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Overall Verdict's capacity to integrate reading and listening is useful to me. Articles, blogs, or other digital information may be read aloud to me, which significantly improves my comprehension and recall. It's like having your very own knowledge consumption helper.

Out of 10


  • It provides an option to listen to every text you read. 
  • Keep updating the languages and voices from time to time.
  • Provide lots of options for audio voices.
  • Make your audio with the help of strong SSML for example pronunciation, tone of the audio, with multi-voice service.
  • Provide all the commercial and broadcast rights for every audio of the content you created by using play. ht. 
  • Create SEO-friendly audio to enhance the engagement of users.


  • Take lots of time
  • Troubleshooting may occur late


Price: $ 39

Welcome to my review of

Most people immediately think of Amazon Alexa when they hear “text-to-speech software.” The fact that many different text-to-speech and artificial intelligence voice generators are available is often overlooked.

The need for advanced text-to-speech systems powered by AI has increased dramatically recently. This is so because it can provide improved communication among the disabled. However, due to the rising popularity of these kinds of applications, there are plenty of alternatives.

Plenty of online resources can transcribe written material into spoken language, including English, Portuguese, Punjabi, and many more. gives you access to a customizable, open-source text-to-speech (TTS) generator powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

You may be familiar with the results of text-to-speech online generators from previous experiences.

However, is unique. is a free service that delivers cutting-edge features and accurate voice synthesis software.

In this review, I will discuss the software’s benefits, drawbacks, cost, and more. Review

Why Should I Use Text-To-Speech Software Like is an incredible artificial intelligence (AI) voice generator and text-to-speech (TTS) program that has fundamentally altered the way we communicate. As someone whose success in many areas of life depends on clear and concise communication, I find’s features quite impressive. stands out because of how easily language barriers are overcome using it. This program is a game-changer for anybody who uses it, whether they are tourists attempting to converse in an unfamiliar land or company owners seeking to enter new consumer markets. takes care of the translations so you don’t have to be a linguist to interact with other languages. is powered by innovative new technologies. It uses AI and machine learning to create very realistic speech. The celebrity voice generator is an example of its usefulness; it lets you put your own spin on any recording.

Its adaptability is a major selling point. works well with many environments, such as mobile apps and online browsers. To improve usability and accessibility, you may now add TTS capabilities wherever they are needed. isn’t limited to simply making text audible; rather, it improves the user experience all around. It has tools to help even the most difficult words be spoken correctly. Educators, content producers, and anybody else who values clarity in their communication may find this a useful resource.

There are a lot of benefits to using TTS software like It makes having a voice accessible to more people by doing away with the requirement for costly equipment or specialized expertise.

In comparison to hiring voice actors, this is a more cost-effective option for corporations. Furthermore, it’s a godsend for those with dyslexia since it makes text easier to read.

The capacity to communicate effectively in a variety of languages is more valuable in today’s international economy. is revolutionary since it not only eliminates communication barriers but also connects people through technology. It is a tool that is not only transforming enterprises, but also the way we connect and communicate globally.

There’s a lot of potential in that you’re missing out on if you haven’t tried it out yet. Review 2024

What is

In these busy days, no one has enough time to read and understand the content, so here is Play. ht This gives website owners a chance to transform all of the contents, classes, posts, and all the readable text into audio, making it audible for the consumers.

It instructs your users to hear the topic. Play. Ht is more effective for those users who are not visually able to grasp the content easily. As it comes in an audio way so they can understand it by listening to the audio. was founded in 2016 and its headquarters are in Dubai. It utilizes Text to speech technology, and the podcasts or audio players are SEO friendly. When clients hear your content, there are chances that they will have a little more time to go through and learn about that particular website or blog. 

Play . ht - Overview

So, it is useful to enhance the viewer’s engagement. It comes with 260 and more AI text-to-audio voices. You will get more than 54 languages in which you can convert your text to audio. All the voices that are used are powered by Google, Amazon Polly, IBM Watson, and Microsoft Azure.

To provide the best audio experience to the users it can be used by three types of customizable and while labeled embedded voice players.

Just to check the listening way of the folks it gives the advantage to examine the detailed audio content. It is simple to understand and can easily be operated. One of its merits for users is that they can share it, download it, and can adjust the sound and speed of the audio content according to them.

