Tenorshare ReiBoot Review With Discount Coupon 2020: Save Upto 70%

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  • ReiBoot gives you one-click problem fixing options
  • It will take just a few minutes to solve any problem
  • Very easy to enter and exit recovery mode
  • User-friendly Interface
  • 1 click to get iphone out of recovery mode when the device gets stuck, no data loss.
  • Download and install the latest firmware package to fix Apple logo and bootloop stuck.
  • Repair iOS system to fix iPhone black screen issue without losing data
  • When iPhone screen frozen, ReiBoot can reboot it to normal quickly after system repairin


  • It will take some time while connecting to a Windows PC for the first time

If you are also having some issues, you are going to love the software that I am sharing with you today. It’s called Tenorshare ReiBoot, and it is outstanding amongst other outsider iOS tools, I have used in a while.

You know the best part about owning an iPhone in the past has been the way that it never dies on you. And no dying I don’t mean that it never comes up short on battery, what I mean is that you don’t need to face programming issues, for example, your iPhone stuck in a boot circle, recovery mode, or simply stuck at the Apple logo when restarting the phone.

However, since the dispatch of iOS 11, iOS has turned out to be too buggy, and I have been facing every one of these issues on my own iPhone. While I realize that I can easily get it fixed by simply walking into an Apple Store, I would prefer not to make a trip every time my iPhone begins misbehaving, which is going on a lot in the ongoing months.


Tenorshare ReiBoot Review With Discount Coupon 2020: Save Upto 70% Now (100% Verified)

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About Tenorshare : Tenorshare ReiBoot Review 2020

First, we will talk about Tenorshare which is an international software company founded in 2007. They have made too many award-winning and highly-rated branded software products. They only employ the most talented builders to create high-level products.

Tenorshare Review- Smartphone Solutions

The main focus of Tenorshare is Data Security and System Fixes for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac platforms and core technology study. They provide their users with solutions for data recovery, device content management, system repair, password recovery, and other

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practical mobile phone and computer essentials. Today, Tenorshare’s products and services are more reliable than any other company and it is trusted by more than 10 million users worldwide. ReiBoot is one of the most popular products of Tenorshare.

What is ReiBoot?

ReiBoot is the best iOS system fixing software currently accessible in the market. It allows you to fix any basic or advanced issues on any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The common issues looked at by iDevices clients are Apple logo stuck, the screen doesn’t turn on, dark screen, and etc. To fix any of these issues on your iOS gadget, you can use ReiBoot Pro Download for Windows in your gadget. It is a PC based programming application that enables you to fix issues on your iDevice. It is perfect with the two Windows and Mac PCs. Download the ReiBoot Pro for both Mac or Windows version considering the PC platform you are using.

ReiBoot Review- ReiBoot

There are numerous different iOS fixing tools out there in the market. Any of this software is fit for entering and exiting the recovery mode of iOS gadgets. But if you need to fix a propelled issue on your iDevice, entering or exiting the recovery mode isn’t sufficient to fix that issue. In such cases, you need to utilize a propelled iOS fixing device, for example, ReiBoot Pro Download for Windows. ReiBoot doesn’t just enable you to enter and leave the recovery mode, yet it also fixes many propelled issues on the iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches.

Key Features of Tenorshare ReiBoot

I will begin our review of the Tenorshare ReiBoot by looking at all the key features that it has to offer us. After all, by the day’s end, it is utility software and the features that it packs are what matters the most

One-Click to Enter/Exit Recovery Mode 

Perhaps the best feature of ReiBoot is that it enables you to easily enter and exit recovery mode just by tapping on a button. You have to simply launch the application on your Mac or PC, and connect your iPhone.

When you associate your iPhone, you will see an option to put your phone into recovery mode. Tap on it and your phone will boot into recovery mode. Snap-On it again to leave the recovery mode. You will find out how easy it is.

Takes Care of Screen Stuck Problem 

Another great feature I like most about this is that it eradicates all the problems from your device. It gives you exact alternatives to look over, allowing the product to rapidly find the issue and resolve it. Simply click on the “Fix All iOS Stuck” alternative to enter the issue iOS Stuck Solution mode

Here, you will see that inside the Screen Stuck issue, you get a variety of choices to look over. Simply pick the correct choice and afterward click on Fix Now option to fix your issue. In my use, it takes anywhere between 3 to 5 minutes to take care of your concern which is nothing when you compare with visiting an Apple Store.

Tenorshare ReiBoot Review- How It Can Help YouFixes More Than 50 iOS Issues

The greatest feature of this iOS gadget management software is the capacity to fix more than 50 complex iOS issues. From iPhone stuck on the white Apple logo, stuck on a dark screen, screen lethargy to screen stop to the blue screen of death, this software is prepared to come amazingly convenient when your gadget seems to be altogether down and out.

iTunes Bugs 

One of the serious issues that I am experiencing after the new iOS 11 update is when connecting my iPhone using the iTunes application. In a previous couple of months, I have had my iPhone stuck on different occasions while backing up, adjusting, and syncing. Sometimes iTunes only straight up will not connect with my iPhone and doesn’t recognize my gadget by any means. If you are experiencing any such issue, simply click on the iTunes Bugs tab, select the proper issue, and tap on the Fix Now button to settle it.

