Prodoge Review 2023 : The Best Wallet for Crypto Payments

Prodoge Review

Overall Verdict

Thus, Prodoge is essentially the only cryptocurrency wallet in the world that offers this breadth of functionality. If you wish to send/receive payments anywhere in the globe, Prodoge makes it simple.

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  • Support for the World's Most Popular Cryptocurrencies
  • Simple to use
  • Reports on Transactions in Detail
  • Incredible Marketplace
  • Outstanding Invoice Solution
  • Well-Conceived


  • Needs support more crypto coins.


Price: $

Cryptocurrency is flourishing at the moment, and everyone is starting to get into it.

However, as the number of cryptocurrency users grows, there is a dearth of decent crypto wallets for making easy peer to peer payments and doing real world business. With a crypto wallet, you can manage all of your currencies in one location. It essentially serves as your bank.

Prodoge is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet that includes a slew of features designed to assist you with business requirements and peer to peer payments.

Therefore, today we’re going to take a look into Prodoge and examine all of its features to determine whether or not you should use it.

Prodoge Review

What is Prodoge?

Prodoge Review

Prodoge is a worldwide commerce and payment platform.

Anyone with the Prodoge mobile application can connect their cryptocurrency wallets or Stripe and PayPal accounts and immediately begin sending invoices, accepting payments, creating point of sale checkouts, widgets, and payment links, and promoting their business by selling their goods and services to anyone in the world in under a minute.

Prodoge connects customers, family, friends, sellers worldwide, accepts and sends money, and helps businesses flourish.

Prodoge is a non-custodial platform that does not operate as a bank. It charges no fees to merchants or individuals transferring money, and settlements are near immediate.

There are no fees, no chargebacks, and no waiting periods for your money. Global commerce is accessible to everyone. Begin selling and receiving money immediately.

Major Features and Benefits of Prodoge

Prodoge Features

1. Websites:

You may collect all contributions and payments via your website. Payment widgets may be added to your blogs and web pages. This is a very helpful tool since it allows you to leverage your website’s visitors to solicit contributions.

Additionally, you may be compensated in the currency of your choice. Prodigy makes it simpler to monitor online sales and assists companies in growing more quickly.

2. Marketplace:

Another advantageous aspect of Prodoge is that it connects you to a worldwide marketplace. You may use this marketplace to sell goods and services. This marketplace may assist your company is growing and receiving payments from customers worldwide.

Through the Prodoge Marketplace, you can easily establish an online store. Additionally, you may simply add pictures, descriptions, and delivery information for the goods.

Additionally, you may get compensated in a variety of currencies, including cryptocurrency and credit/debit card payments.

3. Payment Methods:

You may simply receive payment using the Payment Links supplied by Prodoge. You may quickly and simply transmit the payment URL through text message, email, or social media application.

These payment sites accept cryptocurrency and credit/debit cards. Prodoge has simplified the process by allowing anybody to simply establish a payment link.

You may also simply share this payment link. Additionally, personal payment connections may be established.

4. Retail Point of Sale:

Prodoge enables you to take payments from anywhere in the globe. You may be paid in bitcoin or through credit/debit cards when you have a PayPal or Stripe account.

Additionally, Prodoge makes it simple to build Point of Sale checkouts. Prodoge enables you to receive all payments immediately. Prodoge also provides transaction histories for Point of Sale transactions, which may be very helpful in certain situations.

5. Invoicing:

Numerous platforms make it very difficult to accept money. Prodoge, on the other hand, revolutionizes this idea by automating the payment process.

You are not limited in terms of the number of invoices you may send. As a result, you may now pay using cryptocurrency in addition to credit/debit cards. Additionally, creating invoices is a really easy and intuitive process.

6. Notifications of Transactions:

Prodoge’s greatest feature is how simple accounting is. You will get comprehensive transaction alerts informing you of any payments made or received.

Additionally, you may export the information to a CSV file. Overall, Prodoge ensures that purchasing and selling crypto/money is a secure and trustworthy process.

7. Purchasing/Selling/Exchanging Cryptocurrency:

More than 100 nations are supported, making it simple to purchase, trade, and even swap bitcoins. Additionally, Prodoge enables you to quickly purchase bitcoin. Credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and Apple Pay are all accepted ways.

