ProtonMail & ProtonVPN Black Friday Deals 2024: Get Up to 50% Off!

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ProtonMail & ProtonVPN Black Friday Deals 2024


Black Friday Deals Save 50% Now

Get ProtonMail & ProtonVPN Black Friday Deals Save 50% Now
102 People Used
Only 20 Left
Rating 5.0
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One-year plan 35% off

97 People Used
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Rating 5.0
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$3.25/month billed as $39/year

123 People Used
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Rating 5.0
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One-year plan 33% off

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$6.67/month billed as $79.99/year

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Unlock Online Privacy and Security with ProtonMail & ProtonVPN Black Friday Deals! 2024

This Black Friday season, safeguard your digital life and reclaim your online privacy with ProtonMail & ProtonVPN.

These powerhouse services have joined forces to offer you exclusive discounts and offers that put you in control of your online presence.

There are four discount offers this year. Our Proton Plus plan bundles give users the largest discounts and access to premium features for ProtonMail and ProtonVPN and early access to ProtonDrive beta, our new end-to-end encrypted cloud storage service.

Discover how you can shield your personal data from prying eyes, protect your online communications, and browse the web securely without compromising on speed.

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ProtonMail & ProtonVPN Black Friday Deals

How to Use ProtonMail & ProtonVPN Coupon Codes?

1. Click the “Activate Deal” button

2. Select the pricing plan.

  • Select the pricing plan as per your requirements.

3. You will get the best price at checkout.

  • If not, copy the coupon code given in the article and paste it into the apply coupon section.

4. The discounts will be applied. Enjoy your savings.

  • Hopefully, you saved a lot!

What is Proton Mail?


Proton Mail is one of the most refined and secure email systems available today. You can test it out for free with the free basic account, but you’ll need to subscribe to the Pro plan to access features like custom filters.

Proton Mail achieves an excellent mix of security and usability, making it an excellent option for anybody seeking a safe and private alternative to Gmail.

What is ProtonVPN?


ProtonVPN is a VPN service created by the developers of ProtonMail, the world’s largest encrypted email service. Their mission is to make online security and privacy available to everyone. To do this, they developed the easiest-to-use secure VPN that works on your computer, tablet or phone.

ProtonVPN secures your Internet connection against eavesdropping and masks your location so you can browse the web privately and securely.

With ProtonVPN, no one will be able to see what websites you visit or what data you share with them over WiFi networks.

Additionally, ProtonVPN is an invaluable tool for circumventing censorship as it allows you to connect to the web via our secure servers in multiple countries. The more people use ProtonVPN, the faster the Tor network becomes as well!

Anyone who uses the Internet will benefit from using ProtonVPN because it protects you against mass surveillance and hackers spying on your WiFi connections. Additionally, ProtonVPN unlocks content that is blocked in your country.

Alternatively, users can choose to upgrade to ProtonMail or ProtonVPN individually.

ProtonMail Plus

One-year plan
35% off

Users get ProtonMail Plus for 35% off the normal monthly price.

billed as $39/year

ProtonVPN Plus

One-year plan
33% off

Users get ProtonVPN Plus for 33% off the normal monthly price.
billed as $79.99/year

How are these discounts calculated?

The discount percentages are based on the difference between the regular monthly price and the discounted monthly price for each plan.

Who is eligible for the Black Friday promotion?

Any user who is new to Proton has a Free plan or has a Plus plan for only one Proton product can take advantage of this promotion.

What do users get when they upgrade to a two-year Plus plan bundle?

ProtonMail Plus gives users 5 GB of storage and access to premium features. Users can also create extra email addresses and use their own domains. ProtonMail Plus accounts also have full access to ProtonContacts encryption features and ProtonCalendar.

ProtonCalendar, which is in beta testing, is the first fully encrypted calendar app. Users can keep track of their plans and appointments while keeping their data private.

ProtonVPN Plus gives users our highest-speed servers in over 50 countries, up to five VPN connections, access to streaming services, P2P/BitTorrent support, access to our Secure Core servers, and other features.

If users upgrade during this promotion, they will also get exclusive access to ProtonDrive, our newest addition to the Proton encrypted ecosystem.

ProtonDrive is currently in beta testing with basic functionality that allows users to store photos, documents, and other files with end-to-end encryption. This is perfect for users who want to securely store sensitive documents on the cloud so they can be accessed on any device.

