RichPush Review 2023 | Is It Worth The Hype? (Case Study)

There is a new way of engaging with and reaching your target audience to increase the conversion rate; these are known as Push notifications. Push notifications assure you of a great conversion rate along with advanced targeting. These notifications function in a very easy as well as an efficient way, wherein the users enable your push ads, view them as well as get notifications.

When the notification is tapped on by the user, they will be taken to your landing page or the application. RichPush is one such ad network for push notifications which has a huge subscriber base of more than 25,00,00,000 people all over the world.

RichPush Review

RichPush Review 2023 | Should You Go for It?

In-Depth RichPush Review

RichPush is considered to be the best in India, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the United States, Germany.

RichPush Review - RichPush

RichPush has some amazing and renowned partners and media such as AffiliateFix, Affbank, Mobidea, Dr.Cash, afflict, and many more. The network’s minimum CPC starts from $0.003.

RichPush: What is it?

RichPush brags of having a global user base above 450 million and they give you a very minimum CPC of $0.003. It makes sure that their entire user base across the world consists of real users to ensure your budget on advertising never goes wasted due to fake websites and users.

RichPush Ad Network: What are the conditions to join this network?

There are certain conditions to be followed to join the RichPush ad network.

If you are an advertiser, you can just register in RichPush. The network does not have many strict rules as well as regulations for approval of an account, which means that once you apply for the account, it will be approved instantly.

Also, you can join the network as a publisher if you want to monetize your website. Then you will go to RichPartners to get a special code for your website.

RichPush- How does it Benefit the Publishers?

They assure full brand safety for the publishers and allows each of the publisher to come up with their own set of rules of what he wants or does not want to be shown in his push- advertising and the network’s approval team follows it. It is an incremental source of monetization for publishers who are looking to increase their ad revenue.

RIchpush reviews on Googlew

Push notifications are unobtrusive and help publishers monetize exit traffic. has some of the best rates across the industry and can monetize your tier one traffic effectively.

1. Joining Requirement

RIchpush publishers

Publishers do not have any joining requirements. There is just one glitch – publishers cannot monetize the iOS apps as well as blogger websites. Publishers must be capable of implementing the script on their own website. However, remember that there are exclusive rates for tier one traffic and there is less demand for tier 2 as well as tier 3 countries. Hence, for effective monetization and to get good rates, a lot of traffic must come from the tier one countries.

2. Rates of CPM and CPC

When a user subscribes to the push notifications, notification ads can be sent across to these visitors by the network. In a span of 3-4 months, there will be a significant rise in your revenue generated from the push ads. But, the rate of CPM for these ads depends on user clicks along with conversions. In terms of the push ad networks, many native ad networks are the highly demanded sources, and the revenue is generated through clicks.

The CPC when it comes to tier one traffic could be in the range of about 10 cents and the average CPC could be in the range of 3-4 cents based on the traffic. CPMs can be expected to be about a dollar or more for the tier one traffic, for tier 2 and 3 traffic, it could range from 10-50 cents.

3. Revenue Share:

A very efficient and generous revenue share is offered of about 75%-90%. The revenue share differs based on the incoming traffic’s geography and hovers in the range indicated.

4. Payment Mode and Cycle:

RichPush offers few methods to make the payments to publishers and it includes Wire Transfer, CC, and Webmoney. Furthermore, they ensure the processing of any outstanding payments to publishers is done within NET 30 days. RichPush has a great reputation in terms of timely payments to its publishers.

RichPush Case Study (Profit $370) :

Country Target : Tier 1 (US)

Device : Mobile/Desktop ( I tried both , but got better conversions with Desktop version)

Offer Niche : Health Product

Spend : 216.32

Profit : $370

Ad network : ShareAsale

For mobile lead generation I would recommend go with Android & purchase or sale go with iOS users.

Screenshot from ShareAsale earning : 


Why I choose ShareAsale because they have lot of offers into health niche & I trust their tracking because every month I make 5 figures from ShareAsale offers and they have best niche wise offers. You can choose health offers in ShareAsale according to power rank. For example check the screenshot below to understand better.

