RescueTime Review 2023: It It Worth The Hype (Discount Code $36)

Behind every successful business, there is a team working hard on it. To build a successful business stats, you will need a good hardworking team. As a team manager you have to check ‘how many hours your team spends on tasks?’ or do you find them distracted by other web pages running side by side on their systems? Let’s take you closer to the features and how you can get benefited with this RescueTime review. 

A survey shows that Internet surfing away from from the official work results in the loss of 40% of productivity in American businesses. That’s why 63% of the organizations track of the internet usage of  the teams using softwares for time tracking. These software gathers the data to find out which activities are harming their productivity.

There are various time tracking software to choose from but RescueTime is one of the best tools comparing to others.

RescueTime Review

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In this post, I am going to tell you about RescueTime and how it affects your business.

RescueTime Review 2023: It It Worth The Hype?? (Honest Review)

Detailed RescueTime Review

RescueTime is a data monitoring software that helps in tracking the applications and websites browsed during the office hours by your employees. 

RescueTime Review- Rescue Time

This company was founded by YCombinator in January 2008 and secured Series A Financing led by True Ventures in September 2008.

RescueTime works on Peter Drucker’s aphorism which is “what gets measured, gets managed”. 

How it Works?

RescueTime collects valuable data of internet usage by employees who are working online while the software runs passively in the background. RescueTime offers a dashboard where all the data is well organized in order to manage the valuable time of not only your employees but you as well. 

It reports whether your employees are spending the data on productive websites such as Google Docs, Wikipedia and company websites or they are wasting time on other unnecessary sites such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc in case that social media is not required or not a part of their job. 

RescueTime Review- How It works

Every weekend, you get an extensive summary of the time spent on other websites apart from work related ones  by RescueTime . As an example, if an employee spends one hour on Facebook and one hour on Intagram, this tool categorizes the time spent as ‘Research’. Always remember one thing that trust is highly important between the employer and the employees. Therefore, make sure that you inform them the fact that how their systems are being monitored for the best interests of your company. 

This software is available on iOS, Mac, PC, Android & Linux. This is also available as an application that you can use it for your personal use. You can use it as your time management tool. You can track your time usage and activities to accurate them. It runs in the background while you work on your phone, tablet or computer. It also tracks the amount of time you spend on specific websites or applications. After that, it gives you detailed reports based on your daily activities.

Key Features of RescueTime

1. Categorization of Website Usage

Most of the time tracking tools simply list the sites that representatives use at work. You don’t know whether these sites help or harm representative productivity. 

How does RescueTime help in this circumstance? 

Once you setup RescueTime account, the tool asks prompts the activities which can be defined as the beenficial ones for your company.

As an example, Research, Business, Design, and Composition. It also gets some information about activities that you find diverting, such as Entertainment, Social Media, Shopping. 

RescueTime Review- Features

RescueTime system precisely groups sites which depend on activities. Time spent on company sites is logged under the ‘Business’ section. Time spent on Youtube is logged under ‘Excitement’, except if you manually characterize YouTube as a business-related movement in settings. 

You can manually interface certain sites to activities from the Application and Websites Menu. You can also pick what activities you find profitable or diverting from the Categories page. 

For example, the software may set an email as a diverting activity. However, if replying to messages is a part of your member’s activity, you should need to change that classification. 

This software gives you all power over the efficiency level of each and everything that RescueTime tracks. Based on this categorization, the RescueTime synopsis dashboard showcases how much time your workers spend on helpful activities/sites and how much time they spent on diverting sites. 

It even shows your worker’s efficiency score dependent on these details. This software arranges all the applications and sites that have been visited on a five-point scale from ‘very diverting’ to ‘beneficial,’ with ‘neutral’ in the center. This measure is color-coded. While ‘very diverting’ conduct is shading coded red and ‘very profitable’ conduct is blue. 

