Privy Review 2023 for 200% ROI Boost: 💥 Elevate Your Business

Welcome to the ultimate guide: “Privy Review 2023 for 200% ROI Boost: Elevate Your Business.”

In this comprehensive review, we unveil the potential of Privy, a cutting-edge tool designed to revolutionize the way businesses capture emails and achieve an exceptional return on investment.

If you’re eager to discover how to take your business to the next level and witness a remarkable ROI surge, read on as we delve into the key features, benefits, and strategies that make Privy a game-changer.

Privy is one of the best tools with many tools to meet the professional needs of Shopify.

Privy is working well to expand its email list and reduce the number of car crashes. It helps you to attract traffic and sales to your business.

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Privy Pricing Plans

Privy Review

Privy Review 2023 (Capture Emails Get Upto 200% ROI Instantly)

Detailed About Privy Review ⚡️

Use the free pop-up windows on the Privy website with completion intentions, forms, and landing page tools to expand your mailing list. Collect emails with special digital promotions, discounts, and registration forms.
Unlimited customization: Use the intuitive Privy editor to create awesome designs that fit your existing theme.

Integration and Automation: Privy integrates with dozens of email and CRM marketing providers including MailChimp, Active Campaign, Klaviyo, and others.

Automatically sync all data collected through Privy with your other marketing software, including Adroll.

With a free set of tools for capturing and converting privy emails on the site, including pop-up windows and outbound website banners, you can quickly expand your list and reduce the number of clicks.

Drop off your online store or website. Everything without the necessary programming or development skills.

Privy Review - login page
Privy is recognized by more than 250,000 large and small businesses and serves to track and convert visitors to your site so you never need a pop-up window, coupon, or abandoned App Basket.
By integrating Privy into MailChimp, you can automatically capture and sync new contacts based on the campaign a visitor attended. Then send voicemail and email from Mailchimp or Privy to each record.
A privy is an amazing software that creates your email conversions and creates the need to attract and capture, create intuitive goals, coupons, and A / B tests.
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Drag and Drop Designer

Privy uses the intuitive board and all elements and tools are available on the board. The elements are easily visible with the Drag & Drop Builder.

Use the drag-and-drop generator to create pop-ups, coupons, and landing pages that meet your business needs.

Shared test generator

Configure automated test builders to promote your products. Split test the same products and see what leads to
more conversions. Create campaigns to start separate tests.

Coupon codes

Offer coupon codes to your customers and offer them the offers they like. Create coupons and sync them with Shopify and BigCommerce stores. Promotional codes would definitely change your sales and increase your ROI.

Send automated emails

Create e-mail campaigns and send automatic e-mails to customers. You can start welcome emails and follow-up sequences.

It is better to recommend it to those who are just starting to send e-mails and newsletters. Send e-mails and newsletters from the moment you want to send them accordingly.

Privy Review - features
You can choose to send it quickly after registration or after X days or a specific time.

Privy Review (Benefits)💥

Encourage others to subscribe to your list with downloadable content and special discounts.

Use advanced rules for activating and selecting goals to display campaigns based on departure intent, cart abandonment, car value, shift, timer, geography, device type, number of visits and the reference are based.

The site, language and more.

Unleash your creativity with dozens of customizable themes for all your pop-ups, wheels, banners, floating panels, scroll bars, ad bars, and built-in forms.

Use flat campaigns to promote products and promotions for existing subscribers.

Create, distribute, and track coupon codes for Shopify, Shopify Plus, and BigCommerce that appear on your screens and are automatically synced to your store.

Perform automated A / B subdivision tests to understand the impact of small changes in conversion rates.

Application features.

  • Pop up designers just drag and drop
  • Target users with time triggers or termination attempt
  • Additional segmentation includes pages, number of visits, geography, and more.
  • Sync new contacts with your existing email marketing program.
  • Increase conversions with offers.

