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PCloud is a cloud storage program for all those who are looking for a comprehensive storing solution. The easy-to-use interface provides the user with all the brilliant multi-tasking features for business as well as personal use. PCloud headquarters are in Switzerland, and the advance thinking team of pCloud will provide best solutions according to the growing market.

Bottom-Line Upfront:

Are you looking for a better cloud storage solution? PCloud is the best cloud storage program that provides all the features in one place. It’s easy to use and has an intuitive interface, so it’s perfect for both business and personal use. You can access your files from anywhere with just one tap of your finger. And since we have servers located around the world, you can upload or download files at lightning speed! With pCloud, you get unlimited space on top of industry-leading security measures like SSL encryption and two-factor authentication. We also provide 24/7 customer support via live chat or email if you ever need help with anything! Sign up today to experience a new level of file management that will revolutionize how you work online every day! Sign up for pCloud today!

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With the help of PCloud storage, you can secure your data, pictures, videos, and music anywhere and anytime. All your important stuff will remain with you till you don’t want to let go it forever. pCloud is a new solution in the cloud document storage space, founded in 2013. Here is detail pCloud Review 2021 with pros and cons.

PCloud works as an online storage place for all your stuff so that you can access them anywhere, share them anytime, and keep pace with your job. You can get PCloud for your desktop browser, mobile application, and download it for your various processors like Mac, Windows, and Linux.

You can forward large files in short time with your download links, an invitation to your archives and collect files in pCloud account via upload links. It downloads at the speed of 80 MB/s, 59 seconds to upload 1 GB file, and 36 seconds to download 1 GB file.

pCloud Overview - review

PCloud was set up in 2013, with the motive of providing widespread services and the best technical features for cloud storage. Its exclusive features include data transfer via TLS/SSL procedure and are counterfeited on at least three server sites in an extremely safe data storage region. Its strong-arrayed encryption from pCloud Crypto provides encoded data with an easy to use interface. PCloud got featured in many known publications namely:

Technical details

Supported Devices

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-based


  • Cloud Hosted
  • On Premise
  • Open API

Supported Language

  • English

Pricing Model

  • Monthly payment
  • One-time payment
  • Annual Subscription
  • Quote-based

Customer Types

  • Freelancers
  • Small Business
  • Medium Business
  • Large Enterprises

PCloud FAQ:

Is pCloud any good?

If we look at the overall aspect, then PCloud storage is best among the new entrants in the cloud services.

How much does pCloud cost?

The pricing of the pCloud starts from $7.99/mo for the Premium Plus Plan that gives 2TB storage and 2TB download link traffic.

What are the features of pCloud?

PCloud has all the multitasking features as of any expensive brand such as File Management, Unlimited capabilities, Encryption, Security, Synchronization and more.

Multi-level features of PCloud:

pCloud File Manager

PCloud has all the multitasking features as of any expensive brand. You get all those components which would otherwise cost too much in the case of other cloud storage services. Let’s take a quick sneak-peek of the extensive features of PCloud:

  • File management

pCloud Review - File Manager 1

The size doesn’t matter in PCloud storage as you will find all your files on the top web interface. You can simply categorise your data according to their layout. The trashed records will remain in the storage for specified time and you can retrieve it within that period.

  • Unlimited capabilities

There are no restrictions attached to the file size and uploading or downloading content. All kinds of collections can be directly uploaded or downloaded with high speed on the server. There is no limitation put by the web server, whether you are have taken Free or Premium Plan.

  • File sharing

You will enjoy hassle-free distribution of data to any service provider. You can invite your colleagues or friends to your folder feature. You can make necessary changes to the setting so that everyone accesses your folder as per your convenience. You can also generate upload and download links to your friends so that anyone can move files directly to you pCloud storage.

  • Synchronization

pCloud immediately harmonizes your archives among the cloud storage manifesto and your various manoeuvres and processors. You can also reserve your precious data to your cloud server with only turning Automatic upload feature On. It will regularly backup all your data.