The productivity pulse can be utilized for gamification purposes. In view of this score, you can reward your most productive employee of the month. This can help increment competition inside your company. Gamification has improved profitability for 90% of employees in many companies.

2. Customization of Goals

Monitoring applications just check how much time your employees are spending on working websites. They also guarantee that your team isn’t sitting idle on diverting sites. 

RescueTime Review- Customization Of Goals

However, investing energy in worksites just to be productive doesn’t cut it. The beneficial time may not really lead any progress. Your workers don’t have the idea of what they are really going after. If there is no objective, there is no positive feeling. Your team may feel unmotivated even with time tracking tool. 

So how does RescueTime manage this issue? 

RescueTime enables you to set day by day objectives. You can set objectives from the ‘Your Goals’ page. These objectives are identified with how much time you might want to spend on different preset work activities. 

RescueTime links these activities to its comparing site/application. For example, you can set an objective of going through 5 hours every day on writing. The application keeps running background and tracks time spent on Google Docs, Microsoft Word or some other word processor. 

Track your objective progress by tapping on Reports > Goals or by viewing your Dashboard. You also get a standard summary report displaying all the goals you accomplished during the week/month. 

Small companies have a set number of workers who manage an enormous number of tasks within a specific time. Customizable goals help workers focus on the most significant activities in order to improve the company’s profitability.

3. Block Distracting Sites

It is very easy to distract whenever are online. You might get tempted to spend some time on social media instead of finishing your goal. Just because of these distractions you are unable to do your work in time.

RescueTime Review- Block Distracting Sites

Don’t worry about this, RescueTime premium feature “Get Focused” automatically blocks those websites which is significantly distracting and you can see this website list on the Get Focused page.

Your team can select this option when they have to complete a priority or a complex task. This is very easy to use and it completely blocks them from getting into distracting websites.

4. Track Offline Time

When you are dealing with a remote group, how would you know whether your employees are working online or disconnected during the day? The most important part is, how would you monitor what official work your employees are doing while disconnected? 

RescueTime enables your workers to manually log hours when they would be away from their work area. This feature springs up when you return to the PC after some inactive time. 

RescueTime Review- Track Offline Activity

Your workers would then be able to record time spent for lunch, telephone calls, individual errands, and different options. 

This feature offers employees to accurately report the amount of time spent on the web and offline work to their supervisors.

5. Weekly Productivity Report

If you are not utilizing a tracking software, you need to physically track and analyze every worker’s efficiency and objectives. Based on this data, you would need to have a discussion with your workers consistently. Productivity and progress meeting can be counterproductive as they occupy a great amount of time. 

Use RescueTime reports to supplant productivity gatherings. With RescueTime, your employees consequently get a week by week report on how long of work they have signed in. It also shows a detailed separation of the activities they spend most of the time. 

Employees can look at what they accomplished a week ago and what objectives they are close to achieving. The email also displays extra profitability goodies to move your worker’s efficiency for the following week.

This report eliminates the need for productivity meetings or it can reduce the time spent on this. Employees can easily learn how they waste most of their time and where they are most productive.

6. Everything is on Dashboard

Monitoring and dealing with all your worker’s information can be exhausting and can even reduce your own profitability. Supervisors need to invest less energy in dealing with their workers and more time on moving company’s procedures forward. 

The Team dashboard gives point by point data about your group efficiency and how they are investing their time during work hours. 

Is your team investing more time on excel sheets than email? You get bits of knowledge on where your members are using time wastefully, and what work procedures are pointless. You can discover what hours your employees are the most productive. This feature can enable you to locate the ideal time to plan meetings. 

The dashboard also enables you to make group objectives to help motivate your workers and keep them on track.

7. Track Mobile Usage

In spite of installing a time tracking tool on their PC, most workers discover another approach to delay. They might spend most of their time on diverting sites or playing games on their phone. 

Need to follow worker phone use? There’s an application for that. The Android application is free to utilize and can be incorporated with the PC version. The application reports your voice call time, tracks site and application usage. You can also set objectives for yourself through the application. 

