Revealbot Review 2023: Is It Worth It?

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Ease of Use
Ad Optimization


  • Offers various products when it comes to automation
  • Options to customize using the marketing toolbox
  • Simple drag and drop editor
  • Incredible Customer Support
  • Customised reports to focus on metrics
  • Tracks performance of your posts and set budgets accordingly


  • A bit expensive for small businesses

Basically, Revealbot is one of the reliable and advanced Facebook Ads Automation tools that can help you in optimizing your ads management routine along with boosting your ROAS (Return-On-Ad-Spent) with their professional automation tool.

Price:$ 24

Are you looking for an Unbiased Revealbot Review, Don’t Worry, I got you covered.

Ads are expensive and time-consuming. You know the feeling – you spend hours, even days, crafting a perfect campaign, but then you realize it’s not enough. You need more exposure. You need to reach the right people.

You’ve already spent your budget for the month on ads that haven’t generated any conversions or leads. You need a fresh perspective. You need automation.

Revealbot is the first marketing automation platform that helps you scale and automate your Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, and Snapchat Ads campaigns in a way that maximizes ROI, reach, and brand awareness.

Curious to know more about Revalbot?

Bottom Line Upfront: In my personal experience, Revealbot is a game-changing automation tool that offers unparalleled capabilities for scaling, launching, and analyzing ads. With its pre-built and proven automation strategies, I was able to streamline my campaigns effortlessly. Additionally, the superior automated rule constructor allowed me to create my own custom automation, and the integration of external data empowered me to generate intelligent and data-driven automation. Revealbot truly stands out as a powerful solution for optimizing ad performance.Try Revealbot Now!

Before rushing to the review of Revealbot check my interview with Revealbot cofounder.

In this booming online advertising era, ads are everywhere on the Internet. Every form of business is trying to get more leverage through ads and that’s quite impressive. Social Media platforms like Facebook also provide opportunities for business owners to place ads on their platforms and get more sales and customers.

There are many people who are running Facebook Ads for their businesses and are actually getting more sales and exposure as well. So, why not it’s you who can make use of this golden opportunity to place your ads on the Facebook platform.

Before getting started with your Facebook Ads you need to do some research and spy on your competitor’s Facebook Ads in order to get better campaign insights. And then you should start showcasing your own ads right on the Facebook platform.

In order to build a better Facebook Ads campaign, we need to optimize our ads well. In this case, we need an advanced Facebook Ads automation tool that helps in optimizing and tailoring our ads well.

Revealbot Review: Is It Better Than Madgicx?

From my own experience, Revealbot has proven to be a reliable and advanced Facebook Ads automation tool that greatly improves the way I handle my ads and increases my ROAS (Return-On-Ad-Spent). With their professional automation tool, I can easily use Facebook Ads Optimization.

I can set conditions to automatically pause, start, repeat ad sets, change budgets, and bid actions, among other things.


Revealbot Review- Powerful ads automation tool

One of the best features is the ability to instantly boost the best content on both Facebook and Instagram. This makes sure that my posts reach as many people as possible.

The advanced tool for optimizing Facebook ads also lets me plan reports, which give me custom reports that focus on certain metrics.

What I really like about this tool is that it lets me set up automated rules to handle thousands of Facebook ads in a very efficient way.

With more than 13,000 automated steps a month and more than 5,000 managed ads accounts, Revealbot continues to give me great results and make my advertising easier.


Key Features & Benefits of Revealbot:

  • Facebook Ads Optimisation: Just use conditions to simply pause, start and duplicate your ad sets along with changing your budget and more things in a row.
  • Custom Automated Ads Management: You can simply automate your team’s routine simply by creating an unlimited number of rules for the ads campaigns, ads sets, and ads. And also you can easily manage ROAS (Return-On-Ad-Spent) directly.

 Revealbot Review- Ads Management

  • Post-Auto-boosting: You can simply maximize all of your post’s reach by auto-boosting all of your best content right on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Auto-Boosting Content: Here right for the auto-promotion, you can get likes and other reactions along with comments and shares available easily.

 Revealbot Review- Boost Likes and Share

You can also track the performance of the boosted posts and automatically increase budgets right for your best posts with the help of Reveal’s Ads Automation. You can also use your best-performing Instagram content as the source for Facebook Ads.

  • Detailed Analytics & Reports: You can simply keep the entire team in the loop of marketing performance as here the analytics reports will be delivered to your Inbox or the Slack team in the daily/weekly right from MailChimp, Google Analytics, Google Ads, YouTube, Twitter, and more.

Revealbot Review- Data Analytics

Here for Facebook Ads and Google Analytics, you can easily get customized reports in order to focus right on metrics that are important to your business.

  • Schedule Reports: Using this feature you can easily schedule your post, Google Analytics, and reports along with getting custom-focused reports on the metrics important to your team.

