What Makes RevenueHits the Best Ad Platform for Monetizing Your Website?

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If AdSense has ruled the global ads market for several years, recently a number of serious AdSense alternatives have gained popularity, giving people around the globe options to increase their revenue and enjoy the advantages of a more competitive ad market.

RevenueHits ad network

To say it straight: AdSense isn’t always the best way to monetize your website. Other networks may give you a better ROI. While multiple options are on the market, I’ve personally been most impressed by RevenueHits, a self-service platform, developed  owned and operated by the advertising technology and network – Intango. This unique platform, which is designed for publishers, can successfully help you monetize your site.

Here are some of the ways that I personally find RevenueHits to be the ultimate solution for monetizing a website.

What Differentiates RevenueHits?

Revenuehits Referall program

Let’s start with the bottom line: RevenueHits has the advantages of a large, cutting-edge digital platform that can provide you with the best CPM in the industry.

  • Verity of Offers. RevenueHits is not just a performance-based ad network, meaning they have a wide range of offers (CPA, CPI, CPL and CPM),depending on your user quality. Additionally, Intango has its own Self Service for Advertisers Platform (SSA) with over 5,000 advertisers from different verticals.
  • Smart Optimization. RevenueHits has developed algorithms, in-house, that optimize for the most relevant offers for your traffic, saving you time and increasing your earnings.
  • It Gets Even Smarter with Time. RevenueHits has an advanced platform that learns from your ads constantly. Make sure to keep ads running for at least for a week, in order to see the best results.
  • Premium Referrals. The RevenueHits portfolio includes most of the well-known publishers in the industry – so they must be doing something right.
  • Experienced Online Marketers. RevenueHits was established in 2008. Their top-quality team has real experience based on growing clientele, and they get excellent results.
  • In the end, all that matters is your bank account. I found RevenueHits to be a great network specifically for pop-unders. RevenueHits can even give you eCPMs of up to $5-$10. Of course, you’ll want to test different ad formats.Keep them running for at least a week, so that you can optimize your earnings over time.

What Do They Offer?

RevenueHits Console create banners

RevenueHits has an impressive offering. Here is some of what it supports:

  • Multiple Ad Types. The first step in setting yourself up involves adding the name and URL of your website, and then selecting a new placement to add. The placement can be a familiar ad type like: Banners, Pop-unders, Sliders, Shadow Boxes,etc. Additionally, RevenueHits develops new ad types all the time like:158*21 Buttons, Footers, Mobile Dialog, Mobile Notifier and many more unique tools.
  • Wide Range of Verticals.  RevenueHits has a great variety of successful verticals including: Dating, Mobile, Shopping, Coupons, Travel, Entertainment, Gaming, Software, Lead Gen and more.
  • 100% Fill Rate. RevenueHits has a huge, international reach of websites. With 2 billion ad impressions every day, it is able to guarantee you a 100% fill rate across all geographic regions (GEOs), allowing you to monetize in any country.
  • Value per Ad Space. RevenueHits leverages powerful tools and enhances audience-targeting strategies, to monetize your online property.


How Easy It Is to Get Started

RevenueHits Console

Unlike some of the other options out there, you can get up and running with RevenueHits practically immediately. Here is how it works:


  • No entry barrier. You can use RevenueHits no matter what your monthly traffic, unlike some of the other options.
  • Can be used with other networks. If you are already using another network, you can use RevenueHits for some extra passive income.
  • Easy sign up. If you want to sign up as a publisher, click Join Now on the RevenueHits website. It is a matter of seconds to get yourself registered. Their immediate approval system means that you are processed right away. You’ll need to provide basic data such as your website or mobile app, business category, and a brief description of your business..
  • User-Friendly Dashboard. RevenueHits has an intuitive, well-designed dashboard, where you can view statistics including impressions, clicks, eCPM and revenue per customer time —all color-coded for easy assessment and review.
  • Creating Placements. Once you select the type of ads you want to use, you just need to fill out your name, the website where you are putting the ad, and a description. If you’ve selected a banner ad, you will have another drop-down menu with different sizes to choose from.In addition, you will be able tosee how the placement will look usingthe brand new preview options.

 Money Button

Where It’s Most Convenient

RevenueHits Check your earnings

Payment terms and processes are simple with RevenueHits. Here is what I like about how it works:

  • Multiple Payment Options. RevenueHits lets you choose if you’d prefer to be paid via PayPal, Payoneer or Wire transfer. The payment threshold can be as low as $20 if you are using PayPal. Payment is on a Net 30 basis.
  • Consistent, Reliable, On Time. I always got my payment on time. Actually, even before the time it was needed.
  • Excellent Customer Support. RevenueHits’ support team is continually in contact, and are happy to help you optimize ads to maximize your revenue. If you have any issue you would like to bring up, you will get an answer immediately.


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Over To You : You Should Join RevenueHits

Each person has a different way of choosing the best network to monetize traffic. I can’t make your decisions for you! However,there is no doubt in my mind that, if you have any sort of traffic that needs monetization, you should at least give RevneueHits a try.

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