X Theme & Pro Theme Review (Features & Pricing) (From Themeco) (How to Use Tutorials & Demo)

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Ease of use


  • Multisite Tested
  • Child Theme Compatible
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Translation Ready
  • Custom Post Formats
  • Dynamic Thumbnail Sizing
  • Retina Ready
  • Integrated Social Sharing
  • Unlimited Sidebars


  • Maybe too many features for new users
  • Better Pricing Options Needed

Pro Theme is one of the best WordPress theme on the market and their X Theme product is ThemeForest’s fastest selling product of all time. Very extensible and the UI allows for many granular customizations. I highly recommend you to try Pro Theme.

Price:$ 59

Looking for X Theme & Pro Review ? I got you covered today.

You want a theme that is customizable and the code is reliable.

You are tired of waiting for pages to load and your site to respond to your clicks.

There is nothing worse than a slow website. It will ruin your whole business.

Solution :Pro Theme is extremely light-weight, code is reliable, flexible layouts, lots of good extensions that don’t rely on plugins.

There have been various Best WordPress Themes already, but with this X–Theme & Pro making its presence felt in the internet business I would love to see how it performs.

Bottom Line Upfront :

I would say  Pro Theme is an extremely light-weight theme that runs FAST. Love the theme, code is reliable, flexibility in layouts, lots of good extensions rather than plugins, nicely crafted demo’s to import to get you up and running faster, page builder is easy and intuitive. But what really makes Pro Theme it worth 5 stars is the customer support. Fast (often less than 24 hours) and extremely thorough.

They go the extra mile and I’ve always been 100% satisfied with the answers. I am Completely blown away, thank-you Themeco team for your best products and unmatchable service!

Don’t hesitate and get X–Theme (or even Pro) now! You will not regret it after buying I promise. 

X Theme Customer reviews

In this post I will do X Theme & Pro review in detail with all the features.

The Concept : 

Themeco is basing the X and Pro themes on design sets called Stacks. This may change in the future, but it is actually not a bad concept at all. There are four stacks: Integrity, Renew, Icon and Ethos. Each one has its own character, and they create a nice starting point for those who want quick ready-made designs. Everything in the theme is customizable, so you could end-up not noticing the stacks at all.


Performance Speed of Pro Theme :


Themeco’s crazy-geek engineers… There are a few things that came together that allowed the creation of one of the fastest themes on the Internet. The barebone install is able to load in 0.3 seconds with additional optimization and in 0.5 seconds without it! An optimized website such as this can now take anywhere from 0:7 to 2 second for loading time which according to Google research “has an impact on bounce rate by 8%. That means 20% more visitors click away after waiting too long than those who don’t have wait times over 5 seconds.”

I’ve seen a lot of different themes on the market, but none are as fast in X and Pro theme. They may be close at first glance with Oxygen or another few that match up front-end wise. But when you get to editing your page’s backend templates? That is where they shine! I measured how long it took for me to edit the homepage template using Cornerstone Page Builder: only two minutes from start-to-finish!

Pro theme performance on a full website with plugins (Heavy Homepage, shared hosting without CDN).

This is a great option for those who have sites on Siteground. I use it with their Supercacher enabled and combine that with WP Rocket if they don’t support the site chosen host provider. For any missing functionalities, there are plugins available to compensate such as Flying Pages preloading images or Asset Cleanup managing assets which can provide some relief from speed issues during page load time.

The example website has an image-heavy homepage but lazy loading makes sure pages weigh less than 1MB upon first loading in browser tabs.

This is Google page speed score screenshot for Pro theme. 

PageSpeed Insights

Your website should be fast. If it is not, it might not get visitors. There are many ways to make your website faster, but one of the best ways is with the Pro theme from Themeco. It was built for performance out of the box and will give you a fast website even if you are using a shared hosting service.

Core Web Vitals is a ranking factor and you need to make sure that your website has them. This means that we need to have a clean home page for people to see. It should not be too busy so people can find what they want.

Performance Optimization Tolerance:

Not all themes work well with optimization. With X and Pro, you can put everything together – the CSS and JS – and minify it. It will still work exactly the same. You do not need to minify it because it is already pre-minified. Under HTTP/2, you can test if concatenation is even needed. That will depend more on how your plugins are set up.

I have tested WP Rocket’s Lazy Loading for images on this theme, and they all work perfectly with no issues if Webp file formats are served instead of original images as well.

