12 Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs 2024 Make Upto $1500/Sale

Have you ever wondered how you can make money by simply sharing your love for real estate?

Well, I’ve got some exciting news! I’ve been exploring the best real estate affiliate programs out there, and I’m thrilled to share my findings with you.

These programs are a fantastic way for anyone, whether you’re a real estate enthusiast or just looking to earn some extra cash, to get involved in the property market without the need to buy or sell properties yourself.

From sharing links to your favorite property listings to recommending top-notch real estate tools, there’s a way for everyone to get in on the action.

So, let’s dive into the world of best real estate affiliate programs together and discover how you can start earning by simply sharing your passion for real estate!

Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs

List of 12 Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs 2024 

1. RP Capital Group

RP Capital cluster is a monetary firm that specializes in different investments, structured transactions, realty, and monetary informative services.

Focus on rising markets, most of the business is transacted in jape Europe, the center East and African countries. The cluster employs a personalized approach advising shoppers in selecting intermediate and semi-permanent investments to realize high market returns.

RP Capital helps structure camera-negotiated deals for its patronage. It works across a good vary of growth sectors to supply the simplest risk-return investment opportunities.

RPCapital - Real Estate Affiliate Program

We Know International Markets:

Our team speaks the international language of business.

With our in-depth expertise in discovering investment opportunities in rising economies across the planet, the RP Capital cluster has become intimately knowledgeable in a way to scan the native markets.

With the wealth of opportunities that square measure quick turning into offered, our professional team offers a method to confirm the best attainable return on Investment for our shoppers. Quality analysis of investment opportunities helps to mitigate risk and uncover potential rewards.

How does our method work?

Here is a description of our target client:

  • Busy Professionals & Blue Collar Savers: 40-65 yrs old; conservative; family oriented; have 401k; hard-working; needs additional time; pursue personal interests; retirement focus; homeowners; sleep in space wherever they cannot invest
  • got to have 20k + to shop for a property.

After we receive data on your leads, we send them through our free instructional course, build them a bespoken wealth set-up victimization of our exclusive properties, and facilitate their purchase of the properties that square measure the simplest match.

After we have a dead contract, our in-house written agreement team coordinates the complete dealing makes sure everything runs swimmingly, and ensures the file closes on time.

We received a 6 June 1944 commission (we square measure authorized realty professionals) at closing. We tend to send you a check two times a month for $1,000 per emptor.

Affiliate Commissions: $1,000 per buyer (paid after 1st purchase)

2. Solutions Software Matrix

Located in Tampa, FL, sturdy Family Fund (SFF) has aided owners, Attorneys, Brokers, Agents, and/or alternative professionals with mortgage audits and monetary product and consulting services since 2007.


Solutions Software Matrix - Real Estate Affiliate Program

Advantages of becoming an Affiliate:

  • Vast payment options.
  • Helpful in Financial distress.
  • Big Commission Offered by them.
  • On retail, 45% commission offered.
  • The monthly commission sent on Fridays.
  • Top-notch affiliate resources/tools.

Other Benefits Included:

  • Free Software Downloads.
  • Access to Nationwide Law Firm.
  • Build a team that pays you monthly.
  • Learn what it means to be a Boss.

Affiliate Commission: Its commissions range from $59 to $1,190 per sale.

3. ForeclosureSearch.ca

Want to create cash with Canada’s #1 proceeding site?

Want to induce a chunk of the $29,678,414,400 dollar property online niche market?

So why not begin earning cash these days with our proven promoting system?

Earning cash with our ForeclosureSearch.ca Affiliate Program is simple.

We do all the work, and you earn money.

We do EVERYTHING – produce the product, host the product, handle downloads and client queries, and you get paid seventy-fifths of the sale by merely referring a traveler to America.

And we pay continual commission, too!

That’s right, you tend to be paid any time the member that you simply referred renews their subscription! FOR LIFE!

ForeclosureSearch ca Affiliate Program

Why be part of Our Affiliate Program?

Earn unbelievable five hundred and seventy-fifth commissions simply by recommending “ForeclosureSearch.ca” to people!

The ForeclosureSearch.ca membership sells like hotcakes, frequently achieving conversion rates of between a pair of and three (depending upon traffic quality).

Real-time statistics – Log in at any time to visualize the number and standing of your commissions!

We use cookies. Thus, you continue to receive your commission on customers who come to our website well when you refer them!

We solely link to our affiliate page at the bottom of the house page within the smallest font attainable.

You can begin earning cash simply minutes after the change of integrity as I offer banners, text ads, links, and articles to get you started quickly.

How will it work?

