Pixelo Review+Discount Coupon January 2023: Save Upto 97% Now

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The rapid advancement in internet technology over the past decade has helped the modern design industry, graphic designers and creative professionals in great ways as they are able to access and exploit numerous high-quality design resources to speed up the process of their works from anywhere across the globe.

Graphic designers these days are constantly on the lookout for resources that provide them with unique designs, themes, and styles which can help them design projects outside the box.

There are many great platforms on the internet that offer such assets and most of them are available at budget-friendly rates. One such resource that many experienced designers recommend is Pixelo! So, here is a quick yet comprehensive “Everything you need to know” review of this leading and increasingly popular designer platform.

Pixelo Review With Discount Coupon January 2023: Save Upto 97% Now

Pixelo Review With Discount Coupon- Get Discount Offers

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Detailed Pixelo Review

Pixelo is a platform for passionate designers that has been created with an objective to provide complete design bundles and toolkits to graphic designers and creative minds. Pixelo helps you find the best design assets that can help you produce creative and unique graphic arts and beautiful patterns. These resources have been designed in such a way that they improve and speed up the design process. All in all, Pixelo aims to make the lives of designers easier through high-quality assets made by the top designers around the globe!

Pixelo Review With Discount Coupon- Pixelo

Pixelo as a designer’s platform has been acknowledged by critics and customers in the graphic designing market due to its ability to make the design process easier by providing design bundles with top design deals meant to benefit graphic designers. It was founded to help graphic designers make beautiful designs. The developers have packed the platform with the highest quality and beautiful design bundles curated to allow graphic designers to save precious time that they would have otherwise used to search for and find these resources elsewhere.


The design resources provided by Pixelo are from the best artistic minds and are globally trusted by leading graphic designers to transform a design from being commonplace to being spectacular. Pixelo offers numerous free design bundles with multiple customization options like fonts, themes, etc. Further, there are premium bundles as well which you can purchase to have greater variety, usability, and other design functions. In case you are not satisfied with the services of the platform, you can also claim for a complete refund within 30 days of making the purchase.

Amazing Designs& Deals!

Pixelo offers amazing design deals to choose from. You have the option to choose from a variety of free and premium design bundles. Graphic designers can use these resources for both personal and commercial purposes. The designs inventory is always up to date with the ongoing trends in the market and has several trending design bundles to choose from. These design bundles can then be used to accomplish any design project!

The discount offers for these design deals are usually available for a limited time period with newer offers being promoted every now and then. The discounts are very attractive and cost-effective, with offers often hitting a 95% discount. A design bundle from Pixelo may include fonts, graphics, brushes, textures, and actions. Most of the creative toolkits equipped with over 100 fonts, numerous font families, and thousands of hand-drawn web design elements which are meant to help artists bring that handmade aesthetic to their creative endeavors.

Downloading or purchasing a particular bundle will allow you to enjoy the following features:

  • Design elements like brushes and textures
  • Commercial License
  • Lifetime download access
  • Unlimited support

Design Bundles

Every design bundle designed by Pixelo is meant to make the design process easier are carefully chosen to reflect quality. Each one of these bundles is highly customizable in different ways with fonts available in different types and forms. These bundles can be used in a variety of design applications and are extremely appreciated by users with an average rating of 5.0.

Pixelo Review With Discount Coupon- Design Bundle

Pixelo Review With Discount Coupon- Design Bundle

Pixelo currently offers the following high-quality design bundles to choose from:

  • BOGO
  • The Ultra – Modern Fonts Bundle
  • The Incredible Watercolour Designs Bundle
  • The Fontastic Bundle 2019
  • 100 Majestic Vector Logo Bundles 2019
  • The Ultimate Photoshop Add-ons Bundle
  • The Gigantic Vector Graphics Bundle

Pixelo has been loved globally for the variety and quality of design bundles they offer. There are several trending design bundles that a designer can choose from to accomplish any design project.

Freebies you will love!

Pixelo is a basket full of amazing freebies that have been curated by the developers to give them customers happiness as well as satisfaction regarding what they are in chipping into. There are many high-quality design bundles which are often made available for free, and the collection of freebies is always updated every now and then to ensure you have enough variety to choose and experiment with.


Pixelo Review With Discount Coupon- Freebies

This is a free bundle design pack that offers 131 brushes and is ideal for illustrators, designers, calligraphers, and hobbyists looking for high-quality, detailed, and realistic paint brushes.