Products Offered By Revealbot

Currently, Revealbot is offering three products Automation, Auto Boosting, and Bulk Creation. Let’s find out what they actually are and the features they are providing.

1) Automation: Here all of the Facebook and Instagram Ads Automation & Alerts will be there. You can simply set up automated rules for your Facebook and Instagram ads and here Revealbot will optimize all of your ad performances for you.

Revealbot Review- Ads Automation

You can simply automate all of your Facebook Ads Campaigns using start, pause or set, increase/decrease budget along with bid actions as well. This product will offer features:

  • Use Metrics that actually matter
  • Automated rules for professional marketers
  • Analyze results and optimize your rules with logs

2) Auto Boosting: Using this tool you can do automatic Facebook and Instagram post boosting. Here you can also promote your best content and keep control of your objectives and audience as well.

Just set your conditions and let it boost. Simply use the auto-boosting feature to simply promote the post in order to get more leverage and attention.  Here you only need to set the conditions and define the parameters and you are ready to go. Then just sit back and follow the performance.

  • Full control over campaigns objectives and optimization events
  • Offers detailed targeting, the re-targeting audiences based right on true events.
  • You can automatically promote posts once they meet custom conditions and more.

3) Bulk Creation: Using this tool you can simply do bulk Facebook Ads Creation in a row. Just set up multiple ads sets and ads fast. Then simply upload images and videos in bulk in order to automatically create ad variations with ease. This product will help you in:

  • Save hours of creating ads
  • Speed-up your workflows
  • A/B Testing and more in a row

4) Post ID Export: This is the latest addition to the set of tools offered by Revealbot. Revealbot offers social proof for Facebook and Instagram with the post IDs.

You can export these post IDs to the Excel sheet and match them. This feature helps to export the posts that you have created in the form of Facebook ads or Instagram ads with the same number of likes, comments, and shares.

You can create a new spreadsheet and export the posts using the Posts ID by matching it using the revealbot.

  • Keep all social proof and get a higher Relevance Score, lower CPM, and higher ROAS.
  • Choose any number of campaigns, ad sets, or ads and export all post IDs in a single file.
  • Add post IDs in Revealbot’s Bulk Creation to generate many ads at once.

Revealbot Cheat Sheet :

revealbot reviews discount coupon codes revealbot facebook cheatsheet (1) revealbot reviews discount coupon codes revealbot facebook cheatsheet (1) revealbot reviews discount coupon codes revealbot facebook cheatsheet (1)

What Experts Say About Revealbot:

Revealbot Review expert opinion

“The best thing about Revealbot is that once you identify the patterns you follow to make decisions when managing an account, you can set up rules and have Revealbot do everything for you. It frees up a lot of time, gives you more resources (you can’t check an account every 15 minutes 24/7, can you?), you don’t have to do the manual stuff yourself, what else would you want?”

Tomasz Babiec

Founder, CEO at B Interactive

“It has given myself and my team more time to focus on other elements of helping businesses grow online. It is easy to navigate. The customer service is very fast to respond. The immediacy of positive impact it has made was almost instantaneous.”

Nick Shackelford
Co-Founder at Structured Socia

“We began working with Revealbot in 2017 and we quickly realised Reveal offered the majority of what we needed and indeed their immediate response to our requests meant we were able to grow with Revealbot and for Revealbot to grow with us. Since then Revealbot has become like another, valuable member of the team – except it never switches off, monitoring our accounts 24/7 giving us and our clients peace of mind to maximise revenue and profits.”

Depesh Mandalia
Founder, CEO at SM Commerce

How To Set Auto Boost For Social Media?

  • Log into Revealbot and fill in the necessary details
  • Integrate your Facebook Insight with Revealbot and that will automatically add your Instagram with the Reavealbot. Choose the pages that you need to boost.

Revealbot revview with coupon codes

  • After successfully connecting to Instagram, click on the campaign creation on the upper right side and choose Auto Boosting from the options.
  • Next, set the rules for your Instagram or Facebook campaigns.  Rules include various factors such as time, budget, optimization goal, target audience, billing events, post type, etc.

Revealbot review with discount

  • Choose the post that you want to boost. (Analyse the average engagement rate and then boost accordingly.)
  • Set out the rules and conditions and click on auto-boost posts with good potential.
  • On the next page, you’re to set your audience, placements, optimization goal, and budget. You should keep in mind the initial goal of your campaign, but for regular Instagram posts (image with text) the ‘Post Engagement’ Optimisation Goal will work.
  • You can also set location-specific rules and access only some specific devices such as Android, iPhone or Tablets. Choose the audience network and boost your post locally.

coupon for Revealbot

Similarly, you can auto-boost the stories as well as the videos for your campaigns and make your business more effective.

