PremiumPress Review 2022 Features & Pricing (50% Off PremiumPress Coupon Codes)

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Ease of use


  • No Coding Required
  • 100+ Templates
  • 10 Day Money Back Gaurantee
  • Video Tutorials
  • Fully Responsive
  • Monthly Theme updates
  • Active 24*7 Support
  • Join over 63,000+ smart business owners


  • Better pricing options needed
  • No live chat support

PremiumPress provides the core tools to make your website look professional, while giving you the freedom to use all of WordPress' advanced features.

Price:$ 89

Are you a designer or developer looking for a quality theme that will help you make the most of your WordPress business?

Check out latest PremiumPress coupon codes and PremiumPress review.

Do you need a professional theme that will help you grow your business and provide you with the exposure, features and tools to build a successful website?  Are you looking for a premium theme but don’t want to break the bank? PremiumPress is a complete WordPress theme that can be customized by brands, industry experts and brands to meet specific needs.

You get the best WordPress framework, themes, plugins and support – as well as an easy-to-use interface that lets you create professional looking websites in minutes.

Bottom Line Upfront : 

Do you want to build themes quickly and easily for your online business? The PremiumPress WordPress Theme has been designed with just this in mind. PremiumPress is the best way to use WordPress to create elegant, functional and powerful websites.

By using PremiumPress on your own website, you have more control over what content shows up at what location on your site—even if you have multiple sites running on one host or if your website is using multiple domains.

PremiumPress Reviews


If you are willing to transform a fully functional WordPress site into a business website, PremiumPress themes are the most relevant for you. You can launch any kind of site; Auction site, directory site, an online community of specific sites, etc. PremiumPress offers a large number of themes with step by step guide to the setup.

PremiumPress Review- WordPress Business Themes

With a wide variety of plugins, this website offers a quick setup of a business website for the beginners. Moreover, you can buy these themes at low prices. With over 30,000+ users of these themes and 7 years of service, the PremiumPress has been a trusted source. Here in this post, we are going to give honest and trustworthy- PremiumPress Review in 2022

What Is PremiumPress? PremiumPress  Review 2022 Pros & Cons Explained

PremiumPress themes are the best and the most relevant tools for business website setup. You can easily setup your business website without any hassle. You can add or customize any themes and use its magnificent features by using Premium Press themes. Moreover, you can buy these themes at low prices. With over 30,000+ users of these themes and 7 years of service, the PremiumPress has been a trusted source.

Features that you will love about PremiumPress

  • Unlimited Themes – It offers a large variety of themes with different business themes. You can use as many as themes in your website and use 100s of plugins in your website such as PremiumPress Page Builder, Vimeo, YouTube Import WordPress Plugin and many more.
  • Unlimited Installations- You can install as many 10,000 websites without any hassle. With any of the WordPress themes, you can install as many as many websites for your domains without paying any extra.
  • Easy to Setup- Usually installation is a lengthy process and takes a lot of time. This makes it frustrating for the user. PremiumPress offers a quick and easy setup of the website with just one click. You can easily and efficiently set up your business website within a few minutes with a quick guide setup.
  • Easy to Customize- As simple as WordPress, Premium Press is designed for the customer’s smooth and efficient customization of the website. It is based on child theme system which offers to pick any design anytime. You can create your own pages using free page builder tool and add as many as pages you like to. You can add quick colors as well as different languages using language tools and as many as design using design features. You can modify as well as customize your website, add widgets, media, posts, and pages just like WordPress.
  • Varied Themes- With over 100+ child themes, you can choose any of the WordPress themes when you choose a VIP package. You can choose any theme which fits into your business and design kit accordingly to get a working business website.
  • Regular Updates- Premium Press offers regular updates to the customers so as to keep pace with the latest themes. With the updated features and functionality, you can change the view of your website regularly and add new features which makes it exhilarating for the clients or customers.
  • Administration tools– Premium Press comes up with easy management tools which can be managed and setup easily. WordPress websites can be easily transformed into a business website by using administration tools. Running your website can be made easy and handy as you can manage your website using administrative area which comes up with a number of layouts as well as designs, header, and footer, page and button links, etc.
  • Moreover, it comes up with a 100% open source code which means that the themes can be customized as well as modified accordingly.
  • Online Payments- Premium Press unlike some web tools offers plug and play payment system, i.e. adding multiple payment systems and use whichever you want to. You can get access to a number of payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Paymil and 25+ other systems. Credit Card or debit cards can also be added to the payment gateways and can be used instead of money.
  • Video Tutorials- You can watch video tutorials and learn website setup, theme installation, theme setup, design setup, admin overview, responsive themes, creating child themes, listing settings and various other tutorials for a quick guide.
  • Easy Access for Members- Members are provided with a members account area to edit orders, view invoices and edit profiles. You can manage a number of orders and intimate customers about the renewal or any upcoming discounts. Bulk emails can be sent using email or newsletter tools to the customers instead of using software like GetResponse and mailchimp and send discount related emails as well as website promotions. Users can also view their invoices and ask for a print of the invoices from the administrator.
  • 24/7 support: A customer needs a 24/7 support while buying or checking out a product. Premium Press provides live chat support as well as voice support for its customers.
  • 30 day refund: If a customer isn’t satisfied with the ongoing Business theme, he can ask for a refund within 30 days and get it without any questions.

