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In this new age of socially influenced marketing, finding the right influencers is crucial to create a successful marketing strategy.  This offers great new opportunities to all the bloggers and influencers, and makes it imperative for both influencers and brands to construct mutually-beneficial and authentic relationship-based communities. Most of the companies nowadays are hiring online marketers and influencers to help them out in reaching a wider audience, targeting ideal prospective customers, and getting more exposure on the social media.

The rising demand for content online directly implies that Influencer Marketing & Sponsored Blogging is going to witness a huge boom in the coming months. Here’s a quick fact: 84% of marketers are launching at least one campaign that involves the effort of an online influencer.


That simply means that all the bloggers and growing marketers are now going to have bigger opportunities and offers, but to take complete advantage of the opportunities, a data based and planned effort is a must. The days of relying on your digital influence to spread organically are slowly fading, and to stay ahead of the curve you will need to use the right influencer marketing tools. Based on my personal experiences and strategies, I’ve already mentioned some of the best tools available on the Internet.

Today, I am here with another tool that would definitely help you to track and manage your digital influence. So without any further ado, let’s start the review of Qoruz.


Qoruz is an upcoming social intelligence platform that helps all the growing bloggers and Internet marketers to track, analyse, and leverage their influence. Didn’t ring a bell? Consider it the home to all your Social Media Influence tracking, real-time analytics of all followers, readers, and some kickass opportunities to work with the biggest brands and company partners of Qoruz.


Apart from a comprehensive Media Kit that provides all the relevant analyses, Qoruz also provides potential opportunities to all the Influencers to work with leading brands via its Qoruz Connect platform which enables the brands to get in touch with relevant influencers you guys directly. In simple terms, it is a fast-growing network of Internet Marketers, Influencers, brands, and agencies looking to collaborate and create engaging content and communities at both national and global levels.

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Getting Started

You can start by simply registering via signing up on the Qoruz Website. The sign-up process is very simple and is purely based on your social media profiles and the audience you have on your blog as well. Initially, you need to choose your primary platform and add the social account there. Tip: Your primary account should be the platform that you think would be the most relevant to brands or agencies looking for influencers in your domain of expertise. For example, if you’re a Twitter-based Influencer with lots of active followers and a good influence, then you should start by adding that as your primary account. Since you can add all your social media profiles to your Qoruz profile later, this step doesn’t in any way affect your influence score overall.

Hands on with Qoruz

After signing up, Qoruz provides you with a profile column that lets you add your personal and contact information, social media handles, and your influence category. I chose the Digital Marketing Category. Moreover, Qoruz also provides you with a custom URL that you can share with other influencers and companies to let them view all your influence statistics in one neat and organized profile card – the Qoruz Media Kit.


Think of the Qoruz Media Kit as your influence business card. The Qoruz Media Kit gives every blogger and marketer a dedicated customizable profile dashboard where they can add their social media accounts (currently the media kit allows adding blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube profiles). One can also display their featured publications, previous clients and brands one has  worked with, featured in portfolio, Contributions and much more.

Currently, I’ve added three of my major social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, and blog.   The Media Kit displays all my social statistics like Number of Tweets, Followers, Engagements, Facebook Likes, Blog Alexa Rank, DA, etc. The algorithm and the engine working behind Qoruz is quite impressive as the social media profiles are displayed with real-time analytics, and the user can update the profile at any point using a simple refresh button. All the profiles are also updated at the backend periodically.


The dashboard also has a search functionality which lets you find your peer influencers, connected brands and other information over various social media platforms. Search them by their Twitter handle, Instagram username, or by Facebook Page; it’s up to you.

Features – Qoruz Connect

One of the most important reasons to sign up with this website is the Qoruz Connect feature. The company provides numerous work opportunities for all the influencers and bloggers by directly highlighting them, their work, and their influence to a plethora of brands and clients who are looking for the right person who can expose their campaigns and brand products with a bigger audience.


These opportunities range in their nature, level of involvement, and monetization/gratification and include event invitations, sponsored content, and product reviews for all the bloggers with good revenue opportunities. The platform operates on purely democratic basis, where your overall social influence determines the nature and number of opportunities that brands might reach out to you for.

Moreover, newer relationships with such brands also reward you with exclusive event passes, gifts, press release invitations, and much more. I guess you’d be already familiar with all the perks of being a being an Internet Influencer.

What’s more? The platform is absolutely free for influencers, and will always be free for influencers!

Final Words

So, this was my review on Qoruz Connect – the new-age influencer outreach platform which helps you track and manage your social media influence across platforms, provides you with opportunities to indulge with new brands and product companies, and grow bigger and better as an influencer, each day. Do share your thoughts and views on this tool in the comment section below.

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