Publisher Rocket Review 2021 Does Publisher Rocket Really Work? (Lifetime License $97)

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Value for money


  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Discover Bestselling Book Categories in Seconds
  • Learn About Other Authors & Their Sales
  • Find Keywords that Readers Actually Type Into Amazon
  • Find Profitable Amazon Ad Keywords Fast
  • Many book publishers got great sales
  • Game changers software


  • No Paperback ISBN extraction
  • More pricing options needed

Publisher Rocket is very easy to use, it can generates a ton of data in seconds, and provides helpful links to Amazon pages, books, authors, and categories. It can also help you to find latest book cover trends. Top authors like Jeff Goins & Pat Flynn have used Publisher Rocket and got great results.

Price:$ 97

Looking for unbiased Publisher Rocket Review? I am here to help you today.

The problem with self-publishing is that it is a lot of work. You have to do everything yourself – from editing to marketing.

There’s a lot of competition on Amazon. You know it, I know it, but did you know that there are over 2 million other books that are competing for the number one spot?

You are sitting on an Amazon seller’s dream, but you are not selling. You have been watching your book rank and sell slowly for a long time now. It’s been months since your last purchase and that’s not making any sense to you.

Your Amazon book sales will skyrocket with the help of their self-publishing service.

Publisher Rocket know how to get your book in front of more shoppers, they know how to find those coveted keywords, and we know how to market your books for maximum exposure.

I have featured Publisher Rocket Review with Publisher Rocket Lifetime License that includes detailed insights of its pricing, features, functionality, support and more. 

Bottom Line Upfront : 

Publisher Rocket will help you get your book in front of more Amazon shoppers,  Publisher Rocket will save your thousands of hours of research time. Any self-published author who wants to make their dream of becoming a lucrative, full time author simply MUST have this tool in their pocket.

Another top feature of Publisher Rocket is that it makes finding keywords, sizing up the competition, and choosing profitable categories quick and easy. They have great customer support and team is ready to help you at best.

Publisher Rocket Review - Rocket Self Publishing Software to help find Kindle Keywords

Lets start with Publisher Rocket review in detail.

Detailed About Publisher Rocket Review:  Is Publisher Rocket Worth It?

Publisher Rocket provides Amazon KDP platform for self-published authors and allows them to become a bestselling author.

Publisher Rocket will save you tons of research time by making it easy for you to target your audience on

To become a bestselling author or more importantly, be as successful as all the famous authors in the world.

Publisher rocket dashboard

It is not just the type of research keyword tool. Some of the authors define it as the complete author marketing research tool. But in a very concise manner, one can say publisher rocket helps to know that if a particular book market is feasible or not and also it can be used for the researching of both fiction and non-fiction books.

Depending on the intuition one is equipped with the relevant data to know whether to enter a particular book is a niche or not. In order to get an accurate knowledge of the market, what keywords customers use, one should be aware of the following points before writing the book

  • The type of books which are failing
  • What kind of books and ideas people are searching for
  • Kind of books which are succeeding 
  • Amount of money that people within that niche earn

What Publisher Rocket Can Do For You?

The process of self-publishing is complicated, time-consuming, and expensive.

You’ve poured your heart and soul into your book. But if it stays buried in the depths of your computer, it will never have the chance to find its audience.

With Publisher Rocket, you can be sure that your book will be seen by the people who want to read it.

RIchpush publishers

Evaluate your competitors-

Publisher rocket competitor analysis

Before writing a book one should know the competitive nature of the market. It will help you to know what you want to do for the book to be successful and will also let you know that the writing of a book is worth or not. You can determine that if the book is competitive by plugging into the competitive analyzer feature of publisher rocket software.

But some authors have the misconception that writing is all about making money but there are many easier ways of making money rather than this. As writing a book to a hunger genre is just fulfilling when compared to writing to just a handful of people who are about to read.

Find the perfect category for your kindle KDP book-

Publisher Rocket KDP Rocket Case study

The category research is a new feature which is added to the KDP rocket tools. And if you want to be among the best marketers in the world you need to first identify the best and right category. The process for this is if you use the KDP tool you need to just go straight to category search option and key also in a descriptive column. This process is as simple as ABC

Earlier the finding. of the right category for a particular book involved several hours spent on the Amazon search results manually calculating book sales numbers and jotting down of categories. It is very time-consuming as well as stress removal. 

