12 Reasons Why You Are Not Making Money Online With Twitter

In This Post, We’ll Look At The Reasons Why You Are Not Making Money Online With Twitter.

You are utterly disgusted with Twitter. You busted your booty for 5 hours yesterday on the microblogging platform. You open up your Gmail account. You see 1 opt-in.

I know how you feel. This situation explains many days for me, for a number of months. I failed to make money online because I never addressed the fact that I made no money online.

This sounds silly, right? It is not silly. No way. Until you decide to be honest with yourself expect to fail horribly. I played every game in the book, ignoring my inbox, conning myself into believing I used effective, proven strategies to prosper.

Yet when I checked my bank account, or PayPal account, or Gmail inbox, I was met by a chorus of crickets.

The Pain Was Too Much for Me

The pain became too much for me to handle. I quit using Twitter. I felt using the network was a waste of time. I blamed Twitter for my failures, not realizing that the craftsmen, and not the tool, were at fault.

Finally, I chose to be free. I admitted to myself that I struggled horribly to even make a few bucks using the social network. I mean, I had over 10,000 followers on the social network. I was screwing up somewhere.

Being truthful with myself stung my ego. Then I felt amazing. I felt free. No longer did I lie to me. This was the first step in solving my nightmarish problem.

Why You Are Not Making Money Online With Twitter?

Why You Are Not Making Money Online With Twitter

1 – You Lie to Yourself

“Ryan, you have such a massive following. How did you attract so many followers?”

Hearing this question pissed me off. I congratulated myself on one hand then observed the number of cash gifting leads or overall business I generated through twitter and became angry. I masked the anger with a smile, then tried to con myself into believing I successfully used the network each day.

My opt-ins generated through twitter said different. So did my engagement stats. I failed horribly. I struggled. Avoid my mistake if you too con yourself into thinking you use the website effectively.

Solution: Honestly assess whether twitter generates cash for you. If you struggle to generate revenue through your twitter efforts admit this fact. Then you can move forward to correct the error.

2 – You Never Engage

Sometimes I receive messages from folks that my account has been hacked, because I am sending out so many tweets. This is because I @reply to many folks daily. I did go through stretches where I engaged like once a day, but I sent out 50 or more automated tweets.

Bad news. People hate bots. If you never engage you are not a person, you are a bot. People hate joining up under bots, so money sprints away from you.

Solution: Engage. Be personable. Prosper.

3 – You Veer off Topic too Much

Picture walking into a doctor’s office. After stepping into his or her room for a diagnosis the MD starts talking about law. You are confused. You visited a doctor to become healed, but now he or she sounds like a lawyer. Strange, confusing. You leave the office immediately.

Imagine if you bill yourself as someone who helps people make money online but your stream covers 101 different topics. Confusing.

Solution: Stay on topic. Tweet primarily about your area of expertise.

4 – You Try to Make Money Online with Twitter

You Try to Make Money Online with Twitter

Notice how many tweeters send out squeeze page after sales page after capture page after business page tweets? This crowd desperately attempts to make money with Twitter. Money flows to people who create value and build nurturing relationships on twitter.

Sending out your business pages all day scares off followers and money, too.

Solution: Stop trying to make money. Start sharing valuable blog posts and building relationships by engaging frequently.

5 – You Never Retweet

Greedy people stink. Greedy people rarely make money on twitter. Example of a greedy person: someone who never retweets other tweeters. Help out your fellow tweeters. Expand their presence by retweeting individuals frequently. Once you retweet folks persistently you are viewed in a generous light, attract a large following and prosper.

Solution: Retweet people early and often.

6 – You Are a Ghost (No Picture)

The other day I received a phone call from a top earner (an alleged top earner, at least). He refused to share his last name with me. I asked him, “What are you hiding?”

I told him that going into business with someone who would not provide their last name – so I could research them online, checking out their twitter and Facebook accounts – was like meeting a prospective business partner wearing a bag over their head offline.

Imagine walking into Starbucks to meet a potential business partner or coach and you are greeted by a person wearing a paper bag over their head? Now log into your twitter account. Observe how many avatars are blank, or how many people refuse to post a picture of themselves. Major league mistake.

Solution: Post a smiling headshot of yourself. Give people a chance to trust you.

7 – You Never Tweet

You Never Tweet

As of this minute I have tweeted 228, 481 tweets. I have attracted over 23,000 followers because I tweet quite a bit. I have tweeted daily over the past 3 years, despite the fact that I have traveled to Bali, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam during this time frame.

If you never tweet people forget about you quickly. Imagine a daily newspaper which decides to post once a week despite going against other daily newspapers. Doomed.

Solution: Stay in the stream. Tweet at least 10 or more times daily.

8 – You Ignore Branding Opportunities

After traveling Southeast Asia for a bit I could share my story. One day I took a picture of Hidden Beach in Bali, one of the most breath-taking spots on the face of the earth. I immediately used the snapshot as my twitter banner.

If you refuse to brand yourself you never stand out from the crowd. If you never stand out from the crowd you never make money online. Brand yourself.

Solution: Yes, again, brand yourself. Be you. Build a banner based on your brand, or what you do.

9 – You Never Sell the Dream

I was a fool for a long time. I tweeted about the features of our home based business team. Little did I know that nobody really cares about features. Nobody goes to bed at night dreaming about 127 training videos in a back office. People dream about traveling the world.

I proceeded to tweet about me traveling the world, making money online, living the internet lifestyle. My twitter opt ins increased.

Solution: Sell the dream, not features of some online business opportunity, when tweeting.

10 – You Never Check DMs

I have generated quite a few opt ins through DMs. I have follow a bunch of folks and still check my DMs daily. You should too. At least if you wish to make money online through the platform.

Solution: Check your direct messages daily. Even if 9 out of 10 messages are spam.

11 – You Waste Your Time with Non-Essential Tasks

You Waste Your Time with Non-Essential Tasks

Spending more than 5 seconds of your day un-following folks is silly. Spend those 5 same seconds sending a kind “Thank You” tweet to a  generous retweeter. You achieve more on twitter by doing what matters and releasing on what does not matter.

12 –  You Spend No Time in Personal Development Daily

Guys, you WILL ignore reasons 1-11, lying to yourself, unless you spend 30 minutes or more daily meditating, visualizing, affirming or praying. The outside success mirrors your inner thinking.

Most of us are raised with really weird and damaging ideas about making money, planted into our minds by parents, brothers or sisters, other relatives or society in general.

Spend 30 minutes to 60 minutes each day working on your mental tools to uproot silly ideas about making money – online or offline – and you follow good money-making advice immediately.

Solution: Spend 30 minutes or more daily on personal development.

The Best Solution for Struggling Tweeters

The Best Solution for Struggling Tweeters

Make as many good friends as possible by retweeting frequently. Engage users. Use first names to develop intimate connections with tweeters.

Write helpful, practical blog posts addressing big problems from within your niche. Tweet these blog posts.

Be active on Twitter. Stay in the stream. Money flows through your Twitter account by focusing on creating value and making good friends with as many people as possible each day.

Your Turn

Do you make money through your Twitter efforts?

What tips can you add to this list?

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