Print Aura Review With Discount Coupon 2019: (On-Demand Print & Embroidery Fulfillment)

The print-on-demand business is a booming industry and this number is increasing day by day with the introduction of the print on demand apps. These POD apps ease your work and make the business fully automates so that you don’t have to worry about storage and shipping.

With the increase in a number of POD apps, it is now hard to choose the best app for you which will profit you at a larger scale. I have written a number of articles previously about the best POD business apps but certainly missed this one.

Print Aura is another struggling but great POD app for the startups and individual POD business that want to keep their investments low. Today, I am going to review the Print Aura for you with all the goods and bads and How it works!!

Print Aura Review With Discount Coupon 2019: (On-Demand Print & Embroidery Fulfillment)

Print Aura works the same way as the other POD apps but it has got some slight difference in usability. Moreover, what amazed me the most is that it works for all kinds of business owners. Print Aura is a white label dropshipping business solution that will turn your creativity into an asset.

Print Aura Review- Print on Demand Dropshipping

I have given a detailed review of the Print Aura app with all its features and how much would it cost you.


  • No Minimum Order: The best part about Print Aura is that it does not have any rules regarding the number of orders. You can order even one t-shirt or 100, it doesn’t matter. Start your business with one t-shirt and no setup costs.
  • Robust Printing: Print Aura uses the latest technology so that your design looks effective and attractive. It doesn’t even cost much for the orders. You just need to send the design and the company will take care of the shipping.
  • Large Capacity to Print: Above pricing, there is no limit to how many designs you send in a day. Whether it’s 1, 50 or 100, the company will look after your printing needs. Print Aura uses the kornit DTG printers for this purpose.
  • Product Variety: The reason why I chose to review the Print Aura is that of its variety of products that it offers to print for. Most of the companies offer the print on demand for T-shirts only.
  • Product Mockup tool: The mockup tool helps you to edit the product and customize your design. It uses a high-quality tool and displays a list of products where you want your design. This tool gives you the option to choose the product color as well as the brands that you want to sell. Moreover, you can add images and add texts to the product. The mockup tool is the best I have liked out of so many tools in the POD apps.
  • Turnarounds: The fast turnarounds or the shipping promise by the company is a big plus. It promises to ship the orders within 3-5 business days but in case of urgency, it can be delivered with 48 hours of the order. Isn’t that quick?
  • Global Shipping: Although the company is a US-based, it ships the products all over the globe. The shipping costs may vary from location to location. The minimum cost of shipping starts at just $5.00. Moreover, the orders can be tracked and you can either add the US address or your own address on the shipment.
  •  Products Guarantee: Usually, if a store delivers your product directly to the customer, there might be a risk of defects or malfunction in the products. Companies like Print Aura make sure the products that they deliver are defect free. Read the company return policy here.
  • Branding Services: Print Aura is a white label drop shipping company and so the customers will never know the products shipping and printing is done by them. It does everything so that the products look genuine. It offers complimentary services with no charge such as the custom packing slips and the shipping labels. However, there are some paid services too which include the neck label removal, using hang tag, individual bagging, and stickers. You can also use business cards in the products.

How Print Aura Works?

Print Aura is easy to start with and there is no fee to register. You can sell your products on multiple platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Opencart, Etsy, and BigCommerce. It works best with the Shopify stores.

Print Aura Review- How It Works

  1. Click on the Sign-Up and fill in the details such as the name, business name and website for your business.
  2. After successful registration, you will be asked to install the shopping apps that you want to run your store in. You can install any of the preferred apps such as Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and Storenvy. Also, there are installation guides for these platforms.
  3. If you want to create a new design, upload it to the Print Aura Mockup tool or you can even create the custom designed using the mockup tool and preview it n the product. The mockup tool is of utter importance. You can set the image guide for the printable image.
  4. The products that you select will be added to your store with the printed product.
  5. There are two ways to pay for your orders; one when an order is placed, you will be charged only that time or you can deposit the funds and they will be deducted automatically when an order is placed.

When the order is placed, it is sent directly sent to the Print Aura for the fulfillment process and the tracking number will be produced by the store that is integrated with the Print Aura.

Taking care of your branding needs, it puts the logo as well as the brand name of your company on the product so that they have trust that it is shipped by you.

Print Aura Products

There is a long list of products that are designed using POD apps. These POD apps usually do not offer a large array of products. Print Aura gives the apparel to the mugs, clothing for the toddlers to mobile covers with custom printing.

Print Aura Review- Products

Here is the list of products:

  • T-Shirts & Garments
  • Bags & Totes
  • Phone cases
  • Mugs
  • Posters
  • Embroided Hats
  • Infant, Toddlers & Youths
  • Aprons
  • Pocket T-shirt prints

Print Aura Review- Custom Phone Cases DTG Printing Services

Print Aura Integrations

Print Aura integrates and installs various E-Commerce stores so that it is directly added to your store. The integration and installation of these apps are free and requires nothing.

Print Aura Review- Integrations

  • Shopify: Shopify is the most preferred platform for business owners. It gives you all the tools to modify the store. Just install the Shopify app on your Print Aura account start selling.
  • WooCommerce: WooCommerce costs nothing to start. It does require hosting from other hosting providers. Install the WooCommerce on your WordPress site and install it on your Print Aura platform.
  • Etsy: To start with Etsy, you will have to get the approval first for the manufacturing list. Also, Print Aura uses the Etsy API so you will need an API key for the installation first.
  • BigCommerce: This T-shirt fulfillment app starts at $29 per month and doesn’t require any permission to install in the Print Aura.

Pricing: Print Aura Review With Discount Coupon 2019: (On-Demand Print & Embroidery Fulfillment)

The pricing wizard for the Print Aura works the same way as most of the POD apps. The prices vary according to the product type such as t-shirt, hoodies or any clothing. With increasing sizes, the price of the product also increases.

Print Aura Review With Discount Coupon- Products Details

As you customize your product more and add more colors, it will be added to the total price of the product. With each color adding to the product, the price increase by $3.

If you add your own images to the product, the product might cost more as the image might be of high resolution. Moreover, if you want to make changes to the branding options, the cost may increase further for the paid services.

For the full pricing details, refer to the prizing wizard of Print Aura.


The shipping for the products takes 3-5 days or even more days for the International shipping. However, if you want to rush it within 2 days of the order, then it would cost you $2 extra per item for the shipping.

Print Aura Review- Shipping Rates

There is only one drawback for the Print Aura that tracking is only available for the U.S. shipping. For international shipping, the product can only be tracked until it is in the USA and after that, it can’t be tracked due to the customs issues.

The company has listed some countries where tracking and delivery will be returned.

 Pros and Cons of Print Aura


  • No membership fees
  • Integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, and others
  • Variety of Products
  • Affordable pricing as compared to competitors.
  • Helpful FAQs and Resources


  • Poor Customer Support
  • No international tracking

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Conclusion: Is Print Aura the right App for your POD Business? Print Aura Review With Discount Coupon 2019: (On-Demand Print & Embroidery Fulfillment)

Certainly, every software has got the flaws and you have to deal with them.Print Aura sounds good for the newbies or if you have a low investment plan.

You might face some issues at the later stage or with delivery, but it still is a great way to kick off your POD business. You can, later on, shift to the better app if you wish to but Print Aura offers a lot of pricing plans.

This was my review about the Print Aura. If you have some other alternatives, please share with us in the comments box.

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