SEO Friendly:

SEO friendly Pro theme
Structured data support in Pro theme

Themeco is a company that wants to make sure their website is search engine friendly. This means they want people to find them when they search for things on the internet. Themeco also has a lot of knowledge about SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. One way this happened was through forums where I had discussions with them about SEO and how it works.

X Theme & Pro Theme Review 2021 REALLY Ultimate WordPress Theme?

Lets start talk about X Theme first and then I will go details into PRO theme.

Making a great WordPress theme is tough, making an EXTREMELY LIGHT-WEIGHT one is tougher.

But the guys at X Theme(Themeco) have done it! This theme was created with performance in mind and is designed to work on every device, including mobile.

And if you need anything, don’t worry, their support is quick and responsive.

X Theme ultimate wordpress theme

When we are trying to select a theme for our site, then the first thing that most of us do is sit down with pen and paper to jot down all requirements that we have included the budget which is generally marked in bold. Then go browsing for themes that will suit not only our requirements, but will also enhance the site within budget.

Now when our life depends on social networking sites, then how come the business will be far behind! In order to increase the availability of our business, we have to select themes that support twitter or Facebook or some other social networking sites too.

With all these questions and possibilities I was wandering around on the net looking for something which will fit the bill when I stumbled upon X–Theme.

I started going through the site only to explore the best of all the themes packed into one. Don’t believe me, just read on to realize what you have been missing on your site and how you could improve your business experience with this amazing WordPress theme.

I am giving out the verdict even before going into the details, just because I couldn’t resist myself from doing so. I just can’t wait till the end to say how astounding this is! Let’s get started with what it has to offer to its users:

X Theme Features :  X Theme Review

X Theme Features

Unlimited pages with imagination fly high

Here you can achieve almost any layout that you want for your site and you can be at your creative best to put forward a stupendous look for the business. The easiest thing about this is that it gives shape to your thoughts so if you have something in mind then look around in the Stacks to find exactly what you thought if not better.

Don’t worry about the navigation as with a click or a two you will be able to reach your destination.

X The Ultimate WordPress Theme 2014

So we were talking about stacks and here they are:

  • Integrity
  • Renew
  • Icon

Each one has something unique to provide you so if Integrity is coming up with elegance for professionals and creative people, then Renew will offer you to place your content in a crisp manner. In the same way Icon is just the opposite of its name as in here you will get more of content doing the talking.

X Theme best reviews

Finalizing with clear ideas 

Has it ever happened that you worked on all the changes starting from font size of the layout thinking what a marvelous job you did but only when it went public did you realize what a blunder you have made! But not anymore as there is preview mode in here which will show you exactly how the changes are going to take shape so that you can finalize the changes only after getting a clear picture literally.

Incredible  shortcodes

X The Ultimate WordPress Theme 2014 1

You must be thinking so what’s so new about shortcodes, everybody has these included in their themes. But hold your thoughts right there as X-themes have something interesting to offer as they not only come with responsive visibility shortcodes but also has this Table of Content which is appreciated by Google a lot and that helps in increasing your page-view too. In addition, you will also get 3D buttons which is a cool thing to add to your site.


Navigating through the layout

You can select the position of your sidebar and whether you even need that or not. You can also go for Boxed layout or the full width layout depending on your site’s requirement. Are you kind of trying to attract people’s attention with simple yet interesting navigation, then try out the different options X-themes have to offer you like the –

  • Fixed Top
  • Fixed Left
  • Fixed Right
  • Static Top

Customizing your thoughts

X The Ultimate WordPress Theme 2014 5

If sky is the limit for our imagination, then X Theme will let you fly in the sky with various custom layouts of your page which includes – Price, About us, Contact and the list go on.

The designs are limitless, so you can easily select from the wide range of options that is laid in front of you. If you are opening up the site to sell something, then X Theme  will show you the way to get into the customer’s heart with 3 different designs increasing your sales from the word go.

Trailer of the film

Here X Theme is referred to be as a film and the several features are considered to be the trailer so here is a quick look at the features of this business enhancing powerful theme. If you are not sure how themes will work on your site or what to expect out of each theme that is available then there are 30 demos available for you to have a look so that you know the end result.

