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User Friendly
Ad Network


  • High-quality traffic
  • Wide reach
  • Set of automatic and customizable rules
  • Competitive and affordable pricing
  • Filters out bots
  • Targeted advertising approach
  • User-friendly interface


  • They are limited to mainly push ads and they currently don't other formats like pop, native or interstellar ads. Also, there is no CPA targeting available  and lastly, you need a minimum deposit of 100$


Advertisements are the most vital part of any marketing strategy. If you are running an eCommerce business, you would understand the importance of running advertisements on various platforms to attract relevant audiences. Advertisements help you to create new exciting business opportunities, boost sales, and improve your brand image.

While looking for one such platform, I came across Pushground. Pushground is an amazing ad network that helps you to attract good quality traffic for your website. Now that I have used this platform, I am always going to prefer Pushground over any other ad networks when it comes to push-ads.

I recently tested out the platform for a campaign and found it very simple and fast to create and launch ads. Pushground has some robust automation rules to fasten your workflow. We all will agree that manually creating and publishing any advertisement can get very time consuming and frustrating. Pushground eliminates this issue and provides you with a huge reach globally.

Before we proceed any further, let’s look at what is Pushground in detail.

Pushground Review: In A Nutshell

Pushground is a feature-rich ad network that started with just push notification but has now expanded to other ad formats as well. PushGround provides a great platform to start making ad campaigns that provide a boost to your conversion rates. While Pushground has a user-friendly interface, you can contact their fast customer support if you encounter any problems.


Pushground goes above and beyond for their customers by providing features unique to this platform. One such feature is customized automatic rules that can help you with most of the work and take off your pressure. As an advertiser, using an automated platform that can work on its own after the set up is one of my priorities when looking for an advertisement platform. Pushground delivers on every aspect and has made my life comparatively easier.

What are the unique features of Pushground?

Pushground has an arsenal of unique features that makes it stand out from its competition. Some of these unique and amazing features are

What is User Freshness?

User freshness is the amount of time since the user signed up to receive push notifications from the website. It tells how long the users have been receiving push notifications and thus how much “banner blindness” they may have.

ROI Targeting

Pushground has a unique Conversion Tracking Postback URL that helps provide a detailed analysis of the ROI. With a single click, you can track your traffic and conversion rate and understand the returns. Also, it eliminates bots and fraudulent traffic to provide you with an actual conversion rate.

Pushground-Push-traffic-Network-Platform - Stats

Audience Categorization

It is crucial to target the relevant audience to your service to ensure your money is not wasted. Pushground has several categories, such as Crypto, Dating Adult, Gaming, eCommerce, etc. You can choose according to your service. This way, you can target the relevant audience to improve your ROI and avoid any undue expenditure.

Pushground-Push-traffic-Network-Platform Advantages

Traffic Type

It is a new feature provided by Pushground that allows the advertisers to choose the traffic they want on their business. You can choose from two categories, Mainstream and Adult Traffic targeting. You can choose the category that best suits your needs to optimize the traffic type that will visit your website.


You can choose from several options present in the platform to target the specific audience. You can filter based on country, states, cities, region, and languages. This feature will help you invest more smartly based on your target audience, especially if you are a local business.

Pushground-Push-traffic-Network-Platform - Push Notification Ads

Bulk Blacklist and Whitelist

You sometimes have to block certain traffic such as supply-id, bots, or IPs that do not give your profit. Other times you want to promote your ads to certain IPs that are bringing you the most conversion rate.

Pushground-Push-traffic-Network-Platform - In Page Push

Helping in this particular aspect, Pushground gives you an option to add websites or supply_id links in bulk. You can use this feature to block or whitelist according to your preferences.

Frequency Control

Everyone knows that it gets irritating when you see the same advertisement again and again. This irritation amongst the viewers often leads to a low conversion rate. Pushground allows you an option to set the number of times you want to display your advertisement in 24 hours.

What Ads does Pushground support?

Pushground supports three different types of advertisements – Push-ads, in-page ads, and native ads. While these advertisement types are highly popular in the digital marketing world, let’s look at how Pushground handles these advertisement types.

Push Advertisements

High-Quality Traffic

Every advertiser’s main target is to generate more traffic to get better conversion rates for their campaigns. Pushground has a vast network to increase the chances of your sales and a better conversion rate. I have tested the push ads of Pushground and found it to be the best push ads network in the market.

Ads Visibility

You will be able to generate traffic only if your ads are visible to the audience. According to research, a viewer is more likely to read a normal notification rather than a highlighted one. Pushground makes your ads merge in the content to make it seem more natural to the viewer.

No Bot Interference

It is very frustrating when the majority of the audience generated are bots. Getting traffic in terms of bots is equivalent to burning your hard-earned money. Pushground helps to filter out these bots and publish your ads to a network of 200 million real-time users, which I cannot say for every similar platform in the market.

In-page Advertisements

IOS Targeting

While some other platforms can actively target iOS users only, Pushground works amazingly for Android and iOS. In order to make the UI even more user-friendly, Pushground has an additional feature of targeting iOS, which comes in very handy.

High-Quality Traffic

The foremost expectation of investing in advertising is to generate organic traffic. There is simply no point in having visitors in your store that are either robots or window-shoppers. The traffic generated through Pushground is specialized, elite, and have an excellent conversion rate, which means more income.

What are the Pros and Cons of Pushground?

While the list of Pushground’s features is huge, let’s look at its pros and cons.

Pushground Pros

High-quality traffic
Wide reach
Set of automatic and customizable rules
Competitive and affordable pricing
Filters out bots
Targeted advertising approach
User-friendly interface
Support for both androids and iOS
Bulk whitelisting and blacklisting
They one of the lowest cpcs on the market starting at 0.001$
Lighting fast approvals

Pushground Cons

They are limited to mainly push ads and they currently don’t other formats like pop, native or interstellar ads. Also, there is no CPA targeting available  and lastly, you need a minimum deposit of 100$

FAQs Pushground

👉Is there any free trial for Pushground?

No, there is no free trial, and you have to deposit a minimum of $100 to start advertising.

👉Are there any options for Publishers?

Currently, Pushground only caters to the requirements of advertisers to provide them with the best services. So, if you are a publisher, you might want to look for a different platform.

👉How effective is Pushground’sPushground’s reach?

Pushground works with various countries to provide a huge network of potential customers. These partnerships make sure that you are able to get the desired traffic without any difficulty. Also, Pushground makes sure that the traffic that you get is organic and free of bots, which are highly crucial.

👉Is Pushground worth the money?

After trying this platform, I will say that yes, this platform is definitely worth investing in. The initial cost to begin is very low, and the minimum bidding amount is as low as it can get.

Testimonials Pushground

Pushground-Push-traffic-Network-Platform - Testimonials

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Conclusion: Pushground Review 2023

Pushground is always pushing out new updates and following the latest trends in the market. Anyone who is looking to create push ads, in-page or native advertisements can benefit from the platform.

While they have superb customer support, which helps resolve your query in no time, it is also extremely affordable. If you know what you want, this platform can cost as less as just $0.001 per click, which is nothing less than a free give-away.

If you ask me which platform you should use for advertising covering push ads, in-page or native advertisements, I’llI’ll suggest Pushground. It is the clear choice because of its extensive list of features and customizable rules.


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