  • Security

At pCloud, you get best of safety measures to protect your data from any theft or failure. TLS/SSL encryption your data is stored at three places in a very safe data storage space. The client-side encryption feature only allows you to have keys for file decryption.

  • Encryption

The arrangement of all interpretations and safety layers that pCloud utilizes has confirmed to be indestructible. It is the trouble-free and most protected way to encode all the data. It lets handlers to protect their private archives with high-end safe keeping. It offers together encrypted and non-encrypted files in the similar version.

  • Accessibility

You can access your files from as many devices as you want as PCloud provides the best edition for the web (file and folder collaboration), drive (Windows, Mac, and Linux) and mobiles (Android, iOS). It integrates all your data at one place irrespective of the number of devices attached to the cloud servers.

  • File versioning

PCloud stores all your files regardless of their latest or older versions. You can keep an eye on the modifications made and reinstate the older versions as and when needed. You can also retrieve file amendments by tapping the desired button in settings. You can quickly inspect the activities, performed within your pCloud account.

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  • Integrations

PCloud assists you in keeping all your social sites pictures and videos safe in the storage. Instagram, FB, Picassa, all your reminiscences are assimilated and save to pCloud servers safely. Various plugins, as well as, WordPress website database are backed up by pCloud servers for effortlessness of working system.

Services offered by PCloud: PCloud Review 2021


pCloud Drive Windows Expand your computer storage with up to 1TB

  • Increase your PC space with PCloud Drive and retrieve all your storage as virtual drive
  • Protect your data private data with virtual drive
  • Immediately coordinates with all your devices with all the updates
  • All data will be accessible in offline mode also
  • Work together on your database with your friends and colleagues via one simple right-click action.
  • It supports all Mac, Windows, and Linux

Mobile App

pCloud Review - Mobile Encryption App Mobile Data Storage

  • Get access to all your data on-the-go using up to 2 TB added Cloud Storage
  • Provides ample of space for all Android, iOS, or Windows smartphones
  • PCloud Crypto feature gives maximum security to your mobile version
  • Backup all your pics, videos, and mobile data directly through automatic upload
  • Get access to all your chosen files even in offline mode
  • It has built-in music players to play your favorite saved music.
  • Fast sharing of data among friends
  • No compromise on any of the mobile features


  • The web browser assists you in having full control over your files universally
  • Protect your data with Crypto files on Chrome or Mozilla
  • Quickly downloads any number of files with local network in inaccessible place
  • In-built audio player integrates your favorite music which you can listen while browsing your data
  • Watch high-definition videos even in low internet connections
  • Check modification of files in history of web application
  • Save time and traffic by directly acquiring collections into your account without transferring them.
  • Connect your account to social profiles for a secure gridlock


pCloud Encrypted Cloud Storage Cloud Encryption Software

  • Encodes your important files and makes them undetectable to others
  • Client-side safety of files in case of theft or failure
  • Zero-knowledge privacy takes away files access even from the service provider itself
  • Various keys and security layers protect the data from getting lost or stolen
  • Easy-to-use A-grade security
  • Crypto tab or folder available on computers, mobiles, and web browsers assist you in multi-layered protection of database


pCloud Review - File Security Made Simple

    • Safe cloud storage for any firm
    • Comprehensive online storing and team alliance means
    • 1 TB space and Crypto include for each consumer in Business account
    • Cutting-edge elements are attuned conferring to your business prerequisites
    • Accumulate, harmonize, and conspire on your business files at one location
    • User-friendly tools designed to manage and elevate workflow
  • Safe distribution of data among clients and associates
  • Innovative IT expertise appropriate for companies of any dimensions
  • Log-in to your work files from any device

Onboarding and setup

You can use your Facebook or Google credentials to join up with pCloud, or you may use an email address and password. Although it is not essential, the setup process invites you to download and instal the pCloud Drive programme, as it is with all file-syncing services.

Windows (XP through 10), macOS 10.9 or later, Linux (Ubuntu 14.04, Fedora 21, Debian 8 or later derivative distributions), iOS 9 or later, and Android 5.0 or later are all supported by the service.