Privy Functions Review 🔥

This application has many features that you can use, but they vary from one level to another. We will examine each one of them and then determine which plans have specific characteristics.
Privy Review - tools

E-mail collection tool

With Privy, you can create a dialog box where you can retrieve your visitor’s email address. Nowadays, this is a standard practice among online sites, as this is one of the fastest ways to build your mailing list.

In return, you can offer a visitor something to tell him his e-mail address. You can commit to sending rebates by email or creating a discount that can only be used if you have registered in your email subscription.

The Email Collection Tool has a drag-and-drop feature and you can choose from hundreds of templates.

Banners and popups

Privy lets you create banners and contextual ads that appear in your online store. For example, you can create a free shipping banner to encourage visitors to your website to buy.
Privy Review - drag and drop design
Banners and pop-ups can be annoying, so use them sparingly. It’s better to create pop-ups and banners if you have a promotion that visitors to your site can not resist, such as E.g. a massive discount, or if you offer something for free.

Spinning wheels

It is likely that many people will not provide their email addresses. Some know that they are used for marketing purposes, others fear internet fraud.

One thing you can do is worth it. And you can use the wheel to attract the visitor’s attention.

Here the customer turns a wheel when it is on your website and you can get a price or nothing. Before you can turn, you must enter your e-mail address.

The good thing is that you have the power to choose what you want to give. You can choose the type of price or discounts a customer can earn.
If you set the prices on the flyer, you can decide if all stops have a price or not. You can also set the profit percentage.
Privy Review - display types
If you set the percentage to 50%, every customer making a rotation will have a 50% chance of winning something.

Coupon generator

A coupon is a code that a customer uses when ordering. With Privy, you can create different codes and activate them in different ways.
For example, you can create a voucher with a 10% discount. All you have to do is go to the administration window and name it like COUP10.

Next, you should choose how to display this. You can use the pop-up, rotate, or e-mail capture feature.

If you use the e-mail capture function, COUP10 will not be displayed to the customer until after he has given his e-mail address. When turning, you can win if the wheel stops at this point.

Use the pop-up window or the banner if you want every customer to use the coupon without taking part in games or providing an e-mail address.

Targeted campaigns

Customers do not buy for many reasons, and there are many ways to win them back or persuade them to buy
A targeted campaign is a selective strategy.

Here you can specify how the customer sees your ad, how, what kind of device and more.

Privy Review - connect to your business

Privy lets you use a termination intent pop-up window.

The application knows if the site visitor is about to leave his page, and the application will only activate a promotion if he believes the visitor is about to leave the site without buying.

It’s a great tool to change the idea that someone is going.

You can also use the campaign to abandon the shopping cart. Some customers fill their shopping cart and arrive at the payment page. For some reason, they give up buying.

More about Targeted campaigns…

Maybe they have tried to find another product. Maybe the connection was broken and the purchase was forgotten.

In this case, Privy has customer information and can create a large or personal email reminder to inform the customer that they have forgotten to complete their purchase.

This marketing strategy is ideal for a canceled purchase. It’s like bringing a fish. With this strategy, it is also much easier to buy a customer because the customer has already put the products into his shopping cart.

You can also use a timer for your products to trigger an emergency. If you have a sale, you can set this timer in 48 hours.

Everything depends on you. The timer is displayed on the product page, and you encourage the site visitor to think twice before leaving the store.

There are other specific methods to launch your campaign in Privy, such as: For example, displaying your pop-ups only on certain devices, such as tablets or mobile devices, or the number of orders for each product.

E-mail and autoresponder campaigns ⭐️

You can integrate Privy into many e-mail campaigning systems, including MailChimp, Slack, Recart, Maropost, Adroll, and more.

With an email campaign, you can send weekly newsletters to subscribers to your mailing list.

They can create exclusive quotes for them, or automatically reply to those who have just signed up, and thank them for giving their email address and possibly giving it something for free.


Privy can be used on many online or e-commerce platforms, not just on Shopify. This is fine if you have multiple businesses.
Privy Review - integrate
Here are some of the platforms where you can integrate Privy:
  • WooCommerce
  • Space
  • Ecwid
  • Wix
  • SITE123
  • Joomla
  • HubSpot

Privy Review | Pricing Plan 😍

Privy has several packages. These are free trade and growth. Each package offers several features that we will see below.