X Theme is responsive, provides you with more than 600 fonts from Google, shortcodes included as plugins, helps in resizing, ideal for high resolution displays, Photoshop available, educates you on the internet business, codes are clean so no worry of corrupted data or broken links, easy to change page layout as it can be done with a click, device doesn’t matter to X as it always look stunning, lightbox images incorporated for better looking site, unique styling for post formats, outlines your content using latest technology for better SEO experience.

X theme wordpress theme

Limitless portfolio available, several language made available for translation, unlimited slides can be added, animation is also a possibility, accessibility standards are that of latest, pixel perfect icon size for any screen, customized social sharing an updates are made at regular interval.

Leaving no stone unturned

X theme testimonials

See with so many features on-board can you resist this theme anymore! This is the reason why I touted this one as one of the best if not the best themes to it the market in a long time. People have been waiting for this multi-featured theme to rescue them from ordinary. Enjoy the special treatment that it has to offer and give in to the opportunities that you can explore in here.

Reviewing The Revolutionary Pro Theme ( Why I Prefer it over X Theme)

The majority of the website owners are aware of the fact that themes play a vital role in the making of their website. From making the website look attractive and keeping it up-to-the-mark to the addition of beneficial features and boosting the usability of the website. Here in this post, we will be discussing and reviewing one of the best themes in the market currently.

This theme is none other than the Pro Theme, and this curated post covers each and every aspect of Pro that you should know before investing your time and money here.

“But first things first. Let’s get the naming right. Many people refer to this product as X Pro, and I can understand why, because it is actually a PRO-fessional big brother of X. It has all the wonders and beauty of X, but it also has many special features and functions that X does not. Thbe actual name of this product however is not X Pro, but Pro. Just Pro, folks. But you’re going to see us referring to it as Pro as well as X Pro. That’s because people search for “X Pro” a lot. Themeco, please forgive us.

X pro theme review Themeco

So let us get started with knowing more about the Pro Theme…

More About Pro Theme… Features

To put it simply, Pro Theme developed by Themeco is an advanced-level version of the X Theme. Though they are somewhat similar themes, Pro Theme offers a plethora of exceptional functionalities like the ability of building a customized header as well as the footer and a lot more.

Next, let us discuss the significant features of this theme.

The Feature Set That Makes Pro Theme So Desirable
Let us list the incredible things Pro Theme has to offer to you.

→ Smooth Build In Browser Experience

X pro theme blocks

Building your website becomes a fun job, thanks to its application-like designing and development experience that is built on WordPress. May it be headers and footers or any other attractive feature, you get everything here.

→ Remarkable Layouts

X pro theme layouts

With Pro Theme, you can create custom templates for shops, blogs, pages and others without the need for any addons or plugins. You can customize the layouts to be as simple or as complex as you wish it to be.

→ Beautiful Headers And Footers

X pro theme footer

Headers and Footers, as we all know, can add a lot more to the attractiveness and beauty of a website. Pro Theme can help you in creating stunning headers and footers for your website with ease.

→ Easy To Create With

X Pro Themeco features

With Pro Theme, you do not have to get tangled in frustrating and complicated tools for editing. Its drag and drop editor makes it all easy for you. Also, its extensive library of elements lets you choose from a plethora of pre-built elements or even create your own with its Element API.

→ Robust Styling Option

X pro theme styling

Pro Theme offers its users powerful features that help in styling the website. These features include Grid editor. Global Blocks, Font Manager, Color Manager, Template Manager and a lot more.

→ Great Option For Building Your Online Shops

X pro design reviews

From letting you customize the widgets to the features like Wide Array of Extensions, Pro-Level Prototyping and Shop Starter, the Pro Theme can prove to be exactly the one you need for kickstarting your online store.

Apart from these significant features, Pro Theme offers its users a wide range of features which includes Drop Zones, Native Mage Menu, Loopers, Conditional Elements, Effects Module, Custom Workspaces, Dynamic Content, Inline Editing, Role Manager, Skeleton Mode, Font Awesome Pro, Nested Content, CSS Coalescence, Presets, Search Focused, Responsive Modals, Mix and Match, Incredible Dropdowns, Conversion Optimized, Off-Canvas Content, Containers and Bars, Panel for New Theme Options, Real-TIme Canvas, Element API, Roadmaps, Keyboard Shortcuts, Lean Base, Remarkable Row Element and a lot more.

Keep reading ahead to know more about the Pricing Plans of the Pro Theme.

