PropellerAds ALO : Interactive Workspace For Affiliates 8-9 September 2020

PropellerAds recently announced that they will be organizing their first online Affiliate Marketing event during this COVID-19 lockdown, called Affiliate Leaders Online (ALO). So, this post is all about the things you need to know about ALO. Here we will explain how the event is going to take place and remind you what you need to know about their upcoming affiliate event. So, let’s get into the details about Affiliate Leaders Online!

Propellar ADS Alo EventWhat is “Affiliate Leaders Online” (ALO)?

Affiliate Leaders Online is a two-day immersive networking event which will take place from 8-9th September 2020. This is an online gathering designed to put together some of the affiliate world’s leading marketing stakeholders to share insights, bring fresh ideas and encourage the industry ‘s future.

Attendees would have the opportunity to hear from 25 unique speakers in the first edition of ALO who have demonstrated their expertise in the affiliate industry and decided to move into the area of talking activities.

While they may not be household names yet, PropellerAds has spent time in cherry-picking these experts and developed a network around them so that these fresh faces can forego the fluff and have realistic knowledge instead.

ALO will a virtual workshop that will incorporate innovative elements like:

  • The Affiliate Mania Series – Not a shock for the weak of heart!
  • The Grand War of Experts, a special add-on where two experts are asked the same question and the responses are examined from the viewpoints of the various regions
  • Many seminars where our collaborators can show their approaches
  • An AI like no other After party!

To make things more exciting and fun for the attendees, the developers have also planned a few bonus activities, including:

  • Voting for the Most Active Attendee
  • Voting for the Most Valuable Expert
  • Online totalizators, so all attendees can bet on the winner of our ALO women’s boxing challenge!

What are the BENEFITS of attending ALO? 

ALO is expected to represent a paradise for all forms of affiliates and marketers. And anybody who wants to attend this incredible event will definitely benefit a lot from the professional show. Here are the benefits you will reap from the case.

  • 40 partner experts who will have feedback and perspectives after each speaker has spoken
  • Concentrate on three strategic regions: EMEA, LATAM and APAC
  • 3 Languages: English, Russian, Portuguese
  • Workshops available online from all over the world
  • 80 Supporting Event Sponsors
  • Participants 3000+
  • 3 stages in different countries, linked by a conference platform in real time


Attend ALO if you are..

  • 💡 Affiliate marketers;
  • 💡 Affiliate service providers;
  • 💡 Direct advertisers;
  • 💡 Networks and partner companies;
  • 💡 Any other affiliate stakeholders.

Affiliate Leaders Online PropellerAds event will provide useful insight that can be used by different players in the affiliate market. In addition to concentrating on the countries, the speakers at the event will also focus on some of the most lucrative partner verticals such as Nutra, iGaming, banking, dating and eCommerce.

Register your slot today!

Affiliate Leaders Online is a special experience that will help you take your projects to the next stage, from insightful presentations that only offer practical information to interactive seminars curated by some of the best solution providers in the industry.


ALO will change the structure for partner events so the free spaces can be filled quickly. Make the most of our registration and book your free seat today before it is too late.

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Will you have any questions about this case, the activities involved or the process of registration? Any concerns you may have in relation to ALO, you are welcome to contact PropellerAds today and their support team will be happy to help.

You can also keep up-to – date with all the news and activities concerning ALO through social media. For all the latest perspectives and updates on:


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