(Updated) RedTrack Review 2020 | Should You Go For It? ( Why 8 Stars?)

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  • Redirects are always fast and reports are always real-time
  • Advanced and powerful distributed infrastructure
  • You can use custom domains for your tracking needs
  • Create multiple streams for traffic distribution


  • Only 1 custom domain is allowed in Starter Plan

Over the past decade, Affiliate marketing has been the fastest growing form of internet marketing but has also faced numerous obstacles when it came to technologies for affiliate tracking and management. While setting up an Affiliate marketing campaign seems easy, the following series of events and ups & downs becomes tricky to understand because affiliate marketing is all about market fluctuations and trends.

There has been a growing need for tools and platforms that affiliate marketers and online business owners to monitor, understand, predict and handle the ups and downs of their affiliate marketing campaigns. Many platforms have been developed to suffice this purpose, but only a few have been successful with it.

RedTrack.io has upped the game by designing and developing a platform that allows affiliate marketers and media buyers to tackle complex performance tracking and data using a single, agile tool that scales and adapts as they grow.

RedTrack FAQs

➡️What is RedTrack?

Basically, RedTrack is a reliable ad tracking solution for media buyers. It also offers real-time access right to ad tracking, impressions, clicks, conversions across multiple channels & 30 data points and more.

✅Does RedTrack Offer Any Free Trial?

Yes! RedTrack offers 14-days Free Trial that you can use in order to try their services for free.

📌What Makes RedTrack Better Than Other Platform?

RedTrack offers more value than its competitors because it is more affordable and offers real-time access to ads tracking, impressions, clicks, conversions right across multiple channels and more than 30 data points.

In this post, we have done RedTrack that includes detailed insights pricing, features, functionality and more. Let’s get started here.

RedTrack Review 2020: Should You Go For It Or Not?? (Honest Review)

About RedTrack.io:

RedTrack.io is an international and leading affiliate marketing platform that facilitates tracking & analytics. The platform was founded in Lithuania in 2015 and was designed with the objective of helping affiliates and media buying teams around the world get higher ROI.

The service offers numerous powerful tools like Affiliate marketing tracker and analytics platform that helps affiliates and media buying teams to get a higher return on investment. The platform supports all the advance modes of data deployment including Cloud, SaaS, Web, etc.

RedTrack Review - Affiliate campaign tracking

RedTrack has been praised globally particularly for their prompt and comprehensive customer support and training for guiding customers through problematic twists and turns. Training features include training via Documentation and Live Online training.

Users can reach out to the customer support team during business hours, online and even contact for a 24/7 Live Representation and demo.

RedTrack Highlight features

The bunch of features RedTrack possesses can be simply defined as “Sophisticated technology, made easy to use”.

  • SaaS

Forget about hardware. Focus on campaign performance and say “goodbye” to server maintenance.

  • Autoscale

RedTrack redirects are always fast and reports are always real-time. 1 click develops into a million clicks in no time! Stop losing the traffic you paid for.

  • Geo-balancing

RedTrack boasts of an advanced and powerful distributed infrastructure designed to support your campaigns with some predictable performance across multiple GEOs.


  • AI-Smartlinks

Each click based on past performance can be distributed using data Al-based algorithms ensuring maximum ROI.

  • Custom Domains

You can use custom domains for your tracking needs and manage your traffic with your rules. More so, you don’t have to pay any extra fees if you need lots of them.

  • LP Pixel

Split test or rotate offers even for direct traffic with LP tracking pixels.

  • Custom Dashboards

Custom Dashboards allow you to access important aspects like accessing group data across multiple variables and save for easy access. This helps you efficiently drill-down reports to find winning combinations.

  • Smart Streams

You can create multiple streams for traffic distribution based on pre-set and custom parameters from a simple A/B split test to a complex rule system.

Why should you use RedTrack?

RedTrack.io has been globally recognized as one of the best and easy-to-use tools for affiliate & performance campaign tracking and analytics. RedTrack is backed by Affise, one of the international leaders in performance marketing software. This backup expertise and reputation powers RedTrack to deliver functionality and user experience for experts and starters alike.

RedTrack Review - Easy To Use Affiliate Tracking software

RedTrack is known to be a tool that is feature rich yet user-friendly for all levels of experiences, whether a beginner or expert. Let me tell you quick and to the point, what benefits you can get by integrating RedTrack to your affiliate marketing campaigns.

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For Starters

You don’t need to panic if you are a beginner. RedTrack offers just the right tools with easy learning curves to make you feel expert in no time. The platform offers a state of the art Affiliate Campaign tracker that is damn smooth and easy to use. The tool is fast and gets instantly up and running once set up.

There are no servers required whatsoever and you will get fast redirects worldwide. Furthermore, you get so play with their highly customizable templates, presets, etc. and get on the go video instructions.

For Experts

If you are an expert and know the moves in the Affiliate playground, then RedTrack will help you efficiently scale up your campaigns. Features like Auto-scaling, Geo-balancing, API access, LP protection, etc. ensure your campaigning figures are over the roof.

The tracking and analytics tools are highly flexible and user-friendly with Custom domains, Filter & Clocking, AI optimized smart-links and more.

RedTrack Plans & Pricing

RedTrack.io is one of the most reasonably priced platforms in its class and sports the most cost effective tools and features. With plans starting at just $29.00 per month, it will nicely suit your budget and requirements.

The platform offers users to choose from 4 different prices according to their budget and requirements. Each plan is priced differently according to the features they offer.

RedTrack Review - Pricing


Price: $29.00 per month

  • 300,000 events
  • 06 / k overcharge
  • Pro support
  • 3 Custom Domains
  • LP Pixel
  • API


Price: $79.00 per month

  • 3,000,000 events
  • 04 / k overcharge
  • Pro support
  • Unlimited custom domains
  • LP Pixel
  • API


Price: $399.00 per month

  • 15,000,000 events
  • 034 / k overcharge
  • Pro support
  • Unlimited custom domains
  • LP Pixel
  • API


Price: $939.00 per month

  • 50,000,000 events
  • 027 / k overcharge
  • Pro support
  • Unlimited custom domains
  • LP Pixel
  • API

Free Version

Apart from the plans mentioned above, RedTrack further offers a free subscription plan with 50,000 events month. Signing up for this plan is ABSOLUTELY FREE and only email is required. The best part is that you can upgrade when you need.

Custom Plan

Another interesting feature that RedTrack offers is that users can also create a custom plan. All you need to do is ring them +1-347-732-2691 or email to [email protected]


For more information regarding their plans, pricing, features, overview and customizations, visit the RedTrack official website.

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CONCLUSION – RedTrack Review | Should You Go For It??

RedTrack has the core set of features for a demanding affiliate or performance marketer. The tool constantly evolves to reflect the change in performance marketing practices and requirements. You get to handle your own custom dashboard to access all valuable information and actions.

Dashboard - Redtrack io

On the financial front, RedTrack is reasonably priced to suit your wallet and serve your requirements at the same time. You can even create a custom plan by consulting their support team. The analytics tool is powerful enough to help you monitor, understand, predict and handle the ups and downs of your affiliate marketing campaigns.

So if you want to monitor your affiliate marketing campaign without any hassles, the RedTrack is the right tool to use!


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