Pro Theme Support :

Themeco has been a company that is very supportive and cares about its customers. They do everything they can to help them out. They usually respond quickly, and sometimes in as little as a few hours. Recently, they had a period when the team was not able to provide the same level of support due to restructuring. However, they came out with an update that made things much better for the customers who needed help right away.

Security :

If you don’t already subscribe to the WPScan Vulnerability Database, you should. Look at the popular themes that are out there. You will find that most of them have had security breaches in the past. But not X and not Pro. They have a spotless security record from the day they were created.

In May 2020, five popular page builders and one (most popular) theme was reported having serious vulnerabilities after which again in August 2020 this most popular WordPress theme had vulnerability issues, along with its Page builder. Security is important!

Pro Theme Sustainability

I am using Themeco’s themes from the beginning. One of the main reasons I chose them was because of the human factor. I have seen how much passion and devotion Kyle has put into his work and knew it would lead to great things in the future. That was enough for me. If you want to hear more about Themeco, watch this video that is 50 minutes long.

Pricing Of  Pro Theme

Pro Theme is offered for its users in three pricing plans viz Pro Theme (Single Use License), Pro Theme (Unlimited Use License), as well as Pro, Hosted, and in three billing options viz Monthly, Yearly and Lifetime. The theme offers a money-back guarantee for 30 days.

Monthly Billing Options

X Pro theme Pricing details

→ Pro Theme (Single Use License) costs $9. This plan includes Design Cloud, Family Of Builders, Extensions, Ongoing Updates and Ongoing Support.

→ Pro Theme (Unlimited Use License) costs $29. This plan includes Design Cloud, Family Of Builders, Extensions, Ongoing Updates and Ongoing Support.

→ Pro Hosted:

For one website, it costs $29. This plan includes 50K Visits, Managed Updates, Managed Hosting and All Theme Features.

For five websites, it costs $99. This plan includes 200K Visits, Managed Updates, Managed Hosting and All Theme Features.

For unlimited websites, it costs $499. This plan includes 1 Million Visits, Managed Updates, Managed Hosting and All Theme Features.

Yearly Billing Options

X pro theme yearly license

→ Pro Theme (Single Use License) costs $59. This plan includes Design Cloud, Family Of Builders, Extensions, Ongoing Updates and Ongoing Support.

→ Pro Theme (Unlimited Use License) costs $149. This plan includes Design Cloud, Family Of Builders, Extensions, Ongoing Updates and Ongoing Support.

→ Pro Hosted:

For one website, it costs $199. This plan includes 50K Visits, Managed Updates, Managed Hosting and All Theme Features.

For five websites, it costs $799. This plan includes 200K Visits, Managed Updates, Managed Hosting and All Theme Features.

For unlimited websites, it costs $3999. This plan includes 1 Million Visits, Managed Updates, Managed Hosting and All Theme Features.

Lifetime Billing Options

X Pro theme license Pricing

→ Pro Theme (Single Use License) costs $99. This plan includes Design Cloud, Family Of Builders, Extensions, Ongoing Updates and Ongoing Support.

→ Pro Theme (Unlimited Use License) costs $399. This plan includes Design Cloud, Family Of Builders, Extensions, Ongoing Updates and Ongoing Support.

→ Pro Hosted is not available in this billing plan.

Let’s get down to the benefits and downside of the  Pro Theme.

Pros Of  Pro Themes

→ Extensive range of plugins and integrations

→ Header and Footer Builder

→ Integrated With Cornerstone Page Builder

→ A Wide Array Of Useful Features

Cons Of Pro Theme

→ Some level of Learning Curve is involved in making the most out of X Pro Theme.

Some Notable Features of PRO in brief :

Some top level features of Pro theme I am listing down here and you can see it yourself that why I am choosing Pro theme for my business.

This article is an overview of the Theme and its functionalities, so I won’t bore you with too much content. Everything important has been said.

