PowerAdSpy Black Friday Cyber Monday Deal 2023– Up to 50% Off

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PowerAdSpy offers a great deal only for Bloggersideas users on Black Friday,  Welcome to the first PowerAdSpy Black Friday Cyber Monday Deal 2023.

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PowerAdSpy Black Friday Cyber Monday Deal 2023

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Get 30% Off On AdPlexity Native

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Get 25% Discount On AdPlexity Desktop

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Adplexity offering around 30% off on the native plan.

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According to the data, the PowerAdSpy tool allows you to access a database of 6 million + Facebook ads from over 15 countries to help you learn from best-performing ads. You can create your ads accordingly.

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PowerAdSpy Spy on your competetor s ads with world s best Ads Intelligence Platform


Pricing PowerAdSpy Black friday Sale

What Is PowerAdSpy?

Are You spying on your Competitor’s Facebook ads

If so?– You require a powerful spying device that provides you insights into Facebook Advertisements at a breeze.

If you are a media customer, marketer, Associate, advertising agency or any person who is running Facebook ads daily, weekly or month-to-month after that you need to order this extremely effective device.

PowerAdSpy is one fantastic advertisement snooping device with abundant attributes to aid you to assess your rival’s actions. It has a powerful database of FB ads to give the very best experience in spying activities of those that are running better ads than your own.


Pricing PowerAdSpy Black friday Sale

PowerAdSpy has offered a huge deal on this Black Friday Save up to $3789, Now is the possibility to earn more than others using Facebook with a powerful spying device that helps you gather bountiful information on competitor’s FB advertisements.

Read this full PowerAdSpy Evaluation as well as enhance your online income at the rocketing rate.

Key Features Of PowerAdSpy

1. Date –

Timing assumes a significant part taking everything into account. It is apparent that more shopping occurs on ends of the week, public occasions and during celebration season. To utilize these ongoing chances, we can investigate the procedures of the contenders. Which dates they focusing on their promotions on, what offers they are concocting on what dates and so forth Agreeing we can design our advertisements and limits to outfox our rivals. Poweradspy device is the ideal device to achieve this objective.

2. Watchwords –

Searches and web shop things are watchwords driven. It is imperative to see the promotions showed when a specific catchphrase is looked for. Assuming we need to deal with a similar watchword, we can make advertisements which are superior to those of our rivals to such an extent that our promotion positions higher than that of our rivals.

On the off chance that our rival is showing a text promotion for a specific catchphrase, we can put picture advertisements all things being equal. On the off chance that the contender is chipping away at a picture advertisement, we can toss a video promotion rather since video advertisements drive more commitment than a picture promotion. In this unique circumstance, Poweradspy apparatus assumes a significant part.

3. Commitment level with the Ad (Shares, Likes, and Comments) –

The advertisements that show the greatest degree of commitment as far as offers, can imagine, and remarks should be examined to get what is working on the lookout and what isn’t. Like, at one point in time video advertisements used to work ponders however, presently images and entertaining substance work best. Poweradspy apparatus permits you to do this investigation and plan content.

4. Promotion Position –

Today the world is overflowed with brands, items, and administrations. Little brands are not confined by the showcasing spending plan they have since web/web based promoting has appeared. In such a situation, the screen size (be it the versatile screen or the PC screen) misses the mark when contrasted with the quantity of promoters and the commercials on the lookout.

Just a superior position of the promotion can drive more snaps and consequently transformations taking everything into account. This component of Poweradspy instrument of sifting advertisements by their position and understanding their measurements can assist us with bettering spot our promotions regarding our rivals.

Power AdSpy Advantages

PowerAdspy gives you choices for searching for pertinent ads on Facebook. You can use their search as well as filter functions by ad message, LINK, page name, or user reactions from comments, associate landing, id or network web page technologies, etc

. PowerAdspy permits you to spy on all the campaigns of your competitors and also track all their advertisements, innovative, angles, landing web pages from one single control panel.