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With over 100+ child themes and various PremiumPress themes, you can buy any of the themes according to your business and set up your business website within few minutes. Here are some of the themes you can look for:

1. Shopping Cart Themes– If you are willing to set up an online business store, you can look at Shopping cart themes.

Shopping Cart Themes- PremiumPress Themes

Some added features of this theme are:

  • SEO friendly tools
  • E-Commerce and affiliate stores
  • Update Stock manager
  • Built-in Cart
  • Live Chat Support
  • Coupon and promotional discounts
  • Responsive and user-friendly

You can buy this theme for $79 only.

2. Digital Downloads Theme- If you are selling video software, music, docs and other website software, you can switch to Digital Downloads theme. You can host or create digital themes for the clients or free markets.

WordPress Digital Downloads Theme - PremiumPress Review

Some features of this theme are:

  • Responsive website design
  • Easy Customization
  • Easy Navigations
  • Unlimited Softwares
  • Instant Theme downloads
  • You can offer the customer with a setup on per product. Some products can be set up for free.
  • Visitor tracking and star rating systems
  • You can track your visitor using google analytics to see most liked products and set up the pricing for it.
  • Member Access Area: Members can get access to newsletter or emails. Your user can get easy access by logging in and creating a list of products they want to add and save it.

3. Real Estate Theme- This theme is the perfect choice for the property dealers, real estate owners and agents to create a real estate business-themed website.

WordPress Real Estate Theme - PremiumPress ReviewWordPress Real Estate Theme - PremiumPress Review

Some features of this theme are:

  • Easy Setup
  • Easy Customization
  • Google Maps
  • Live chat and Multi-language support
  • Query form
  • SEO friendly- User can find you in search engines. This theme is designed as per search engine standards and free of SEO costs
  • Multiple Payment Systems
  • Plugin friendly

 4. Car Dealer Theme- Car and Automobile owners can easily setup Auto Traders classifieds with Car dealership themes. This theme is ideal for car portfolio, classifieds as well as the dealership.

WordPress Car Dealer Theme - PremiumPress Review

Some special features of this theme are:

  • This theme has advanced search options as user can sort by locations, radius, country, zip code and others.
  • Easy Setup
  • Easy Customization
  • Google Maps
  • Live chat and Multi-language support
  • Query form
  • SEO friendly- User can find you in search engines. This theme is designed as per search engine standards and free of SEO costs
  • Multiple Payment Systems
  • Plugin friendly

5. Jobs or Micro Jobs Theme- A theme specifically for the freelancers or job seekers such as fiver or people per hour or elance. Members can add jobs according to their skills or grab freelancing projects by bidding. You can also add it to your existing website or create a niche marketing website.

Micro Job Themes- PremiumPress Themes

Jobs and Micro jobs theme has different features, some of them are:

  • Advanced Search tools
  • Customized commission
  • Customized registration
  • Customer support
  • Live chat
  • You can as many as micro jobs website using one user license.
  • A user can upload CVs/ Resume and look at which jobs are closest to them

6. Child Theme- Real State: These themes are add-ons to the Business themes. With new themes each week, this theme changes the look of your website. It is as easy as the Business theme to setup and installation takes less than an hour. Some of the most preferred themes are:

Blend Real Estate - Child Theme Design- PremiumPress Review

  • Watch Affiliate Blue
  • Coupon August
  • Coupon September
  • Compare July
  • Compare May and others…

Other attractive themes include Online Auction themes, Price Comparison theme, Classified Ads theme, Video sharing themes and various others.

Plugins for PremiumPress

There are as many as 40 plugins in Premium Press which offers functionality and creates a user-friendly website.

Some of the plugins such as Homepage, import or display tools, and payment gateways are used for the website users. Some of them are:

PremiumPress Plugins » PremiumPress Review

  • Vimeo- It allows the user to import video from the computer to the website.
  • YouTube import plugin
  • Website screenshot capture- This plugin can turn website link into a screenshot
  • Page Builder plugin
  • Paypal
  • Coupila plugin coupon feed
  • CSV spreadsheet plugin
  • eBay import tool and many others.



You can buy premium press single or all themes at low and reasonable prices. While a single theme costs as low as $79 with limited features, V.I.P. club package costs $249 with all the added features and easy access to all PremiumPress themes. A customer can also opt for the one-time installation charge of the theme after he has bought the theme.

PremiumPress Club Package - PremiumPress Review

PremiumPress Customer Reviews :

Getting Started With PremiumPress:

Theme Installation-

Admin Area Overview-


Final Verdict: PremiumPress Review 2022 With 50% Off Coupon Codes

PremiumPress themes are the best and the most relevant tools for business website setup. You can easily setup your business website without any hassle. You can add or customize any themes and use its magnificent features by using Premium Press themes.

PremiumPress is a fast and affordable way for people to create great looking WordPress themes. With premiumpress, anyone can make stunning web sites using their favorite template or plug-in from their very own computer (from anywhere in the world).

To summarize : 

Features: PremiumPress provides new and creative ways to make your website look and feel like a professional, stand out from the competition.

Advantages: You can always use PremiumPress to edit theme templates you already have installed on your WordPress site, to change colors or fonts, or customize something without having to worry about editing files yourself.

Benefits: PremiumPress can provide you with professional themes that not only look great on the front page of your website but also at the back end. Your site will also continue to run smoothly even after editing is complete as it has been designed for responsive websites and features no code necessary for live updates and quick page refreshes.

Have you used Premium Themes for your business share your thoughts in the comments below.

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