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Today, we have lots of email marketing solutions which are particularly designed to help mid-size and small business. The basic working principle is to create and send remarkable email campaigns. These customer oriented email campaigns are quite profitable to the small business.

Most of them are simple to use or we can say that they have a user-friendly interface. But all of them lack robust automation features.  These features sophisticate the companies because they automate marketing campaigns.

Mid-size businesses are overlooked and in order to gain more profit, they need robust features. They require targeting capabilities and advanced automation. The campaign results should be more user-friendly to send, track, measure and optimize.

Pinpointe is the combination of all these features which will definitely improve your marketing solutions. It has various plans with unique features to optimize the campaign results to earn profits.

I have given a detailed review of Pinpointe email marketing platform that works well for all kinds of business. Let’s have a look at the review with promo codes.

About Pinpointe : Pinpointe Email Marketing Review

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Pinpointe is considered as a cloud-based email marketing solution. It is a feature-rich software solution for B2B companies. The best part about this tool is that it has award-winning features. It brings big business and its automatic capabilities to mid-size and small size email marketing customers are awesome.

pinpointe review with discount coupn codes

Pinpointe provides a scalable dedicated infrastructure to all its customers at reasonable prices. Pinpointe has got the largest library of mobile-friendly, ready-to-use, tested email templates. With the help of the huge database of pre-tested HTML email template, we can easily create email campaign quickly.

This cloud-based email marketing software proves to be one of the best companions of mid-size Digital Agencies, business marketers and Enterprises. I have used this and it helped me to get better results with their permission-based email communications. It has lots of comprehensive features like segmentation, improved targeting and drip marketing campaign.

Working Procedure of Pinpointe

Pinpointe Review Pinpointe Review Email Marketing

The working procedure of the tool is very simple and easy. A little bit of technical knowledge is sufficient to understand the working of Pinpointe. After registration on Pinpointe, it automatically set-up the below items:

  1. It automatically set-up your account within few minutes and each application will be reviewed by the tool to protect you from spammers.
  2. Organize your email marketing service lists.
  3. Then, it creates unlimited Drip Marketing Campaigns for you.
  4. You can get access to training videos and unlimited access to knowledge base.

Features of Pinpointe

Pinpointe Features Pinpointe Discount coupons

If you are looking for versatility and efficiency, then you can switch to Pinpointe. It has got lots of unique and remarkable features. These features make Pinpointe different from other solutions. I have personally used this tool and I must say that all its features will surely take your business to the newer heights of the success.

Here, we are sharing some of the coolest features of Pinpointe which are listed below:

Pinpointe Features Pinpointe Discount coupon Code Pinpointe Features Pinpointe Discount Codes

  • Templates: Well, talking about templates, over 1000+ templates available in this tool. We can also state that it has got the largest library of templates for the users. I have used lots of templates in my profile and it worked for me. You can also choose your desired templates. I change my templates after a particular interval of time to make my campaign more attractive. I liked their responsive email templates and the best part about these responsive templates is that they adjust the email according to the phone size.

pinpointe templates with coupon codes



  • Get to Inbox: Pinpointe believes in permission-based email marketing. They have participated in feedback loops and made their relationship with ISPs. You don’t need to worry as they are ReturnPath certified. They use to monitor the IP reputation so that they can ensure the inbox acceptance rates which are quite high. The inbox delivery rate is about 96% – 99% for the quality customer rates.

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review of pinpinte with promo code


  • Flexible Drip Campaign: It had maximized my marketing efficiency as it provides me powerfully automated emails. I personally like the autoresponders too much as they increase the results by 100 percent. We can also create the autoresponder campaign which is super flexible. I have set up a drip sequence which is automatic along with specific filters for each individual email. This feature taught me to set up an autoresponder to share mail on behalf of different people.

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  • Smart Segment: They have a new feature named smart-segment whose main objective is to target our prospects with precision. With the help of this feature, we can define the complete segment criteria. We can combine behavioural information as like whether subscribers clicked on links or opened a campaign.