Revealbot Pricing Plan

Here the pricing plan offered by Revealbot is very simple and affordable so that anyone can easily get started with it. And the best part here is that each plan includes a full set of available features.

The pricing plan is quite different from other tools here you can simply estimate your cost based right on your Facebook Ads Budget.

The best part about this tool is that it also offers a 14-day free trial offer (No Credit Card Details Required).

Revealbot offers a flexible enterprise pricing plan depending on the maximum ad spend:

  • $5000 maximum ad spend – $49/month or $41/month billed annually
  • $50K maximum ad spend – $299/month or $251/month billed annually
  • $400K maximum ad spend – $899/month or $755/month billed annually
  • $1M maximum ad spend – $1,449/month or $1,259/month billed annually
  • $3M maximum ad spend – $2,999/month or $2,519/month billed annually

For $5000 Maximum Ads Spent you need to pay nearly $41/Month. The pricing will increase according to your Maximum Ad Spent Price.

Here you can simply choose your Facebook Ads Budget and find out your pricing plan. If you choose the yearly plan you will also get Exclusive 2 Months Free.

Revealbot Customer Support Review

The best about Revealbot is that they offer reliable customer support who are willing to help you 24/7. For offering better customer support they have an amazing Help Centre that one can easily contact and get their queries cleared.

Apart from these they also have a regularly updated Blog that will help you in getting familiar with its platform along with many more things. So, from my side, the customer support offered by them is quite impressive and you can easily rely on them.

How Can Revealbot Benefit Your Business?

There are a number of aspects that you can look for to benefit your business with Revealbot.

  • You need to sit down and relax as all the work is automated. Everything right from the optimization to the automation is done by the bots. Just set up the goals and rules and you are ready to go.
  • Secondly, it settles with the Facebook Manager creating your Ads more profitable. They reveal offers exclusive features, for instance, setting the bid and specific budget at any time as well as duplicating the ad set in automated rules.
  • The user-friendly interface of Revealbot gives a major boost to it and makes it one of the most useful platforms for Facebook Ads Automation. Just schedule everything, and set post auto boosting, and rules for your posts.

Pros and Cons of Revealbot


  • Revealbot offers various products when it comes to automation for your social media Ads. It works well with Facebook as well as Instagram.
  • It also offers various features and gives the option to customize using the marketing toolbox. These tools are a simple drag-and-drop editors.
  • The ability to set rules to auto-boost page posts as well as fully automate larger campaigns to help keep CPAs in goal range.
  • Incredible Customer Support
  • Customized reports to focus on metrics important to your business.
  • Integrates with various platforms such as Facebook Ads and Insights, Google Ads, and YouTube.
  • Tracks the performance of your posts and sets budgets accordingly.


  • A bit expensive for small businesses.

Revealbot Alternatives 2023:

1. HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot Marketing is a sophisticated solution that integrates all of your marketing efforts and assists your team in increasing traffic and conversions.

You may utilize its drag-and-drop feature to create and modify stunning websites without involving your IT department, and ensure that all pages are responsive regardless of the device your visitors are using.

Hubspot marketing

It’s an advanced digital marketing software solution that’s simple to use. From SEO to social media, it’s employed for a number of marketing needs and platforms. The platform includes a CRM system as well as analytics.

It includes modules for blogging, lead generating, social media monitoring, advertising, and email marketing.

In a word, you can use HTML to design attractive and highly tailored landing pages for your campaigns, and you can send both static and dynamic HTML messages to elicit the desired response.

HubSpot Marketing will assist you with designing workflows as needed, preparing and formatting material for publication, and integrating data from other systems, all without requiring any technical knowledge.

HubSpot Marketing can help you develop and optimize attractive content, as well as disseminate it to the correct audiences after you’ve designed your website.

With little to no coding knowledge, the system gives a number of SEO and social ideas to help you share content with the proper influencers and audiences and generate traffic. The ability to build captivating calls-to-action and customize messaging to match the individual needs of your visitors is what makes it truly unique.

2. Vaizle 

Vaizle is a social media analytics tool that helps businesses, influencers, and marketing agencies acquire actionable insights from data on platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

It helps you implement successful campaign plans, improve your social media performance, and outperform your competitors.


Vaizle uses statistics, graphs, charts, and ideas to convey information about social media accounts. Based on views, likes, and comments, you’ll learn which of your content, posts, and hashtags appeal to audiences, as well as how well your followers participate.

You may also see where you stand in terms of key performance and engagement benchmarks and KPIs in comparison to competitors.

You can easily manage social network profiles, create your own dashboard, and perform data analysis using its user-friendly interface. Vaizle allows you to create customized reports in seconds that can be annotated and previewed in real-time. It also sends out automated email notifications, offers daily suggestions, and analyzes engagement trends and patterns.

Vaizle makes it simple to analyze your own or your competitors’ social media marketing strategies in real-time.

