Platformly Review 2023: Is It Worth The Hype? (TRUTH)

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Are you looking for a Business and Marketing Software that can handle all your business needs? Well, you landed in the right place. After vigorous research, I present to you the Platformly Review.

In this article, I am going to talk about Platformly, which is one of the best available Business and marketing tools. I personally feel that It has all the features that can make your business touch new heights.  Advertising is one of the best ways to increase production and attract customers; it saves time and makes better relationships with customers. There are much software available in the market for Advertising and business management. Platformly is one of such tools available with well-built and attractive characteristics.

Bottom Line Upfront: Platformly is an all-in-one platform that has tools like business management and marketing automation for business owners who basically focuses on their business’s growth. Marketing attribution becomes really easy with Platformly, you can track your campaigns easily. Get the free trial of Platformly today.

While every software has its plus points, what everyone needs is software that can fulfill all the needs and necessities of a business. With Platformly, you will get all your business insights at a single place; from business campaigns to business performance, you will get all with each individual’s interaction.

Platformly Review: In A NutShell 

Platformly is an Advertising and business management tool for the busiest owners who focus only on their business growth. It is easy to use and comes with a beautiful user interface. I feel that a first-time user won’t face any problem in understanding how to use or operate as it comes with a very smooth and easy to understand user interface

With Platformly Advertising is easy, and with characteristics like precise tracking, you can track all the user interactions from different campaigns even if they are running on other websites. It helps you to understand exceptional details from which your Advertising activities make the most sales. It allows you to understand your most loyal customers and what makes them happy while using your products.

Platformly - Overview

Platformly comes with characteristics like an utterly customizable dashboard, a real-time overview, and a dedicated command center for your campaign’s management. It comes with a trial so that users can understand the most, and it increases the credibility of users for the software. Platformly plans start for just 19$ per month, making it easily accessible for every user, either a startup or a big organization.


The all-new Business and Advertising tool takes advantage of characteristics like CRM to engage more customers and manage all the information on one single fully customizable dashboard. Platformly works with well-built integrations, mobile-friendly dashboards, Email builders, real-time data, business intelligence, Contact management, and other interesting characteristics.

Platformly is a Well-Built software with attractive and exciting integrations like Zapier, Google Analytics, Facebook, JotForm, EmailListVerify, and much more. Platformly is accompanied by an Automation tool by which we get advanced characteristics like Triggered Emails, Autoresponders for Emails, Automation Templates, and other exciting features.

Platformly is a tool filled with countless exciting characteristics that turn the user to be excited every time, and the business grows faster in less time. By using Platformly, the user doesn’t feel tired and bored. The exciting thing about Platformly is that It is completely optimized for mobile devices and does not need to be on a laptop/Pc every time. You can check detailed analytics on your way to your home/ office.

It also comes with Fascinating templates, message scheduling, and high deliverability. Platformly gives you forecasts, email reports, Sales Reports, Tracking Reports, Funnel Reports, and real-time data all on the go on your laptop and also on your smartphone.

Platformly Features

Platformly is integrated with exciting characteristics like Customizable dashboard, CRM Live tracking, Messaging, Well-built integrations, Lead Capture, Advertising automation, and much more.

Platformly - Features

There are so many characteristics that we can’t discuss all at once, so we are going to discuss some of the significant and most useful attributes of all time for each user.

Business Dashboards

It comes with a fully customizable business optimized dashboard with a fascinating, attractive, and easy to understand user interface. This business dashboard offers you real-time analytics of your business management and campaigns. It can drill deep down and bring the most of the data in the form of analytic to your customizable dashboard.

Link Tracking

Link Tracking offers you the most accurate, the fastest, and the most effortless link tracking to scale your business to new heights. Platformly acts as a command center for all your campaign management and gives you a seamless tracking performance.


Platformly is built with a robust CRM, the one-stop for managing and improving your customer relationships. It shows an overview of all the past interactions with real-time updates.

Platformly - Powerful CRM

You will be able to access all the contact information, Blogs, and social media profiles. Rich Profile data uncovers every single detail on every single customer and their present and past interactions.

Advertising Automation

Platformly helps you to set up automation messages and emails and allows it to deliver at the right place, the customers who already own the products won’t be getting email for offers which are of no use for them.

Complete Reports

Platformly comes with a well-built characteristic of giving complete reports with real-time data; all this is optimized for mobile and computer devices. When you are having every report of your Business, then you are making every decision with confidence.

