Reasons why should You Consider Using Plagiarism Checker

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Who doesn’t want to read informative and fresh content? Though, there are many websites who offer unique texts, a few often gets penalized by Google for posting duplicate content. Being a web surfer you may have come across same content on different sites. When a writer copies an entire content, words or structure and post it under his/her authorship, it is commonly known as plagiarism.

This is an offense in the eyes of Google, which is why algorithm checks are continuously updated to penalize such sites. However, not always the writers do it intentionally and this is evident from the act of self-plagiarism.

Consider Using Plagiarism Checker

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Creating articles on the same topic regularly can be monotonous and therefore, writers can often fall short of words and ideas. And thus unknowingly they end up repeating the words they have written in their previous articles.

Scan through the below mentioned domains to understand the effects of plagiarism:

  • Affect the reputation of the site, which poses a negative impact on the business’ sales.
  • Web surfers or learners lose interest in reading similar articles. In order to help your visitors get proper information, your site’s content should be qualitative. Not only plagiarism issue affect your site’s reputation, but delivering low quality articles has the same impact.

However, writers often use proverbs to compose a good quality article. Will that be plagiarized as well? The answer is no unless citation or quote and unquote is used to show the reference. Now the question is how you will solve check whether your article is plagiarized or not. And here comes the plagiarism checkers handy.

Ensure to pass each of your articles through one of these tools to detect the status of your content. This way you can make sure that you aren’t passing on or posting a duplicate content.

Read on to know the reasons why to use a plagiarism checker

  • Shows the percentage of the copied document. Detecting a duplicate content can be very intimidating for a writer, especially when it is unintentional as it questions his or her creativity. Henceforth, it becomes very important to know the percentage of plagiarism. And these checkers do exactly so.
  • Highlights the sentences that have been copied, thereby enabling you to make changes easily.
  • Compare the present text with the original one.
  • A few of such tools have the ability to check the paraphrases
  • Work as a proof that your content is not plagiarized

The way the World Wide Web has made plagiarism easier, similarly it has made possible to allow these checkers to be developed. And therefore these should be used appropriately to solve the issue of generating copied content in the search engines.

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