PPC Winner Review 2023 Amazon PPC Automation (Upto 200% ROI)

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Today I am going to review of Amazon PPC automation tool PPC Winner. 

PPC tools are Advertising experts‘ best friend. We could not do online business without these free and paid PPC tools that we use on our daily life But when it Comes to sales on Amazon It bit quite difficult to rank your product due to high competition, there are many tools in the market to hike your sales but my favorite PPC tool for Amazon is PPC Winner.

Bottom Line Upfront : PPC Winner is a fully automated PPC Software for Amazon Sellers, Beginners and advanced sellers that has been created by Shai Venezia and its team of advertising professionals. PPC Winner is the only fully automated PPC tool that exists in the market as far as I know. Its machine learning tool do EVERYTHING for the Amazon seller! It automatically performs keyword research, creates your PPC campaigns and optimizes all of the campaigns 24/7! It transforms your sales and makes your product a winning one.  Try PPC Winner Now

PPC Winner Review - Amazon Sales

I have been mind-blown to learn that the system is doing extensive keyword research on top competitors’ listings, in order to steal their best-performing keywords. On top of that, the system has generated data from my historical campaign and leverage this precious data delivering more sales. 

With this Tool, Amazon sellers can maximize the value of their digital assets by utilizing campaign results that help them to improve their organic sales. With PPC Winner, Amazon sellers can thoroughly measure and analyze data at all stages of the sales cycle and get useful information. The result is simplified sales conversions, an increased influx of new organic sales and better BSR. Helium 10 also provide PPC for Amazon Sellers, Check Helium 10 Coupon here.

PPC Winner Review 2023 Amazon PPC Automation (Upto 200% ROI)

How does PPC WINNER Fully Automate Your Advertising

In a few clicks and less than two minutes you set up your campaign and the system is doing EVERYTHING for you. 

Choose your product, Enter up to three keyword references and three competitors ASINs

Choose your campaign goals and target ACOS

Click Launch Promotion And your “hard work” is over.

What the system is doing while you are taking care of other tasks 

  • Step 1: The system is launching a new campaign automatically
    • Creating new PPC campaigns in Amazon 
    • Generating historical data
    • Performing Keyword research
    • Setting up the bids
    • Starting campaign optimization


  • Step 2: Analyzing keywords Performance
      • Finding high-profit keywords
      • Removing negative keywords
      • Reorganizing the keyword database between the different campaigns 
      • Optimizing the bids according to initial results

PPC Winner Review - Graph

  • Step 3 Shifting Budget from Research to Prime campaigns
      • Optimizing keyword bids
      • Moving High-profit keywords between the campaigns 
      • Removing negative keywords


  • Step 4: Auto budget configuration 
      • Allocating the budget between campaigns based on best performing campaign
      • The system identifies and generates new relevant keywords
      • The system continues the campaign optimization process


  • Step 5: The system works perfectly. 
    • The system continues working to deliver full optimization. 
    • Continue allocating the budget based campaigns performance
    • Optimizing the results according to your goals 

5 Big Benefits Of Using PPC WINNER

1. Does not require any advertising knowledge

The Amazon seller does not require to have any advertising knowledge or to invest hours in learning “How To Operate”. In less than two minutes the seller has a professional PPC campaign.

PPC Winner Review - Promotion

2. Reduce Advertising Costs

The system automatically optimizes the keywords bids and allocates the budget between campaigns based on its performance. The system identifies negative keywords and removes them out. It results in spending less money and generate better results.

3. Generate more sales 

The system clearly makes more sales through its sophisticated algorithm. 

4. Improve organic ranking

Once the system generates more orders through the successful PPC campaign, your BSR is improving and your listing gets better ranking. It translates to more organic sales.

5. Provide you more time to focus on new opportunities

Now that you do not require to spend time on learning and operating the PPC tool. You can invest your time to build your business. 

PPC Winner Review - Launching Promotion

Case Study  – BKRAVO – Kitchen company

Bkravo Kitchen Ltd has developed revolutionary Kitchen Appliances. On January 20, 2019, they also Partnered with PPCWinner to manage their ads on Amazon, and after that, the total number of orders is increased by 400%.

For Bkravo, PPC Winner created two search campaigns, one manual and one automatic, and two conversion campaigns, using the method and algorithm to extract very advanced data. This process tracks and finds converted keywords, keywords that make the difference.

PPC Winner Review - Case Study

Their tools and algorithms analyzed the competition, discovered the keywords that drove sales and growth and placed them on the front page of Amazon.

Also, they found conversion keywords based on Amazon customer search and handling of large search volumes. By gathering all this information, PPCWinner has used its tools and software to create profitable advertising campaigns on Amazon, contributing to Bkravo’s nearly 575% growth in sales, allowing them to keep ahead of their competitors.


  • Researching and implementing new keyword opportunities.
  • Eliminating wasteful advertising spending.
  • Automating keyword bids via a proprietary algorithm.
  • Maximizing return on top-performing keywords.

