ProtonVPN Review 2021: Discount Coupon (Save 20% On Premium Plans)

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ProtonVPN is a highly secure, community-supported VPN service from the creators of ProtonMail, the world’s largest encrypted email provider. The organization’s mission is to make secure and private Internet browsing available to all. ProtonVPN’s free VPN plan is the only one in the world with no privacy-invading ads, no malware, no logs of user activity, no speed cap, and no bandwidth limits.

The company provides hundreds of servers in dozens of countries on six continents. ProtonVPN is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, home to some of the world’s strongest privacy laws.

ProtonVPN review- Device Support

Proton Technologies AG, ProtonVPN’s parent company, also works to promote Internet privacy, freedom of speech, and open source encryption. It has financially supported civic organizations around the world and advocated for stronger Internet privacy protections to the United Nations and national governments. 

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ProtonVPN Review- discount


ProtonVPN only uses encryption ciphers and VPN protocols that do not have any known vulnerabilities. All ProtonVPN connections use AES 256-bit encryption, 4096-bit RSA for the key exchange, and HMAC-SHA384 for message authentication. Its Windows and Linux clients use the OpenVPN protocol and its Android, iOS, and macOS apps use the IKEv2/IPSec protocol. 

Support for Perfect Forward Secrecy was one of the main criteria the ProtonVPN team used when they decided which encryption cipher to use. Perfect Forward Secrecy protects all VPN connections, so no one can capture users’ traffic and hope to decode it later if a key is compromised in the future. ProtonVPN also routes all users’ DNS queries through the VPN tunnel, preventing DNS leaks from revealing user online activity. 

ProtonVPN Review- secured connections

In its Privacy Policy, ProtonVPN states clearly that it does not log “users’ traffic or the content of any communications.” The only information it keeps is a single timestamp of a user’s most recent successful login. This timestamp is overwritten each time the user logs in and does not contain any information about where they logged in from. This timestamp is used to protect accounts from brute force attacks.

ProtonVPN is based and operated out of Geneva, Switzerland. Switzerland is not a party to any Five Eyes or Fourteen Eyes intelligence sharing agreements and its data retention laws do not apply to ProtonVPN. While the company is bound by Swiss law to cooperate with Swiss law enforcement authorities, those authorities cannot compel it to collect additional information on its users. Thus, the only data it can share for an account is the single login timestamp.


The only information required to set up a ProtonVPN account is an email address, and users can set up a ProtonMail address anonymously. ProtonVPN accepts payment via PayPal, credit card, Bitcoin, or even cash.

ProtonVPN Review- Privacy 

Using ProtonMail with ProtonVPN allows users to keep the data from their online activity and communications private and secure.  

Easy Of use 

The ProtonVPN client is intuitive, stylish, and easy to use. It only takes one click to connect to the fastest VPN server. Finding the specialized servers that allow access to some of its other features is simple with the client’s server list and map of locations. ProtonVPN has native apps for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows as well as a command line tool for Linux. Users can also install and run ProtonVPN on their WiFi router.

Free Plan : ProtonVPN Discount Coupon (Save 20% On Premium Plans)

ProtonVPN is one of the only VPN providers to offer a truly free VPN service. It does not have privacy-invading ads, data limits, speed limits, nor does it implant malware on users’ devices or log information like some other free plans do to pay for the service. The ProtonVPN Free plan is supported by paying users. The organization offers a Free plan because it states that it is important that everyone has secure and private access to the Internet. 

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Users of the ProtonVPN Free plan can access servers in Japan, the Netherlands, and the United States. They are limited to one using one active VPN connection at a time, and they cannot use premium features, such as P2P file sharing, Secure Streaming, or Secure Core. 

Basic plan

ProtonVPN Review- pricing

Users who subscribe to the Basic plan pay $5 monthly or $4 a month if they purchase 12 months up front. Basic plan users can have two active VPN connections at the same time and can access specialized servers that have been optimized to handle peer-to-peer file sharing and BitTorrent.

Plus plan

Users who subscribe to a Plus plan pay $10 monthly or $8 a month with an annual subscription. Plus plan users can have up to five active VPN connections at once and they can access exclusive Plus servers, which are typically faster because they handle less traffic. 

The Plus plan comes with several premium features. These include:

  •  P2P file sharing 
  • Tor over VPN, which allows users to access the Tor network through the ProtonVPN network with just a single click
  • Secure Streaming, which allows users to watch their favorite shows on Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Go no matter where they are 
  • Kill Switch, which blocks all network traffic if the VPN connection is interrupted and prevents a user’s true IP address from being exposed 
  • Always-on, which automatically reconnects a user to their VPN server if they are disconnected
  • Secure Core. 

