Push Monetization Review 2023: Push Notification Ad Network (Try It)

Web push notification has become a hot and happening phenomenon on the internet when it comes to discussing ways of increasing user engagement and boosting conversions. These are considered to be extremely user-friendly, targeted, and relevant, containing vital information that they need when they need it. You can also use them to create the desire in your products, encourage them to finish a task and create highly-targeted campaigns that you, your users and advertisers will love.

If you search for the keyword “Push notification” on Google, you’ll get numerous platforms and networks that provide these services to webmasters and advertisers, so that they can boost their earnings and profits by engaging and converting more and more customers. One such network that has become extremely successful and popular in 2023 is Push Monetization. Let us go through a quick review of this platform!

In this post, we have featured Push Monetization Review 2023 that includes detailed insights about its pricing, features, functionality and more. Let’s get started here.

Push Monetization Review

Push Monetization Review 2023: Legit Push Notification Advertising Network

About Push Monetization

Push Monetization is a Push notification advertising network developed in 2017 that allows advertisers to send push notifications to their users and provides publishers with an additional revenue stream from it.

Push Monetization Review- Push Notification Advertising Network

Notifications by Push Monetization catch the user’s attention and keep the users happy and engaged to your brand and its services. It allows users and subscribers to become potential customers with just one single click or tap on the screen.

Benefits of using Push Monetization

Push Monetization holds benefits for both publishers and advertisers, who can take advantage of their amazingly efficient web push technology. Signing up to Push Monetization is absolutely free and the platform pays you every week on a NET 3 schedule.

Push Monetization Review- For Publishers and Adevertiser


You as a publisher and webmaster can earn money from your website, blog or other traffic sources.

  • Additional Revenue Stream

Use Push Monetization’s web push technology to bring in income from your website. The platform provides publishers with an additional way to earn more from your website and stay profitable.

 Push Monetization Review- Dashboard For Publishers

  • Unique Monetization

Push Monetization’s web push technology does not replace any of your current ad units and allows you to earn daily income in the background.

  • Easy to implement

Push Monetization is extremely easy to integrate and setup. Their dedicated team is always available for help and will walk you through all the steps of integration if you are having difficulties.

 Push Monetization Review- Add Properties

  • User Value

The platform lets you determine how much revenue a single user brings in by effectively calculating the Lifetime value of your users over time.


Get your message out to an extremely targeted audience.

  • Untapped Inventory

You can be one of the first to utilize this new and efficient web push technology.

  • Targetable Audience

Push Monetization allows pushing notification targeting by country, city, state, connection type, carrier, ISP, device, browser, and many other categories.

  • CPM Bidding

The platform sends only one notification to a single user per day. Your advertisers then bid against each other to get their message sent to your subscribers. The winning bids are selected at midnight EST and are sent out the next day at the advertisers set time.

  • Affordable CPM

You only have to pay for the amount of traffic you want to target.

How does Push Monetization work?

Understanding how Push Monetization works is essential if you want to use Push Monetization for your blog. As it is quite clear by now, Push Monetization harnesses the power of web push notifications. The platform works as per the steps mentioned below:

  • Just place the Push Monetization code snippet on your website.
  • When users visit your website, they will see a prompt or popup asking if they want to receive notifications.
  • This prompt shows 2 options, “Block” and “Allow”.
  • If the users click on “Allow”, then they are now your subscribers.
  • Now you can send them information on their Android mobile, desktop or laptop anytime, even if they are no longer on your website.

Now that you have built your network, advertisers are bidding against each other to get their message sent to your subscribers. The more subscribers you have, the more money you make every single day.

Signing up to Push Monetization is absolutely free and the platform pays you every week on a NET 3 schedule. Apart from making money from your subscribers, you also have the ability to send messages to your own subscribers. You can now:

  • Alert your subscribers of new content
  • Send traffic to your other websites
  • Cross promote material

Supported Browsers

An extremely important aspect to keep in mind before signing up with a push notification platform is to make sure that the platform supports the most popularly used web browsers, both on smartphone and on the desktop to ensure maximum engagement anytime anywhere.

Push Monetization Review- Supported Browsers

Push Monetization is fully compatible with the most popularly used web browsers as of 2018 including:

  • Chrome (Android & Desktop)
  • Safari (Android & Desktop)
  • Firefox (Desktop)
  • Opera (Android & Desktop)

Live inventory targeting

Push Monetization has been extremely successful in allowing publishers and advertisers to earn that extra share of revenue through push notifications. Their services have a massive global reach covering more than 100+ countries.

As of December 2018, Push Monetization claims to have an average of 683,000,000+ monthly impressions so far, with the USA, India, Indonesia, and Brazil having the most impressions, together having over 20,000,000+ impressions per month.

Customer Support

Apart from email customer support to help customers with issues, Push Monetization has also developed a neat and simple blog that consists of numerous articles and guides to help users with some basic and general problems. The Push Monetization blog has a well-organized layout and its contents are tactfully divided into 6 different categories.


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Conclusion: Why should you try Push Monetization?

Push Monetization is fairly new in the market of push notification networks, having been launched in 2017. But the platform has made quite a name for itself in the past year. Experts and users from around the world have commended the platform’s ability to help publishers and advertisers make that share of money from users, customers, and subscribers that earlier was extremely hard to fetch.

Push Monetization has enabled webmasters to bring in additional revenue in a new way by updating and engaging their existing customer base to their business with regular notifications about their products and services. The platform makes use of the latest cutting-edge technology to make sure that nothing goes unnoticed by your customers. Push Monetization has been successful in effectively boosting conversions, by helping not only bringing in the volume you need but also by empowering you to target the exact audience you know converts.

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