Richpush case study

See the power rank of these offers, they are best & many affiliate are promoting them. 


Shareasale health niche Richpush Review case study

So I hope this case study gives you an idea about how to choose the health offers from ShareAsale.

RichPush – How does it benefit the Advertisers?

RichPush has a great user base of more than 450 million real people all over the world. They also have custom targeting options and unique flagship features, for example, Automated rules, Smart CPC, and Micro bidding. Retargeting options are also permitted and are made available to the advertisers.


Additionally, it offers an approval team which is available 24/7. It also offers a personal support manager, to solve and address the glitches faced by the advertiser.

Richpush advertisers

1. Joining Requirement.

There are no special requirements for advertisers wanting to register on RichPush ad network

2. Minimum Deposit, Payment Mode.

As an advertiser, if you want to make use of the services of RichPush, you will have to pay a deposit. A minimum deposit is $100. But after depositing $500, you will be provided with the full-service pack along with the personal manager. The payment can be done through Webmoney, wire transfer, bank card, e-pay, Paxum.

RichPush: Is it worth the time spent?

Push notifications are one of the most popular formats now. It offers huge traffic volumes, quite low CPC, and a wide range of GEOs. It’s crucial to choose the right GEO and vertical. RichPush Insights will help you! Here you can find all the top verticals, traffic volumes, and average CPC for different GEOs”.

richpush native ads case study


RichPush: Which are the niches that perform the best for Publishers?

RichPush  works in an excellent manner in all niches, however, the ones that perform the best are Nutra, Sweepstakes, Betting, Dating, Finance, and Gambling. In case you own a website or an application that revolves around the niches mentioned, this ad network will help you increase your revenues from the traffic.

RichPush unique flagship features.

There is a list of the useful instruments that make the work with push traffic much easier. RichPush team is constantly developing the platform implementing new features to drive users’ performance.


  • Target CPA

This feature automatically identifies sources that convert better and make them prior to the sources converting worse. This way the campaign can get more conversions for the targeted price.

  • Smart CPC

This great feature allows saving your money. If it is possible to buy conversions for a cheaper price, Smart CPC will do it.

  • Automated rules

The feature helps to create black and white lists automatically. You just need to make the rules for them (it will take just 5 minutes) and they will continue working automatically. You need not spend hours on the optimization process.

  • Micro bidding

Now in one campaign, you can create different bids for different parameters like OS, location, hour, site, etc.

Customer Review

RichPush Review - Customer Review

Pros and Cons of RichPush Ad Network

Though RichPush  is one of the best ad networks to monetize from push ads and increase your revenues before you decide to opt for it, you could take a look at the pros and cons of using the ad network, which will give you a gist of the benefits as well as limitations:

Pros RichPush

  • It offers excellent traffic quality.
  • It offers timely and professional support.
  • It has a huge volume, especially for GEO like India or LATAM.
  • The network has a user-friendly reporting system.
  • It offers many optimization options.
  • It offers many options for depositing accounts.
  • They have a 24/7 approval team as well as a personal manager.
  • They have a couple of efficient payment modes like Webmoney, wire transfer, bank card, e-pay, Paxum.
  • It delivers across desktop, mobile browsers, in-app, and in-page formats.

Cons RichPush

  • You get a personal manager only if you deposit $500.
  • PayPal is not included in their payment modes.

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RichPush Review Conclusion:

RichPush is a great ad network to obtain scale as well as to test the campaigns. They have a great subscriber list that exceeds 30 million from all over the world and these are real users. As a publisher, you need not worry about losing out on revenue due to fake websites and users. Since they offer high-quality traffic as well as reasonable pricing, you could easily opt for a high return on investment campaign. They have some amazing features such as smart CPA goals which optimize the campaign when you have sufficient data.

RichPush is also capable of split testing multiple creatives (5 or more) so as to collect the data quickly. They also have dedicated push ad experts as well as proprietary optimization technology, which ensures you get the best out of the push ads. It would be great if PayPal was added to their funding options, but keeping that aside, RichPush is a network which is recommended in case you wish to start off with push traffic and in case you intend to scale the profitable campaigns.

We hope our RichPush Review suits your purpose well.

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