It could not be simpler! We’ve efficient our entire affiliate method to confirm simple use while still maintaining very correct affiliate chase. The method is as follows:

Visitor clicks on the Associate in Nursing affiliate link on your website or in the Associate in the Nursing email.

The guests’ science is logged, and a cookie is placed in their browser for chase functions.

The traveler browses our website and should commit to ordering.

If the traveler orders (the order needn’t be placed throughout an identical browser session–cookies and IPs are held on indefinitely), the order is going to be registered as a purchase for you.

We will review and approve the sale.

You will receive commission payouts.

That’s it! You send America business; we tend to send you money!

Affiliate Commissions:

Provides 50% -75% commission plus volume bonuses to 95%! Earn up to $148.50 per sale.

4. New Silver Lending

New Silver Lending is a technology-focused provider of short-term real estate loans.

Catering to the vast majority of states in the US, New Silver can be the perfect ally for property investors who appreciate speed, efficiency, and affordable rates.

New Silver Features

The company offers four different types of loans, namely:

1. Fix & Flip Loans: These are built for house flippers who need quick access to capital.

2. Rental Loans: This is a long-term loan spanning 30 years. It is ideal for buy-and-hold investors who need an affordable way to fund their investment properties.

3. Refinance Loans: If you already have a mortgage, this product allows you to cash out the equity that you have built up in your home. It can be a great way to access funds for property investing.

4. Ground Up Loans: These are intended for residential developers who need funding for new building projects.

How does the New Silver affiliate program work?

Simply put, you get paid $15 for every lead generated by your affiliate links. If you have access to an audience of real estate investors, the New Silver Affiliate Program could be a very good fit.

Bonus Feature:

In addition to fast and affordable loans, New Silver has also developed a free search engine for finding high- ROI investment properties called FlipScout.

 It allows you to predict the after-repair value of a property, pre-calculate renovation costs, and find rental properties with amazing potential for generating positive cash flow.

5. Home Referral Network

“In 1997, when my husband and I purchased our 1st home and saw “first hand” however tough it absolutely was to seek out reliable home improvement contractors, I came up with the thought for a home improvement contractor referral service that may pre-screen painters, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, etc. and refer them to native owners.

Contractors in my network agreed to pay me a commission on jobs secured and that I provided my referral service to owners.

It absolutely was a win-win, and in but six months, my business turned a profit! Better of all, I used to be ready to work from home.”

Homeowner Referral Network- Real Estate Affiliate Program

It will provide you with the liberty to:

  • Never worry concerning recessions.

In an up economy, owners are increasing and reworking. And, in an exceedingly down economy, they’re maintaining and renovating rather than moving homes. There’s virtually no economy within which the services of a decent contractor aren’t required.

Launch a profitable home-based business while not having high franchise fees.

This business isn’t a franchise. However, you get equivalent support while not paying high franchise fees or current royalty payments.

You reap the advantages of an already-proven business model; however, if you wish to alter it to suit the culture of your community, you’ve got the liberty to try.

  • Be your own boss.

I supply the maximum amount or as little support as you would like to induce your business to run with success, with HRN Business Packages for each level.

You’ll be able to launch your own business, have a versatile work schedule, and create a full-time financial gain from home with complete coaching and support!

HRN Affiliate Program:

  • Commissions start from $100 to $325 per sale!
  • Monthly write-up that includes distinctive content for your website.
  • There is a wide range of links and banners to choose from.
  • Immediate access to your account upon registration.
  • Comprehensive tools for the pursuit of sales, commissions, and traffic.
  • There is no value for you to become AN HRN affiliate.

Affiliate Commissions: Offers Range from $100 to $325 per sale.

6. RealEstateExpress.com

From our start in 1996 as a pioneer in online land education to 1 that currently serves tens of thousands of land professionals every year, we’ve stayed faithful to our mission to assist our customers in bringing home the bacon in their careers.

A McKissock company, we provide online land pre-license and post-license courses across a nationwide licensed platform. And that we give unequaled free steerage through our Career Hubs to launch and sustain a prosperous land career.

Real Estate Express - Real Estate Affiliate Program

Getting started:

  • Sign up

First, give info regarding your organization and your online resources within the application to join as a partner in the affiliate program.

  • Get Approved

Once approved, Land Specific can send you a link wherever you’ll access banners and logos to put on your website, similarly as read your organization’s stats and tools.

  • Earn Money

At the top of every month, you will receive a commission check if your website generated sales. You’ll conjointly see time period sales and earnings 24/7 in our secure partner portal.

How it works:

Earn twenty-fifths anytime a student purchases through the Partner Affiliate Program links on your website.

