Penn and Teller Masterclass Review 2024: As Magical As It Sounds?

Penn and Teller Masterclass Review

Overall Verdict

Penn & Teller MasterClass is one of the best investments for aspiring magicians and laypeople alike. With over 30 hours of exclusive footage from two experienced performers, it's an educational powerhouse.

Out of 10


  • Gain access to techniques that don't need any specialised gear and can be done anywhere.
  • Effective MasterClass format that facilitates quick learning.
  • Very nice combination of theory and application.
  • Great presentation and method of instruction.
  • Suggestions from other famous magicians


  • Penn and Teller workbook was on the short side and not a strength of the course.
  • Rather a short MasterClass


Price: $ 180

Penn and Teller are two iconic magicians known for their offbeat comedy, award-winning magic tricks, and larger-than-life stage presence.

Whether you’re a lifelong fan or brand new to the world of magic, an online MasterClass with Penn and Teller can help you improve your own routines and dazzle audiences in no time!

Penn and Teller Masterclass Review

In this Penn and Teller Masterclass Review, we’ll explore what makes this MasterClass so amazing, from its top-notch instruction to its captivating content.

A Little About Masterclass

MasterClass emerged in 2015 with the simple premise that everyone should have access to greatness.

The online education platform offers enlightening MasterClasses taught by experts who have achieved international renown in their respective professions.

MasterClass, which is renowned for its superior product quality, offers courses in everything from culinary with Gordon Ramsay to filmmaking with Martin Scorsese.

The masterClass is also strict with regard to the quality of its instructional materials and content. This combination offers a distinctive and captivating educational experience.

Penn and Teller Masterclass review
Penn and Teller masterclass review

Having participated in over twenty-five MasterClasses personally, I can attest to the fact that many are excellent and enlightening. However, some are unquestionably superior to others.

And it is essential to do a preliminary study to ensure that the course you are considering is the appropriate one for you.

Who Are Pen & Teller?

Since the 1980s, Penn & Teller have performed magic tricks as a team.

They have appeared on programs from Saturday Night Live to The Late Show with David Letterman, performed on venues from Broadway to Las Vegas, and presented their own TV specials in the US and the UK, including Fool Us and Bullshit.

Bullshit was recognized by the Independent Investigations Group in 2008 for encouraging scientific and critical thinking in popular entertainment, in addition to winning the American Writers’ Guild award for Best Reality TV Show in 2004.

There is no doubt that Penn and Teller are well-suited to provide a Magical MasterClass, and their cynical, analytical approach offers an intriguing and thought-provoking viewpoint!

Who is This Masterclass For?

1. Accomplished magicians:

Although you would undoubtedly still enjoy its polish, humor, and entertainment value if you are a truly skilled magician and are already aware of the work and philosophy of this magical team, this course definitely won’t teach you anything that you don’t already know.

2. Experienced magicians: 

For magicians with greater experience, there is enough. Penn & Teller emphasizes and shows how to personalize a straightforward trick by bringing your own personality features and mannerisms to bear on it.

Additionally, two advanced student coaching sessions are included in the additional material.

If you truly wish to practice magic, it will increase your inventiveness and self-assurance. In the event that you don’t, the theory and philosophy that Penn and Teller provide will get you to think and help you in your day-to-day activities.

3. Complete beginners: 

Complete novices may learn a lot from it since they will discover the fundamentals of magic, which are the basis for practically every other trick.

4. Fans of Penn and Teller: 

If you’re a fan of Penn and Teller, this course provides some incredible insight into their individual biographies, collaborative work, philosophical outlook, and, of course, their act.

You may be excited to hear Teller speak for the first time, just like many other students who have attended this course!

5 Things I Loved About The Course

Below I have mentioned 5 things that I loved about the course.

1. Great balance of theory and practice:

There is a ton of information in this MasterClass that you can learn. But there is also a decent mix of intriguing and unexpected thinking.

It’s obvious that Penn and Teller have given magic ethics a lot of attention over the years, and their dedication to keeping magic apart from deceit is really thought-provoking.