A Lightroom Classic plug-in and a browser plugin for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera are also available. You can use them to download site content directly to your pCloud storage.

As you progress through the setup process, more storage becomes available. Verifying your email address, for example, adds 1GB, uploading a file adds another, and so forth.

You must accept the licence agreement before running the short 9MB desktop installation. It also instals DLLs in command-line mode and asks you to accept the installation of driver software, which is probably for establishing a virtual drive on your computer. Finally, you’ll see a window with the words “Setup Successful” and a Launch button.

When you run the desktop client, you’ll notice a cloud-shaped system tray icon similar to OneDrive, as well as a dialogue box asking you to sign into your account. After that, you’ll be guided through the programme by an introduction wizard.

User Interface

pCloud, like OneDrive, Google Drive, and iCloud, adds a cloud-storage icon to File Explorer from which you may access your files. To signify that it isn’t local storage, it utilises a conventional drive icon rather than a bespoke one.

Even more perplexing, the pCloud disc appears in File Explorer as a Removable Disk, which I haven’t seen in any other syncing tool. Clicking the tray icon, as with most cloud storage clients, opens the File Explorer window for its virtual drive.

When you right-click, a menu appears with the options Open Drive, Notifications, Preferences, Pause, and Exit. In a pie chart, it also shows your storage consumption and quota.

The Settings interface has tabs for Sync, Share, Crypto (not linked to currency), and Settings, in addition to your storage and account login. There are additional options for Help and About, the latter of which includes a button to check for updates.

On the Account page, you may change your password or upgrade your account, as well as see a bar graph of your storage usage and quota. You can set custom upload and download throughput limitations in Kbps on the Speed tab under Settings. You can also choose between Unlimited and Auto speeds.

In File Explorer, pCloud provides two new right-click context menu options: Copy to pCloud Sync and Sync to pCloud. The first adds the selected file to a previously synchronised folder, while the second initiates a fresh sync. This is a flaw in the system: Unlike OneDrive and some other cloud storage services, the right-click options do not allow you to directly save a file or folder to pCloud storage.

When you’re inside their own top folder or virtual drive, all of the services let you share an item using a right-click menu option. Invite to folder, Copy upload link, and Copy download link are all options in pCloud. The first one opens a dialogue asking for the email address of the person who should have access to the folder; the second one opens a webpage from which the receiver can upload files to the right-clicked folder; and the third one opens a webpage from which she can retrieve the folder’s contents.

The receiver will see a screen that looks identical to your own web pCloud interface, complete with photo thumbnails. When you share via File Explorer, there are no choices for password protection or setting expiration times, but you do have those options if you use the online interface (see next section). For cloud-only items that you want to download to your local PC, pCloud also has an Offline Access option. That means you’ll save space by storing pCloud files in the cloud rather than on your hard drive.

Web Interface

The web interface performs an excellent job of displaying your uploaded files and media, including images, movies, and music. However, unlike Google Drive and OneDrive, it does not employ right-click for things like getting a sharing link.

Instead, you must tap the overflow […] menu to access the same options as a right-click context menu. Share, Rename, Copy, Move, Download Archive, Delete, and Folder Info are all options for folders. You may also watch or play media, as well as download and view revisions, when it comes to files.

In the web interface, you may also preview (but not modify) Office documents. That’s preferable to Apple’s iCloud Drive, which, despite having its own online office suite, doesn’t even allow you to preview a.doc file. The only major online storage providers that allow you to edit office documents in the browser are Google Drive and OneDrive, while DropBox works seamlessly with both.

Of course, you can use your web browser to upload files to pCloud. Drag-and-drop functionality is available for multiple simultaneous uploads.

pCloud Crypto Folder

In the web interface, you may also preview (but not modify) Office documents. That’s preferable to Apple’s iCloud Drive, which, despite having its own online office suite, doesn’t even allow you to preview a.doc file. The only major online storage providers that allow you to edit office documents in the browser are Google Drive and OneDrive, while DropBox works seamlessly with both.