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  • Emails Social in a Click: We can increase our email campaign results by just adding social like share and follow buttons to our email marketing campaign. This process is quite simple as we just have to select the button style and then “Insert Social” in WYSIWYG email campaign editor. The best part is that Pinpointe automatically inserts social sharing code. So that people may like, follow and share our email campaigns.

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  • Real-Time Site Analytics: They have taken the email campaign to some another level. They have integrated the real-time website analytics and tracking. With the help of this remarkable feature, we will get a 360-degree view of our contact along with the prospective activities. Now, I can easily track the marketing results and Twitter streams.

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free pinpinte email marketing


Pros and Cons

Pinpointe is one of the finest tools available in the market as it has lots of features that make it robust and reliable. There are many tools available in the market but Pinpointe offers you one of the best services that benefited lots of people including me. Talking about the pros of Pinpointe, we have a tremendous list of its awesome features which makes it one of the best email marketing solution tools.

Well there are lots of benefits of this interesting tool and some of the pros are mentioned below:

  • It contains a spam checker which is quite useful.
  • You will get great bounce processing here.
  • It has its own image library and its tested features are quite reliable.
  • This tool is ideal for high volume emails and big companies.
  • It has got a user-friendly interface.

These pros make this tool quite unique and more realistic.

But on the other hand, we have some cons about this tool as there is no phone support for professional package holder and there is no entry-level package.


This tool is very much beneficial for both mid-size and large businesses. If you are willing to enlarge your business and get feedback from the customers then this tool is perfect for you. Millions of people are using this tool and getting huge success in their business by improving their email marketing campaigns.

  • Its robust design and user-friendly interface make this tool a unique one.
  • The plans are quite affordable and you can make payment in several ways.
  • Filter out all the spam emails in your inbox.
  • It provides help in Segmentation Process.
  • It helps in improving Drip Marketing Campaigns.
  • Top-rated Customer Care Support

Pinpointe Pricing In Detail

Pinpointe prices with discount coupons

The Pinpointe has different plans based on the email requirements for its users. You can use any of the plans according to your needs as it totally depends on the number of emails you want to send to your customers and the number of contacts or subscribers available in your account. You will get a discount of 10 percent when you pay for 6 months at the same time.

  1. The 1st plan starts from $49/month for 5000 contacts with 75000 monthly emails send limit.
  2. The 2nd plan costs $74/month for 10,000 contacts with 150,000 emails send limit.
  3. The 3rd plan costs $150/month for 25,000 contacts with 375,000 emails send limit.
  4. The 4th plan costs $245/month for 50,000 contacts with 750,000 emails send limit.
  5. The 5th plan costs $365/month for 75,000 contacts with 1,112,000 emails send limit.
  6. The 6th plan costs $480/month for 100,000 contacts with 1,500,000 emails send limit.

If you want a plan for 200,000 or more than 200,000 contacts/subscribers, then you need to make a call to their customer care support.

Pinpointe Email Marketing Discount Coupon 2023: Upto 10% Off

Get a discount of 10 percent when you pay for 6 months at the same time.

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Pinpointe Customer Support

Talking about the Pinpointe Customer support, we can clearly say that they have quite satisfactory support. They can reach you via email or chat. So if you have any query then you can ask them without any problem. They are quite rich in knowledge so you don’t need to worry about troubleshooting problem.

For Enterprise Plan customers, the phone support is available. The entire customer support staff is cooperative and their response time is quite quick. The training videos are available and you can ask your query via phone support just by filling any form.

Live online chat option is available during business hours and you can make use of its 24/7 email support directly. The training videos also provided to the users with this tool. You can use these training videos to understand each and every concept easily.

Conclusion: Pinpointe Email Marketing Review With Pros & Cons 2023

Pinpointe is one of the best email marketing solutions available. These aforementioned features are quite impressive and reliable. It offers you three plans which are based on your active subscribers, so you should be very careful about choosing your plan. You can try the services and their customer support is quite impressive.

Pinpointe has even got different pricing plans as you want. You can also pay-as-you-go with this email marketing tool. The most amazing part is that it has got a free trial as well as the free demo.

This was my detailed review of the best email marketing solution-Pinpointe with discount coupon codes. Use the link below to get discount on your pricing plans.


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