Here is a list of what we have mentioned already, and a few more things:

  • Undo/Redo
  • Global Colors
  • Global or Page-level CSS/JS
  • Font Manager
  • Template Manager
  • Dark/Light Mode
  • Dynamic Content
  • 1st-class ACF Pro integration
  • Element Scroll & Hover effects
  • Element Conditional logic
  • Element Condition expressions
  • WordPress Loop inside any container
  • Header & Footer Builder
  • Full control over blog layouts, posts, and index pages
  • Unlimited Headers and Footers
  • Lots of Premium Plugins
  • Flexbox and CSS Grid
  • Global Elements (Blocks)
  • Custom Attributes
  • Native Dropdowns, Modals and Fly-ins
  • Powered by Ember and super-fast backend/frontend
  • Font Awesome Pro V5 with an ability to turn off unused weights
  • Design Cloud – Offsite repository of ready-made elements
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Customizable UI
  • Element status indicators (has CSS, Has Looper, Has Effect, etc)
  • Right-click contextual menu in the builder
  • Elements API for developers
  • Easily installable Child Theme
  • Extensive documentation
  • Ready Made Templates in the Design Cloud
  • Demo websites and demo content
  • And more

FAQ’s For X Theme & Pro Reviews

✅ Does X Theme have Dark Mode?

Yes, the new version supports dark theme and is compatible with your desktop theme.

🔥Can I keep my client from editing while reviewing?

X theme allows you to control the roles of visitors and editors. If you want to let the client to just access editing of text, you can assign that role to them. Furthermore, if you want your designer to just change and access images, that is also possible in roles manager.

😍Does the free version offer any premium plugin previews?

Your purchase will automatically include additional 30-day premium plug-in and support.

🔥Is X theme professional friendly?

X theme is a perfectly compatible tool for professional designers and managers. In fact, according to our statistics, 60% of users are professional businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs. At the same time, we are newbie friendly, small/ home businesses or DIY studios can use this tool to design.

🔥What extensions and bundled themes are available with X Theme?

The plugins and extensions bundled up with the theme include Custom 404, White Label Email Forms, Under Construction, UberMenu,, and Facebook Comments to name a few.

What Makes Unlimited And Single License Different?

With a Single License, you can use Pro on just a single site, whereas the unlimited license lets you use Pro on any number of client and personal sites you want.

Are There Support Resources Online?

You can get access to more than 1,00,000 questions, answers and topics with the help of online documents as well as the public forum.

How Can I Resolve My Queries Apart From The Online Resources?

Themeco custom support offers customer support and is ready to respond to your queries across the globe 24/7/365.

X Theme & Pro Reviews & Customer Testimonials :

I’m going to try and not do the ‘guy overly excited leaving review’ thing, but Themeco support for X is quite literally the best support I have ever encountered of any entity on earth. I couldn’t have done it without X and all the coding help from the experts over at Themeco.



I love this Theme. As a complete beginner I was able to make my own website and customise the code to get the look I wanted. The tutorials, forums and support are great. Would definitely refer this theme to others.



I have never seen a theme quality like this…and I’ve been through a few of them, believe me! This theme has so many extensions and demos, stacks, and layouts, you can build literally ANY kind of site with it. This is the 3rd site I’m building with it. I love this theme!



I think this is the theme I’ve stuck the longest with. It is constantly evolving and is backed up by an impressive crew of support staff. This really is the best WordPress theme on the market.


Intuitive. User-friendly. Easy to configure. Simple to navigate. Stable. Killer at engaging visitors. Great buy.


I love everything about this theme! The only limitation is MY experience and this theme is easy to work with for noobs like me AND it looks professional. Cant say enough good things about X 🙂



The theme makes it simple and easy to design your website with an amazing look!


All aspects of this theme make creating a website a breeze! I created one for a friend in about a day and a half. NO other template has been this easy and quick!



There is lots to love with X. The theme looks professional with less effort than most themes and is generally a lot easier to use. It’s the best theme I’ve ever purchased, and I hope to use it for a very long time.


This theme is amazingly flexible and comprehensive. There are so many features yet it is so easy to use. Support is excellent too!


Fantastic support with great patience. The problem I had (unable to download plugins) was on my end, but they helped me work through it with fast responses and great patience.


5 Alternatives to X Theme

1) Publisher Theme

Publisher Theme

The Publisher is a full-featured design framework for WordPress magazines, newspapers, and affiliate marketing pages. The BetterStudio’s Publisher template includes 98 pre-made templates, a one-click sample installer, 20 paid subscription extensions, an automatic AMP pages verifier, unlimited lifetime updates, and more.

The advantages of using Publisher as an alternative include having 100% ready AMP content, being optimized by Certified Professional Experts, having built-in JSON-LD Support. prioritizing article and H tag use, and being integrated with Yoast SEO, Rank Math, and all SEO plugins. It has a direct Google Drive and Drop Box access.