Features Of Play. ht

BTech-To-Voice Over-Editor 

If you have any simple edited text, then you can create high-quality voice-over audio for free videos using the sampled voices you can try that out for free as well. If you want to have a little play around, you can do that, and everything you need to know goes to create voice-over audio.

So, they’ve got the dashboard where you’ll know how it works for example, if you want trouble markets and if you highlight the words and you want them to be kind of a certain pitch, a certain volume or if there’s an emphasis on use on certain words, a new blog post that you want you can convert all that in this where you can emphasize the words, strong subtle and all kinds of stuff.

Play . ht - Ai voices

You have a real play-around with the tones of the voices. It’s a great feature where you can save time unlike waiting for delivery when working with voice actors. You can instantly create audio with Play. ht. So there’s no waiting around and it’s just an instant thing. 

Voice modulation and selection

You’ve got all the English voice selections where we even got names now if you click on one of the mentioned names given in the sample then it’s going to let you play it for you. It’s like a little template of the voices of a little sample where you can select from.

Play . ht - Audio Voice

It integrates the best voices from all the major providers as well, and it just makes it easier for you to start using and everybody can understand it crystal clear. They have got a good vocal range present in Play. ht and they regularly add and update new voices. 

Commercial and Broadcast Rights 

You even have commercial rights in The audio you create is yours and yours only.

So, they give you full commercial rights with no extra fees. You even got the broadcast rights features, which help you attain all the rights of your audio and video voiceover. It’s just like the same full commercial right. You also have all broadcasting rights where you can use the audio for whatever you like, whether it’s for podcasts, audio-built books, audio articles online that you can get with audio. 

Play . ht - Broadcast Right

Unlimited Revisions

In this feature, you can edit the text, change the emotion, set the tones, and get creative with it where you can emphasize the tone of the voicing if you want a word set in a certain way, you can do all that. So you have a real play-around, and you can get creative with it. You can do as many revisions as you want before creating the perfect voice-over audio. So, there is no limit to what you can do. You can just get all put and get productive. 

Play . ht - Audio Articles

Less Time-Consuming 

You have a real play around with the tones of the voices. It’s a great feature where you can save time unlike waiting for delivery when working with voice actors. You can instantly create audio with Play .ht so there’s no waiting around and it’s just an instant thing that can save you a lot of time. You can easily convert the blog posts into high-quality audio where you can expand the accessibility and reach of your podcast. 

Play . ht - Apple Commercial

Unique features

  • Customize Audio Players: You can change the color and configuration of the audio player to match the color and the feel of your website. 
  • Analytics: In this feature, you get a weekly analytics email along with the dashboard that will show you the listings you have had all the shares and downloads of your audio as well.
  • Email Subscriptions: You get email subscriptions where you can allow visitors to subscribe from the audio players with their emails.
  • White-Label Player: You get the White-Label Player that will help you remove the play. ht logo from the audio player and you can brand it as your own.
  • Publish to iTunes: You can publish to iTunes your audio articles as podcasts and increase your online presence and as always premium quality voices of the samples can be used to develop your audio and video for free.


Let’s talk about the benefits of using play. ht.

  • It provides an option to listen to every text you read. 
  • Can choose from three audio players, all are well-customized.
  • Helpful to enhance the user’s engagement on your website.
  • You also get a chance to analyze the user activities on your website.
  • It provides an email subscription service to the users.
  • With the help of play. You can post your article on iTunes, Spotify, etc as a podcast.
  • You can form an RSS folder of your content.
  • It has a lifetime subscription plan to get lifetime access with amazing features.
  • Fix all the issues with like set tones for the audio form of the content.  Correct the pronunciation if it is wrong. 
  • Get a huge variety of languages to feature your article or post in an audio form.
  • It has joined with Google so there should not be any problem with voices and languages.
  • You can use sounds as needed for a podcast, articles, etc.
  • It is easy to use. One can easily understand how it works and what features it provides.

Ease of use is easy to use the platform to easily convert your text into an audio format. It is free to use, but to enjoy its best features, you have to buy its subscription which comes with various pricing plans.  It is an easily manageable source. It comes with a huge variety of languages in which you can use to transform your written text into an audible form. Its interface is simple to understand. 

Your content will be fully SEO-based, and you will get access to examine all the user’s engagement on your website. It is integrated with Google, so there is no issue for voice selection. Easily share your content on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Also, you can preview your text before converting it into audio. It also provides you with an option to save your data in drafts.

