Rebrandly Review 2023: Why Should You Choose It?

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As a business professional and a marketer, branding your links is a must, because if your links are generic, no one would recognize it because it is just a bunch of gibberish letters and numbers. That’s where you’ll need a professional app or network that marks your links to keep people clicking on it and recognizing it.

Of course, those super-long links will be shortened, no more boring, just too long hyperlinks. If you’re a Personal Branding supporter then use this as it’s a must-have for branding experts. If you’re looking for something like this then Rebrandly is just the right app to do stuff!

What is Rebrandly?

Rebrandly is the best way of creating, exchanging, and handling branded ties. We give businesses and individuals the possibility to use a particular domain name of their choice to mark and shorten the links that they share. A branded link is unforgettable, pronounceable, and completely customizable.


Rebrandly is for anyone wanting to build and maintain connexions online, from individuals to businesses. They enhance confidence in the connexion and can help increase the click-through rate by up to 39 percent compared to generic short URLs. We believe that you deserve the ability to put your mark on your links.

Tools and features you can use!

Rebrandly is a lot more than just a professional solution to use shortened URLs for multiple usage cases including CTAs, social sharing and multiple landing pages. So, here is a quick run through of the various key tools and features that Rebrandly brings to the table for you!

  • Workplace and teammates

Set up folders where members of the same team can join together to collaboratively view and manage branded link sets.

Rebrandly-Workplace & Teammates

  • Multiple Domain names

Connect and manage multiple custom domain names in one dashboard which represent your brand.

Rebrandly-Multiple Domain Names

  • Customized analytics

Build, schedule, and send custom reports based on traffic received from your branded links.

Rebrandly-Customized analytics

  • Traffic routing and deep linking

Send visitors to particular landing pages or guide them to your mobile app based on their location, browser, language of browsing and other parameters.

Rebrandly-Traffic routing and deep linking

  • Link targeting

Fire retargeting pixels directly from your branded links, connect users in social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, AdWords etc to your retargeting lists.

Rebrandly-Link targeting

  • Dedicated onboarding

Get advice from a committed account manager assisting with Rebrandly to optimise your return on investment.

Rebrandly-Dedicated onboarding

  • Account management

Get instant help with initial setup and import existing links with the assistance of our expert team. 

Rebrandly-Account management

What all can you do with Rebrandly?

Rebrandly is being used by everyone in our company that is creating social media content. The business issue that it tackles is the development of shortened, trackable and branded ties.

Businesses would like to know detailed details concerning mutual ties based on where they are mutual, such as:

  • How many clicks it got?
  • How much traffic it sent?
  • The quality of the traffic
  • Have the ability to add tracking pixels to the links when they are not to our properties.

Rebrandly-What can you do

Post-campaign-based connexions are made simpler, particularly in Inbound campaigns using HubSpot, which is how we usually work with your clients.

It helps companies to have one portal to give them access to their friends who want to attend the event.

Also the Rebrandly links are embedded in NFC tags used to support their connexions.

Who all should use Rebrandly?

Rebrandly is extremely stable and is well-suited for any business. And businesses with an existing website can still use an external marketing channel. This is certainly a viable option for emerging companies, small companies and mid-sized enterprises. Likewise, even big corporations can benefit from Rebrandly ‘s tools and performance.

Rebrandly is the right app for everyone

  • Wants branded short URLs
  • Wants to use UTM tracking on their links, but doesn’t want to manually write the UTM strings
  • Wants to add tracking pixels on those shortened links
  • Wants an easy way to track the success of shared links. 

Plans & Subscriptions

Rebrandly is a budget software for anyone who looking for a professional solution to use shortened URLs and more. It currently offers 5 packages, which includes 1 free plan and 4 paid plans to choose from.


Free Starter Pro Premium Enterprise
Price $29 per month $69 per month $499 per month Custom
Fast Redirects Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Clicks tracked per month 5,000 25,000 150,000 15,00,000 Custom
Total branded links 500 5,000
(Then $3 per month each 1000)
(Then $3 per month each 1000)
(Then $3 per month each 1000)
Custom Domain names 5 5
(Then $5 per month)
(Then $5 per month)
(Then $5 per month)
Custom reports per month 31
(Then $5 per month)
Active teammates 10
(Then $15 per month)

**Visit the Rebrandly pricing section on their official website to learn more about their plans and features involved.

PROS & CONS to notice!

It’s always important for you as a customer to know about all the merits and shortcomings of any product or service you are going to pay for. So, here are some quick pros and cons of Rebrandly that you should know about.


  • If you want to use your own domain, Rebrandly is a very welcome alternative as shortener.
  • The opportunity to build fantastic looking short links for social media or written content to share. Also, the device is relatively easy to install and attach to your current domain name.
  • Rebrandly deserves every credit for its innovative branded URL+ retargeting features that are key to content marketing.
  • Rebrandly offers the best overall experience for anyone looking for an easy, meaningful short link solution to create and track.


  • One thing I hate about Rebrandly, it’s hard to find the term.
  • If you are sending links to authors, and the line underneath to move it to a Rebrandly connection is somewhat aggravating. You don’t want to have a custom short link on everything.
  • There is no option for the Safari extension, just a bookmarklet to build branded links.

Quick Links:


Why do we recommend Rebrandly? 5 REASONS

Rebrandly is an overall solid software if you are looking for a professional solution to use shortened URLs for multiple usage cases including CTAs, social sharing and multiple landing pages. So, now that we have almost reached the end of this review, let us give you 5 reasons as to why we recommend you to use Rebrandly for your business’s brand scaling purposes.

  • Easy from the GET-GO!

Facile to embark. Easy to use. Optimized Buying and Managing Short Domain. Nothing extra in the interface. Even if you have several brands, buying shortened URL domain, setting up redirects, and building links would take less than half an hour to get.

  • Editing links made easier than ever!

For any URL this is really easy to use and to build new, rebranded links. You can also edit those links so if your target changes you will be able to update the advertised link to the new goal URL and not have to change the one you use.

  • Create and use catchy short links!

The ability to make great looking short links on social media or printed material to share. Even the device was relatively easy to configure and to connect to my current domain name. You get the opportunity to buy more domains directly from them, too. Probably the best feature of this product was being able to use my current URL and create a custom version.

  • Edit the URLs and print them anywhere!

To keep them up to date, you can easily edit custom URLs without breaking an existing connexion that has been sent or printed out. You can have business cards printed that have to change the URL that is linked.

  • Perfect branding solution for everyone!

It’s perfect for those small businesses that don’t have much working capital. The pricing is rational and dependent on demand, honestly. Rebrandly has several reasonably priced platforms in place to support continuous growth once the requisite capital is made. To meet more potential customers, you can use it for an external marketing and branding tool.


Rebrandly has made sharing links on social media so much simpler, and particularly through printed materials. Given that the links are shorter and easier to read, typing them in is much easier for people. It has been really necessary and useful for our company to transform long referral urls into quick, easy-to-read url.

If you are looking for a professional solution to use shortened URLs for multiple usage cases including CTAs, social sharing and multiple landing pages, as well as campaign-based content for tracking and attribution means that it also adds to the brand, then Rebrandly is the one-stop solution for your business!

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