2) Astra 

Astra Theme WordPress

Astra, also known as WPastra, is a responsive WordPress theme is estimated to power over 1,200,000 WordPress websites and blogs by 2021. When mounted, the theme’s total size is a little less than 50 KB. You may also use the kid theme for it. It has the most pre-built website templates and site demonstrations on any platform. Others are completely free, while others include the Elementor or Beaver Builder plugins. Moreover, it works in compatibility with some of the best page builders, sales tools and WordPress plugins like Elementor, WooCommerce, Rank Math etc.

 3) ReHub

REHub is a modern hybrid framework that can be used for a variety of purposes. It encompasses a wide range of business models for successful website layouts, including modified eCommerce layouts, advanced digital product templates, price/vendor compares, directory repository layouts, and many others. Each REHub membership includes a free plugin worth well over $300. WP Bakery Page Builder, Revolution slider with 6 exclusive templates, Advanced Product Filter plugin, and so on are some of the plugins accessible.

On the basis of functions, there is no distinction between X Theme and REHub (competitors). Since REHub is a rock-solid WordPress theme that comes with all you’ll need to create a compare or voucher offer website. It’s also an Amazon-recommended style. Replacing X Theme with REHub is unquestionably a great idea if you want to create an Amazon affiliate website or blog.

 4) GeneratePress

Generatepress themes

GeneratePress is, first and foremost, a freemium theme. It means you can either use the free version or pay $59 a year for up to 500 websites on the paid plan (recommended). Second, GeneratePress Premium has an infinite number of showcase site demos that can be imported with a single click. GeneratePress is unique in that it is a multifunctional WordPress template that can be used by any unique website.

Lightweight and quick to load, Demonstrations of sites that can be imported, Built-in components, hooks, and templates, A single license can be used on up to 500 different websites. There is a lifetime license option available, as well as Both page builders are compatible.

 5) Elegant Theme Extra Theme

Elegant Themes Extra Theme

Elegant Theme’s Extra Theme is a brilliant cornerstone. Elegant Themes is a collection of WordPress themes and plugins that is among the best in the business. Elegant Themes is simply a compilation of three entirely separate plugins, rather than a collection of Extra Theme incorporated functions and pre-built models; Divi Builder is a landing page builder that is all-in-one, Monarch is a plugin for media platforms buttons that has been well-developed and Bloom is a unique email collection plugin.

You can use Divi Builder for free to get started. However, if you want to use Extra Theme, you’ll most likely need an Elegant Themes membership. For new users, the Elegant Themes subscription begins at $89 a month.

Quick Links : 

Conclusion : X & Pro Theme Review 2021 Really Ultimate WordPress Theme? I would recommend go for Pro over X Theme. 

X Theme Pro really bring the best to your table, in terms of stunning & unique design that are included in single package. There are huge amount of option for setting & configuring those templates also helps to make best choice for anyone who wants to create something of their own. Your site will definitely perform well .

Great theme to use and customize. It was a little difficult getting to the actual demo content but once you sign up for the support it is wide open. Amazing theme, so many combinations and ideas for it. Absolutely wonderful and well worth the price.

I am obviously biased, but for a good reason. I would have left Themeco in the last 7 years if there was a reason. Instead, they have become an important partner that I can count on. They gave me an advanced piece of technology that works well and does not get in the way of my imagination and what it looks like when finished.

This technology cuts down development time significantly. You do not need to build a mockup with tools like Photoshop or other prototyping tools to make your vision come true.

It is a highly recommended and a theme that is worth your time and investment owing to its responsiveness, extensive integrations and plugins, remarkable layout as well as competitive pricing.

This theme proves to be great for both the beginners as well as the professionals. You can also enjoy a risk-free trial thanks to the 30 Days money-back guarantee.

I think Pro from Themeco is one of the very best WordPress themes out there.”

Did you like out X Theme & Pro Theme review, what is your opinion about  Pro Theme ? Have you tried share your experience in comments below.

Jitendra Vaswani

Jitendra Vaswani is a Digital Marketing Practitioner & international keynote speaker currently living digital nomad lifestyle and founder of  internet marketing blog BloggersIdeas.com & Digital Marketing Agency DigiExe. During his more than 8 years long expertise in Digital Marketing, Jitendra has been a marketing consultant, trainer, speaker and author of “Inside A Hustler’s Brain : In Pursuit of Financial Freedom” which has sold over 20,000 copies, worldwide & contributor of “International Best Selling Author of Growth Hacking Book 2”. He had trained 10000+ digital marketing professionals till date and has been conducting Digital marketing workshops across the globe. His ultimate goal is to help people build businesses through digitization make them realize that dreams do come true if you stay driven.  Check out his portfolio( jitendra.co). Find him on Linkedin, Twitter, & Facebook.