Of course, you can use your web browser to upload files to pCloud. Drag-and-drop functionality is available for multiple simultaneous uploads. (If you write it down, it’s as if you don’t have a password.) The Crypto Folder folder is created, and the Lock and Open Folder buttons have been added to the settings panel.

When a folder is locked, it still exists, but you can’t add or open anything to it. It would be considerably safer if the folder was hidden while it was locked. Furthermore, the fact that you may access files in your Crypto via the web in a browser increases malware’s attack surface. In the online interface, you can reset your Crypto password, but this will erase all of your files.

Back Up Other Services

Another unique feature of pCloud is the ability to back up current cloud storage services, such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as Google Drive, DropBox, and OneDrive. I believe that those large firms are more likely to be able to save my files, although I suppose that functionality may help if you want to switch everything to pCloud from one of those, say, because of its reduced costs.

You may easily connect your pCloud storage with other cloud providers using the Backups page in the web interface. After you start the backup, a new folder named Backups appears in your pCloud Files, with subfolders for any services you add.

When I connected that account, the folder was immediately filled with my Dropbox stuff. If you’re switching to pCloud in addition to backing up your other account, this function makes sense.

pCloud Mobile Apps

Mobile apps for Android and iOS are available from pCloud. On my iPhone X, I downloaded the app. It, like other modern apps, wants to send you notifications. You sign in with your login after answering yes or no to it. The next step is to enable photo and video auto-uploading.

After that, you can simply use a familiar interface to access your cloud-stored folders. Photos can be viewed in full screen mode; an information page displays the file size, date, and dimensions, but not camera settings, object, or geotagging, like in the OneDrive and Google Photos apps. Music files can be played using a button at the bottom of the main programme screen.

You can also use the password to access your Crypto folder. Word documents can also be viewed but not edited. The programme provides shared links for folders and files, and you can track how often the connections are used. You don’t receive access to older versions, for example. Despite this, it’s a well-rounded, fully respectable cloud storage mobile client.

pCloud Plans & Pricing

Free accounts with 10GB of storage are available from pCloud. Google Drive is one of the most generous cloud storage services, offering 15GB for free (though email and original-quality photos count against that). Apple and Microsoft limit free accounts to 5GB, while Dropbox only offers 2GB. Degoo, a newcomer, offers free accounts with 100GB of storage with some restrictions.

The 500GB Premium plan on pCloud costs $3.99 per month, while the 2TB Premium plan costs $7.99 per month. Apple, Google, and Dropbox, for example, charge $9.99 for 2TB of cloud storage.With a $6.99-per-month Office 365 Personal subscription, Microsoft includes 1TB of OneDrive storage, and with a $9.99-per-month Office 365 Home subscription, Microsoft includes 6TB (1TB each for six people). For $9.99 per month, Degoo offers a massive 10TB of storage.

Two Lifetime subscriptions are available from pCloud: 500GB for $175 and 2TB for $350. That will last indefinitely (or as long as the company is in operation). Team organisation and access management, file commits, and activity monitoring are all included in pCloud Business. For these business plans, pricing is negotiated.

pCloud Pricing Cloud Storage Pricing Cost Cloud Storage Plans

  • Three types of subscription packages to suit everyone’s need
  • Safeguard costs with 10-day money-back assurance
  • Pay through Master card, Visa card, PayPal, and American Express
  • Transfer
  • PCloud Transfer allows you to send huge file up to 5 GB
  • There is no registration required for it
  • It is absolutely free of cost
  • You just need to mention the recipient’s email, your email an optional message if any

Why do we like pCloud?

Access Files on Any Device

Whether customers are using pCloud for business or personal purposes, the cloud storage solution ensures that all of their folders and files are simply accessible in a cloud or web-based environment. pCloud folders and files may be accessed and controlled from a variety of devices, including desktop computers, laptop computers, and smartphones.

Easy File Retrieval

Users can use pCloud’s search tool to enter the name of the file they want to access into a search window that can be located at the top of the online and mobile user interfaces. They can also use the file format to filter the search results. Users merely need to click on the pCloud-provided search criteria, and the search results are automatically filtered down to the precise types of files they want, such as documents, video, music, and image files.