2. A joy to take: 

I’ve participated in a number of MasterClasses and have found enjoyment in each one to varying degrees.

But of all the classes, this one was by far the most engaging and fun. It was so much fun to see the kids’ faces when they acquired new skills or were amazed by Penn and Teller’s tricks.

It was also amazing to see Penn and Teller execute some of their most amazing feats.

The greatest part, however, may have been putting things to the test on my own and discovering that the way the class was taught allowed me to get started, make progress, have fun, and make others laugh.

3. The inclusion of magical newcomers: 

It was fantastic from a learning perspective since several of the classes included students who were absolute novices at magic. As mistakes were made and fixed, I was able to see potential problems and how to prevent them.

It was wonderful to see the pupils develop from being total beginners to expert con artists. They were feeling a real and energizing high.

Additionally, it was really beneficial to have the techniques broken down while I was learning them, and this was reinforced with separate demos at the conclusion of each class that concentrated only on hand motions.

4. Great delivery and teaching:

It’s clear that Penn and Teller are skilled entertainers. They are excellent communicators, however.

They evidently have spent the majority of their life considering the ethics and philosophy of magic in addition to having a strong enthusiasm for it.

Because of this, they were able to organize the course logically, present it clearly and fluently, and take a position that provoked serious consideration.

Additionally, MasterClass’ customarily excellent production values enhance the charm and contribute to the class’s appeal.

5. Well-structured with amazing tricks:

Each ability builds gradually on the one before it in the meticulously planned out course. Even better, just a minimal amount of specialized equipment is needed.

You may rapidly develop the necessary skills to confidently carry out simple stunts. And if you put in a little practice time, you should make improvements quickly. The lesson also offers pointers and advice that may be used to customize techniques.

Each ability’s adaptability is made abundantly evident, and demonstrations of some of Penn and Teller’s most well-known tricks highlight how basic skills may be expanded upon to create complex magic feats.

How is Penn and Teller’s MasterClassUnique?

People sometimes assume they could have viewed magic videos and all the behind-the-scenes content on any random YouTube channel when considering taking the course, but MasterClass has exceeded my expectations in this area.

No matter how many times you watch the same 5-minute coin trick YouTube video, you will not be able to master the trick after seeing it.

You may witness Penn and Teller perform magic tricks in front of three willing novices in this MasterClass. You can also discover the tricks’ secrets, observe the novices’ responses, and learn the tricks directly from Penn and Teller.

You don’t become bored after two classes since, as I previously indicated, the course is an exciting rollercoaster ride, so you feel the desire to keep learning new things.

One of the things that made the course special was how smoothly each class streamed since not everyone wanted to spend hours listening to a dry lecture about magic.

Penn and Teller exuded the best possible energy and attitude.

What Did They Teach In This Masterclass?

I got to witness the magic, perform the magic, and learn the magic all at the same time, which made the learning process seem like a wonderful rollercoaster trip.

Penn & Teller used baby stages while teaching and revealing the secret to a specific trick to ensure that we understood it completely.

I had no idea that magicians could also be excellent instructors. The sessions were properly organized and contained several tricks in addition to teaching merely the fundamentals, such as easy rope tricks.

Even though we are aware that magic tricks are not truly performed by magic, there is science and reasoning behind such tricks, which are often used to deceive the audience into thinking they are performed by magic.

Having said that, I was able to understand the fundamentals of doing the trick, the impression it may have on the audience, as well as the preparation necessary to pull off a certain trick.

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Conclusion: Penn and Teller Masterclass Review 2024

All in all, the Penn & Teller MasterClass is one of the best investments for aspiring magicians and laypeople alike. With over 30 hours of exclusive footage from two experienced performers, it’s an educational powerhouse.

Whether you’re looking to start from the ground up or just fine-tune your current skills, this course is an unbeatable choice for learning the ins and outs of magic.

Thanks to its combination of detailed instruction, engaging content, and lively performances, Penn & Teller’s MasterClass will leave you spellbound!

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