Putting an End to Ransomware Attacks with Perimeter 81

Hybrid Work at Sydney’s Largest Sleep Disorder Clinic

With four sites, the Meredith Respiratory and Sleep Centre is Southern and Western Sydney’s biggest sleep problem clinic. Each patient will receive a unique treatment plan that includes a wide range of sleep testing (including a variety of sleep studies and oxygen studies) and professional guidance and assistance.

Meredith was a hybrid workplace before Covid-19 struck Australia, with around one-third of its employees working from home. The on-premises electronic patient medical record system could only be accessed via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and a VPN over the cloud-based Office 365.

The fact that RDP comes pre-installed in Windows and was simple to set up made it the obvious choice for connecting to the corporate network. Furthermore, it was simple to use for non-technical users who had to input an IP address and password. In the end, RDP proved just as vulnerable to attack.

Putting an End to Ransomware Attacks with Perimeter 81

There Has Been an Increase in Ransomware Attacks.

According to Meredith Respiratory and Sleep Centres’ IT manager Omar Matter, “we were getting hacked every month because of the RDP.” I would have to shut down the network for an hour if I discovered a ransomware assault and restore our electronic records system from our offshore backups. Most of the time, we’re just down for an hour or two at the most. It’s possible that we may lose an entire day’s worth of data in the event of a major assault.

Omar was considering Perimeter 81, but he wasn’t in a rush to get a fast VPN set up just yet. That all changed the moment the hackers gained access to the company’s accounting system and shut it down.

When there is no trust, attacks decrease to zero.

In order to quickly implement Perimeter 81’s Zero Trust access, Omar started the accounting system from a backup. Omar deployed Perimeter 81 on the remote users’ laptops after finishing the initial setup in a matter of hours.

Ransomware Attacks protection

Immediately after we made the adjustment, ransomware assaults reduced to zero without making life any more difficult for our users. Two-Factor Authentication desktop agent was highly user-friendly for them. Their connectivity to network resources at any of our offices were also noted to be speedier. Site-to-Site Interconnectivity and Split Tunneling capabilities in Perimeter 81 are responsible for the improved performance.

Are you ready to go for COVID-19 or anything else?

Scalability and rapidity are key features of Perimeter 81’s cloud-based architecture. When COVID-19 struck Australia, Meredith swiftly transferred all of its workers to remote work, ensuring that the company’s network and its applications were not compromised.

Our IT plan wouldn’t be complete without Perimeter 81. There is no way Meredith could function without it in general. It has also improved the network’s agility. Our experience with ransomware turned out to be an unexpected gift. Without Perimeter 81, we would have been in a lot of difficulty during the Covid time.”

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