PowerAdspy permits one to see target market sectors for each advertisement that draws their passion with a solitary click. One can likewise watch ad reach, social engagement statistics and also once a week trends all on the same web page.

PowerAdSpy Black Friday Deal

PowerAdSpy ensures to supply systematic advantages over your competitors and competitive occurrence for your business. It will effectively improve your Facebook Advertising and marketing Campaigns as it can locate lucrative possibilities as well as covert specific niches, eliminating all the headache of content production, identifying project targets, niche study and even more.

PowerAdSpy Pricing

PowerAdSpy pricing

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Get 20% off Select Items at Prisync.
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Top 4 PowerAdSpy Alternatives

1. Prisync


Prisync is a price tracking and dynamic pricing tool that helps online sellers of all sizes boost sales and improve profitability at the same time. Prisync users monitor competitors, reveal their pricing strategies, and build counter-strategies without spending hours on data gathering and analysis. It gives them the flexibility they need in the very dynamic e-commerce environment, at an affordable price.

Pricing is a powerful tool, especially in competitive markets like e-commerce. Prisync aims to help online sellers leverage data-driven pricing strategies that’ll help them compete with any competitor out there, big or small.

Prisync has a very innovative approach to pricing strategy that combines monitoring competitor prices with automatic repricing based on market demand changes. The algorithm allows for faster price changes that happen in real time, instead of weekly or monthly.

Compared to the traditional repricing tools on the market, Prisync doesn’t simply match competitors prices but it searches for better deals online and gives you the power to make your own decisions based on accurate data. This ensures that you are selling at a price which is not just competitive, but also profitable.

2. NapoleonCat


NapoleonCat is an advanced social media management platform that helps businesses from 70+ countries across the World in managing profiles from multiple social platforms: Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, and Google My Business. With NapoleonCat, small and medium businesses (SMBs), agencies & eCommerce sellers can streamline social communications, improve their response rates, and analyze their performance – all in one user-friendly dashboard. NapoleonCat is used by global organizations such as Avon, Allianz, Sony, WWF, the New Zealand Ministry of Business.

Businesses can respond to messages from customers across different social media platforms. The main benefits are:

– Respond to messages from customers within a few minutes.

– Using the platform’s features for scheduling posts, brands can plan their social media content in advance and bulk upload it later. This means you won’t have to spend time creating new content every day. This alone will save you hours of precious time!

– Track your performance in real-time.

– Engage with your audience and keep them up to date on any new promotions or sales offers. This will keep you trending in their minds over a long period of time, converting them into loyal customers.

3. Priceintelligence


Price intelligence – the perfect tool for every company

Many customers, including well-known retailers and manufacturers, place their trust in priceintelligence: As one of Europe’s leading price optimization and retail management system providers we provide our customers with an objective and quick picture of the market. Whether you are a retailer aiming to increase your sales and profits or a manufacturer seeking to keep your prices stable, priceintelligence provides you with the market information you need.

Price intelligence is our business. With our system, we offer an integrated range of services for pricing optimization and retail management. Our software calculates current market data and offers comprehensive services in all areas of pricing. Industry standards such as UCC-Net (Uniform Classification Codes, a standard for classifying products) and UPC (Universal Product Code), as well as our own technology ensure that we can provide you with the appropriate information.

4. AdPlexity


AdPlexity is the leading ads spy tool that comes with a heap of superb features and filters that allows you to find the nitty-gritty details of profitable ads campaigns worldwide.

Just by entering the platform you can easily monitor and download promo materials like banners and landing pages right from most of the popular ad networks along with ads exchanges from more than 70 countries.

AdPlexity is the best mobile, desktop, native and push ads spy tool that is available in the market. Now you can easily make better decisions just by learning basically what ads are already successful in the market.

You can easily see campaigns that are basically running in over 75 countries covering almost every major country.  It provides real-time insight on campaigns that run on the desktopmobile ads exchange, and Native Intelligence.