In this manner, you may use numerous social media channels to develop strategies that boost performance, engagement, and conversion. Whether it’s Facebook posts, Tweets, YouTube videos, or Instagram photographs, you’ll be able to see how many views, likes, comments, and conversions your social material is getting.

The program allows you to see how your followers react to your material and which sorts of content are most fit for your company and target audience.

All of this data is available in real time, and you can use it to create posts and content that are relevant to your audience. Overall, it’s a social intelligence solution that improves social media performance through real-time analytics, suggestions, and reports.

3. Talkwalker 

Talkwalker is a social media analytics platform that allows you to improve your brand’s performance. It’s a marketing tool that may help you sustain your marketing initiatives while also boosting your brand’s reputation.

You can learn everything there is to know about how people talk about your brand on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.


Real-time statistics and reports provide insight into the performance of your brand or postings. Talkwalker has it all, whether it’s industrial research, customer service, or product research.

You can take better actions for your social media marketing if you have a complete analysis and appropriate facts and figures on hand. It’s no surprise that Talkwalker is used by more than multinational brands for social media optimization.

Talkwalker ensures that you capitalize on these trends to the fullest extent possible. You can keep up with the current trends using the Trending Score function. The Virality map provides comprehensive and highly interactive information on various trends around the world, allowing you to better design your marketing initiatives.

The image recognition tool allows you to keep on top of things at all times. You may use a single platform to evaluate both text and graphics. As a result, you save time and effort. At Talkwalker, there are over 30,000 brands in the database. As a result, it provides you with information on where your official logo appears on social media depending on your official logo.

Talkwalker can extract the tiniest of facts for your brand from roughly 185 different languages and more than 150 million websites around the world. It works with over ten of the most popular social media networks, ensuring that you reach the widest possible audience. In any language, automated translation allows you to keep track of the results.

FAQs On Revalbot Review:

👉🏻How Much Does Revalbot Cost?

The pricing of Revealbot starts at $49/Month but you can use Coupon BID50 to get 50% Off Right Away.

👉🏻 Does Revealbot offer any free trial?

Yes, you can start Revealbot’s 14 days free trial now. However, if you get started with annual plans you will also get 2 months for free.

👉🏻 Does Revealbot offer any Revealbot coupon codes?

Yes, you can use our special Revealbot Coupon code to get an exclusive discount of 50% on your first month. Use our coupon code “BID50” to get the discount offer.

👉🏻 Is there any money-back guarantee on Revealbot?

You can cancel your subscription anytime but the subscription will last till the billing period. Overall, you won’t be getting any money back from Revealbot. As it already offers 14 days free trial.

👉🏻 What if my ads spend limit exceeds?

For this Revealbot will promote you to upgrade to the higher plans and meet your requirements.

What does Revealbot offer?

Automation, auto-boosting, and bulk generation are among the three powerful modules included in Revealbot. Marketers can use the automation module to set custom rules for ad automation and alerts. In the meanwhile, the auto-boosting module allows marketers to promote content while maintaining control over their consumers and goals. Finally, the bulk creation module is intended to make the process of creating bulk Facebook ads as simple as possible.

Can I create automated Facebook Ads with Revealbot?

For Facebook Ads, Ad sets, and Ad campaigns, Revealbot allows you to design custom automated rules. With basic actions like start, set/increase/decrease budget, pause, and bid, the rules streamline the majority of your marketing team's routine. Revealbot also includes a robust log interface that allows you to tweak the criteria and evaluate the outcomes. Aside from that, the program offers a variety of data such as ROAS, custom conversions, and time metrics. These indicators can be compared and used to help your Ad campaigns perform better.

Can I keep a track of my marketing performance?

Revealbot keeps your marketing staff up to date on how things are doing. It sends a complete analytical overview from Twitter, Facebook, Google Ads, Google Analytics, YouTube, and MailChimp to your Slack team or mailbox. Google Analytics and Facebook reports can be tailored to highlight the most critical metrics.

Which integrations does Revealbot support?

Revealbot integrates with the following applications: YouTube Google Ads Facebook Ads Facebook Insights Slack

What are the perks of using Revealbot?

Installing Revealbot is super simple. Once done, you'll be able to track your ad performance right in your team's Slack, set automated rules/alerts, custom reports and create ads.

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Conclusion: Revealbot Review 2023

As of now, you have got all the detailed insights about this advanced Facebook Ads Automation Tool. It’s your turn to make a move and get started with this platform.

Here you don’t have to risk anything as Revealbot is currently providing a 14-Days Free Trial where credit card information is not required. Get your Revealbot discount now and start your Facebook ad automation.

I hope you find this Revealbot Review helpful. Feel free to drop your views about Revealbot in the comment section below. Also, give a moment to share this post on all trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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