Rank XL Course Honest Review 2023: Should You Buy It ?

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The course provided by the Rank XL is basically a niche course. Now, first of all let me brief you up on what exactly a niche course a niche course is course which helps you to work upon a single niche and helps you polish up your skills of that particular niche.

This course will help you in multiple ways in order to build up a better niche and improve that particular niche skills.

Rankxl Course Review

A niche skill may be of the following types: –

The above-mentioned operations require a proper niche skill and a niche training as well and that is where the need of Rank XL comes along.

This course comprises of a proper step wise procedure in order to build up a proper niche web site to be used up as a business. It does takes a lot of effort but once you adapt to the strategies of this course it will surely help you build an amazing web property which will help you make and earn good profit out of it and make it a full-time income.

Let me brief you up about what this course is all about.

The very first step of building a niche is basically the selection of the proper niche. Before selection of a niche all we would have to do is to understand how exactly the niche selection works for our desirable site. The main issue people are facing today is that every guide on selecting niche better re mostly outdated and doesn’t work properly and doesn’t guide us properly.

With constant evolution in the technology these days, google is evolving too and the way how a website must be ranked according to google has changed too these days. now. This course isn’t about building a micro sit to $100/month rather it is all about building an authority site to a thousand per month and therefore the niche selection should be fitting in properly.

Rankxl Course Niche Site In Detail

Let us talk about the old way of this niche selection.

All the conventional methods of building a niche site included an easy way to get around $100/ month in a very short duration of time and that too through the fair means. Well, this was only easy to get a good rank as well as to accumulate a good traffic in a short duration of time if you avoided long term competition and also just focus on the long tail keywords.

The same approach today used by people tends to leave people in nothing but frustration.

The long tail searches do not seem to be easy today. This is all because that these search results are just full only of the authority sites without even bothering about the small size of the keywords.

Well, apart from just the competition, the small keywords would not get you much of the money it would not get you to around $10k per month and speaking very honestly it even won’t give you anything around $3K of month.  A niche site made built up around 500-1000 searches/month keywords cannot be expected to make you a sum of thousands of dollars.

A niche site should be approached according to the goal which is something like building a long term, high amount traffic media property and that too with sustainable rankings.

Now, what exactly is the meaning of sustainable ranking?

The simple and compact meaning of sustainable ranking is just that it is a ranking that will never get destroyed just by simple new google update release. The sites that are build up in a proper way from the very beginning can withstand the test made by the time and it even becomes more of strong as the time passes by.

In fact, it gets rewarded whenever a google update gets released and not gets demolished by them.

Let us focus on what is the new and the latest way of building up a niche site.

First of all, we just need to focus upon the amount of weight that is being placed in all the big brands and the trusted authorities. You can build all the micro sites that you wish to build that way. Not building any of the authority to it will lead to it not getting ranked properly. It is as simple as that the search volumes are necessary as well as a relevant factor of all.

We should all be patient and not be rushing towards to the quick profit as well as the short cuts as quick rankings tend to be dead.

FEATURES of RankXl Course

But for all of those people that need to build a real backlink using the SEO the correct way, focusing towards building up of a real business from their sites possibilities are even brighter for them and the reasons for that include: –

  1. Quick rankings as well as the spams are dead: do you remember the days when it was possible to outrank the aged authority sites just by attaching and bombarding a thousand of link to the brand-new sites of yours. Well, this doesn’t happen these days and you have an authority site you would not be frustrated by the thin competitors that are trying to outrank you and your niche site while they don’t even deserve it.
  2. Authority sites are mostly given too much of weight: they are given the more of the weight in order to combat the spammers and this makes complete sense. Google is fighting in order to get its research results higher quality; the results are weighted toward the trust sites that have already built the authority.
  3. It is quite easy to rank without the links anymore: this does not the mean that you can start ranking a new site as soon as it is built without even building any links. But, if you possess an authority site along with a good domain authority as well as a lot of links pointed out. The content can be pumped out immediately and shots to the top page without the building of any link.

Just because of the established authority of the site, the inner pages are actually given more weight than any pages from the other sites.

Let us now concentrate upon how to build up a niche site to $10K/month

Now, this course is build up just to build up a single niche sites and not the multiple niche sites. Growing up of a single site to $10k/month is easier and faster than building up of collective batch sites to approximately $10k/month.

This model can be continued to use for additional sites in the future but it is only beneficial when you go just one at a time and focus upon that one only.

There are multiple ways to approach the authority sites and they are: –

  1. To target the biggest niche in the niche.
  2. To build links to this pages by targeting the great keywords consistently.
  3. To build the site with inner articles.
  4. To build tons of long trail traffic.
  5. The rankings will surely rise for the big keywords although not immediately but yes definitely for sure.

And this was the description of the model in the most basic way.

Now, we shall talk about this course in a bit detail is to what goes into building it out and the way to build the proper backlinks in order to build a powerful authority to the sites.

The approach to build an authority site will result in the following way: –

  1. Your site will rank for the biggest keywords of the niche as well as all the variation of the phrase. The variations are the powerful tool, and there will be a lot of strategies taught inside this course, one of which is the “pillar posts”.
  2. It will contain an amazing content that the people will love.
  3. It will have very powerful drinks from that of the relative external pages or the domains.
  4. Due to the built authority, the inner pages targeting at the very long tail keywords would be ranked quite instantly. Your site would be given much of extra weight over all the other competitors present.
  5. Traffic would start getting in our site from plenty of the long tail searches which will generally outnumber the total number of the visitors that come inside via the biggest of the keywords.


Rankxl Course Niche Site In Detail 2


And that is just exactly how the authority model works. So, let us talk about the benefits of using this strategy:

  • It is sustainable as well as the long term. There is no need of worrying about the spam updates that tend to demolish the traffic overnight.


  • It is quite passive as soon as you and sought the authority along with the site and very especially during using the Adsense. People generally take a few days off and that doesn’t even affect their income in any of the way.


  • You can build a real business of about $10K/month which is exactly the real business. There will be a lot of traffic driving into your site which will provide you with a lot of opportunities to grow as well.


  • This is an amazingly valuable asset. A site that makes $10K/month can be sold for something around the $250,000-$500,000. Most of the website valuations are around 10-20X multiples of the monthly income.


  • But a soon as the income crosses 5K especially with a certain type of the links and the amount of authority were going to be building an amazing ideal site and the valuations can be changed to something other than this too.


  • The buyers just need a sustainable passive business. It is nothing less than that of a holy grail for the site marketers. And all the strategies that you will be learning in this course are just like this strategy and nothing else.


  • This model describes exactly whatever that we are going to learn in this particular course.


There are multiple niches to select from but we shall be discussing about the one “niche book”.

Niche book

This course comes along with a set of some pretty cool features for the bonus selection. The bonus selection that comes in the niche book is actually a PDF file that comes along with 100 different ideas of selecting a proper niche. There are plenty of keyword selections so as to get an amazing keyword searches and to profit from that.

Whenever you encounter trouble selecting some niche this niche book will certainly come to the rescue and it is something that should be tried out for sure.

RankXl Bonus

RankXl bonus Niche Site


RankXL Testimonials

Rankxl course testimonials

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Final verdict: I Recommend RANKXL COURSE

The Rank XL course provides you with every possible knowledge to build a proper niche solution, it helps you in selecting as well as establishing a particular niche so as to profit you in every way.

This course has been found extremely useful by many of the users and we have found only good remarks to this course and talking about the cons I did not find any to be very honest.

There wasn’t even a single drawback to this s course which left even me in amazement. Every person looking for something like this should once try out Rank XL course for sure.

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