 How to use

Personally, Platformly’s powerful CRM is a God-send when it comes to training leads, communicating with customers. I can now handle vast amounts of information with great efficiency. In this part of the Platformly review, let me show you how your enterprise can implement Platformly without too many hitches.

Familiarise Yourself with Platformly

When I saw the UI for the first time, I was pretty intimidated. But it’s nothing to be scared of. Go through all the Platformly features and try to navigate through the UI, which is divided into the following tabs -:

  1. Dashboard: Track your business metrics from a single place.
  2. Tracking: Track links for your marketing campaigns.
  3. Contacts: A hub for all your customers and leads.
  4. Messages: Create and edit emails for your marketing campaign.
  5. Automation: Easily automate tasks using a template or by creating them from scratch.
  6. Forms: Build lead capture forms and beautiful custom pages.
  7. Reports: Find dozens of useful metrics on business performance.

Import Contacts to Platformly

In Platformly, click on your profile menu and select import to import all your contacts using a CSV file. You can also import from the Ontraport app by following the instructions in the Ontraport tab. Match the columns in your uploaded file to Platformly fields, and you’re done! I have spent hours upon hours trying to import contacts into other platforms but with Platformly, it’s a breeze!

Segments and Tags

Once you’ve uploaded your contacts to Platformly, you can create segments or tags depending on your needs. Segments allow you to segregate your clients into different groups for quick and easy communication. For example, Netflix can use segments like “Free Members,” “Premium Members,” and “Cancelled Members” to keep track of their subscriptions. You can also add additional information to your contacts using tags. They are like an extra layer of segmentation. In my opinion, segments can save your marketing department at least 3 man-days in every campaign.

Search and Filters

After importing the contacts and setting up segments and tags in Platformly, I was able to find specific clients using the various CRM filters to search to send them an email, add another segment or tag, export their details or even delete them from your contacts.

Email Builder

You can launch the Platformly email builder from the “Send a Broadcast” page. Choose from 100s of different templates or design your template to send beautiful and professional emails to your customers.

Platformly - Email Marketing

I was unable to find a template that suited my needs. When I contacted Platformly regarding this, they made one for me, without any extra charges! After choosing the template you want, add or remove elements or change the template format to suit your needs.


Platformly automates tasks using triggers. If your trigger is adding a customer to a segment, Platformly will automatically send an email every time that event is triggered.

Platformly - Marketing Automation


Opt-in forms are powerful tools you can use to improve sales or get more leads. You can create your opt-in forms and landing pages or choose from the many templates available. Similar to the email builder, you can now change the form to your liking by adding or removing elements. There is also an option to view how your form will look on a mobile screen. You can publish these on WordPress, use them as HTML code, or even use third-party apps to integrate them.

Landing Pages

You can use the landing pages builder to create an unlimited number of landing pages without any coding. You can use the builder to change various elements, and when you’re done, publish it on WordPress or leave it hosted with Platformly or integrate it with third parties.

Reports and Dashboard

Not sure if Platformly is worth the time and money? All vital statistics related to your business are available in a birds-eye-view in the Dashboard tabs and in great detail inside the Reports tab. You’ll be amazed by the savings that Platformly can create for your enterprise.

Platformly - Sales Reporting

Performance Of Platformly

Whenever a new CRM is implemented, resistance to such a drastic change is inevitable. I faced some hurdles but once the setup was over, the performance blew me away!

Platformly single-handedly improved the marketing department’s performance. It created unique and eye-catching opt-in forms and landing pages within seconds. You can use segments and tags to trigger automation. You can use reports to track triggers across marketing campaigns. Platformly can even help you understand, in unmatched detail, the marketing tasks that create maximum sales, identify repeat business, and the source of your growth. 

Without Platformly, the marketing department will have to keep track of every customer action and draft an email manually which is a waste of time. Manual communications can also create gaps between the trigger and the response. This can be the difference between a sale made and a sale lost.  

Customer support

The thing I like the most about Platformly is its customer-centric approach. Their team is very open to feedback and suggestions from customers. Many of today’s staple Platformly features were once simple suggestions from their clients. 

Their help desk has a user-friendly GUI and is quite detailed. Platformly is also active in the blogosphere with its frequent posts which are useful to keep track of new features. I thoroughly enjoyed and even recommended the articles published in their blog.

Platformly also has a YouTube channel with hundreds of detailed tutorials on how to set up and use many of their advanced features. 