Detailed Key Features Of PPC Winner

History Analysis: 

It is the only Amazon proprietary software capable learning from your previous campaigns. The system analyses data to ensure that you stop losing money because you are spending marketing dollars on.

PPC Winner Review - Structure

Budget management

To maximize the results of your campaign, PPC Winner adjusts your campaign spend to your budget to help you meet your advertising goals. This is achieved by reducing the budget for less profitable campaigns and increasing the budget for better campaigns!

Understand Your Perfect Customer

As Bkravo launched a new kitchen product, it was important for the company to know its target audience and customers.

According to PPC Winner’s comprehensive analysis of conversion rates and clickthrough rates, the price of the product was too high, and its creation did not properly handle the search terms the user used to search for this specific product.

With PPCWinner, Bkravo Kitchen Ltd can make quick changes in real-time, customize Their message, and create new Creative in real-time. With these changes, Bkarvo realizes that his conversion rate is increasing by 40%.

Improve the Amazon BSR 

PPC Winner helps improve and enhance the quality of the Amazon product listing and search scope for your product. It provides you with a variety of new profitable keywords that buyers are looking for and that Amazon itself is proposing. 

Target ACoS: Use PPC Winner to configure your target ACoS for each campaign.

Negative Keywords: PPC Winner automatically removes all the potential negative keywords so you can save money on unreached keywords.

Sleek and Elegant User Interface: The PPC Winner interface is very easy to understand and use. When you sign up, you already know what to do.

PPC Winner Review - Automate


Automation – The system is fully automated. You do not need to manually set up your bid preferences. With PPC Winner The bid optimization is part of a sophisticated algorithm and it is fully active from the moment you launched your campaign. This will save you a lot of time, especially if you need to manage multiple campaigns.

Launching a new campaign – The system is doing EVERYTHING for you. It creates and manages your product campaign. In less than two minutes you have a professional PPC campaign.

Customer Care – PPC Winner has Best customer support. The service team Solves your problem via chat or email. 

Professional Knowledge Base – Along the trial period an advertising expert contacted me with specific tips that improved the listing and its performance. It accelerated sales performance in a short period of time. 

Pricing Policy

They help you earn more through advertising while saving time so you can focus on growing your business.

PPC Winner offers interested users of the software four different plans. These plans are based on the number of products you sell and on international sales across multiple Amazon platforms.

The four packages are Lite Package, Standard Package, Premium Package, Gold Package, and Platinum Package. The packages vary between 49 and 399 US dollars per month.

PPC Winner Review - Pricing Policy


Price: $49.90/month

Item Add: 1-5 Products

For NEW SELLERS, the CPP winner suggests the Lite package. It only costs you $ 49.90 / month. It’s better for new sellers with 1 to 5 products 


Price: $79.90/month

Item Add: 6-10 Products

For those who are SELLERS IN GROWTH, the standard package is offered. This is ideal for growing sellers who sell between 6 and 10 products. The standard package costs you 79.90 USD / month.


Price: $99.90/month

Item Add: 11-24 Products

In addition, a premium package for international SELLERS is offered. These vendors identify 11 to 24 products. These international providers can use these features for only $ 99.90 per month. 


Price: $149/2 month

Item Add: 6-10 Products 

However, PPC Winner also offers a gold package for Kickass  SELLERS. For just $ 149 / month, these sellers can offer between 6 and 10 products and of course, access to the support team via email.


Price: $399.90/month

Item Add: Unlimited

For professional sellers and agencies with multiple accounts and over 25 SKU’s

We encourage you to start your FREE 30-day trial today!

USE this coupon code for 15% off 

At the end of the free trial, you can choose a subscription program. PPC Winner uses a variable pricing model that protects it according to the services and products sold. 


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Conclusion: PPC Winner Review 2023 Best Amazon PPC Automation TOOL 

In general, PPC Winner is an Amazon PPC Software that lets you get professional PPC campaigns in minutes. To conclude my results, It has increased my sales, improved my product BSR and improved the organic ranking.  

With PPC Winner, you can save a lot of time and money by changing your advertising investment through a sophisticated mechanism that identifies new relevant keywords that are being converted into new sales.

PPC Winner has made managing Amazon PPC easier, so you can spend more time on your core business.

To conclude, PPC WINNER, from my experience, is the best PPC software for Amazon sellers. 

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  1. I have been using PPC Winner for a few months now and getting amazing results. I tried a few other PPC automation tools before but none was as fruitful as this tool. The tool is 100% seller-friendly and the expert help is something that has helped me tremendously to understand the requirements and shortcomings of my campaign. I am learning a lot. The tools do it all, there is nothing much left, which gave me plenty of time to attend other parts of my business. I would definitely recommend this toll to any Amazon business owner

  2. PPC Winner can truly call itself an All-in-one Amazon PPC Agency. It offers expert advice along with advanced tools that help you fully automate, optimize, and simplify those complex Amazon PPC Management campaigns. The best part is that the tool is built by Amazon sellers for Amazon sellers. Sellers can continuously learn and grow their capabilities to be the best Amazon seller with the help of PPCWinner’s platform.

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