It will produce a list of categories which are related to the book description through which you can rank in with the other authors. You are provided with an analysis of the first 20 books in each of the categories with the number of books to get them sold.

And if you are successful in ranking yourself with the first 20 then it provides you the opportunity to be listed on the first page of the search results.

Validate and discover great book ideas-

Publisher rocket book images

Become a kindlepreneur- comparing and squipping yourself with the information gives the best ability to compare the different. To become a kindlepreneur and making money more than $100 a day with only your book is achievable. The simplicity of it is that keying the idea in the search box and allowing the software to do what it has the best.

And the outcome of the results will provide you a break down of keywords and related keywords that readers are searching for on amazon. You will also have access to the extra information like search volume for each keyword, a number of books competing for the keywords and the average profit generated for the keywords to rank.

Publisher rocket results KDP rocket reviews

For this you need to do the following points:

  • You should have an interest in the topic
  • Sizeable market
  • Break the competition in the market 
  1. Write better titles and book description-  a book must be memorable only when the title of the book relates to the readers and it not only needs to be interesting but should also connect to the readers and enable to tell them what your book entails. As the selection of the right keywords and incorporating it into the title, subtitle, and book description is till now the mystery for many of the users.

There may be chances of millions of tons of results with the low competition but with the high traffic. These niches are said to be ripe for your book. If you know the keywords of your target readers are typing on amazon then you will be aware of each and every single word that they are using.

This will also make easy to include popular keywords in your title subtitle and the description aspect of the book.

Is Publisher Rocket Worth Your Money ?

Publisher Rocket Review Is It REALLY Worth It ?

We always thought that publisher rocket/ KDP rocket is worth enough when it comes down to it. There are no two ways that it is costlier than the competitor maybe a little bit but it is but in return it provides more amount of data with more detail. And this should be in terms of a number of books sold.


Being an author it could be a crowded field. The US estimates that 6000 per day books are published. If you are not having a higher quality of information then the number of books sold may be lesser in number. Detailed keyword analysis says that it sets your books in the part that others had never set and sold them accordingly.

And yes publisher rocket /KDP rocket is highly costly than the other tools but the quality provided is exactly similar which you want to be provided to your books. And hence the Publisher rocket/KDP rocket is worth it.

Publisher Rocket Pricing Plans

Usually, Publisher Rocket costs up to $97. As there is not any kind of hidden charges subscription or even an upsell. It is a great facility as compared to others because most people do not like subscription and also do not want to pay any additional fees to learn how to use the software 

Publisher Rocket Review - pricing plan

Many a time there are certain questions which come in mind about this tool. Therefore some of the common questions that arise in the minds of the customers are as follows:

Does KDP rocket work on MAC and PC?

Publisher rocket dashboard

Yes. it has been certified to work on both MAC and PC

Does it work for international markets?

Generally, it reads and interprets only the US market. And the tool is worked on for those to apply to the international markets. When it becomes a reality it will be then free update for those who are using it

Is KDP Rocket useful for fiction authors?

Yes, it can easily be used by the fiction authors as well as other authors. KDP Rocket is suitable for you if you can have the answers to the questions such as do you want to know the trends and suggestions that connect with readership? do you want to know what the customers are typing in the Amazon search bar? And many more.

How does KDP rocket calculate the competition score?

Usually, the score is based on the ranking factors such as title subtitle subscription number of reviews description best sellers and many more. It is extremely valuable and uses different factors to do so. The scale also informs you about the difficulty of the number you choose from the keyword.

What about the software updates?

All the updates of the software come free of cost no additional cost is charged. If you download and install the KDP rocket software on the computer than you also expect for the daily routine.


Publisher Rocket will help you boost your book sales in front of more Amazon shoppers.

💰  Price


😍  Pros

Top Authors Using Publisher Rocket

😩  Cons

No Paperback ISBN extraction


30,000+ authors choosing Publisher Rocket as their go-to book marketing tool.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

Who all can use KDP Rocket?