By downloading the RescueTime application, workers can avoid delaying. The application doesn’t need to run full time, so your employees don’t need to be stressed over observing their phone use after work hours. 

Note: The RescueTime application is just accessible in Google Play and not the App Store.

How to set up RescueTime?

This an easy time management software to install. It will take only 60 seconds to install and get started. Once you set up this software, it will give you an exact image of your time and helps your team to stay focused and being productive with minimal effort. 

The installation process of this application is very easy and small. 

This is how you set it up:

  • Simply go to the RescueTime website where you can create a new account just by clicking on Sign Up Now.
  • There are two options of Free and Premium. You can whether choose the free or the premium version to sign in.
  • Just download the app and run it on your system.
  • With your email address, you can activate and sync the app with the RescueTime website.
  • Choose which 3 activities are productive and distracting for your company from the option list. (This activity list has limited options which are the same for productive and distracting)
  • Specify the time you want the software to track your activities to prevent collecting the data of employees even after their work hours.
  • After setting up, the website suggests you download the Android App along with the browser plugin which can be useful for comprehensive coverage.

Is RescueTime Less Nosey on Employee Privacy?

Most workers might be unhappy with the time tracking and monitoring tools that secretly gather data from their browser. They are worried about their security because they think that their browser data can be tracked. Also, these devices gather website usage information without their permission.

Recognizing this reality with this RescueTime review, it has planned its system to be less nosey and secure for workers. RescueTime isn’t hidden on the worker’s PC and allows for restricted installs.

RescueTime Review- for Organizations

You can set the limitations of what RescueTime collects by turning off window title collection or turning off full URL collection. The collected data is safely secured in the company’s database.

Don’t worry, this software refuses to spy on sensitive user information such as emails, password or bank account details. It doesn’t take screenshots of worker’s screen. Employees can choose what times and days the tool can run on their system and also control over the time of data recording.

It allows you to have a discussion with your team members before installing the app and this chat can improve employee trust and your team can collect many benefits of the software.

If you have a high level of trust and a good relationship between you and your team then using RescueTime openly can allow employees to see how they spend their own time compared to their average performance. These types of work transparency can have positive effects on employee engagement.

Pricing :

RescueTime Discount Coupon Code 2023 Save $36

As I told you before in this RescueTime Review that it offers two services to choose: RescueTime Lite & RescueTime Premium.

RescueTime Lite is lifetime service for the customers for Free. With RescueTime Lite service you will track time in websites and applications. You can set goals and you will get a weekly email report along with 3-month report history.

RescueTime Review- Pricing Plan

RescueTime Premium is for those users who are really serious about improving their productivity. Along with the RescueTime Life features, you will additionally get:

  • You can track time away from the computer
  • You will get alerts when you achieve your daily goals
  • You can block distracting websites to stay focused
  • You can keep a log of your daily accomplishments
  • You will get more detailed reports and filters
  • Fast data processing
  • You will get Unlimited report history

Monthly: $9/month

Annual: $72/month

There is a 14-day free trial option is available for you. You can try this service for free before purchasing and you will check all these services.

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Conclusion: RescueTime Review 2023 | Is It Worth Your Money? Dont Forget To Use RescueTime Discount Coupon Code 2023 Save $36

There are some limitations with RescueTime software as the inability to task tracks, lack of project tracking, excessive monitoring, no iOS support and most importantly their time tracking is too lenient.

But these issues with RescueTime is that it’s about which activities are inefficient and which ones are most certainly not. 

But does it truly make a difference to you which sites your employees are visiting – even during the workday? Or on the other hand, is it more important to guarantee that they deliver their tasks on schedule? 

Want to share in this RescueTime Review that for whatever length of time that they complete their deadlines and deliver quality work, it probably won’t make any difference to you if your employees spending their watching YouTube or something else. 


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