Radix Review In 2023– Android TV Manager For TELCOs: Give Your Company A Competitive Edge

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With the rapid pace of change in the modern world, it is imperative that every company stay up to date with technology.

TELCOs are no exception and that’s why many have pivoted to an Android TV Manager solution as a way to keep their devices secure and safe while also delivering an outstanding customer experience by meeting or exceeding industry standards.

Android TV is slowly but surely gaining ground in the ongoing smart TV OS wars, and around 180 telco operators worldwide have adopted Android TV as their system of choice.

But invisible threats continue to pose a huge threat for companies. Radix Android TV Manager can help you securely manage Android TV devices, which have shown astounding growth rates over the past year.

According to Google, Android TV users have grown more than 80% since 2019 and this technology is quickly becoming the hub of the home.

Why Telcos Need Android TV Manager Software

Radix Android TV Device - Android TV Manager for TELCOs
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With TELCO operators continuing to provide more services and lease more devices than ever, customers increasingly expect a higher level of service and enhanced privacy protection measures.

Keeping track of devices, resolving customer queries, and making sure policies and regulations are being enforced can be a challenge.

With tens of thousands of devices deployed, even simple tasks such as updating the white label interface can literally take days or weeks.

It can also cost a fortune in field service labor and transportation. And during a pandemic—when many households are wary to allow service calls—a cost-effective and more efficient solution is becoming increasingly necessary.

Reducing Customer Churn Rates

One of the TELCO industry’s biggest concerns is customer attrition or “churn.” It’s been reported that up to 67% of customers leave one provider for another annually.

The cost of managing churn is a significant expense, and two Android TV Manager capabilities can make a big difference in customer retention: reporting and remote assistance.

Reporting can be used to improve the customer experience by monitoring what apps are being used or content is being watched. Robust data reporting also gives TELCOs the insight they need to make better data-driven decisions.

Offering remote assistance further reduces customer churn and improves the bottom line. Instead of dedicating field service crews to service the thousands of devices deployed, it’s smarter to utilize a cloud-based solution like Radix Android TV Manager to install applications and updates on all devices remotely or take control over a remote device to provide assistance.

Ultimately, Android TV Manager software makes device management easier and more efficient while also improving the overall customer experience.

Android TV Device Management- Benefits- Radix Review

Modern problems require modern solutions and the Radix Android TV Manager solution offers a centralized way to remotely configure, update, secure, and control your fleet of Android TV devices.

It’s a cloud-based TV device management system that allows its users to reduce operational complexity, and save time and money.

Faster Time-to-Market Delivery of Services

Hosting services, tools, and files over the cloud means complete access wherever and whenever administrators and service teams need them.

Scheduling appointments for site visits or field services for critical updates or maintenance services becomes a thing of the past. With Radix Android TV Manager, IT teams can install updates and patches as soon as they’re available.

For heavy-use subscribers that prefer maintenance work to be done when the device is not in use, remote teams can schedule necessary tasks during downtime.

Low-Level Device Management and Updates

Performing regular maintenance tasks or emergency updates becomes more convenient via the Radix Android TV Manager platform.

Support teams only need to establish a secure connection to a fleet device in order to install updates, roll back installations, or place patches. From OTA firmware management to ad-hoc support, everything becomes easier once you’re in the cloud.

Reduced Site Visits and Lower Support Costs

Radix Android TV Manager gives IT teams the ability to perform cloud-based maintenance tasks that reduce or completely eliminate the need for field services or site visits.

Remote management means getting all software issues addressed over the network. Remote access and control over the Android TV device remove the need for users to help on the other end.

As a result, companies register big savings on service support calls, field travel expenses, as well as labor costs.

Multiple Access Levels for Multiple Roles

Administrators can assign different access levels to different members of the organizations. These access levels correspond to user authorization levels.

IT Managers and administrators, for example, can be granted unfettered access in order to manage the entire device fleet and secure individual units.

Technical support can be given lower-level access. Managers, along with sales and marketing teams, can glean valuable insights from user data in order to enhance strategies and take timely decisions.

Provide Superior Security for Individual Devices

Security for Individual Devices

Radix Android TV Manager provides additional security measures apart from monitoring users and user accounts. The technology ensures that subscribers follow terms of service agreements.

This includes lapsed contract agreements or delinquent account holders. Administrators can simply remotely turn off the service until the subscriber chooses to return the device or someone comes to pick it up.

In cases where subscription abuse is apparent, administrators can remotely lock or disable units. Remote teams can also initiate a data wipe in case a unit gets lost or stolen.

Radix Review-Android TV Manager Provides a Competitive Edge

Radix Android TV Manager - Android TV Manager for TELCOs
Image credit- Pixabay

Google announced in May 2021 that Android TV and Google TV had, combined, more than 80 million monthly active devices across the globe. Working with 7 of the top 10 Smart TV OEMs and over 180 TV Operators, Android TV has given users more options.

OEM manufacturers adopting an Android platform can better focus on developing their technology without the need for worrying about the OS.

At the same time, operators will benefit immensely from Android TV’s Google pedigree. Instead of spending time and money developing their own operating system, they can spend a lot less white-labeling an already reliable system software.

And with TELCO adoption of Android TV growing rapidly, it’s important to grasp the critical importance of specialized, cloud software to handle Android TV management tasks for device fleets.

Operators need to recognize that harnessing the full power of Android TV for their subscriber devices means ensuring fleet units remain in peak operating condition as well as updated continuously.

Radix Android TV Manager offers the tools TELCO operators and Android TV OEM device manufacturers need to provide superior monitoring, management, security, and data gathering services.

Sign up for a free trial today and learn more about how our cutting-edge solutions can help you manage and maintain your fleet of Android TV devices remotely and securely and improve your organization’s bottom line in the process.

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