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  • Mints App is a very efficient and easy to use tool that every marketer can use while strategizing a marketing plan.
  • The apps functions perfectly on mobiles, personal computers or tablets.
  • It is also very cost-effective solution, compared to the other tools in the market with monthly subscription payments.


  • Some features of the app require your undivided attention to use them to your benefit

Online marketing provides excellent quality and effectiveness to the businesses. Most enterprises invest in the process of training and orientation of marketing plans to elevate their brands, which leads to attracting new customers.

The primary role of marketing professionals is to provide the prospective customer with all the updates regarding the product as well as to strategize new ideas to live up to their expectations.

There are many ways of marketing that include engrafting ads on different sites and sharing videos regarding the company’s information on social networking websites and much more.

The most valuable thing for an online marketer, entrepreneur of an online business is to turn every click or a visitor into a customer.  This is possible if you have grabbed the right tool and the internet is flooded with many options and you have to be smart enough to pick up the best tool available.

I would like to share a modern marketing method that can prove to be highly beneficial. Read the Mints App Review below and you will discover the reason for my confidence. Mints App 2.0 has taken the online marketing by storm with its advanced features.

What is Mints App?

Mints App is a complete web-based platform that integrates contests, quizzes, and polls with your landing pages. This helps in creating interest of your users to get the most out of them.

This tool works efficiently with all famous browsers like Firefox, Safari, and Chrome as well as many devices irrespective of the screen size, including laptop, desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Budget Tracker- Mint App
Budget Tracker- Mint App | Free Online Budgeting Platform

A programmer named Precious Ngwu is the mastermind behind the Mints App. He was also a marketing professional for many years. He knew about the marketing requirements and strategies to attract clients. Therefore, he created Mints App by incorporating his knowledge and experience in this tool. Using Mints App, you can design the popup templates for notification or an event promotion.

These pop-ups are linked to the website controls directly. These templates can be triggered through the controls of your site.

Mints App 1.0 was released in 2015 promising high performance with its customer driver funnels approach. Initially, not many people were convinced with the software. But, 6 months later, it took everyone with a surprise and had produced the maximum success stories than any other software had!

After, the success of Mints App 1.0, brand new Mints App 2.0 has been launched by the team and this software promises you results that you would not have seen before. The latest version 2.0 can get you 10 times more results than the previous version.

The smart design of Mints App 2.0 allows you to add different content on the pop-ups as animations, text, image, and video. Everything, including the link on the pop-up, can be customized. In the next section, I will provide you the features of the Mints App 2.0.

What Are The Benefits of Using Mint App?

1)  Binary Campaigns

Whether you are an experienced marketer or an analyst, binary campaign feature will provide you with information that can help you determine the choice of products for your potential clients.

Most of the customers are attracted to jewelry and apparel industries. This feature helps you to create promotional strategies and the content regarding consumer priorities as well as market trends. Traditional methods will cost you huge amount of money. Nevertheless, using mints App can make the things simpler and economical for you.

2)    Multi- Mints campaign

This function helps you to talk to the user about anything regarding your trademark or brand. That will give you an idea about customer’s requirements, and you can customize your products efficiently. This valuable information can help you to create your trends in the market.


3)   Designing smart

Twitter and Facebook are one of the most commonly and widely used social networking websites. They have millions of visitors, mostly from developing countries.

Stunning Design Mint App

To attract them, you need new and radical content that is required regularly. Mints App can help you to create your promotional content easily, efficiently and quickly. The tool allows you to design unique layout and edit the inbuilt layout for varied purposes.

4)   Customize on multiple devices

Mints App 2.0 is an entirely web-based application to give you the advantages of an online tool. It can easily be accessed using your personal account. All contents are stored safely and securely on a server.

This tool also offers you excellent content management. You can edit, rearrange or delete, add as well as organize the designs in groups. This arrangement serves as an important function for a major event or a project.


There are many technologies and equipment in the market today. However, this product is not designed considering usual standards. E.g., in just Android market, there are hundreds of devices having different screen sizes as well as technologies, which is a primary concern with most of the software developers.

However, this is not the case with Mints App. It can easily work on any screen irrespective of its layout. It will automatically scale the border and layout according to the screen size. The different layouts can be designed to make sure that it operates on a particular device.

Pros & Cons Of Mint Apps


  • Mints App is a very efficient and easy to use tool that every marketer can use while strategizing a marketing plan.
  • The apps function perfectly on mobiles, personal computers or tablets.
  • You are also able to offer discounts and coupons with your products and services with the help of this app. This in return helps in establishing a healthy relationship with your clients.
  • It is also a very cost-effective solution, compared to the other tools in the market with monthly subscription payments.


  • Some features of the app require your undivided attention to use them to your benefit.
  • You can have direct communication with your niche clients. But, this can prove to be highly challenging if the customers are not so happy with your products or services; they may decide to ruin your reputation.

Mint App Customer Testimonials:

Find out what people got to say for this Mint Platform. Read this review from genuine customer, who is loving this amazing app.


Why You Should Buy Mint App?

Mints App 2.0 is an improved version of the earlier product with all new powerful features incorporated in it, which makes it easy to use. This tool can work wonders while developing an online business.

  • Mints App uses Customer-driven funnel, which is unique marketing technology. It works better than any other regular marketing method.
  • It can be set up on your eCommerce stores, blogs, Facebook posts, affiliate offers, emails and more. It takes only a few minutes to log in, and you can use it efficiently.
  • Using Mints App 2.0, you can build an emailing list of clients, generate leads and get massive traffic that will help you to increase your sales and earn huge profits.
  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can avail the bonus if you purchase the Mints app 2.0 today.

Mint App FAQs

✅Is Mint Really Free?

Yes, you can use Mint for free and for the budgeting app it has leveraged more than 20 million users worldwide.

🤔Is Mint App Safe To Use?

Yes, Mint is safe to use. But if something bad happens, Mint App will not be able to recover money because Mint is just a read-only aggregator for your accounts.

🔥Is Mint App Is the best budgeting App?

Yes, Mint is a reliable and best money management app by Intuit Inc. Intuit is the same company that nurtures QuickBooks & TurboTax.

🤔Which is better Ynab or Mint?

Basically, Mint allows you to keep track of your budgeting with minimal effort, while YNAB you need to put more effort into managing your budget and every penny. Overall, Mint is the best option you have got in the market.

Conclusion: Mint App Review 2020 | Should You Really Go For It??

Mints App is a highly appreciated and useful tool. It is the choice of many experienced marketing professionals. This tool helps you in increasing the success rate of an event or a project by many folds. It also helps you to increase the awareness of your product that may help you to acquire more clients.

That’s why I would highly recommend Mints App 2.0 for your business as its efficiency helps to make your business a profitable venture.

We hope this Mint App Review helped you in getting a closer look at what Mint App & its benefits.. Do comment below and let us know if you have any experience with Mint App.

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