While different affiliate programs solely enable thirty days to convert a traveler into a client, land-specific provide you a hundred days.

Get the money you attained quickly as soon as you join the affiliate program.  Get your commission check fifteen days from every month finish.

Additional advantages:

Additional advantages of Real Estate Express includes:

1. Your students can receive a verified education program.

2. We maintain the location, courses, and certificates.

3. We look out for all technical issues.

4. Your knowledge is safe, secure, and offered 24/7.

7. Finishline Loans

Finish Line is a high merchandiser of athletic sneakers and kits with over 640+ stores within the U.S. and relationships with globally recognized brands like Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Under Armour, and others. However, you almost certainly already knew that.

What you almost certainly did not recognize is that End Line’s Affiliate Program was a Rakuten LinkShare Golden Link contender for Best New Publisher and Publisher’s selection. Or that it’s fully absolved from working with the North American country.

Have you perpetually needed to figure in sneakers and need secure pay with limitless potential? In fact, you do! Do the work, jazz right, and you may get paid, period?

One final thing…this program could be a partnership. We tend to be pretty much as good as our network. Therefore, line invests in ensuring our partners succeed in the North American country.

Finish Line - Real Estate Affiliate Program


No matter what you are doing, you mostly provide it your all and never execute. Every and each project is completed as if it had been your last.

Others might use shortcuts; however, you recognize that diligence and doing things the right can perpetually trump that.

What is “work” to others is “opportunity” to you? No one must drag you out of bed in the morning as a result of you already leaped out of it hours past.

You suspect nice work will be done once everyone is on board. Therefore, you surround yourself with only the most effective, and as a result, you expect nothing less.

We tend to be pretty much as good as our network. Therefore, line invests in ensuring our partners succeed in the North American country.

Whether you have elite-level content or an unending stream of updates, the goal is to convert shoppers to the World Health Organization, which is overpowered with data and scarce on attention.

During this day and age, the quantity of traffic you get represents however relevant you are.

How will the method WORK?

  • While the affiliate world could also be difficult (we hope we’ve cleared up a number of the confusion), the appliance method is truly quite easy.
  • Check out our Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions.
  • Sign up or Log In to your Rakuten LinkShare account.
  • Apply to the line Affiliate Program at intervals LinkShare.
  • Kickback as a result of you will get a notification if you create the cut.

Why us?

Your success: FinishLine Consulting is committed and constant to helping you meet your money desires. The cornerstone of our business is focused on serving to you.

We have a tendency to hold your hand from beginning to end. Your success is our success!

Our solution: we have a tendency to perceive the challenges of raising capital for tiny Business start-ups. We offer consultation on a way to get the funds you wish through artistic funding methods that assist you in establishing the money credit line you wish.

Implement: Once we’ve got government buy-in, we have a tendency to guide you and supervise the implementation method from beginning to end.

Efficiencies: we offer methods on a way to utilize your credit line to maximize your future credit accessibility while still paying the smallest {amount} amount of interest.

8. Mobile Homes Make Money System

You can be assured that you simply are representing one in every of the best investment courses on the market nowadays.

Members learn from this course a way to take advantage of associate degree business that represents about 100 percent of the housing market within the USA nowadays, and with little or no competition (think “Flip-This-House,” solely with Mobile Homes, and you’ve got the concept of what this course can teach the Members to profit from).

In addition, we offer in-progress support to our Members via the Member’s Forum as well as in-progress live coaching and support webinars.

Make a minimum of twenty-fifth commissions per sale of the manufactured home Mentor Course!

Not only are you able to be a part of our team and facilitate unfold the word concerning your favorite manufactured home Investment merchandise, but you’ll be rewarded for your efforts. Our system tracks referrals and pays high greenback for each new consumer you send our manner.

Mobile Homes Make Money Affiliate Program

You create twenty-fifths of each sale that comes from your Affiliate ID and 100 percent of your Sub-Affiliates sales.

The minimum quantity per sale to the first-tier Affiliate is twenty-fifth, and therefore the minimum quantity from second-tier Affiliates is 100 percent.

High Conversion Rate = extra money.

Our website and plans generate one of the best conversion rates within the business. Our high conversion rates mean that those who you send here have a lot of possibilities to shop for our merchandise.

After all, we will not prove that either; however, if you do not trust the United States, why would you like to refer individuals here?

How will it work?