With Secure Core, a user’s Internet traffic is routed through a Secure Core server and then out to an exit server of their choice. ProtonVPN has taken extraordinary measures to ensure that its Secure Core servers have not been tampered with.

The Secure Core servers are installed in hardened data centers in Iceland, Sweden, and Switzerland, countries were chosen for their strong privacy laws. The ProtonVPN team set up their own dedicated network for these servers as well, so users can be confident that no adversary will be able to trace their traffic past the Secure Core server.

Visionary plan

ProtonVPN Review- pricing plans

Users that subscribe to the Visionary plan pay $30 monthly, or $24 a month with an annual plan. Visionary users can have 10 active VPN connections running at the same time and have access to all the same premium features that Plus plan users do. The big difference is that the ProtonVPN Visionary plan comes with a subscription to the ProtonMail Visionary plan as well. This is a complete online privacy suite that protects your online activity and communications with advanced cryptography. 

Customer support

The ProtonVPN customer support team primarily uses a ticketing system to respond to queries, although users can contact them through email. The customer support team also maintains a presence on Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter, where users can send less sensitive questions. 

ProtonVPN Review- customer support

The ProtonVPN support team is made up of actual people who understand how VPNs work and are trained on ProtonVPN in particular. They will respond to users’ actual questions and are not provided with a script or stock responses. They are available between 9 AM and 5 PM Geneva time, six days a week.

For anyone who is not completely satisfied with its service, ProtonVPN offers a prorated 30-day money back guarantee.

Why ProtonVPN is an Ideal Choice For Users

When you surf the Internet with ProtonVPN, your Internet connection will be encrypted. By routing your connection through encrypted tunnels, ProtonVPN’s advanced security features ensure that an attacker can not hear your connection. You can also access websites that may be blocked in your country.

ProtonVPN Review- country support

The Secure Core architecture of ProtonVPN provides a unique opportunity to defend against network-based attacks. Secure Core protects your connection by routing traffic to multiple servers before you leave our network. This means that an advanced attacker who can monitor network traffic on the outgoing server can neither discover the actual IP address of ProtonVPN users nor map the browsing activity to that IP address.

Secure central servers are located in expanded data centers in Switzerland, Iceland and Sweden, are protected by data protection laws and are operated in their own networks.

ProtonVPN uses strong encryption to protect your Internet connection. This means that all traffic on your network is encrypted with AES-256, key exchange with RSA 4096 bits, and HMAC with SHA384 is used for message authentication.

It comes with an additional set of advanced encryption. This means that your encrypted traffic cannot be captured and decrypted later if the encryption key is compromised for a subsequent session. Each connection generates a new encryption key so that a key is never used for more than one session.

ProtonVPN Review- android support

The robust protocols use secure IKEv2 / IPSec and OpenVPN systems. ProtonVPN does not have any servers that support PPTP and L2TP / IPSec, although the operation is less expensive. By using ProtonVPN you can be sure that your VPN tunnel is protected by the most reliable protocol.


At last count, ProtonVPN had over 400 servers in 33 different countries on six continents. These countries include:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • Czechia
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Iceland
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Russian Federation
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

However, the organization is continually growing its network and adding more servers and new countries to its service. The ProtonVPN community leads the prioritization of which countries to add servers to through new server polls that the organization runs.

 What Users Say About ProtonVPN Reviews

James Frew

Trying out ProtonVPN- so far, very impressed. Polished and effective service for a relatively new product. No DNS leak either.


I realized this evening that I no longer have to worry about unsecured free wifi at restaurants with ProtonVPN.

Heir Will

I like the new upgrades. Always with its users beat interest forefront. Amazing! Looking forward to updates as well, I’m sure they will be rolling out soon. Great work. We never get the pats on the back, hope your team knows we love all of you. ????️

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Conclusion: ProtonVPN Review With ProtonVPN Discount Coupon (Why To Choose This VPN)

ProtonVPN has an impressive connection with the strictest security aspects. Customer service was good and Netflix even worked on a server.

A base of operations in Switzerland is usually a good thing for privacy. Honestly, the server speed is pretty good. There are many device options and the icing on the cake is the price associated with a 20% annual discount, and it’s always at the top end of what you get back.

In my opinion, you must give ProtonVPN a try, you can use their free version to try out some of its incredible features. Let me know in the comments section below what you think of it and what features you liked the most.

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