QuadMenu Review 2022: Is This WordPress Mega Menu Worth It?

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Ease of Use


  • Horizontal, vertical and off-canvas layouts
  • Feature Carousel Menu
  • Feature Social Networks
  • Caret to close dropdowns menus
  • Responsive menu layout
  • Hook CSS Animations


  • More pricing options needed

Price:$ 20

QuadMenu excels in the world of Add-On Mega WordPress menus. The add-on makes it easy to create mega menus. So if you are looking for a great menu plugin, check our detailed QuadMenu review.

Today we’ll help you to get a better view of elements that make QuadMenu a great mega-menu supplement for everyone. That’s not all, we’ve set up the add-on and created a mega-menu to make sure everything goes well. Lookout the Detailed QuadMenu Review below:

QuadMenu, What Is it? QuadMenu Review

If you are unaware about this plugin, QuadMenu is the ultimate premium menu add-on for QuadLayers. It will be probably new most of the users as QuadMenu is still comparatively new plugin in the market. I mean, Quadmenu has launched just four months ago but gives value to its users. QuadMenu still gives the competition a race for its money. The main selling point is that QuadMenu is equally suitable for both beginners and developers alike.

QuadMenu Review- Dashboard

If you are a newbie, QuadMenu provides an automatic interface that lets you create incredible menus without having to write code. Developers also have a reason to smile, because it’s very easy to integrate QuadMenu into their designs right from the start.

The free version of QuadMenu gives you an overview of the features, but for this test, we will try the premium version. We believe that this will give you an idea of what to expect.

Functions of the QuadMenu Plugin (Detailed QuadMenu Review)

Now let’s configure QuadMenu and check the functions. However, to give you an advantage, here is an overview of the functions.

An Easy drag-and-drop System: QuadMenu adds a drag-and-drop user interface to the original WordPress menu system. The interface will help you to create fantastic mega menus without any programming skills.

QuadMenu Review- Drag and Drop Features


Responsive Mobile Design: The most important part of your website is your website menu which provides clear navigation to the website visitors. Nowadays, it becomes relatively important because almost half of the internet traffic comes from mobile devices.

Covers Unlimited Styles: Style does not have to die on menus, especially when menus play as important a role as readers reach their content. QuadMenu gives you stylistic freedom.

Several Elements And Add-ons: You can design your mega-menus as per your needs. It comes with all essential elements like icons, images, sliders, videos, columns, widgets, tags and more.

Easy Developer Alternatives: It becomes very easy for a WordPress developer to fully integrate QuadMenu into their WordPress designs.

QuadMenu Review- Menu structure

Multiple Styles: In addition to the classic drop-down menu, this add-on lets you add advanced drop-down menus to your store, widget panels, your blog, tabs, and a carousel.

QuadMenu Review- Widgets

Position: Horizontal menus are most popular in terms of position, but you can also use this added mega menu to create vertical menus on an accordion or on panels.

Integrations: QuadMenu integrates with all topics through automatic and manual integrations, depending on whether your topic is compatible with subject areas. However, this addon also provides official integrations for Divi, Avada, Storefront, OceanWP, and Astra.

Customization: Create an unlimited number of themes by editing drawings and selecting different background and text colors.

QuadMenu Review- Colours
Built-in widget system: I mentioned it before, but this module has a built-in widget system that lets you add WordPress widgets to your menu.

Developers: There are certain developer options that allow you to customize certain aspects of the plug-in and even edit specific files. The documentation also includes guidelines for authors of topics that want to integrate QuadMenu directly into their topics.

The Functions Of The QuadMenu Developer Include

As we are on the main course, this is now the most exciting part where I will unveil the special dish of the night: the exclusive features of the developer!

There are numerous filters available that allow you to edit and design your projects as you like.
Using the default and development options gives you more options: You can change the default settings with the default options and set the developer options for your panel at any time.

QuadMenu Review- Font Icons

QuadMenu uses the famous student style sheets (LESS), which makes the changes not only possible but also easy.
Animation options can also be changed via the panel!
In addition, you can always easily add your own menu items in the admin panel and in the user interface.

How Does QuadMenu Work?