18 User Reviews on X Theme

  1. Hi friend,
    Read your post and wordpress theme collection that was amazing which is the helpful for every wordpress users. When coming up with this theme and it is stacks, the developers consulted with a variety of expert net entrepreneurs. This alternate tool place in order to solicit suggestions about what functions and style concepts needs to be included to produce this the top WordPress theme available on the market for anyone wishing to build a successful website.
    Thanks for sharing this post.

  2. Hey mate,

    Nice review. Personally I have been using it for around 2 months now on one of my fun sites. Pretty cool but with one condition.

    It is not that ‘ready’ out of the box. You need to spend time…serious time to try and build your own dream theme.

    Overall, I know many who hated this theme due to the fact that it takes a few hours to build one. But at the end, I would still recommend this as the potential in this theme is huge!

  3. Hi Jitendra,

    Recently I visited the Theme X website. I try some demos given on the site. I feel awesome and great user interface. There are many options available in theme x. It is a great choice and most rated on themeforest.

  4. I just purchased this theme for the building and revamping of my companies PR firm. I love the theme. A little hard to get use to with all the short coding. But so many choices. Very excited about 2.0

  5. Hey Jitenra, it’s nice to hop down here again and this time stumbling on one of my most dreamed wordpress templates.

    I never knew you were a fantastic reviewer, nice one man! I love the were you were concise and honest.

    I’ve actually read a whole lotta reviews bout this theme and even participated on one of Enstine’s comment contest, where he also reviewed this magnificent theme and I think I won that contest, but had to get a PC instead of buying the theme.

    I am thinking of using the theme on my business blog but at this time I’m facing a lotta isues in both my life and business and can’t afford the bills.

    I will wait and see who gift me with it on my up coming birthday.

    After all said friend, nice review and I again visited the page and so a whole lot of downloads and comments on the page. Nice job the expert that created the theme did. What say? 🙂


  6. There a ton if things that I like about X Theme. It’s anything but an extraordinary simplicity in utilizing it.

    X Theme is responsive, furnishes you with in excess of 600 textual styles from Google, shortcodes included as modules, helps in resizing, ideal for high goal shows, Photoshop accessible, teaches you on the web business, codes are perfect so no concern of undermined information or broken connections, diagrams your substance utilizing most recent innovation for better SEO experience.

  7. For novices, the working of the X theme is difficult to comprehend and requires specialized information to get it and the UI is additionally convoluted. There is a vital issue while utilizing its frailty. Some similarity issues are likewise there like you are utilizing. Assuming you are utilizing WooCommerence, you can not utilize BigCommerce or Wp eCommerce. Pilfered and hacked formats. Personalization is probably the most serious issue of pre-assembled subjects.
    Overall I did not like the functioning of X Theme.

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    But what really makes X Pro Theme is the team behind it. They are not only responsive to feedback but super helpful and great when pushing out new updates.

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    X-themes have something interesting to offer as they not only come with responsive visibility shortcodes but also has this Table of Content which is appreciated by Google a lot and that helps in increasing your page-view too. In addition, you will also get 3D buttons which is a cool thing to add to your site.

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    X does not offer anything that cannot be found in other WordPress themes in the ThemeForest marketplace. It comes with multiple responsive styles, it includes a page builder for creating custom pages, and it has a portfolio custom post type.

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    It helps you build build highly custom functionality content with this native support for dynamic content!!
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    It allows with Custom Workspace!! It’s like vertical or horizontal? Docked or undocked? Big or small? Your workspace fits your workflow!!
    With X Theme you also get to make changes to global blocks and update fast with just one click!
    The simple mode provided also works great! You are able to distill the power of their most full-featured elements down to their most essential, very approachable controls.

  16. I’ve had no issues using X Theme, they’re are only pros to using it like :
    ~Clutter Free Workspace
    ~Live Text Editing
    ~Header And Footer Builder
    ~Dynamic Content
    ~Some Plugins for free as a Bonus
    ~WPML Compatible

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