You easily uncover profitable campaigns that are basically turning on desktop and mobile popup source traffic. Just scrape ads promoting affiliate offers from 100+ affiliate networks with a single click.

You can also download each landing page with page dependencies ( images, CSS, JavaScript and more)  and write in a .zip straight on their user interface.

PowerAdSpy User Review

PowerAdSpy User Review

Conclusion: PowerAdSpy Balck Friday Cyber Monday Deal Get 50% Off Hurry Up2023

I fell that PowerAdSpy is the most encouraging FB Ad-Intelligence Spy Device that is available on the marketplace. Poweradspy will easily Spy on your competitors’ best Facebook ads techniques and afterward, you can just utilize them for your very own business.

Now that I have boasted a lot about the Poweradspy device, let’s get to Understanding the device.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, digital marketer or consultant, the Poweradspy device offers you the “POWER” to filter ads from a database of over 6 million advertisements to find ones that are meant to work best for you !!! The device enables you to filter/search advertisements by.

Demographics – The Poweradspy device enables you to recognize whether the competitor’s target market is female or male, low-income group or high-income team, etc. This, in turn, enables the local business owner to recognize their very own specific niche.

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PowerAdSpy On Social Media

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Get 10% discount on AdPlexity Push and Carriers.

191 People Used
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Rating 5.0
On Going Offer

PowerAdSpy is one fantastic advertisement snooping device with abundant attributes to aid you to assess your rival’s actions. It has a powerful database of FB ads to give the very best experience in spying activities of those that are running better ads than your own.

Finnich Vessal

With more than 8 years of experience under his belt, Finnich Vessal has established himself as one of the top professionals in affiliate marketing. As CEO at AffiliateBay, he uses his expertise to provide valuable insights on current trends and product reviews so that marketers can make informed decisions about their strategies. Furthermore, Finnich's impressive grasp on complex topics makes them accessible for everyone – making him an invaluable asset when it comes to writing SEO-optimized copy that yields results.

23 thoughts on “PowerAdSpy Black Friday Cyber Monday Deal 2023– Up to 50% Off”

  1. You used to be okay with running Facebook ads without much research. Or, relying on guesswork to optimize your advertising. But what if you could stop all the guessing? What if you had access to information about every single ad published by your competition? 💥 Imagine now how easy it would be to know where they spent their budget, what they’re targeting and who is seeing each ad campaign! With powerAdSpy, you can do just that – in one place! Tracking my competitors seems like a game, but when I’m outsmarting them in my strategy it’s an accomplishment.

  2. Would you like to learn more about the PowerAdSpy tool? You should download it! One of its main benefits was that it could filter ads from an enormous database in order to find ones which are supposed to be best for someone. This Black Friday, there is a huge deal on this tool. Now you can gather bountiful information while checking out competitor’s Facebook advertising using this powerful spy device.

    Rewards: 30 days Free trial + lifetime access

  3. I feel like I’ve found some hidden treasure! Or the uncovering of an awful secret.

    I know what you’re thinking, “This can’t be true.” Probably not, but this is pretty darn close. With 6+ million ads to sift through it’s almost too good to believe that PowerAdSpy has done every single bit of digging for us. And they’ve come up with some amazing finds! Turns out there are so many different tactics and strategies at work in Facebook advertising world – just wait until you see them all up on this big, giant board with your products facing off against high-res version of the same competitor products.

  4. “I felt that PowerAdSpy is the most encouraging FB Ad-Intelligence Spy Device that is available on the marketplace.”
    PowerAdSpy will easily Spy on your competitors’ best Facebook ads techniques and afterward, you can just utilize them for your very own business.
    “If you’re looking for an amazing device to help spy on your competition with FB Ads, then this product has everything.”