Overall, it is an easy-to-use software with some amazing features and benefits.

Customer service

If I discuss the customer services of Play. ht then they provide excellent support to their customers.  All the folks are attentive and knowledgeable. They will try to reach you as soon as possible to help you out with your queries and problems. 

All the representatives are well-trained in their work. Also, they are very supportive, and you will surely get your problems solved under expert guidance.  You only need to go to the mail [email protected] to contact them. Put your query in the mail without any hesitation. Once they will see it, you will get your answer in a short period.

Customer ratings

The customer ratings for Play. ht is positive. It has around 4-star ratings given for Play. ht and The customers are satisfied with the services they offer to the users, making it so much easier for them to get their work done quickly.

It has an easy-to-use interface that can be easy to understand and simple to use for the users. also has different sounds and supports many different languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, Filipino, and French, etc. They also provide different voices with different accents. 

They also offer male and female voiceovers of different age groups, which is pretty cool. With this, you can choose which fits perfectly for your video. If you use a voice editor, you can bring the pitch and the speed where you play around with it. Eventually, when you run this and save it as words, you can take the embedded code and drop it anywhere.

If you have WordPress, they have a plug-in for it. It automatically recognizes the voice and plays it. So, people also have the option to play too. Pricing

The pricing for starts at $39 per month. has 4 different plans:

Yearly Pricing :

Plat HT pricing latest

Monthly Pricing :


You can try any plan for 14 days as it offers a 14-day free trial to any plan and you can cancel it anytime. If you pay yearly, you will get two months for free. Pros and Cons


  • Keep updating the languages and voices from time to time.
  • Provide lots of options for audio voices.
  • Make your audio with the help of strong SSML, for example, pronunciation, and tone of the audio, with multi-voice service.
  • Provide all the commercial and broadcast rights for every audio of the content you create by using play. ht. 
  • Create SEO-friendly audio to enhance the engagement of users.
  • Form an accessible audio format for your clients.
  • Check your audios before transforming them and keep them in drafts.
  • Users can download the audio and can share it.
  • It makes sure your content is easy to understand.
  • Provide a great quality of audio.


  • Troubleshooting may occur late
  • They will provide lots of languages, but not all. 
  • It comes with a credit-based system. Testimonials - Testimonials

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FAQs On Play. ht Review

👉What is Play. ht and how does it work?

Play. ht is a program where you can hear written texts anywhere or anytime. It is perfect for anyone whether businesses or knowledge seekers. Play. h t delivers apps and chrome extensions for individuals where you can hear to writings. On the other hand for company Play. this provides you with a bunch of tools to transform the text into an audio form.

👉What all languages are there in Play. ht?

Currently, Play. ht voices support with following languages English French Spanish Turkish Portuguese German Swedish Russian Italian Japanese However, the team is working hard ahead to add more languages for a better experience in the future.

👉How can we operate to its subscription?

The subscription is accessible with two options that are month-wise and annually. If you want to be a long-time user of then the yearly package is good for you as it gives a reduction of 20% over the monthly package.

Conclusion: Review 2024’s built-in realistic voice generator makes it possible to transcribe and listen to virtually any textual information on the web.

It also includes a TTS API that can be used by any developer to add text-to-speech to their program, making it more engaging and user-friendly. was created with ease of use in mind. This text-to-speech software has an extremely user-friendly interface that makes it accessible to the general public.

Its capabilities set it apart from other text-to-speech converters on the market. It’s fun to use and produces high-quality audio.

It’s helpful to combine reading and listening abilities by having read-aloud content from a blog or other digital media.

Thank you for reading my thoughts about Are you familiar with the program? Please share your feedback.

If you’re looking for more TTS options, the top TTS programs are worth a look.

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  1. I am just a guy writing blog posts and I’ve never had that much time in my life to do anything else, but you can be a voiceover artist for everyone with This is not the first soundboard that I’ve worked with so when I saw it what made me stay was how well integrated the software is. The interface of PlayHt takes all those steps out of your way: both creating and mixing them in this one place makes my job as a blogger not only easy but enjoyable!

  2. is a software that allows you to turn blog posts into audio. It’s perfect for those who love listening rather than reading!

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  4. makes it really easy to expand your written post content into new mediums. Some people are readers. And some people prefer auditory or visual learning. If you’re not giving your viewers other options to consume your content then you are leaving a lot on the table.
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