8. Wallet for Cryptocurrencies:

The greatest feature of Prodoge is that it functions as a virtual bank. With the assistance of Prodoge, you may simply do international commerce. All cryptocurrencies are supported here, and everything in your wallet is yours.

9. Accept & Send Card Payments:

If you’re paying with a debit or credit card, PayPal and Stripe make it simple to submit and receive payments. If the recipient has a PayPal email address, you may send the money to him securely and promptly.

The same is true for those who have a Stripe account. Additionally, you may take credit/debit card payments straight into your PayPal/Stripe account.

As a result, Prodoge makes it very simple to send and receive money from a variety of sources.

10. Transmitting and Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments:

One of the greatest features of Prodoge is its ability to make and receive crypto payments. Numerous merchants accept crypto as payment, which means you can simply purchase anything using the Prodoge app.

Additionally, you may transfer any cryptocurrency to anybody, including Ethereum, Dogecoin, and USD coin.

All you have to do is input the required information and scan the QR code to complete the transaction. On the other side, you can simply establish payment links and much more to take bitcoin payments.

11. Global Money Transfer & Receipt:

There are many instances where foreign money transfers are restricted. However, such is not the case with Prodoge. You may simply transfer money to anybody on the globe.

Additionally, the whole procedure is very quick, which adds to the overall experience. Payments may be made simply using credit/debit cards or cryptocurrency.


Prodoge Pros and Cons

Prodoge Pros

  • Support for the World’s Most Popular Cryptocurrencies
  • Reports on Transactions in Detail
  • Incredible Marketplace
  • Outstanding Invoice Solution
  • Simple to Use
  • Well-Conceived

Prodoge Cons

  • None

FAQs About Prodoge Review

💥Can I use Prodoge in my country to take credit and debit card payments?

Yes, provided you are located in one of the more than 200 countries serviced by Stripe or Paypal. You may link your verified Paypal or Stripe account and immediately begin taking credit and debit card payments via Prodoge's invoicing, point of sale, and other merchant solutions.

👉What costs will I incur if I use Prodoge to handle payments?

Prodoge's merchant payment processing solution offers a straightforward price structure: there is no processing charge when dealing in cryptocurrency. (Blockchain(s) and Paypal or Stripe fees of up to 0.35 percent apply)

👀 What charges does Prodoge make when I receive or transfer payments?

When you get paid or transfer payments using cryptocurrency, Prodoge does not impose merchant or transaction fees, but blockchain costs do apply. When sending or accepting card payments, Paypal and Stripe+0.35 percent fees apply.

👉How long do I have to wait to get paid?

You will get money instantly if you take cryptocurrency payments and according to the terms of Stripe or Paypal if you accept card payments.

✔ Can I Purchase, Sell, and Exchange Cryptocurrencies?

Yes, if it is available in your area. These services are offered by Moonpay and Changelly and may not be accessible in all regions.

👍Can I use Prodoge to transfer money to Paypal accounts?

Yes. You may pay with a credit card to any Prodoge seller that takes Paypal payments. Additionally, you may link your Paypal account and use Prodoge to make card payments to any of your Paypal-associated emails(accounts).

✔Can I transfer money to Cryptocurrency wallets that are not linked to my Prodoge account?

Yes. If you know the wallet address to which you want to transfer money, you may make payments to it and Prodoge will record and monitor the transaction for confirmations on your behalf.

Prodoge Alternative :

MoonPay is a financial technology company that builds payments infrastructure for crypto. They are proud to make exchanges for debit and credit card local bank transfers Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung and Payactive and be active in more 160 countries and be trusted by 250+ leading wallets, websites.

Conclusion: Prodoge Review 2023

Thus, Prodoge is essentially the only cryptocurrency wallet in the world that offers this breadth of functionality. If you wish to send/receive payments anywhere in the globe, Prodoge makes it simple.

It accepts the majority of cryptocurrencies and debit/credit card payments through PayPal and Stripe. Prodoge has simplified the setup procedure considerably.

Their marketplace is incredible, and it offers companies an incredible chance to expand efficiently.

In general, if you’re searching for a single platform to handle all of your cryptocurrency requirements, Prodoge is the ideal place to start.


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