Ease to use

Platformly’s UI is designed to be as simple as possible. I was blown away by the simplicity they incorporated into even the most complete features. You can customize many facets of the UI to suit the needs of your enterprise. Let’s take a look at the various options you have.


You can create dashboards for a specific project or all your projects. You can then add many diverse widgets to these dashboards to match your requirements.

UI Settings

The UI settings available on your profile page can change many aspects of the UI to improve usability. You can increase the text sizes to your liking. You can even specifically increase the size of the table text and leave the other sizes to their default setting which is a rare feature that I’ve grown to love quite a bit.


While many competitors offer integration using APIs, Platformly integrations were extremely easy to use. I was able to insert opt-in forms into my WordPress site with just a few clicks. You can even add WooCommerce plugins and WPFusion to your WordPress site, directly integrate ConvertBox into your Platformly project, or even connect ConnectIO with similar ease.

Automation Builder

Instead of using code to automate tasks, Platformly uses an “Automation Builder” where you can build a task using a graphical user interface with a drag and drop function that is extremely easy to use. You can choose from a wide variety of triggers, conditions, and delays and apply them within seconds! Even with limited coding skills, I was able to create powerful automation with very little effort.

Platformly Pricing | How Much Does Platformly Cost?

The cost of the Platformly subscription plans is very liberal and allows companies of any size to take advantage of automated marketing benefits. Pricing is flexible and users can find the most suitable plan based on the number of contacts they have without spending any extra money for the resources they don’t need. As their business or needs grow, they would be able to increase any limits directly from their member area.

Platformly - Pricing

There are three feature packages available: 

Starter at $69.00 per month

  • 10,000 emails/mo  
  • 1 dashboard  
  • 1 domain  
  • 5 integrations  
  • 10,000 link visits/mo  
  • 10,000 page visits/mo  

Growth at $49 per month

  • 100,000 emails/mo  
  • More with SMTP
  • 5 dashboards  
  • 5 domains  
  • unlimited integrations  
  • 25,000 link visits/mo  
  • 25,000 page visits/mo  
  • Webhooks included

Unlimited at $99.00 per month

  • Unlimited emails/mo  
  • More with SMTP
  • Unlimited dashboards  
  • Unlimited domains  
  • Unlimited integrations  
  • 100,000 link visits/mo  
  • 100,000 page visits/mo  
  • Webhooks included

Platformly is available for a free 15-days trial I suggest you get familiar with the platform real quick and see if it can become your most trusted and reliable companion in all your marketing and business efforts.

Platformly Pros and cons


  • Ease of use, short learning Platformly curve, intuitive interface. 
  • All needed marketing tools are in one place. 
  • Simplicity of setting up campaigns and having them up and running promptly. 
  • Effective lead generation. 
  • Big variety of integration options. 
  • Powerful dashboard, business insights, complete reporting. 
  • Responsive and helpful support. 


  • Needs more landing page templates. 
  • Text knowledge base needs to be extended. 
  • Integrations with other marketing tools. 
  • Takes a lot of time to find out how the different functionalities work. 

Platformly Review: Testimonials

Platformly - Testimonials

Quick Links:

FAQs On Platformly Review

👉What are the alternatives to Platformly?

There are many alternatives to Platformly. ActiveCampaign, EngageBay All-in-One Suite, HubSpot Marketing Hub, and Omnisend are the most popular alternatives and competitors to Platformly.

👉Can I integrate Platformly with my blog?

Yes, you can integrate Platformly with WordPress. The integration will let you add your custom opt-in forms and landing pages quickly. You must install the plugin and enter an API key (available in the APIs docs and Keys) to activate it. You can monitor every action your guests take and a report can be generated inside your Platformly account for detailed analysis.

👉I want a custom landing page but, I don’t know how to build one. What can I do?

Don’t worry. You can request Platformly to build you a new landing page by clicking the “Request a Template” button and, they’ll create one for you, specific to your needs.

Conclusion: Platformly Review 2023

Platformly is a very powerful all-in-one marketing automation tool and many companies use it to improve the quality of their marketing campaigns and reach revenue targets. It has a very flexible pricing system and scalability that makes this platform suitable for the company of any size.
The pricing is very reasonable compared to the competition.

It’s easy to understand and work with and can help you with the marketing tasks of any complexity level thanks to its robust features covering all the needs related to marketing automation.
Platformly is available for free 15-days trial and there is no reason you would not want to try it out and see if it can become a reliable companion in all your marketing and business efforts.

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