KDP Rocket can be used by those who want to treat their business on writing. Some of the authors do not consider the expectation of readers market trends or the producing novels which also fulfills their creativity. KDP rocket is the most easiest software to use and you do not need to be a super technical freak.

If you are a writer then you should believe in the following:

  • Have a deep comprehension of marketing when you are going for writing
  • Should know how to improve the chances of selling the books 
  • Learn how important keyword symbols are
  • Get into the Amazon advertising console and also discover easier ways of finding keywords.

Publisher Rocket Review - Rocket

Summary: when you are the user of Amazon Kindle Publisher and struggling to discover the right keywords which will boost the visibility of your book in Amazon searches. Then undoubtedly you have the KDP rocket software with you at any time.

Top Features of Publisher Rocket (KDP Rocket)


Find keywords that readers actually type into Amazon:

it also shows how many people search for the things. This provides the exact and real data that the book buyers are in search of. Using rocket keyword’s feature one can learn the following:

  • Keywords searched by shoppers and entered on Amazon
  • How many books are competing for that keyword
  • Approximate number of times a particular keyword is typed and searched on Amazon
  • How much are the other books earning with that keyword


How to Analyze Your Competition With Publisher Rocket

In this lesson, we’re going to look at the Publisher Rocket Competition Analyzer. With this feature, you’ll be able to take a closer, more in-depth look at your competition and learn key data about other authors.

 Discover best selling book categories in seconds:

Publisher Rocket KDP Rocket review Online Publisher Rocket KDP Rocket review Online

This features helps in looking for a niche category of the books that is best selling during the day and the frequency of books sold in a day.

  • Niche categories to choose from
  • How many sales you would need to make in order to be the newer and number 1 seller
  • Which categories will help you in selling more number of books
  • How many sales that day you would need to make in order to be listed in the top 20

Learn about other authors and their sales:

  • It’s simple to analyse what is working for your competitor and what will certainly work for you too. You can even see their earnings. The book title and subtitles which are doing wonders are right in front of you. And this in turn increases your chances to grow sales exponentially. 

Find profitable AMS keywords fast:

Publisher Rocket will also help you in about more than 150 profitable keywords for your AMS book advertising campaign in less than 10 seconds. When you have the list of keywords then click on export and upload it to AMS and you are done with the process. Rocket collects all the listed information of all suggested keywords and the titles. Relevant categories of new books.

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Is Publisher Rocket just some lame extension or what?

It operates as a standalone app. You don’t need to be signed into your Google or Amazon KDP account. All you need is a computer and an internet connection! Some people say that other programs are built-in, but I don’t think they are right. Do you know what the least remembered things are in programming? That’s right! Plugins, extensions, and widgets! These go straight to the back of the line. Why? Because there is always something better coming around the corner like a standalone app.

What do I as a Rocket user want to see from this program?

Every thing has room for improvement. Rocket is not an exception. It is still early in the transition period between the old Rocket and this new Publisher Rocket, and I am eager to see what lies ahead. Personally, I am looking forward to international markets. KDSpy has them, and I think that Rocket should too. When I was a child in Germany (Mannheim represent!) I would love to be able to market there as well.

Another change that I would like is more options for filtering results or searching by keyword. This might seem like more of an opulence than a necessity but you know what… you never know!

Publisher Rocket (KDP Rocket) Reviews &  Testimonials

Publisher Rocket KDP Rocket review Online

Publisher rocket reviews Kindle software Publisher rocket reviews Kindle software

Do any “Top Notch Authors” use Publisher Rocket (KDP Rocket)

You’d be amazed how much support Publisher Rocket is getting from the top publishers across the internet. Here are just a few of the more prominent clients of Publisher Rocket

Alternatives to Publisher Rocket (KDP) 

In the publisher rocket, there are some players that include Kindle Samurai and KDSpy. You do not need to be confused for choosing which one of the tools but the essential is which one is fare and how much with the other.  

KDSpy–  This kind of software tool brags itself in a category of a search tool. And the main objective of this search tool is to enable the authors to gain a deep understanding of the category on which they had decided to write it on.

It also provides the relevant data such as the number of reviews sales and ranking and most importantly the size of the market. It also provides the authors with a global competition of niche.

