Interview With Reekita Gala | Founder Of Virtual Marketing Revolution (VMR)

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1.First of all, thanks a lot for coming on my blog, you made my day by accepting my interview request. Tell me something about yourself & your educational background.

Thanks for inviting me on your blog. Well, I have been working in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Space past 5 years. And have been in business operations and marketing industry past 15 years. I have completed my Bachelors in Psychology and Bachelors in Commercial Arts and Advertising. I have also completed Master of Science in Project Management with Finance. Along with my Bachelors and Masters, I have also completed a couple of technical courses for programming and Digital & Social Media Marketing Diploma.

2. How did you enter into digital marketing? Any motivator behind you?

I was always inclined towards creativity and my family has always been in Business past 30 years. So seeing my family business growing, I saw Marketing was the key for successful business and growing business. So, that’s how I started learning about Marketing, Ads Creation and Understanding Customer’s Psychology.  

So, my true motivation for what I do has been my father’s business and his success and I entered into Marketing past 15 years and got more inclined toward creating new strategies and implementing technologies for marketing to enhance consumer experiences.

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3. Are there any blogs and marketers you follow?

Honestly, I don’t follow any marketers as I see everyone writing and teaching old strategies that is not going to be working within the next 1 or 2 years.

I use to follow a couple of top marketers like Neil, Gary and a couple more. But stopped following everyone as what they teach makes me feel I cannot apply with new technologies. So I started creating my own concepts, own strategies and new ways of marketing. Although, I do not follow them I still keep tracking them closely to know where they are leading their followers and what they are missing to implement within my strategies.

4. What is your biggest success in making money online?    

Success is different for me. I don’t believe only online strategy works anymore where consumers are attacked by 100’s of competitors. I am a marketer who believes in creating experiences and bridging online and offline channels of marketing using AR technology. So it has always been omni-channel marketing strategies. And I have had almost 30 to 40% conversions with my strategies using AR.

5. How you are building relationships with your customers? How you make them stick to your platform?

I connect with my customer’s personally using AR technology and also available on social media platforms. I always prefer having human touch in digital world, so I am always available on FB Messenger to answer any questions of my customers along with bots on my business page and make sure that they are interacting with humans along with bots.

6. How important is social media and SEO for someone’s business to succeed in today’s competitive world?

In today’s digital era every channel is important to acquire and retain leads. Social media platforms are where customers are hanging out and SEO is where customers go to find more information. So I strongly suggest businesses use SEO for helping your customers find your business and connect with them on social media platforms.  We have worked in the healthcare and aesthetic field as we use augmented reality technology for procedures such as Rhinoplasty so patients can visualize their procedures ahead of time.

7. How to get prepared for next Google updates and stay safe?

To be prepared for next updates of Google, businesses must start integrating Voice based SEO, Create 3D models of products, Start learning about how to use AR for creating creative and enhancing ads to attract and retain customers.

8. How you invest your money you earned. What is the best investment advice you would like to give?

I am a strong believer in GIVING. So I always donate 30% of my earnings to various charities and 30% I save for future and 40% I reinvest in growing my business like hiring right skills to get more work done, marketing, productivity tools, and other business operations.


I always suggest to donate whatever % you feel appropriate and be a purpose-oriented company. Save at least 20% for family and rest keep investing to grow or scale your business.

9. Do you read books to motivate yourself? Which books you read for encouraging yourself?

Well I do read, but not books. I love reading patents to keep myself ahead and on top of cutting-edge technologies. I feel patents are the best place to grow vision and think out of the box. CREATIVITY is what keeps me motivated. If I stop being creative and thinking out of the box then I get depressed.


I am a futuristic person, creative and visionary person. I need to learn about future trends to keeps myself pushing towards my goals and be the best in the market to provide new strategies for marketing.

10. If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Start Learning about new technologies specially Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Data Science, Blockchain and AI. They are the Present and Future of Mobile Marketing and Enhancing Customer Experiences to Increase Sales. Take courses on how to apply or implement these technologies. I am not suggesting to learn coding or anything technical but start learning from a Leader or Manager’s Point of View. You can start learning about new technologies following me on FB or taking a course I have developed for leaders and managers on

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