QAEngine Review 2023 : Perfect Q&A theme from Engine Themes

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Quora is a top website on the internet that gets tons of visits daily. What is so special about it? Nothing else, but it is a question- answer site. You can ask any question there, no matter how weird it is. On the other hand, it is possible to showcase your expertise by answering also.

QAEngine Review

If you know the massive popularity of Quora like question- answer websites, you might have thought about starting one on your own. You must be an expert in coding to develop such a site. In order to make it more elegant, designing skills are required. What if you are neither developer nor designer? Hire them. It was the answer before the launch of QAEngine theme developed by Engine Themes. But now a major twist happened.

You can have a functional Q&A site in an easy way with it.

What are the Unique Features of QAEngine Theme?

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QAEngine Review

Easy to Customize

QAEngine Review

Everyone thinks that a method to customize without coding doesn’t give you the complete control. But QAEngine is an exception for this. You will not find any difficulty in customization of your site as the way you want.From the dashboard, it is possible to select a colour scheme and design element.
QAengine review
Be careful to select coolest colours because the first few seconds compel one to exit or stick to your website. And colours have an important role to play within that time.Multiple page layouts are there to satisfy you. Choose one from the long list and you will be ready to rock.

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Effective Membership Management

QAEngine review
You will get more members to your site with time. For that, it is necessary to be a good manager. Sometimes posts should be deleted, some accounts must be terminated and some members’ activity should be restricted. As the site becomes popular, there will be chances for filthy members. Here comes the need of becoming a manager.

QAEngine theme has an in- built feature for the complete management process. That means you don’t have to worry about spoiling the reputation.

Simple Way to Post Questions and Answers

QAEngine Review

If you are already familiar with blogs, posting questions and answers will not bother you. It is easier than publishing a new blog post.You will get a pop- up after clicking on the option to post a new question. There you will be asked to fill question, category, description and tags field as well. Instead of providing a plane HTML field, Engine Themes have done a fabulous job to give you formatting options also.

After filling all the required details and formatting, you will be a click away from getting published.

QAEngine review
Answering questions is like posting comments under published posts. Only one field need to be filled. There also, you will get basic formatting options.

Questions and answers can also be posted right through your blog dashboard.

If any of your users find an answer much useful, it can be up-voted. Similarly, a disliked answer can be down-voted.

User Badges and Point System

QAEngine review

It is important to reward your top users so that they will keep on visiting your website and take part in discussions. If you have the QAEngine theme, there is no need of a third party script or plugin.

Members get points on some specific actions like posting a question, answering one, getting up-voted etc. Points determine the user level. Higher the points more reputed the membership will be.

In case if you want to increase the threshold points to get a badge or change the name of the badge, you can edit it.

Custom QA Widgets

QAEngine review

Widgets are inevitable for a blog. WordPress blogs solely depend on it. We know that QAEngine is a WP theme. So, how can we ignore the possibility of widgets?I found four widgets very much useful. They are Latest questions, QA tags, recent activities and statistics. Apart from that, featuring top answers and members are far easier.


QAEngine review

You know the power of a website being responsive. As a ranking factor of Google, avoiding this will be a major blow to you.

Do you know that QAEngine is a complete package? It means you get everything needed. Responsiveness is one such feature. Not a single mobile user will be kicked himself out because of compatibility issues.

The developers have designed this theme without forgetting any screen. Hence, visiting a blog with an Engine Theme is definitely a visual treat.

Conditional Home Page

QAEngine review

For a new user, the homepage is a Login page with a signup option on top of the form. But for an already registered member, it is the member’s area itself.

You don’t have to worry about the intrusion of anyone without being a registered user.

A Complete User Profile Page

QA Engine review

Users may want to change their name, photo or anything. So profile page is a must for such a membership website. In this page, you can view your name, email id, badge, points, questions and answers you have posted.

Moreover, you will get an overview of your activities.

Live and Email Notification

QA Engine review

A user posts question to get an answer. Maybe they can Google and solve the query. But they come to your site because of its authority. Not everyone has a sharp memory. They may forget about the question at all. So it is your duty to notify when their question gets an answer.

Email notification is the way to get users notified when they are not signed into your site. What if one of his/ her questions gets an answer while he is roaming around your Q&A Blog? You know how FB notification works, right? It lively notifies us. The same feature is available with the QAEngine theme.

When a question gets answered or an answer is up-voted, respective members will be notified.

Affordable Pricing Package

QAEngine review

Engine themes are not just another WordPress theme. They create themes only for specific usage. Here, QAEngine is for Q&A sites while ForumEngine is for forums.

Two pricing packages are available. With the first plan, you get QAEngine for $49 without any restriction on usage. If you are ready to pay something more, choose the second option in which ForumEngine will also be given for $78.

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Make Your Quora Now : QAEngine Review 2023 : Perfect Q&A theme from Engine Themes

QA Engine review

Making a Quora- like- website is no longer tough. It has become easier than a walk in the park.I strongly recommend QAEngine over any other software, tools or scripts. None of them gives you complete control and customization. And also, you should take care to manage members and their safety.

So, go now and make your question- answer site right away.

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