Kindle Samurai- This software tends to keyword research. This type of tool is applicable to only a window-based system. The main advantage of this tool is its cheapness.

It is only used in the research of the competition due to which many people do not recommend it. If one is the user of a Mac computer then you need to run this software by Bootcamp. The end of products results not so attractive because it looks like an Excel Spreadsheet. 

Quick Links:

Publisher Rocket Reviews FAQs

👉What is Publisher Rocket?

This is a great value tool for those who are looking for a growth in book selling niche. This saves your time for data research and even gives you sky-rocketing sales if you are a new author. Publisher Rocket is indeed designed to help profitable business owners in book selling business and even self-publishers by collecting the data right from Amazon on the basis of Kindle readership.

👍How much does Publisher rocket cost?

As on 10th May 2020, Publisher Rocket is for $97. This is a flat costing and no hidden charges are there and they do not even upsell with their other features or services. There is even a 30 day money back guarantee so that you can make sure of this is working for you and you would like to continue the services.

🤔What is KDP Rocket?

KDP is the former name of Publisher Rocket. This is a software which is usually used by independent authors, self-publishers or even those selling products in books niche.

Does publisher rocket really work?

I recommend Publisher Rocket. It's another way to help you get your book in front of readers. You can find out how many people are seeing it and what they think about it, which is important. I've found that I could double or triple my sales with this tool and have bestselling books!

Which is better Kdspy or publisher Rocket?

KD Spy is cheaper than Publisher Rocket, but if you want the features that Rocket has then KD Spy is not for you. But if you want the cheapest option, and don't care about the features it doesn't have, then KD Spy is for you.

Can I install Publisher rocket on more than one computer?

Ebookpreneur grants you a single use license to use Rocket or any other Ebookpreneur software on one device at a time. You can only read the books on this device and access Rocket or any other Ebookpreneur software strictly according to these terms.

How do I update rocket publisher?

To update your copy of Rocket, delete the one you have and download the current version from You can find out what version it is in the bottom left corner of Rocket.

How are Kindle keywords different from AMS keywords?

You have a limited number of keywords for your books, but AMS is different. For AMS, you can use phrases and titles from the book. Just type in the search field on Amazon and it will give you what people are searching for.

Does Publisher Rocket work for international markets?

Publisher Rocket analyzes the US, UK, and German markets. Any other international market they add in future updates is included for free for their Publisher Rocket owners.

Will Publisher Rocket work on my device?

The software Publisher Rocket will work on your computer. It works for computers that are running Windows 10.9 and newer (10+ years old). But it won't work on iPads, tablets, smartphones or Chromebooks. You can use the program Wine to help make the software work on a computer that is running Linux.

CONCLUSION: Publisher Rocket Review 2021 Get Lifetime License 

Starting as an author you get a lot on your plate. You are not only supposed to come up with the challenge of writing a compelling book but writing in a competitive market with choosing the right keyword categories and optimizing the book list. You are also supposed to be faced with the challenge of launching it in the right manner

Once you are done with the above things writing of that particular book is much easier than you can comprehend. By using publisher rocket also brings you the opportunity to simplify your research process. and make aware of how and what to do with the ranking .

Every week, I have a great experience with the Publisher Rocket support team. They are kind and understanding even with me, an obssessed nerd. Every time I had a question for them, they answered it. They also know about Kindle book marketing and self-publishing too. And if you have any questions about that, they can answer it too! And not only that, but they do this really well too!

In the words of Jeff Goins before you can launch a best seller you need to write a bestseller. By taking advantage of KDP rocket tool transform the carrier in book marketing.


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  1. Using Publisher Rocket, I’ve been able to find the right words to use to make sure my book finds the right readers. I’ve used it to convince publishers to buy books I’ve written.
    Basically Publisher Rocket is a tool that helps you understand how readers use Amazon and choose the books they buy. It’s compatible both with PCs and Macs, which is nice.

  2. Publisher Rocket is a super-valuable tool to own so you can boost your book earnings, save time on data research, and leverage your author career.
    Publisher Rocket is designed to help self-publishers build a solid, profitable book business based on real data collected from Amazon.

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