  5. Ever wondered how to get your ad put at the top of a competitor’s feed? Wonder no more. With PowerAdSpy, you can do just that! Search for the company whose ads frustrate you the most and use this nifty Black Friday deal to spy on them. You’ll be able to know their keywords, what they’re bidding for those keywords, who is placing those ads – everything! Makes dealing with unfriendly competitors way easier as well as saving time from digging through these pesky things called…Facebook Ads! It’s been extremely easy using this product and I’ve been able to plan out subsequent steps by spying on my competition.

  6. For the past few days I’ve been struggling with maintaining an active fan base on social media. With another crazy day at work and little time to spare online – It was get dark fast for me. But then PowerAdSpy came along with their Black Friday Deal; it gave me the boost I needed to get back up in running on top of things again!
    The software is really easy to use once you get through initial setup (which takes like two minutes). There are customized templates that can save you significant amounts of time which will save lots of stress too.

  7. I don’t usually write reviews for products, but I really wanted to share my experience with PowerAdSpy. You guys can get it on sale right now too!
    It makes setting up your ads so much easier because the app is designed just like Facebook to make creating ads visually appealing and fun. The design is simple yet aesthetically pleasing which attracts people who are browsing through their feed. My account set-up was quick and easy which allowed me to be more mindful of other tasks that needed to get done during this busy day.
    The one thing I liked most about this service is the fact that it’s collaborative; meaning you aren’t stuck trying to create an ad by yourself—powering through until something good comes

  8. As a dynamic business owner, it’s important to stay on top of what your competitors are doing. Here’s where PowerAdSpy enters in and makes things easier for you! First and foremost, PowerAdSpy will allow you to spy on the most profitable ads in your niche- no matter how they’re achieving their high ROI. And with the Black Friday Deals we’re offering right now, this is the perfect time for people like me who need Facebook marketing tips to know our competition’s strategy!
    With information from Power Ad Spy affordable tools I was able to bring my company way up out near the head of Google rankings– without paying higher fees.

  9. PowerAdSpy is the best Facebook Ad-intelligence Spy Device available on the market and there’s a huge deal for Black Friday. You can use this spying device and get intelligence and information about your competitor’s Facebook ads so you can use them in your own business to create more profitability!

  10. Spy on competitor’s Facebook ads techniques to come out ahead in the game.

    PowerAdSpy Black Friday Deals is a spying device which helps you grab data from your competitors’ Facebook ads to use them for yourself, making you emerge victorious in competitive advertising strategies. It offers up to $3789 worth of savings this Black Friday season, so why not come out at the top while taking advantaged of their best deals? Especially when your competition doesn’t know that you’re using it! Usages are simple and risks are low with PowerAdSpy Spy Device – It will be free to try before deciding if helping take the competition down comes with any disadvantages.

  11. This software is much better than other alternatives for free and paid social media promotion. This is because it has a very detailed overview of what you’re doing, which I like. You can set up your whole account in this one place, instead of messy programs!
    The interface is also really neat and sleek looking, and doesn’t take up all the space on your computer like others do (knowing how over-sized we millennials are). It comes with alerts that you can choose to either turn off or mute when they go crazy with notifications that might be overwhelming for some people. Depending where you want to advertise your business at least once every week without becoming an annoying spongey mess!

  12. PowerAdSpy is a web-based software application designed for those who run Facebook ads. It gives you the ability to spy on your competitors’ strategies and find out how their ads are performing, as well as expose which advertisements might be most effective. With features such as filtering, custom reports and email notifications of new adverts from rivals, PowerAdSpy can help increase your success rate on Facebook advertising campaigns by 10 times more than you originally aimed for.
    While spying with PowerAdSpy may seem like an unethical practice at first glance (and may be something that we will never brag about among friends), it is obvious that this service has benefited many companies already with its life-changing benefits!