Accelerate Project Collaborations

pCloud is great for project management teams and professionals that collaborate and work together on project management issues. The cloud storage system accelerates and improves project collaborations by giving users several options for distributing folders and filters, collaborating effortlessly, and completing projects.

Multiple File Sharing Options

Users can grant direct and indirect access to folders and files saved in the solution using pCloud. For example, if they want their colleagues and teammates to have immediate access to folders and files, they can create links that connect them to Public Folder, a publicly accessible storage place. All of the folders and files they want to offer direct access to are stored in this storage area.

Users can also invite others to share folders and files by sending invitations. They can also designate how those they are inviting should access the folders and files. Some users may simply be allowed to view the folders and filters, while others may be allowed to view as well as change or change them.

Individuals outside of the business or team can access the folders and files saved in pCloud. They can even be shared with others who aren’t involved in the project or activity, such as family, friends, and other acquaintances. This is accomplished through the creation of download links. When users exchange a download link, the recipient can save the folder or file to his or her own computer or mobile device. In the meanwhile, they can create an upload link for anyone who wants to send and save folders and files on pCloud.

Generate, Track, And Retrieve Multiple File Versions

Users can create several file versions and retain trackable and retrievable data with pCloud. Versions of files are kept for 30 days. Meanwhile, customers can buy the extended file history add-on or subscribe to a premium plan to increase the time period. It enables them to retrieve prior versions of their files and trace the modifications or updates made to those versions.

Secure Cloud Storage Solution

pCloud is a cloud storage solution that is both safe and secure. It uses the most powerful and powerful data encryption techniques to ensure that any valuable, sensitive, and confidential data is protected from any security threats. Furthermore, users can encrypt their folders and files even before they send or store them in pCloud, a feature known as client-side encryption.

Reliable File Backup

Users can use pCloud to store or secure files and data from any social media platform, content management system, or third-party tool. It simplifies the process of creating and storing backups of crucial files in a safe and secure cloud environment.

Pros & Cons of pCloud


  • 10GB free online storage.
  • Plays media files online.
  • File versioning.
  • Locally encrypted secure option.


  • Useful features not available in the free version.
  • Appears as a Removable Disk in File Explorer.

Frequently Asked Questions

💥What is pCloud?

pCloud is a cloud storage and backup solution that places a strong emphasis on security, employing the strongest levels of encryption available. It also has certain unique features that aren't seen in every cloud storage service.

✔ Is pCloud safe?

pCloud is a safe and secure cloud storage solution that allows organisations, teams, professionals, and private people to store and manage their files and folders in the cloud or on the web. Users may access folders and files from any device, including a PC, laptop computer, or mobile phone, because the system saves them in highly secure cloud storage regions or locations.

✔ Does pCloud offer SSL?

All pCloud accounts come with TLS/SSL protection and 256-bit AES encryption as standard. All of your files are also duplicated five times on separate servers by the service. You can also subscribe for a supplementary encryption service, pCloud Crytpo, which enables client-side encryption, for an added degree of security. This means that your files are encrypted before being uploaded to pCloud, and your data is protected using zero-knowledge privacy, meaning that only you have access to it.

✔ Is pCloud good for working with team members?

pCloud makes it simple for team members and business professionals to find the specific folders and files they need for their projects, share them with their colleagues or other authorised persons using multiple file sharing options, generate multiple versions of files, and track and retrieve the changes made to a file.

👉 What is the Crypto Folder?

Client-side no-knowledge encryption is available in the Crypto subdirectory. If you forget your password, no one, not even pCloud's staff, will be able to retrieve your files. TLS/SSL encryption is used in normal pCloud file storage, however it can be decoded on pCloud's servers. The web interface and the installed program's settings panel both have crypto options. It's a paid-only feature with a 14-day free trial for non-paying customers.

✔ Can I save screenshots on pCloud?

When you press the Print Screen key (or PrtSc on some keyboards), pCloud can save a screenshot of your desktop to the cloud, or Alt-Print Screen can save a screenshot of the active window to the cloud. This is a useful tool that allows you to save image files of your screen in one click rather than having to launch an image programme and paste the image. As part of the operation, you can also copy a download URL for the screenshot to the clipboard.