If Someone Upgrades to a New Plan on Black Friday, What Happens to Their Current Paid Plan?

If someone is already a paying ProtonMail or ProtonVPN user and takes advantage of this promotion, the new plan they select will replace their existing plan. They will credit them the unused balance of their existing subscription as a proration credit.

Why choose Proton?

Proton believes everyone should have security, privacy, and freedom on the internet. That is why all Proton services are private by design. As an organization founded by scientists, they believe in research, peer review, and transparency.

All our apps are open source and have undergone independent third-party audits, so anyone can review what experts said about our code or verify it themselves.

ProtonMail Features 

ProtonMail Features 

1. Custom marks

On the off chance that you esteem efficiency, coordinating your letter box can be drawn out if the assistance designers could have done without client experience. Many specialist organizations have envelope alternatives to bunch messages, yet it may not be sufficient. To expand their administration’s adaptability, Protonmail has custom names that you can add independently from organizers.

Adding marks to your emails won’t affect the envelope arrangement and deleting them won’t delete any messages.

2. Short area addresses

On the off chance that you find the area overwhelming, why not make it more limited? You can get messages to your related inbox by keeping your letter drop name and changing out the space name.

Furthermore, this location doesn’t combine with the complete furthest reaches of addresses you can make with a solitary record.

3. Relocation apparatuses

In case you’re reluctant to hop into the other assistance since you’d need to begin without any preparation, this may be a severe downside. This is particularly valid for business clients who can’t spend important assets at duplicate gluing their contacts in the letter drops individually.

Consequently, Protonmail has fostered a restrictive application that permits you to commodity and import your information from other inboxes like Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo. The component is just for Plus, Professional, Visionary, and Lifetime accounts.

4. Free ProtonVPN

At the point when you register for a Protonmail, you likewise get a free ProtonVPN account. This helps empower private and secure web access through their Virtual Private Network of middle-person servers.

It implies that you’re not perusing the web straightforwardly, however through the appearance of an IP address of one of their servers.

Consequently, it’s probably the most ideal approach to ensure your obscurity and protection when perusing the web. ProtonVPN is famous among individuals who esteem their security, and it’s an extraordinary blending to your scrambled email account.

5. Two-factor Authentication 

ProtonMail likewise adds an extra layer of assurance as two-factor verification. This implies that, if somebody figures out how to take your secret word, they will not have the option to get into your record except if they likewise approach your cell phone.

Consequently, you’ll need to ensure you’ll generally approach your cell phone at whatever point you need to login to your email account prior to selecting to add this in.

To empower two-factor verification, you’ll need to introduce an authenticator application on your cell phone. We’d suggest one of the following:

  • Google Authenticator
  • Authy
  • Free OTP

Whenever you have two-factor validation set up, you’ll utilize the exceptional six-digit code from your authenticator application to login to your post box. Furthermore, you will not have the option to get to your record until you’ve entered that code.

ProtonMail Pricing

ProtonMail Pricing

ProtonMail Plus

ProtonMail Plus account offers:

  • 5GB storage
  • 1,000 messages a day
  • Labels, custom filters, and folders
  • The option to send encrypted messages to external recipients
  • The ability to create your own domain (for example [email protected])
  • Up to 5 email aliases
  • Priority customer support

ProtonMail Visionary

ProtonMail Visionary features are as follows:

  • 20GB storage
  • Up to 50 email aliases
  • Support for up to 10 domains
  • Multi-user support (6 total)
  • There are no sending limits except for bulk, spam, or unsolicited emails
  • Labels, custom filters, and folders
  • The ability to send encrypted messages to external recipients
  • Early access to new features
  • Access to ProtonVPN

ProtonMail Free

So, to reiterate, ProtonMail’s free account comes with:

  • 500MB storage
  • 150 messages a day
  • Limited customer support

ProtonMail  Pros & Cons


  • Start to finish (E2E) and zero-access encryption for Email, Calendar, and Contact data
  • Works under Swiss ward
  • All information put away on servers in Switzerland
  • Applications for Android and iOS cell phones
  • Web customer, encryption calculations, Android and iOS code are generally open source
  • Backing for custom spaces
  • Strips IP address from messages
  • Can be utilized with outsider email customers through the ProtonMail Bridge include
  • Can import contacts and messages


  • ProtonMail doesn’t encode email headlines
  • Here and there requires individual data for confirmation of new records
  • Confounding and costly estimating
  • Unimaginably long beta test cycles


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ProtonMail & ProtonVPN Alternatives 

1. Tutanota


Tutanota is a protected email administration run by a little group of security aficionados in Germany. Even though it may not be broadly known, Tutanota is a genuine player among secure email suppliers.

