Pexda vs Ecomhunt 2024: Which One Should You Choose? (Pros & Cons)



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Pexda for online marketers who want to find the right products to sell. It provides them a huge number of products to choose from.

Ecomhunt helps marketers by doing research and identification of the best selling products within seconds.

  • Categorization Of Products
  • Ad Insight
  • Product Analysis & Reports
  • Instagram Influencing
  • Analysis & Reports of Products
  • Chrome Extension
  • Legitimate and reliable investment
  • No high Price, Perfect if you have a nominal budget
  • Provide cognizance for all sorts of products
  • No need to accomplish all the new products
  • No extra effort from the users in finding and researching
  • You also get the benefits of a money-back guarantee
  • The product addition is quite less than your expectation
  • The free version is very limited
Ease of Use

The interface is quite user-friendly and simple. You will face no problem whatsoever for whatever you are looking for. It has a systematic characterization of its features and products which makes it easy for the customers or users to find what they need

The Ecomhunt dashboard comes with a user-friendly interface and is easily navigable and comprehensive. The winning products are updated daily on the dashboards and the new products makeup higher on the list.

Value For Money

Pexda is a little cheaper than Ecomhunt other than that both platforms offers similar things. So it is better to choose the affordable one.

Ecomhunt is a little expensive in comparison to Pexda but you will regret by investing in this tool.

Customer Support

24*7 support

24*7 support

Want to know all about Pexda vs Ecomhunt? You are at the right place. So here we start!

You must have heard about dropshipping businesses. But aren’t you doubtful about how it works? 

You will hear about all sorts of opinions and dropshipping business stores. But Pexda And Ecomhunt are one of the best in the market. With Pexda And Ecomhunt, You will not only make a profit but also have countless recurring fees at the end of the month. 

The underlying question is which one to choose?

But which software will help your products to reach out to a larger group of audience faster?

You might have invested a lot in e-commerce SEO and social media marketing but it didn’t help you grow as fast as you expected to. So how is Pexda or Ecomhunt any different? 

Every client has their personal needs and requirements, to understand that they have go through a lot of research. Why so much effort? 

Let’s make it easy for you!

How about we compare both the software and then decide which one is the perfect option for you?

So are you ready to know all about Pexda vs Ecomhunt?

Bottom Line: Pexda is a product hunting platform designed for online marketers. It sources a large number of products based on performance data to let buyers know whether it’s worth investing in their store or not. Pexda offers various selection of tools which makes it really easy to find those winning products. Invest in Pexda to know the difference yourself.

Pexda vs Ecomhunt: Overview

Pexda Overview

We acknowledge the fact that starting a drop shopping store without a zero-knowledge is completely a nightmare. That’s where Pexda helps you! No more wasting time searching for winning products.

Pexda is a product hunting tool, that restraints you from wasting your money on average and non-profitable products. It provides so completely new Outlook for selling your products on a Shopify for Amazon Store. 

Pexda vs Ecomhunt - Pexda

You can seamlessly hunt down winning products and on a fair amount of profit by selling them throughout the internet. It also acts as a Spy tool which lets you have a good insight about your competitors and provides in you with analytical reports regarding your products and drop shopping off Aliexpress. 

All the products are already testified and come with proper analysis reports on a daily basis. It helps you explore new hot production which goes viral every new week. It not only targets your customers but automatically adds winning products to your Store.

Ecomhunt Overview

Are you the one who spends hours searching for new products everywhere on the web? What if I tell you that there are tools that would do the research and identification of the best selling products for you within seconds.

 believe me!  Ecomhunt does just the same! This software is a product Sourcing tool that will make your life easier than you can imagine. 

Pexda vs Ecomhunt - Ecomhunt

Ecomhunt’s experts’ team selects and lists out new products on a daily basis. You get all the details of the product such as the description with image, your profit margin, related Analytics, social media engagement, store sales link,  product detail via videos, targeting tools, and numeral reviews from the buyers.

Pexda vs Ecomhunt: Common Features

Chrome Extension

Pexda Chrome Extension

How about keeping track of all the current and trending ads on Facebook? Pexda makes this possible! You can individually keep a record of all the viral advertisements on Facebook and run a template for your own products to be the better ones on the list. 

For this particular extension, you have to pay no charges at all. You can decide on what you want to search considering the engagement brought in by comments and shares through the advertisement. 

Pexda Extraordinary Features

If you are a member of Pexda already, you will just need to download the Chrome Extension and add it to your Chrome browser. The moment download is complete and the extension is activated click on the “Auto Hunt” option. You will be amazed by just watching how it works!

Ecomhunt Chrome Extension

Ecomhunt avails you with the add Hunter tool which is an amazing tool that helps you monitor and keep track of your competitors’ Facebook advertisements. it is basically a Chrome chrome extension. 

