firm
    • Comprehensive online storing and team alliance means
    • 1 TB space and Crypto include for each consumer in Business account
    • Cutting-edge elements are attuned conferring to your business prerequisites
    • Accumulate, harmonize, and conspire on your business files at one location
    • User-friendly tools designed to manage and elevate workflow


  • Safe distribution of data among clients and associates
  • Innovative IT expertise appropriate for companies of any dimensions
  • Log-in to your work files from any device

PCloud Plans 2021

pCloud Pricing Cloud Storage Pricing Cost Cloud Storage Plans

  • Three types of subscription packages to suit everyone’s need
  • Safeguard costs with 10-day money-back assurance
  • Pay through Master card, Visa card, PayPal, and American Express
  • Transfer
  • PCloud Transfer allows you to send huge file up to 5 GB
  • There is no registration required for it
  • It is absolutely free of cost
  • You just need to mention the recipient’s email, your email an optional message if any


Final Verdict: PCloud Review 2021

If we look at the overall aspect, then PCloud storage is best among the new entrants in the cloud services. Though it is not suited for businesses with self-hosted servers, yet it is best suited for retail, tech, insurance, education or legal businesses. The execution and incorporation of all features are as per the claimed safekeeping. The customer support services are available through 24/7 email support or customer care numbers available on the Contact Us page.

The user-friendly interface is the strong point that should be considered while buying this software. The safety of encrypted data is another positive side of this comprehensive service.

The accessibility of all the folders through various devices easily collaborates on one platform. The above analysis of pCloud stands firm on its aspects, interface, security, support, and speed. It is definitely not listed among the best services in cloud storage but is not lagging behind at following their footsteps.

Buy 1 and Get 1 offer from pCloud sounds great in order to save money.

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3 thoughts on “pCloud Review 2021: Is It Worth To Buy? [Must Read]”

  1. Hey Abhishek,

    pCloud is really sounds fabulous cloud storage service that gives space to store all of our favorite music, videos, photos, as well as work and personal documents. One of the things which I like most about pCloud is the easy ability to share your files with family, friends, or co-workers.

    Most of the desktop app features can also be accessed directly through its website. The interface is clean and easily accessible. A special feature in pCloud is that it provides upload links to other users. Eventually, thanks for sharing your best experience regarding this service.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar

  2. My Dropbox account has 700GB in there and it is taking a long time to sync all the files in the morning, so I was looking for an alternative and stumbled on pCloud. All the specs look great, so I thought I give it a shot, and I got a monthly Premium Plus subscription. To move my 700GB Dropbox account over to pCloud they have a option so they just import your files strait from Dropbox so you don’t have to download 700GB form Dropbox and then upload it again to pCloud (https://blog.pcloud.com/backup-dropbox/). So I setup the link between Dropbox and pCloud and it started slowly transferring to pCloud.
    The first day it transferred 1GB the second day it did 0.8GB and after that it stopped completely, I contacted support that something was wrong and they cam back telling me that the process was running and that because of the size of my account this can lead to a slower transfers. After 5 days it was still on 1.8GB and at this rate it would take 5.3 YEARS for the process to be completed. I contacted them again and I got basically the same useless answer.
    I had the feeling that something is wrong with the transfer but the support department it to over worked or to lazy to really look into the situation (as who is going to build a function that takes 5 years to complete) so I thought I stop it and start again see of the problem persist, but this is not possible from the customer end so I contacted support to cancel the transfer. But as their answer is we cant.

    So that concluded my test of pCloud, my conclusion of this service is that or they do not have enough bandwidth and it really takes 5+ years to transfer 700GB, OR their Support department is utterly useless OR both.
    But whatever it is I cannot recommend this service to anybody, I know it got quite a bit of good reviews but my guess is they never had to deal with their support department.


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