It utilizes a crossover encryption framework that stays away from some of the disadvantages of PGP and is ensured by the GDPR and other favorable protection EU guidelines.

In this new and refreshed Tutanota survey, we’ll post involved test outcomes while sharing our examination discoveries and individual involvement with utilizing this email supplier for the next few years.

Later on, Tutanota will be the protection regarding electives for Google with a schedule, notes, and distributed storage – everything encoded, of course!

2. Mailfence


Mailfence is a protection-situated office suite offering secure email, contacts, stockpiling, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It is focused on protecting cognizant people, organizations, and colleges.

They have been an aficionado of Mailfence since they tried it a couple of years prior, and it keeps on filling in fame.

Mailfence is glad to inform you that our administration’s interest is blasting. Information exchanges to Mailfence are over two times the quantities of keep going year and continue to increment.

Mailfence is excited to see countless new clients joining the battle for online security.

I tested Mailfence’s email services and found it to be a great alternative to Gmail with various features for different users. It could potentially replace G Suite.

3. Posteo


Established in 2009, Posteo is a regarded secure email supplier situated in Germany. The assistance is entirely reasonable, yet exceeds all expectations to guarantee the security of its clients.

This is especially significant today when even associations like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) accept that your own information ought to turn into a public decent (with fitting insurance for your security, but that may work).

Notwithstanding their solid encryption alternatives, Posteo additionally upholds the SMTP, POP, and IMAP conventions. This implies you can utilize Posteo on any gadget with any email customer that upholds these conventions.

4. Fastmail


Established over 20 years prior, Fastmail gives its clients email, contacts, and a schedule. Fastmail has a ton of qualities and stresses its protection and security highlights:

You can depend on Fastmail for administration and backing, and trust that your own data is secured. You start things out, and you can put money on it.

In any case, their perspectives on protection and security are preferably unique over those of items like Tutanota and ProtonMail. In case you are not kidding about getting the security of your email, you will need to continue perusing prior to putting resources into a Fastmail account.

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FAQs on ProtonMail & ProtonVPN Black Friday Deals

😳 What are ProtonMail & ProtonVPN Black Friday Deals?

ProtonMail & ProtonVPN Black Friday Deals are special promotions and discounts offered by these privacy-focused services during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping season. These deals often include reduced pricing on their secure email and VPN services.

🤑 What products or services are typically included in these deals?

ProtonMail offers secure and encrypted email services, while ProtonVPN provides a virtual private network for secure and private web browsing. The deals often include discounts on various subscription plans for these services.

🧐 Is customer support available during the Black Friday Deal period?

ProtonMail and ProtonVPN typically provide customer support throughout the year. However, during the Black Friday Deal period, they may experience higher volumes of inquiries, so it's a good idea to reach out early if you have questions or need assistance.

🤥 Is there a money-back guarantee if I'm not satisfied with my purchase during the Black Friday Deal?

The refund policy may vary for ProtonMail and ProtonVPN, so it's advisable to review their terms and conditions regarding refunds and cancellations before making a purchase.

🤓 Can I use ProtonMail and ProtonVPN on multiple devices with a single purchase during the deal period?

The licensing options may vary, so review the terms and conditions to understand how many devices you can use with your chosen plan.

🤔 Do I need a coupon code to access ProtonMail & ProtonVPN Black Friday Deals?

The need for a coupon code may vary. Check the ProtonMail and ProtonVPN websites or promotional materials to see if a code is required for the deals you're interested in.

Conclusion | ProtonMail & ProtonVPN

ProtonMail is a clean and well-known start-to-finish scrambled email administration that will address the issues of numerous standard clients.

Don’t miss out on this chance to secure your online presence while enjoying the convenience of encrypted email and private internet access. ProtonMail & ProtonVPN’s Black Friday Deals are your key to online freedom, privacy, and peace of mind.

For the individuals who need the most extreme security with full encryption of headlines and solid information security, or just quicker conveyance of new components, Tutanota may be a superior fit.

Choose the path of digital security this Black Friday—choose ProtonMail & ProtonVPN, and take back control of your online world!

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