Profit Whales Review 2020: Is It Best PPC Scanner Tool For Amazon ??

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You might often face difficulty finding the right keyword for your Amazon business. It is really hard to find the right keyword to rank your product in the search query. We have reviewed a number of tools in the past about the Amazon Monitoring and the tools for finding the keywords. 

Profit Whales is the latest tool that I have explored for the Amazon PPC and Keyword research. The most important feature of Profit Whales is to find the mistakes in the Amazon PPC and advertising campaigns. Let’s have a look at the deep review of Profit Whales and how it is beneficial for your Amazon business. 


Profit Whales Review 2020: Is It Worth Trying?

Profit Whales is amazing software that specializes in Sponsored Ads, Amazon Marketing Services for Amazon sellers. Started as the Digital Marketing Agency, Profit Whales created its own software for creating effective advertising for the Amazon sellers. 

Profit Whales Review

Not just the Amazon business, the company aims at creating successful business campaigns including the promotion and advertising of your business. Profit Whales uses its AI and Big Data technology to make it even more scalable. 



Profit Whales helps you find a lot of mistakes for your Amazon marketing campaigns. Profit Whales comes up with this amazing feature called PPC Scanner which completely scans your Amazon campaign and lists out the mistakes. 

Profit Whales for Amazon PPC

The company has released the first version of the PPC Scanner which already is really worth. Here is what you can find here:

  • Finding Duplicate Keywords

Profit Whales finds duplicate keywords among the existing keywords for the selected product. Why do we consider this as a mistake?

Profit Whales finds duplicate keywords among the existing keywords for the selected product. If you are using duplicates in your campaigns, you are competing against yourself, and you can’t get the precise data for the keyword.

Thus, it saves you a lot of money by finding the right keyword and listing out the mistakes. The best part is that its AI rich software detects not only the same keywords but the keywords that Amazon recognizes as duplicates.


  • PPC Scanner finds bad-performing keywords like

Profit Whales effectively finds the keywords with big ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) , more significant than your Target ACoS by calculating your Target ACoS based on your product Net Margin. 

ACoS is the ratio of the ad spends to the target sales. Amazon ACoS helps you find the profitability for your business. 

Profit WHales coupon

What if you are getting a lot of clicks and views and still no sales. That’s frustrating!! 

With this tool, you can also be able to find the keywords with a lot of clicks and no sales. Profit Whales calculate your Target Clicks based on your product conversion rate and your PPC statistic for a selected product.



  • Poor Semantic Core


 It determines the overall quality of the keywords used in campaigns. It solves answers to various questions. 

– Do you use your brand name in advertising?

– Do you use enough long-tail keywords?

– Do you use enough keywords to scale your business(maybe you are using only 20 keywords for the product)?

– Do you use negative keywords for Auto/broad/phrase campaigns?

Well! This software shows if you have good-performing customer search-terms that you are not using in your PPC campaigns and suggests you the best terms to optimize your PPC campaign. 

Overall, it solves the problem for finding the negative keywords, finding the Brand Keywords mistakes and also if you are using the right long-tail keywords. 


  • No PAT’s

. Product Advertising Attribute or PAT is a new and powerful way to target manual Amazon sponsored product campaigns. 

It allows the sellers to target ads by either ASIN or categories (brands, prices, and ratings.)

This amazing PPC Scanner displays if you are using Product Advertising Attribute campaigns to target specific ASIN’s and categories

As per the company, they are currently managing over 1mn in Amazon monthly ad spent and this type of advertising campaign is working awesome now!


  • No Keywords Harvesting

Keywords Harvesting are really an important part of SEO. It helps you find the keywords that are valuable and SEO rich and friendly. 

Profit Whales also determines if you are using Black Box (auto and broad campaigns) campaigns to harvest new keywords from your search term report. 

Profit whales for amazon

You will also get the great search-terms from your reports that you aren’t using in your PPC campaigns.


How to Start with Profit Whales? 


It is really easy to start with Profit Whales. You can start by registering for free for this tool. 

Profit whales ppc scanner

After you are done with that, you need to connect the Amazon account with Profit whales. In the dashboard, click on ‘Connect Amazon MWS Account’. You will be redirected to the Amazon Market Web Service. 

Copy and paste the Seller ID from MWS to the Dashboard and also the MWS Auth Token Number. Fin ally, click on ‘Link with Amazon PPC’ and you are registered with the Profit Whales. 

How to use profit whales



The PPC Scanner is ready to use and you can begin: 

  • Choose the product that you wish to analyze and optimize your advertising campaigns. This product can be scanned for the metrics but you can only scan one product at a time. 
  • Enter the product margin for your products so that it becomes more easy to analyze. After entering the Net Margin, you will be able to calculate required ACoS which will drive better results. 

Profit Whales PPC


  • You can figure out all the mistakes that you are making in your campaign by looking at the terminal as well as the graph. The terminal shows the exact mistakes you are doing in your Amazon PPC advertising whereas the graph makes it even more scalable and easier to determine the mistakes. 

Profit Whales reports


Finally, click on Scan and you can download all your mistakes in a PPC report here. Isn’t that amazing??


Profit Whales Tool is completely free to use. You can start with zero dollars.

Once you have found the mistakes, you can hire a professional expert from Profit Whales helping you boost your sales. 

The service agency of Profit Whales gives this service to achieve long term goals and get more sales. 

Profit WHales expert agency

While working with the expert, you can get the following benefits: 

  • A full audit of your Amazon Advertising account.
  • Gathering a pool of relevant keywords to create a semantic core
  • Weekly strategy calls, so you can review the experts’ performance and adjust a strategy if needed.
  • Weekly or Daily reporting via email. 
  • Create massive and structured Semantic Cores for each SKU
  • You’ll receive weekly reports with your PPC and Organic sales statistic to make better decisions


Why Choose Profit Whales?

Profit Whales is undoubtedly one of the most unique tools and serves the purpose of making your business advertising error-free and more scalable. 

Profit Whales customer reviews


It comes up with three products:

 Zero to Hero PPC

Analyze and Optimize

Automate your PPC

Need more reasons to choose? 

  • Data-Driven Technology: The company uses Big Data and AI Technology to create and manage advertising campaigns for your business. That’s what makes it more valuable. 
  • Saves More Time: Time is money!! Profit Whales saves you a lot of hours in a month and gives you excellent reports and data. 
  • Make more Profit: As the names say, Profit Whales helps you make more money and make more profit. This software is tailored to save more time and focus more on profits. You get the statistics and graphs for your each marketing campaigns. 


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MY Verdict: Is Profit Whales Worth For Your Business? 

No doubt, Profit Whales is an amazing tool which would help you build the advertising campaigns. What I liked most about the Profit Whales is that it points out the mistakes accurately so that you don’t miss even by an inch. 

The multi-feature PPC scanner gives an accurate report of the mistakes of your Amazon advertising and the expert service is even a plus to optimize your campaign. 

It is an excellent choice for getting your business on the run and make more money and save more time without committing the mistakes. If you have used Profit Whales, leave feedback in the comment box. 

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