This design pack is a hit among several designers who use it to turn any text into a neat neon-styled form. This is a free text effect bundle which is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is type the text and click the font and the rest will be automatically handled using Photoshop’s smart object feature.

Inspired by handmade posters and illustrations in the ’80s, this free font bundle best for commercial projects like T-shirt prints, greeting cards, and poster due to it’s a block-style handmade typeface that exudes a retro vibe.

Storytella is a stunning handcrafted brush font that is considered to be ideal for personal and commercial design projects. With the design coming from Letterhead Studio, the package is absolutely free and comes with lots of alternate characters and brush swashes.


Why should you use Pixelo?

People at Pixelo love beauty and are passionate about design. And the entire team is happy working closely provide you high-quality and time-saver design resources with the design community and professional creators around the world. All of the designs are created to simplify the lives of designers by providing high-quality design resources created with love by top creators around the world.

  • Amazing & Attractive Deals

Get frequent chances to avail big limited period discounts design resources and bundles ranging between 70%-95% off.

  • Handpicked& Up-to-date

The Pixelo team is rigorously working behind the scenes to carefully select and curate the best and high-quality products for their customers. The design assets are always kept up-to-date based on the quality and trend to make sure that our customer gets the design deals and bundles they need.

  • Easy and hassle-free Downloads

There are numerous amazing freebies available along with several premium purchases. The download link of any premium bundle will be accessible always on your account once you make a purchase and you can re-download them at any time without worry of losing your files.

  • Stay Updated EFFORTLESSLY

The Pixelo team are always working hard in keeping the resources up to date to the current design trends to make sure that you donated to worry if you don’t have time to follow up on design trends.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Pixelo believes in satisfaction before money. That’s why they offer customers an option to claim a complete refund of the paid amount within 30 days of purchasing a product for any acceptable reasons you’re unhappy with your purchase.

  • Excellent Customer Support

Pixelo’s customer support team is readily available to assist you in case you have the trouble using your purchased bundles or deals. They are super responsive and will be happy to assist you to solve any problems related to the products 24 hours. You can reach them easily via email or social media.


If you were wondering that Pixelo is only a conventional online store from where you can purchase high-quality design bundles for your work and projects then you are sadly mistaken. Pixelo also offers registered customers to earn money through their highly acclaimed native Pixelo Affiliate Program.

You may join this program to earn extra cash through your referrals and receive up to 30% to 75% commission on any bundle you’ve recommended. The registration is simple and free. All you need to do is jump online to the Pixelo Affiliate Program page to register and set up an account. The Pixelo team will consider your application and you will receive your affiliate account details with a custom referral link once you are approved.


  • Earn commissions ranging from 30% up to 75% on any sales tracked through your referral link.
  • Your affiliate revenue will be paid within five days of the transaction month’s end or a month after the elapsed affiliate sales.
  • Your commission will be paid to your registered PayPal account within 5 days of the transaction month’s end or 30 elapsed days from the affiliate sales, obviously depending on whichever is earlier.
  • A minimum amount of $50 pay-out in commission
  • Sales are tracked using session cookies (30-day period).


  • You need to have a working PayPal account where you will receive your commissions.
  • You must have an active website along with with with with with a working Twitter or Facebook account on which you will be placing your referral link.
  • Unethical use or abuse of our affiliate program or a violation of these terms may result in the termination of your account.
  • Pixelo developers reserve the right to modify these terms at any time and registered customers will be notified via email in case any such changes are made.

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CONCLUSION!: Pixelo Review With Pixelo Discount Coupon January 2023

Pixelo is a benchmark platform when it comes to getting the best and top-quality designer bundles at the most reasonable prices and sometimes for free! With discount offers often hitting the 90% mark, the variety of design options and combinations in their inventory give you complete liberty to create visually stunning designs.

Every design asset is highly customizable and the range of fonts, textures, vectors, brush strokes, and actions available to help you diversify your work by easily incorporating them into your design project. This allows you to effortlessly shape your work to be a masterpiece while saving a lot of time and resources as well.

Furthermore, there is also the Pixelo’s native Affiliate program that has been designed to allow designers earn money through commissions ranging from 30% up to 75% on recommending their products through referral links on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

The quality of each design asset under the Pixelo hood is seemingly best and unrivaled. So, if you are looking for high-quality design bundles and assets to create a visually stunning project or to revamp the look your website at the most reasonable prices with amazing discounts every now and then, then Pixelo can definitely be your best friend!Pi

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