In this QuadMenu Review, first, note that QuadMenu responds, which means that it works regardless of the device the visitor uses. It is important to have a plugin that supports multiple version and devices as we know almost half of the Internet traffic comes from a mobile device.

In QuadMenu, you can then create four types of mega menus:

  • Horizontal – Office Equipment.
  • Vertical – office equipment.
  • Wrinkles – mobile devices.
  • Off-Canvas – mobile devices.

To really create your mega menu, QuadMenu offers a drag-and-drop generator that lets you:

  • Change the design of the column.
  • You can include the various content option

Premium version of the plugin gives you,

With the premium version, you can use the WordPress customizer to customize the multiple color format and styles of your mega menu according to your design.

How Do You Install QuadMenu?

The QuadMenu plugins make it easy for the WordPress developers to add this mega menu in their WordPress site in a fraction of seconds. You can install the plugin by going to the add new plugins page as seen in the screenshot below. Just type quadmenu in the search box and you are ready to go.

Quadmenu Review- Installation

Go to add-ons in the WordPress admin menu, click on Add and start on the screen below.

Quadmenu comes with multiple device support where you can:

  • Install Premium QuadMenu plugin directly from your computer or
  • Install the free version of QuadMenu from the  plugins page on the WordPress.org

To install the free version on your WordPress website, enter “QuadMenu” in the new plugins search box as shown in the screenshot above. Then install and activate the add-on.

Click the Load button and select the QuadMenu ZIP file on your computer. Now you get to see a button called activate as shown in the screenshot below, just press the button and you are ready to do the magic.

Quadmenu Review- Activation
When you enable the plug-in, it will be redirected to the QuadMenu options page. On the QuadMenu dashboard, There are a bunch of menu options available to design your WordPress website through the QuadMenu configurations.

What are you doing on the screen with the QuadMenu options? Good question Click on the desired menu item. In our case, just click on the main header.

Then activate the buttons shown above to link the QuadMenu to the position of your menu. Then press the Save button.

Note that if the automatic method does not work for some reason, you can manually integrate the plug-in. You can also create your style sheets. If you use multiple designs, you can change the menu styles with one click.

If you want to make a new design, you need to click on the Create Theme option. Then name your design, the style you want, and save the changes.

QuadMenu Pricing Plans

QuadMenu has a limited free version on WordPress.org that you can try. After that, you can avail the premium version which costs just $ 15, and which is very much accessible to most of the business owners.

QuadMenu Review- Pricing

Other QuadMenu Functions

At the end of our review of QuadMenu, website developers will be happy to hear that the add-on has development capabilities that include the ability to compress the file size automatically from a folder on its theme and set options for users to customize their custom animations to create and much more.

QuadMenu Review- Dropdown Menu

In short, QuadMenu is an excellent addition to mega-menus for beginners and developers. The plugin has enough options to meet your needs and more. QuadMenu comes with several other features such as:

  • Custom CSS
  • Import / export function
  • Easy integration into social networks.
  • Thematic support for children
  • Horizontal, vertical and offline drawings
  • animations
  • The carousel menus that allow you to add sliders to your mega menus
  • Tabular menus

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Conclusion: QuadMenu Review 2022: Is This WordPress Mega Menu Worth It?

If you are looking to add a mega menu features in your WordPress website, QuadMenu is the best in the business and have all the necessary add-ons that are necessary for creating a world-class menu.

Creating a mega-menu is easy thanks to drag-and-drop creation, offering great flexibility for the contents of your mega-menu thanks to its customary designed menu options and the ability to use all essential WordPress features.

If you’re using any of the QuadMenu-supported designs, it’s very easy to combine all the aspects of QuadMenu into the layout of your website. To get more about the plugin, you should play and get your hands dirty with the plugin settings to get a better design.

You may take some time to excel the plugin, but it is not the fault of QuadMenu, there is simply no reliable way to adapt QuadMenu to all topics in the box.

QuadMenu offers a generous free version on WordPress.org to let you know if it’s right for you. If you are willing to get a highly customized menu option, the premium version is affordable for only $ 15 and gives you access to:

  • The real-time menu control options in the WordPress Customizer
  • More content widgets for your mega-menus

Let me know in the comments section below what you liked most about QuadMenu Review and what features of QuadMenu you think is the best.

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