It could not be simpler! We’ve efficient our entire affiliate method to make sure it is simple use, while still maintaining very correct trailing ways. the method is as follows:

  • Visitor clicks on associate degree affiliate link on your website or in associate degree email.
  • The guest’s scientific discipline is logged and a cookie is placed in their browser for trailing functions.
  • The traveler browses our website and will conceive to order.
  • If the traveler orders (the order needn’t be placed throughout constant browser session–cookies and IPs are held on indefinitely), the order is going to be registered as a purchase for you.

We will review and approve the sale:

Once the new Member’s purchase has gone on the far side of the 30-day, no-questions-asked-money-back-guarantee come-back amount, and there’s now not chance of a comeback from that new Member, then you’ll be eligible to receive the commission on its sale.

You will receive commission payouts on the thirtieth of each month (if your balance is a minimum of $50) via PayPal.

Rules and necessities:

1. We do have some basic ground rules for the program thus please browse before signing up:

2. All participants should have a PayPal account (in order to receive payouts).

3. All participants within the United States should enter a United States Social Security or remunerator ID variety. International customers merely enter “International” in this field.

4. You may NOT receive credit for referring yourself.

9. ReferZ

ReferZ- Real Estate Affiliate Program

Referz offers four ways in which to get income:

1. A purchaser or marketer requests a customized agent recommendation from Referz. It identifies you as the best agent to fulfill that clients would like.

It contacts you directly and provides you with the client’s contact data.

2. A purchaser or marketer contacts you directly through Referz.com.

3. Add a link to Referz.com on your website, Facebook page, blog, LinkedIn or email signature (anywhere really).

Once a shopper clicks through to it from your internet based mostly selling, chooses associate degree agent and a deal closes, you receive 2 hundredths of the entire gross commission received by the closing agent’s broker.

4. Sign in alternative agents with Referz.com. Those agents become your team.

If a person clicks on your team member’s selling to Referz.com, chooses associate degree agent and a deal closes, you receive five of the entire gross commission received by the closings agent’s broker.

Your team member receives 2 hundredths of the entire gross commission. In total, your team receives a twenty-fifth referral fee. Your team grows when you sign in a brand new agent.


Add a link to Referz.com on your website, Facebook page, blog, LinkedIn or email signature (anywhere really).

Once a shopper clicks through to Referz.com from your internet based mostly selling, chooses associate degree agent and a deal closes, you receive 200 of the entire gross commission received by the closing agent’s broker.

10. RoundSky

Round Sky, Inc. is a leading ad agency within the United States for a private loan and installment credit merchandise.

We provide easy to use trade-leading internet interface that enables for a period of time lead transfer acquisition and sales.

We have a tendency to work with various cluster of direct consumer loans, installment credit, and storefront lenders across the United States and deliver to them the particular leads that meet their distinctive criteria.

With high-level experience in specific monetary verticals, we have a tendency to perceive the wants of each our lead sellers and lead consumers.

Installment Loan Publisher Program - Round Sky

Leverage our purchasing power and permit the United States to buy your leads in a period of time.

Whether or not your company is associate degree fully fledged lead marketer veteran or you are simply getting into the house, adding spherical Sky to your side as a lead vendee will add important revenue to your bottom line.

  • Fantastic Service & On-Time Payments
  • We pay weekly net-14 if you generate over $1,000/week.
  • Get paid by ACH, Check, PayPal, or Wire.
  • Login interface for you to envision your stats.
  • No shaving, no cleaning, no hassles.

Affiliate Commissions: It varies by offer.

11. HomeAway

HomeAway, Inc. is with over one million paid listings of vacation rental homes in one hundred ninety countries, is the world’s leading marketplace for vacation rentals.

It offers an intensive choice of vacation homes that offer travelers with unforgettable experiences and edges, as well as additional space to relax and intercalary privacy, for fewer than the value of ancient building accommodations.

Join the program nowadays to be able to begin earning commissions for HomeAway North American country, Canada, Mexico, Luxury.HomeAway.com, and VacationRentals.com!

Affiliate Program - HomeAway Vacation Rentals

Program Terms:

Earn $20 commission once a brand new owner lists their domicile for free of charge

Earn 2-3% commission on on-line approved booking requests

Affiliate edges:

  • Large inventory
  • We square measure a world leader in vacation rentals with over two million properties.
  • Tracking and news
  • Third-party pursuit, a period of time news, and monthly commission checks.
  • API integration
  • Seamless listing integration together with your website through our Partner API.

12. For Sale By Owner

Become a ForSaleByOwner.com business partner! Earn cash and boost traffic with the ForSaleByOwner.com affiliate selling the program.

Supply your guests the most effective assets services on cyberspace and create cash too. Bring interested parties who are looking to sell their home and receive a commission from the most reputable brand in the FSBO industry.