Solve iOS Mode Stuck 

Like Screen Stuck mode, if your phone stocks while refreshing to a newer version of iOS, DFU mode or only straight-up hanged while you were utilizing it, you can tap on the iOS Mode Stuck, select the related option and tap on the Fix Now button to fix it.

Even if you aren’t great at innovation, you will almost certainly investigate troubleshoot difficult issues without any effort. Furthermore, this is the thing that makes this product easy to understand software for people.

How You can put your iPhone into Recovery Mode with Tenorshare ReiBoot

ReiBoot Review- I phone Recovery mode

  • After installing the software, open it and connect your iDevice to your computer via USB cable.

ReiBoot Review- I phone Recovery mode Step 2

  • After connecting with your PC or computer, your device will ask you to ‘Trust this computer’. Then click on ‘Trust’ on your iDevice

ReiBoot Review- I phone Recovery mode Step 3

  • Once ReiBoot finishes detecting your device then it will show an option of ‘Enter Recovery Mode’.

ReiBoot Review- I phone Recovery mode Step 4

  • Tap on this button to enter the recovery mode on your iDevice and then it will display a red iTunes logo.
  • If you want to exit the recovery mode then simply click on the ‘Exit Recovery Mode‘ button then your device will return to your normal state.

Why Choose ReiBoot?

Meaningful Support Service 

Sometimes different things come in the way and appear to prevent you from performing the task simply the manner in which you need. What’s more, when you have nobody to ask whether you are right on the money, you tend to give up.

ReiBoot Review- Support Services

To guarantee your troubleshooting doesn’t end in obscurity, it offers 24/7 help by means of email on weekdays. Subsequently, you will never delay attempting to solve an obstacle, realizing you can generally request that somebody save you—if something turns out badly.

Intuitive UI

At this point, it’s very certain that Tenorshare ReiBoot gives one of the simplest navigational user interfaces. You just have to connect your iPhone, select your significant issue, and hit the Fix Now button to take care of the issue. I have never used any other programming which makes it so natural to fix an issue on my iPhone. In case if the issue you are experiencing is absent in the rundown of pre-defined issues, don’t stress, simply click on the Fix Now button without choosing any problem and the product will automatically recognize the issue and fix it for you.

Lightweight and Secure 

There are a few fundamental things that I don’t neglect to look at while testing an application is security and lightweight. Numerous applications continue annoying you with irregular notices. They also tend to mess your gadget. In this case, ReiBoot is really light and runs easily. Besides, it also gives the required security to your privacy.

Get out of Recovery Mode without Restore or Data lost

If you are stuck in the recovery mode because of any issues, there is generally no real way to receive in return without losing your data or resetting your iPhone. With the Tenorshare ReiBoot, it is super-simple to escape the recovery mode even without losing any of the data in your gadgets. Thus, next time you stall out on the iPhone recovery mode, consider this product.

Pricing & Availability

Tenorshare Reiboot is can be downloaded from its site free of cost and it works on both Windows and macOS platforms. The free version comes with certain confinements and if you need full features of this product, you can purchase the paid version which will cost you $39.95.Tenorshare Reiboot Pro- Pricing Plans, Get 70% Off

ReiBoot Review- Pricing Plan

The cost may appear much but when your compare it with the fact that you won’t have to reach out to the Apple Store you will find it quite cost effective and legitimate.

Customer Review:

Reviews of Tenorshare Reiboot

Pros & Cons


  • ReiBoot gives you one-click problem fixing options
  • It will take just a few minutes to solve any problem
  • Very easy to enter and exit recovery mode
  • User-friendly Interface


  • It will take some time while connecting to a Windows PC for the first time

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👉Is Tenorshare ReiBoot safe?

ReiBoot is 100% safe iOS tool.

🚫Is Tenorshare a virus?

Tenorshare Data Recovery Pro is Virus-Free.

Conclusion: Tenorshare ReiBoot Review With Discount Coupon October 2020

Tenorshare is a well-known organization that creates numerous product utilities for PC, Mac, or iOS. Tenorshare ReiBoot is a freeware program that helps you to recoup your iOS from recovery mode, or you can also go into recovery mode. The best thing about this product is, you won’t lose your data. It also has a premium version and this premium version solves almost all types of iOS stuck problems.

If your phone is stuck in a boot circle, or you can’t get it to work, Tenorshare ReiBoot can fix your issues inside minutes. iOS 11 has been buggy and if you would prefer not to trust that Apple will fix things for you and need to take matters in your hand, download and install ReiBoot to fix every one of your iOS issues.

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