Pixova Lite Review 2023 : Outstanding Parallax Theme For WordPress

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Having a website has become mandatory today, doesn’t matter if you are an artist, business owner or a freelancer; you need a website dedicated to your art, products or services. A website can prove to be very beneficial; it makes people aware what your company is about? It can get you new customers and can also be a channel through which potential customers can contact you.

Apart from making people aware a website is also an online representation of your business, it also helps you make a positive impression on visitors. This is why businesses spend lots of time and money in setting up their official website. When it comes to making an impression, look of the website matters the most, theme plays a major role when it comes to looks.

It is very important for a theme to suit the nature of your business and purpose of the website.

Pixova Lite review homepage

There are millions of themes available out there, but Parallax themes are making news, Parallax themes have become a hot topic. These themes are made by adding layers of image setup at different speed which, when scrolled down create an illusion of depth to normal images and give a special effect of images moving. You can add content to the theme and make a long lasting impression on the visitors mind.

Parallax themes have become very popular recently, people are creating stunning web pages using these themes, it has brought creativity to a whole new level, every brand wants to represent itself in a unique way to separate themselves from the crowd of competitors, Parallax themes has given them an opportunity to do that. When it comes to uniqueness and creativity one name always pops up ‘’Macho themes’’ free one page wordpress theme

Macho themes have developed one of the most awesome parallax themes Pixova Lite, it is a Responsive theme with a modern design; it has a header, smooth scrolling along with lines and various styles so that you can enter your content.

Pixova Lite has become very popular among businesses and corporations, mainly because it lets them deliver the message in a creative and unique way which a visitor remembers for sure.


Let’s take a look at some features of Pixova Lite


Pixova Lite review resposive

Today, people are using smartphone and tablets more than their PC and Laptops to access the internet. Research shows over 50% of traffic are mobile traffic. This is why having a responsive theme is very important, for those of new who don’t know, Responsive theme adjusts to the screen size of the device visitor is using. It resizes the image, text, fonts everything and provides the visitor good experience.

Your visitors will not face any issues in reading, watching videos and navigating on tablets and mobile phones. If you don’t have a responsive theme, then the visitors will have a pretty hard time using your website as it will keep crashing and you will end up losing potential customers.


Browser Compatibility

Pixova Lite review browser

The main function of all browsers is same but not all browsers are created in the same way. Despite of same function there are a lot of differences between the browsers. This is why few tools perform better with a particular browser than others.

But this is not the case with Pixova Lite, it is compatible with all browsers. Doesn’t matter which browser is the visitor is using; Pixova lite won’t give them a hard time.

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Woocommerce Support

Pixova Lite review woocomerce

WooCommerce is a free plugin for ecommerce website. It is designed for small to big online sellers; build especially for wordpress Woocommerce was an instant hit when launched. While activating Pixova Lite you can include Woocommerce plugin which will save you a lot of time and hard work.


Great Typography

Macho Themes offer awesome Fonts they have a vast collection of attractive fonts, and the best thing is that all these themes are free

Customer Support

Pixova Lite review customer support

If you face any issues, you can contact their customer team, they offer support via email and ticket. You can go on their website and raise a ticket; you need to enter your name, email id, website URL and the issue you are facing. Their customer support is prompt and replies quickly. They also have a phone number on which you can give them a call.

Fast Installation

Pixova Lite review installation

It is very easy to install Pixova Lite just go on their website, and click on download free, after the download is complete you can abstract

Content can be imported by just one click; you can also install text, videos, menus, widgets with one single click. They have a tutorial video; you can learn how you can install the themes. The tutorial is explained in the simplest way possible; anyone can watch it and learn.


  • Gives a unique look to your website
  • Adds an illusion of special effects
  • Leaves a positive impact on the visitors
  • Increases the conversion rate
  • Adds credibility to your businesses and your out of the box thinking
  • Increases curiosity in visitors
  • The theme is updated regularly
  • Generates call to action

Tips for optimum result

  • Do not make your website too complicated or confusing
  • Use it only if it suits the purpose of your website
  • Highlight your CTA
  • Adding too much content and images will ruin everything


Pixova Lite review testimonial

Pixova Lite review statistics

Pixova Lite gives your website a different look from the millions of websites out there; it makes your website memorable and gives a positive impression the moment someone lands on your website. It also adds credibility and lets them know that you have a creative and out of the box approach.

There is no limit on the creativity, you can literally do wonders and create stunning web pages. I recommend Pixova Lite as it will help you grow your business and help you build reputation and following.


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