  13. This is my favorite tool for spying on advertisements. It provides a huge database of ads running from 15 different countries – and I can spy on what they’re all doing to be successful, with the click of a button! The latest Black Friday offer has got me excited about using this item more. Now is your chance to save tons of time that it would have taken you to do this manually by downloading PowerAdSpy today. There are 6 million different ads in there collecting data 24/7, so I know it’s giving me great content every time I use it- not like other things where you can get stuck clicking through horrible pictures or make make money online scams for hours before finding anything good!

  14. I’m an entrepreneur and after using PowerAdSpy I can tell you, this is the only spying device that gives you the “power” to track ads from a database of over 6 million ads (from 15+ countries) and filter those the best ones for the sales you desire. Now’s your opportunity to get predictive analysis on competitor’s FB advertisements with PowerAdSpy!

  15. “This app is life changing. 1 day of using it, I made 600 dollars! Easy to use and especially effective since Facebook pixel tracking keeps me updated on how much money I’ve generated! Totally worth the investment!”

  16. I know you may be wondering how exactly to get those big leads and power over your competition. There is a new product on the market that will help you achieve both and it’s called PowerAdSpy Elite.

    Just take one look at their software and you’ll see why I am telling others to go ahead and purchase this amazing piece of technology before it’s too late! It doesn’t matter if they are sitting right in front of me at our next business meeting, because thanks to PowerAdspy, no stream goes unexamined if I use it as directed after recording my competitors’ FB ads.
    This Black Friday deal saves up to $3789 off their already low price for a limited time only so make sure you don

  17. I’m an avid shopper and I do a lot of research for the products that I buy. So when buying something that is practical, like this ad service? You bet your bottom dollar that I’m going to read and compare what other people have said about it!
    It’s not just any old company either: PowerAdspy has been in business for over 10 years and they specialize in creating big names with small budget ads so even someone like me can afford their services!

  18. Spend less time for advertising research and more time actually producing your ads! The PowerAdSpy tool helps you find the best profitable Facebook ad campaigns from a database of over 6 million ads. Ad locations, bid prices, delivery rates all allow you the freedom to perform highly specific investigations on top campaigns. Learn what other brands have done well with their advertisements and see how much they’ve spent in order to do so. Log into this nifty app today and become a spy! You’ll be glad that you did once you start seeing money come into your account like magic (which it really is!).

  19. It’s no secret that Facebook is a powerful marketing tool. A great way to get people to buy something quickly, without scrolling through ads for hours on end. Which makes it all the more important to stay one step ahead of everyone else with your advertisements. Especially during this exciting Black Friday shopping spree!
    PowerAdSpy has offered a ridiculous deal just in time for holiday season as well as personal promotion as authors and business marketers! For those who don’t know, PowerAdSpy offers software that locates competitors’ ads online and helps you figure out exactly what they’re selling or advertising. If you happen to be an entrepreneur looking for high return rates, this would be perfect since it will give you specific information so you can monitor and analyze.

  20. Ever wish you could gather information about everyone’s Facebook Ads and how they work? Well, now with the Adspy device, you can use it to your advantage and spy what others are doing! It is a pretty simple product that will show you tons of ads on their website or on social media. I really like this tool because I get all kinds of new advertising ideas from it. Definitely worth getting for development purposes!

  21. Using this app, you can set a budget and check your sales at a glance! You’ll be able to tell from the map where customers are from as well as who is clicking on what. Which means this is perfect for those trying to maximize their advertising during times of high demand.
    Plus if you sign up now, the price will be slashed for one more day so grab it while there’s still time left.

  22. PowerAdSpy is a great new Facebook marketing tool that lets you get people to buy things without having to scroll through ads for hours on end. PowerAdSpy, the newest Facebook Marketing Tool! Lock in your Black Friday deals now.

  23. I’m not sure who can benefit from this more, the company or the people! It’s an amazing tool to have especially if you are a small business owner because it provides you with all sorts of automated free tools just for mentioning them on your site. There isn’t anything that I’ve found bad about this and I would recommend giving it a try at least!

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