It enlightens you with any sponsored ad on Facebook and helps you explore and view the performance of the Facebook advertisement yourself. You can see various elements like traffic increment, all targeted countries, the duration of ADS running, and many other elaborate data. 

This feature is extremely useful and you can have this for both the free and Pro versions of the Ecomhunt software. To start using this app all you need is to become a member of Ecomhunt by Creating your account.

Verdict: Which One Has Better Ecomhunt Chrome Extension 

The Chrome extension provided by both the software is extremely exclusive and helpful to its users. In my opinion, both the extensions are quite similar in some ways and yet have some differentiating features which make them special. The users have to see for themselves which features help them the most according to the requirements.

Pexda vs Ecomhunt: Ease of Use

Pexda Ease of Use

The makers of Pexda have given at most priority to the ease of use of the product meaning tool. The interface is quite user-friendly and simple. You will face no problem whatsoever with whatever you are looking for. It has a systematic characterization of its features and products which makes it easy for the customers or users to find what they need. 

Pexda-– Product

You can also filter the products from the newest to oldest order. This allows you to view the latest and most viral products in the market.

You just need to click on the products to get everything you need to know about it. All the relevant data will be on your computer screen within a fraction of a second.

Ecomhunt Ease Of Use 

The Ecomhunt dashboard comes with a user-friendly interface and is easily navigable and comprehensive. The winning products are updated daily on the dashboards and the new products make up higher on the list. You will not have to scroll down for us to find new products, they are just under your nose. 

All total members who have a free subscription will get limited access to the product data and will see less number of new winning products. 

You are able to create your own store niche and with just a single click you will have the access to all the related data for the promotion of your product. The data will include the profit, the analytics reports,  the Facebook ad report, your engagement on social media, and links to suppliers in various other stores. 

If you are a Rookie, do not worry at all you will face no problem at all while using the software. It is pretty easy and straightforward and you will get nag of it within a short time.

Verdict: Which One Is Ease To Use

Both the features are strikingly similar so it makes giving a verdict very difficult in favor of a  single tool. Both of them are user-friendly and a child’s play. On this particular feature, the work is quite neutral and both of them are equal.  

But in practicality, when I used both the tools, this ease of use feature was actually true for both the software.

Pexda vs Ecomhunt: Product Analysis and Reports

Pexda Analysis & Reports 

The growth of a business’s completely dependent upon the proper analysis of the product and sales data. Data helps the store owner to rectify and improve various aspects referring to the data reports. There is always room for growth and success, these detailed Data Analytics are the key to it. 

Pexda - Analytics

Pexda provides you the product data in just a single click and within no time. They have completely up-to-date data integrated with the basic product details. 

Then what is your role in this?

For users, all they need to do is select a product and promote it. The Reports are inclusive of amazon reports, Aliexpress reports, suggestions for Facebook targeting, acuity on products, and much more than that. 

It will almost provide you with everything that you could ever ask for or look for. Pexda completely adds you to the product promotion and resolves existing issues with suggestions.

Ecomhunt Analysis & Reports 

How will you know if a product is still trending or had been outdated by the public? What if you run out of ideas on how you should promote your product? 

Where to go in such a grave situation? 

Don’t worry! I am sure Ecomhunt will answer all your doubts with its advance and detailed analytical report. It properly guides you on what you should do or how you can use the products data. The reports will cover all the necessary aspects related to your product.

 Ecomhunt - Product

 their services include providing you with other resources like product promotion, Facebook reports, audience targeting, video explanation, and your competitors’ store analysis.

Verdict: Analysis & Reports

Again our verdict is quite neutral. I believe you are also amazed by going through all these similar features. 

Seriously, they almost provide the same services!  So what now? How do we decide which one is best for us? 

To answer that question I believe you need to move to the unique features where you will find all the distinctive features of each tool

Pexda vs Ecomhunt: Unique Features 

Pexda Features 

Categorization Of Product

Anything organized and well managed is very pleasing to our eyes. It helps us to save time and lesser effort is required in finding whatever we are in quest of. 

Acknowledging this fact, Pexda provides you with categorized and subcategorized products that would suit the visitor’s needs. If you have already decided on your product then you can just click on the relevant category and the best will be on your screen.

The different categories are 

  • Toys 
  • Beauty and Health 
  • Family 
  • Household pets 
  • Animals

Ad Insight

Under the professional guidance of the team of the Pexda, product ad insights are approved along with ad copies being generated attested. This is the most distinguishing feature of Pexda. 

 Facebook Ads – Pexda


It allows you to view all the added copyrights for individual products. The templates include photos and videos with actual text copies.

Ecomhunt Key Features 

Instagram Influencing!

Instagram is one of the most trending social media platforms all around the world. How about you get to promote your products there? Ecomhunt provides you with Instagram influencing tools that will help your dropshipping product at an affordable price on Instagram too. 

It is actually a beneficial option for those who have just started with social media marketing and are still reluctant to invest a huge sum in marketing strategies. 

