How To Make Money Online With A Reseller Hosting Business 2020

How To Make Money Online With A Reseller Hosting Business
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    Everyone’s looking to make a buck when the opportunity arises. We’ve got an idea that will help you make more than just that –Reseller Hosting. It’s a budget business idea that you won’t turn back from. Web hosting is increasingly becoming a business avenue for many especially with so many businesses opting to go online.

    How to Make Money Online With A Reseller Hosting Business  In  2020

    What is Reseller Hosting?

    In Reseller Hosting, say you purchase a large portion of a web server from a parent hosting company. You now have the option to divide this into multiple smaller portions so you can rent it out or lease these portions to interested parties or end-users.

    Reseller Hosting Business

    You will essentially be renting out resources such as bandwidth, disk space, RAM, CPU for a profit without any technical dependence or cost additional to you (that may come with say, a Dedicated Server).

    How to Start a Reseller Hosting Business?

    Now that we’ve covered what Reseller Hosting is, and if you’ve reached this far, it’s safe to say you’re probably interested in knowing how to start a Reseller Hosting business. Here are some steps to follow:


    • Get familiar with common terms: If you’re new to the web hosting world, hosting jargon can throw you off. A good idea before you actually start your business would be to familiarise yourself with terminology such as ‘bandwidth’, ‘RAM’, ‘CPU’, ‘Linux VPS’ etc. This knowledge will be extremely handy especially when you make decisions about host companies and plans.


    • Determine your business goals and target audiences: Your business goals could include customer base growth, sales targets, etc.

    Your target audiences could include individual web designers, developers, a blogger, etc. Once you define your audience, you can choose Reseller hosting plans that cater to your target.

    • Set a budget: You don’t need a big budget to start with. ResellerClub has Reseller Hosting plans under Rs.800. While you may not need a large budget to purchase from a parent host, it would be advisable to budget for the marketing of your Reseller Hosting business. Below, are the ResellerClub Reseller Hosting plans and pricing?
    • Choose a parent host: When looking for a parent host company, first decide what features you would like to offer your customers. Look for features like customer support, additional features, terms & conditions, pricing, compatibility with different applications like WordPress, Joomla, stability, customization & control, etc. Once you’ve determined this, do your research on various hosting companies, read reviews and make an informed choice. You can just get started with a host like ResellerClub that is reliable and affordable as well.

    Reseller Hosting Business - Pricing Plan

    • Set your price: Setting a price too high might put you at a disadvantage especially with competitors with lower prices. Setting a very low price might cause you to take a hit on your own costs. Ideally, start with maybe a 20 – 30% markup on your cost price. This could help you sit in the right price range. You can increase this markup once you’re a little more familiar with the business. Try and offer seasonal/festive discounts once in away. If this strategy works for you, you can increase the frequency of these sales.
    • Have a marketing plan: This might just be one of the most important steps because if you have a good business but haven’t told anyone about it, you’re losing out. It’s important to first start by creating a website for your business so it’s searchable on the Internet.

    Other ways you can market your business is through:

    • Paid advertising
    • Social media marketing
    • Email marketing campaigns

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    Conclusion: How to Make Money Online with a Reseller Hosting Business 2020

    Reseller Hosting is a great business opportunity and can reap high profits for you. Many who’ve chosen Reseller Hosting from ResellerClub had great things to say about the brand:

    “As a customer of ResellerClub, I have been using their Reseller Hosting for almost two years now. I don’t remember facing any problem with respect to uptime, adding domains or even speed. The service is smooth and professional. Moreover, their support team is really helpful and responds to all your queries.” – Deven Shah

    “My business website requires a high server uptime and large storage space. When I was finding a hosting provider, I was introduced to ResellerClub via a Youtube video. I must say that they are one of the best providers of security, domain and hosting in the internet space.” – Temu Mansukhani

    The Reseller Hosting business is especially a good idea if you’re already in the web design or development business. Offering hosting would only increase your product offering. Additionally, your existing customers don’t have to go elsewhere for their hosting needs – you become the all-in-one solution.

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