👀 How much does pCloud cost?

pCloud offers personal and commercial plans. Premium 500 GB and Premium Plus 2 TB for a single user, and pCloud for Family 2 TB for up to four individuals, are the personal options. The most basic plan starts at $4.99 per month, which isn't the cheapest we've seen. If you pay annually or purchase a lifetime licence, you will receive a discount. A free subscription with 10 GB of storage is also available.

✔ Does pCloud support third party integrations?

pCloud can be integrated with social media platforms, content management systems, and other third-party services and tools, allowing users to create cloud backups of their most critical contents and files from those platforms, systems, and tools.

👍 What support options does pCloud offer?

Email or a form on the company's contact page are the only ways to contact pCloud. The company is situated in Switzerland, and it has a phone number but no hours of operation mentioned. Support is available in the following languages: English, French, German, and Turkish.

✔ Can pCloud be accessed from any device?

pCloud's cloud storage solution ensures that all of a customer's folders and files are easily available in a cloud or web-based environment, whether they are utilising it for business or personal reasons. Access and control of pCloud folders and files is possible from a range of devices, including desktop PCs, laptop computers, and smartphones.

Final Verdict: PCloud Review 2021

If we look at the overall aspect, then PCloud storage is best among the new entrants in the cloud services. Though it is not suited for businesses with self-hosted servers, yet it is best suited for retail, tech, insurance, education or legal businesses. The execution and incorporation of all features are as per the claimed safekeeping. The customer support services are available through 24/7 email support or customer care numbers available on the Contact Us page.

The user-friendly interface is the strong point that should be considered while buying this software. The safety of encrypted data is another positive side of this comprehensive service.

The accessibility of all the folders through various devices easily collaborates on one platform. The above analysis of pCloud stands firm on its aspects, interface, security, support, and speed. It is definitely not listed among the best services in cloud storage but is not lagging behind at following their footsteps.

Buy 1 and Get 1 offer from pCloud sounds great in order to save money.


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  1. Hey Abhishek,

    pCloud is really sounds fabulous cloud storage service that gives space to store all of our favorite music, videos, photos, as well as work and personal documents. One of the things which I like most about pCloud is the easy ability to share your files with family, friends, or co-workers.

    Most of the desktop app features can also be accessed directly through its website. The interface is clean and easily accessible. A special feature in pCloud is that it provides upload links to other users. Eventually, thanks for sharing your best experience regarding this service.

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  2. My Dropbox account has 700GB in there and it is taking a long time to sync all the files in the morning, so I was looking for an alternative and stumbled on pCloud. All the specs look great, so I thought I give it a shot, and I got a monthly Premium Plus subscription. To move my 700GB Dropbox account over to pCloud they have a option so they just import your files strait from Dropbox so you don’t have to download 700GB form Dropbox and then upload it again to pCloud (https://blog.pcloud.com/backup-dropbox/). So I setup the link between Dropbox and pCloud and it started slowly transferring to pCloud.
    The first day it transferred 1GB the second day it did 0.8GB and after that it stopped completely, I contacted support that something was wrong and they cam back telling me that the process was running and that because of the size of my account this can lead to a slower transfers. After 5 days it was still on 1.8GB and at this rate it would take 5.3 YEARS for the process to be completed. I contacted them again and I got basically the same useless answer.
    I had the feeling that something is wrong with the transfer but the support department it to over worked or to lazy to really look into the situation (as who is going to build a function that takes 5 years to complete) so I thought I stop it and start again see of the problem persist, but this is not possible from the customer end so I contacted support to cancel the transfer. But as their answer is we cant.

    So that concluded my test of pCloud, my conclusion of this service is that or they do not have enough bandwidth and it really takes 5+ years to transfer 700GB, OR their Support department is utterly useless OR both.
    But whatever it is I cannot recommend this service to anybody, I know it got quite a bit of good reviews but my guess is they never had to deal with their support department.

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