Here you can use the pop-up window, the wheel, the unlimited vouchers and the records by e-mail. This plan is best for those who are just beginning to generate traffic.
The advantage of this plan is that there are no restrictions on email records. You can create a mass mailing list to generate sales. Pop-ups are also unlimited.

Plus Plan

It costs you $ 24 a month. Here you can enjoy all the benefits of the FREE plan and choose the driving style of your campaigns. If you only want to show your popups on mobile devices, you can do so.

In this plan, you can remove the Privy logo in all its features, and your site now looks better, rather than banners sponsored by someone else.

In this plan, you can also program your banner per URL. This means that you only want to display the discount if the visitor is on a specific collection page.

Once a customer has subscribed to your e-mail list, you can choose to have the application redirect your customer to a page of their choice, not the home page.

Use this plan if you want to target your customers by device and page.

Privy Pricing

Business plan

Here you pay $ 79 a month. However, in addition to the benefits of the other two packages, you also benefit from advanced segmentation features.
These properties are:
  • Shopping cart value: Can display ads or banners according to the total value of the customer’s shopping cart. For example, a visitor must pay $ 42. You can show a specific banner that gives you a 20% discount when it reaches $ 50.
  • Vouchers: You can create unique vouchers that only a specific group of customers can use.
  • Personalization: If you are familiar with code, you can change the HTML code or the programming of the computer to behave as desired. You can let them float, have animation or let them do whatever you want.
  • Exchange Tracking: This function allows you to see who has already used the voucher you have given them among your customers. Use this information to send reminders if you have not used them yet.

Growth plan

This is the most expensive plan and costs $ 299 per month.
In this plan, you can integrate your Privy application with the messaging service providers and create A / B tests for different campaigns to determine which ones work best. Now you can use the pixels.
This plan also gives you the right to a 1: 1 developer training for the application and a priority customer service. Get this plan when you are in the advanced phase of marketing.

Privy Review | Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Easy configuration and seamless integration Some complexities require a robust guide or knowledge base
Tailor views for diverse audience types
Conduct effective A/B tests for campaign optimization
Automated emails reduce shopping cart abandonment
Includes Magic Coupon script for improved conversions
Highly responsive support with 20-minute average response
Time and ability to share attachments in the chatbox

FAQs about Privy

👉 How does the Growth Plan pricing work?

This plan starts at $45/month for up to 2,000 mailable email contacts and up to 75 textable contacts. After that, pricing increases as your email and SMS lists grow. If you have a larger contact list, you will pay less per contact.There are no annual contracts required. There are no email sending limits with this plan.

👉 Does Privy limit the number of emails I can send each month?

If you are on the Starter Plan or the Growth Plan then you won't have a sending limit. Privy email customers can send an unlimited number of emails regardless of how much your plan costs. If you are in a free 15 day trial of Privy, you will have a 100 emails per day sending limit. When you upgrade to a paid plan after your 15 day trial you will not have a sending limit.

👉 Can I import contacts from other email services to Privy?

Yes. Privy integrates with most other email service providers and allows you to import contacts directly into your Privy account. You can also upload a CSV file of your contacts to Privy.

👉 Can I send text messages to contacts that I collected with something other than Privy?

No. Your textable contacts must provide their phone number to you via a Privy popup or onsite display in order for you to text them with Privy Text.

Conclusion: Is It Worth Or Not? | Privy Review 🌟

In conclusion, Privy stands as a powerhouse tool for any business seeking to enhance their ROI dramatically.

By leveraging its email capture capabilities and tapping into the strategies outlined in this Privy Review 2023, you’re positioning your business for remarkable growth.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your success—implement Privy today and experience a thrilling 200% boost in your return on investment.

Take the first step towards unlocking the potential of your business and watch as Privy revolutionizes your email marketing game.

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