As a member of our affiliate selling the program, you’ll earn unlimited commissions whereas linking your guests to our website. And again, we provide the foremost comprehensive suite of assets services out there on the net.

You’ll receive a commission for each listing on ForSaleByOwner.com that’s said the U.S.A. from your site!

Real Estate Affiliate - ForSaleByOwner

We provide our publishers with progressive freelance pursuit and payment. once you check in you get:

  • Sophisticated time period pursuit.
  • Real-time Reports.
  • Monthly Check.
  • Publishers Services Support.

How much can I make?

You can earn 25% on every sale.

What’s A Real Estate Affiliate Program?

A Real Estate Affiliate Program is a partnership framework where affiliates (individuals or companies) earn commissions by promoting real estate products, services, or platforms and generating leads or sales through their referral links.

These programs are part of broader affiliate marketing strategies, which are prevalent across various industries.

What Can I Promote With A Real Estate Affiliate Program?

1. Real Estate Listings and Marketplaces: Affiliates may earn commissions by referring sellers, buyers, or renters to listing websites or online marketplaces.

2. Real Estate Investment Platforms: Some programs focus on investments, allowing affiliates to promote platforms where users can invest in real estate projects or buy shares in properties.

3. Real Estate Educational Courses: Affiliates can also promote courses and training programs aimed at real estate professionals or investors looking to enhance their knowledge and skills.

4. Real Estate Software and Tools: This includes CRM systems, lead generation tools, and other software solutions designed to streamline various real estate operations.

5. Real Estate Investment Opportunities: You can promote platforms that offer real estate investment opportunities, including crowdfunding real estate investments, REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts), and companies that allow for direct investment in residential or commercial properties.

6. Real Estate Legal and Financial Services: Services such as legal consultation, mortgage brokerage, home insurance, and home warranty programs can also be promoted. These are essential for buyers, sellers, and investors navigating the complexities of real estate transactions.

7. Home Products and Services: While not directly related to buying or selling properties, you can also promote home improvement products, interior design services, home staging companies, and smart home technology, which appeal to homeowners and property investors looking to enhance property value.

Affiliates typically promote these products or services through their websites, blogs, social media channels, or email marketing campaigns.

They use unique tracking links provided by the real estate affiliate program to monitor the actions (clicks, leads, sales) generated from their referrals. Commissions are earned based on the agreed-upon terms, which could be a set fee for leads, a percentage of a sale, or other performance metrics.

This type of affiliate program is beneficial for both the affiliates and the companies offering the programs.

Affiliates have the opportunity to monetize their audience and content by connecting them with relevant real estate services, while companies expand their reach and customer base with a cost-effective, performance-based marketing strategy.

When engaging with real estate affiliate programs, it’s crucial to choose programs that align with your audience’s interests and needs and to promote products and services transparently and ethically, providing real value to your followers.

FAQs On Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs

👀Who can join a Real Estate Affiliate Program?

Anyone with a platform that can attract potential real estate buyers, sellers, investors, or professionals can join. This includes bloggers, content creators, real estate educators, and website owners who have content related to real estate or a related niche.

❓ How do I find Real Estate Affiliate Programs to join?

You can find these programs by searching directly on real estate platforms, using affiliate network websites, or checking out listings on affiliate program directories. Look for programs that align with your audience's interests and needs.

🤷‍♀️How much can I earn with Real Estate Affiliate Programs?

Earnings vary widely depending on the program's commission structure, the price of the product or service, and your ability to generate traffic and conversions. Some programs offer a percentage of sales, while others offer fixed amounts for leads or sales.

✔How do I promote my affiliate links effectively?

Promote your affiliate links through quality content that provides value to your audience. This can include blog posts, social media updates, email marketing, and videos. Always disclose your affiliate relationship to maintain transparency and trust with your audience.

💁‍♀️How do I track my performance in a Real Estate Affiliate Program?

Affiliate programs typically provide a dashboard where you can track your clicks, conversions, and earnings. Use this data to optimize your marketing strategies and improve your promotional efforts.

Quick Links:

Conclusion: 12 Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs 2024

This niche has earning potential. The commission’s area unit is definitely worth the effort. However, as I have mentioned antecedently, this niche needs tons of analysis.

There are masses to find out and tons of technical data to travel through also. However, the market is large, and demand is unquestionably high.

Of course, once it involves competition, expect it to be fierce in this niche. You may want a decent strategy to induce the previous remainder.

And thereupon, I conclude this week’s Niche of the Week. I hope you enjoyed it! Do not forget to share it through any of the Share buttons below!

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