Raven Tools Review 2023 : Effective Online Marketing Management Tool

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Starting a digital marketing campaign is simpler than keeping a track of it. Things getting complicated are a normal thing especially when you are working for clients. Since reviewing your work is a critical part of your business. The online digital marketers always look for most efficient, easy, and efficient way to measure data, since the keeping a record of your data is no child’s play.

You will require a few tools for this task; especially you need to juggle from one account to other to compile information. It is very tough to get a one stop software for all the research, but Raven Tools are much closer.

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Raven tools make it very simple to kidnap all the data of clients at one place. You can really put together your social networking campaigns like Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. You can manage on the every aspect of your campaign through Raven Tools.

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To be very precise Raven tools is an SEO tool, which offers you many ways to track research and optimize your Search Engine Optimization campaign. Yes! You read it right optimize your Search Engine Optimization. This tool is completely an online phenomenon; you can use it anytime from anywhere all you need is an internet connection and track your ad campaigns.

Raven tools have an abundance of features and tools to help you manage your SEO and PPC operations, social media marketing, content marketing, email campaigns and all online and offline happenings. You can manage entire team, and assign tasks to team members also review their performance. It would be productive to use Raven tools for your own website and business clients making it best SEO optimization software.

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In the world of online marketing it is crucial to judge your competitors as well; most of you just move metrics.  Raven does not disappoint you in this; it has many effective tools which are a boon in creating effective SEO campaigns for your business. You are able to find keywords; you are able to compare your or your client’s site with market competitors and get reports, rankings, etc.

Raven also helps you in case you are dealing with a new client, after plug in their website you can also make your strategy in accordance with the strategy of the competitors. You can pull the website of your client’s competitors and your client together at research section of Raven. Characteristics like social metrics and ranking etc, gives you a fair idea of the challenges you are going to face while working for your client.

Something inside SEO Toolkit

Raven tools review seo

  1. Site Auditor: Through this tool you can check the Search engine visibility, speed of the page, content links and images etc. This works as a virtual auditor which gives you an overview of your progress.

Raven tools review search engine report

  1. Keyword Rank: This brings a report on your ranking in various search sites like Google, Bing, etc It includes impressions, search volume etc.
  2. Link Manager: Link building is a critical part of online marketing, a great tool for outreach, but you have to manually add targets and update their statuses. It monitors tagging, grouping and sorting.
  3. Site Finder: This option is to find websites, which are ranking high with a specific keyword. Helping you to make strategy in future.

Managing Campaign through Raven

Raven tools review campaign report

Whenever you start a campaign, there is a need of customization, which can be a great help in generating the number of the clients hitting your account. Today online campaign management is impossible or incomplete with social networking media. To manage the social networking media, we have social media tools in the Raven’s kitty for you. Raven incorporates Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube accounts, on one single dashboard with clean and a proper design.

Check out this video to know how you can rock the social media using Raven Tools

It helps you to post, reply, like and schedule updates. It also helps in distributing social media campaign work among the team, with a specific deadline. It keeps a track of all social media accounts with persona manager, which helps in viewing metrics insights for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social networking sites. The social media tool also monitors the brand mentions and key word on social media, communities, blogs, etc. It can also provide the positive and negative feedback, thus giving a complete solution for social media campaign challenges.

Content Marketing with Raven

Raven tools review content marketing

The content marketing tool simplifies your strategy making, as it makes it easy to manage a team of writers and editors.  Through Raven’s tool account you can.

1. Integrate with many WordPress blogs

  1. Publish more creative and effective content with built-in-SEO adapter and reader
  2. Readymade WYSIWYG editor to write and publish content, manage a team of writers and monitor their individual scores.
  3. Buying SEO articles for Textbroker, review them and publishing in your blogs.

If you have a team of writers, then the tool is extremely beneficial for you we can say that very convincingly.

Exploring More of Raven

When you are inside Raven its new world itself to discover, there are endless options and features. You find everything under one roof. There is a great focus on efficiency. You can switch gears to and fro between the campaigns. Raven has a great sync between several projects at a same time.
Raven also aids in creating customized reports with drag and drop interface which includes recurring reports, and beautiful interactive online reports. There is a pay per click tool (PPC) which monitors and trouble shoot your Google Adword Campaigns.
Apart from these there is an event manager tool which gives you freedom to track online and offline events and campaigns. With the help of a competitor manager tool you can store or track your competitor’s data.  Customer manager tool helps you to keep a check on your all client’s social media accounts and dividing the task among your team.

Easy to Use

All the way down the extensive review you must be pondering how tough would it be to learn the usage of this software. But let me tell you the reality Raven Tool, it is very intuitive software. Exploring every menu is very simple, you learn very easily that what is required and how it is used. There is a knowledge section at every tab. The options are very easy to understand. You can easily make custom templates for each and every client, that would show only the data you wish to display, and on each template you can add your own insights that would help the client understand for what they are searching for.

Further, you can even add your company’s logo, which would give your services a professional look.  Raven is very quick, however data can take some time to generate probably hours, but reports come in matter of snaps.

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Raven Tool Dashboard

First add your website:

Raven Setup Wizard

Add your Google Analytics to get data

Raven Setup Wizard Add Google analyticsRaven Dashboard

Raven Competitor Manager

Raven Competitor Manager

Raven Content   Manager

Raven Content Manager

Raven Keyword Manager

Raven Keyword Manager

Raven Reports tool gives you a brief  overview of each campaign

Raven Reports

Raven Research Central gives you domain history and its authority on web.

Raven Research Central
Add your  Twitter account to  get insights. 

Raven Twitter


Frequently Asked Questions

What does Raven cost?

Pro accounts cost $99 a month. Agency accounts cost $249 a month. Services, such as Textbroker, cost additional fees. You’ll know and must agree to the cost in advance.

How do I Free Trial?

All Raven accounts start with a free, limited trial. When you’re ready to upgrade to Pro, simply enter your credit card information in your account. At that moment, you’ll be billed and immediately get full access to all of Raven.

How do I pay?

With a credit card. That’s the only form of payment we accept. We don’t accept PayPal or payments by check.

Are there any discounts?

Yes. If you prepay for one year of Raven, we will give you one month free. In other words, you’ll pay for 11 months up front and get 12 months of access. Want to prepay? Email [email protected]

Is there a contract?

Nope. You pay month-to-month. Change plans or cancel at any time. What do you think this is, Adobe Marketing Cloud or Salesforce?

What happens if I cancel?

We do not offer refunds for partial months. We do store your data for 30 days in case you change your mind. Then we delete all of it for security reasons.

Can I get more users or reports than what I’m allotted?

Yes! We’ll automatically keep track of any extras on your account and bill them at the end of the month. You can check the estimated cost of extras right in your account settings.

Raven Tool Testimonials

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Pricing and conclusion

Raven Tools Pricing


If you manage online marketing for several clients, Raven is the best tool for you. Starting at a nominal price of $99 it is a great business investment that enables you to save your time and money. If you manage a team raven is going to save you a huge time, by dividing the work among the team and keeping everyone systematic. In the end, we would only say after using Raven the SEO data management won’t be the same again.

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