Instagram is one of the quickest converters of products to profits. You will see a faster growth by influencing Instagram.

Join the Facebook Community

Communicating with like-minded people and sharing ideas related to business really helps you to wider your knowledge of various concepts. That is why Ecomhunt lets you communicate within a large Facebook community. 

Facbook Ads Ecomhunt

Created an account for Ecomhunt you will receive an email that will contain the link to join the Facebook group. Simply click on the link and from the official Facebook ID you can access all the benefits of the community. 

This group also provides you with the latest updates on most of the viral and hot products.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab the most out of this humongous network of Business store Owners!

Pros and Cons: Pexda vs Ecomhunt

Pexda Pros

  • Legitimate and reliable investment.
  • No high Price, Perfect if you have a nominal budget
  • The user-friendly interface allows easy navigation.
  • Provide cognizance for all sorts of products
  • Lets you hunt down the best Product
  • Provides the audience breakdown feature

Pexda Cons

  • The product addition is quite less than your expectation. 
  • It avails no video session or tutorials to explain its features and utility
  • No free Trial
  • The targeted Facebook Ads are not always accurate and you need to do some beforehand research on the product you want to advertise on social media platforms.

Ecomhunt Pros

  • No extra effort from the users in finding and researching the Products. 
  • No need to accomplish all the new products
  • Your dripping store is filled up to the brim in almost no time. 
  • Provides you an insight into your competitors’ performance
  • Helps you in imitating and devising new marketing strategies for your social media accounts. 
  • The Pro version has quite a very reasonable price which is the ultimate door to all the features.
  • You also get the benefits of a money-back guarantee

 Ecomhunt Cons

  • The free version lets you have a limited number of features and you can not properly explore the benefits of this amazing software.
  • You will need to have some Facebook insights. 

Pexda vs Ecomhunt: Pricing Battle

Pexda Pricing Plans 

Pexda- Pricing

Standard version- To avail of the service for the standard version you have to pay just $1.95 for the first 14 days then $14.95 per month. For this price, you will get a Facebook Ads report for unlimited products per day. All this comes with an Aliexpress, Amazon, eBay, and sales report. You get an Auto hunt tool and 3 days delay on every product that is winning.

Premium Version- Premium subscription slips away with $24.95 per month from your bank accounts. You get all the basic standard version features. This plan is best for growing businesses and small to medium established enterprises. It is the most popular version among the users of the Pexda. 

Ultimate Version– If your goal is to scale your business to the highest possible sales, then this is your plan. You reap the advantages of the super pro version at $99.95 per month. This is inclusive of all the best features of Pexda. You get exclusive access to all the special and unique products. This version is best explored rather than read!

Ecomhunt Pricing Plans

Ecomhunt has come up with a Free plan and a Pro plan. 

Pricing of EComHunt


Ecomhunt Free Plan- Ecomhunt allows you to have a little limited data for 2 products. 

With 5 saved products you get to delay new products for 3 days. But you will have no access to the community feature or support. 

Pro Plan- Pro plan will cost you $ 29 per month with the intriguing benefits of unlimited products and saves along with complete data access. Pro plan makes you a part of the Ecomhunt Community. 

FAQs On Pexda vs Ecomhunt Comparison2024 

👉Do you also get Pexda Coupons?

Pexda provides you with amazing coupon codes from time to time so that you can enjoy up to 20- 30% discount on various products. Few coupon codes also let you have an optimum lifetime discount on all the products. But you will have to wait or scavenge the internet for getting these coupons for yourself. I’m really sure that you will find the best one for yourself!

👉Is the Free version for Pexda worth it?

There are several shortcomings to the free plans of Pexda. With Limited products and access, it is not a very popular option. In my opinion, you could do better for your business by switching to the pro version. In short, we can say that the free plan is just an attractive marketing tactic used by Pexda to provide a low-key experience to its users.

👉How is the “Webinars and Tutorial” section of the Ecomhunt?

The “Webinars and the Tutorial” section of the Ecomhunt website is a part of its support system. Once you have landed on its website you will see the section on the very top of the screen. Here you will find all sorts of video presentations related to various topics that helps you to gain the most out of the Ecomhunt tool.

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Final Verdict: Pexda vs Ecomhunt Comparison2024 

Phew! That was quite a neck-to-neck battle! And after this long read, you must have formed your opinion by now.  

So which tool impressed you the most?

Both have some strikingly similar features, and then their unique feature makes them special.

Both the tools have gone a step beyond to prove their worth to the audience. 

You can check out Pexda here. Or you can connect with them on their social media handle at Facebook.

Check out Ecomhunt here. If you have questions then you can also check out their FAQ section.

So let me not tell you my opinion!!

You are the better judge of your needs! So the final verdict for Pexda Vs Ecomhunt is given by you. 

You tell us which one you feel is more helpful and impressive.

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