PingPong Bpocket Payment Solution For Indian Freelancers & Service Providers

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Receive payments from clients in USA & Canada with PingPong Bpocket today.  PingPong is the best payment solution for Indian freelancers, exporters & service providers. Check out my detailed PingPong  Payments Review Here.

What is PingPong Bpocket?

It is a payment solution for Indian freelancers, exporters and service providers to receive payments from friends & clients in USA & Canada

How does PingPong Bpocket work?

  • Your create PingPong Account in India
  • Your client/friend creates PingPong account in USA/Canada & top us his/her PingPong account
  • Your friend sends fund to your PingPong India account
  • You receive money to your India bank account in INR

Why choose PingPong BPocket?

  1. Free top-up (Via Net-banking & Debit card)
  2. Free of charge money transfer from PingPong to PingPong account
  3. Real-time money transfer from PingPong to PingPong account
  4. No limit on sending and receiving funds
  5. Max 1% fee or less to receive USD/CAD to INR
  6. Mass Payouts done smoothly

Why PingPong is better then other payment providers

Feature PingPong Bpocket Transferwise PayPal
Top -up Free Chargeable Chargeable
Fee charge to receive USD to INR 1% Variable fee from (2% to 4%) 4.4% +Fixed fee
Fund transfer and receiving limit No Limit Have monthly transfer limit Have monthly transfer limit
Mass Payout Yes No No
FIRC Free for each payment Charge INR 300/FIRC Charge INR 300/FIRC


Wan to create a PingPong Bpocket account?

Contact PingPong today!

Scan the code to talk to their representative

Email to : [email protected]

Phone : +91 8861426333

Website :

PingPong Global Solutions Inc

206, Mezzanine floor, Prestige Meridian 2, MG Road, Bangalore, India – 560001

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