7 Qualities of a Good Business Consultant

Every business whether medium or big does require the services of a consultant in order to succeed. However, it is important to hire the services of an experienced consultant as this is the only way that you will be guaranteed of success. Before hiring a business consultant, always do some research and consider the following qualities which should form the basis of your engagement as they are part of every good advisor.

Qualities of a Good Business Consultant

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Qualities that sets apart successful business consultants from others are:-

They understand their clientele

A good business consultant goes beyond providing boilerplate solutions to the understanding of where the business is coming from, its mission and objectives in relation to his/her assignment. It is also important for the consultant to understand any important information concerning the stakeholders and competitors as well. The consultant must see himself as a chore part of the business and this requires for a greater understanding of the business for successful execution of every plan.

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They are keen listeners

Consultants should be keen listeners if they are to successfully assess, counsel and execute their skills and gained discovery for the client’s benefit. They should not push their ideas down their client’s throat and instead should be seen to consider the client’s ideas and see how they can incorporate the same in their advice.

They have proper connections

Business success is all about right connections and this is something that every successful business consultant should be able to bring to the table. In every decision making, the consultants should be able to factor in the important elements of the organizations while interpreting the inner workings of the business properly. This will help them to pro-actively connect and engage with the right people who will help them achieve the business objectives.

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They know how to deliver

They not only promise to deliver but have previous successes that show of their expertise. They have good skills that will deliver to your satisfaction and this should not be mistaken with flashy resumes and referrals and rightly crafted proposals. Everything should bring good results.

They know how to customize

Good business consultants do not adopt a “one size fits all” attitude. Instead, they know how to customize processes, communication, solutions and strategies depending with the business they are dealing with.

They create value

They must be able to not only lead the people and the process but must rise up to the occasion by demonstrating expertise to create value. They proactively understand the needs of the clients while at the same time acting as trusted advisors who offer the right solutions in a cost-effective and useful way thus succeeding in their deliverables.

They should align properly with the business

This is one of the most important factors to consider as not all business advisors will be cross-functional. Despite any other qualification, the consultant must be able to fit into the organization quickly and not only so but also be able to work smoothly with the business owner for success. Anything else will only spell doom for the business and the consultant will be unable to carry out their business plans no matter how good they might seem.

What qualities would you add to the list? Let me know by posting to the discussion.

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