Riddick’s Call Conference March 2023

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Riddick’s Call is a large-scale international conference for top management entrepreneurs and business owners worldwide.

Riddick’s Call Conference on March 11-12, 2023

Riddick’s Call is a conference organized at the Dubai World Trade Center. It is the UAE’s largest exhibition and event center and the leading event venue in the whole world. They have invited real professionals in their fields and world-class speakers. One of the ideas I liked about Riddick’s Call is that they have maintained a ratio between the well-known speakers and the debut new ones. 

It doesn’t end here. There is always an after-party. The party is in the famous Queen Elizabeth II, and a retired British liner is converted into a floating hotel.  

Riddick’s Call Ticket Prices & How To Buy Guide

Step 1: Go to the official website of Riddick’s Call from here. Scroll down and click on ‘Buy Ticket’ below the ticket of your choice. 

Riddick’s Call How To Buy Guide step1

I always recommend choosing the VIP plan; with that, you can make the best out of the event. However, considering the price difference between VIP and Experienced, I would say choosing the Experienced plan won’t be a bad idea either. Standard is something I would not recommend because it does not include an afterparty. 

Step 2: You will be asked for some details. Fill them up and click on ‘Next.’

Riddick’s Call How To Buy Guide step2

Step 3: You will be asked to choose how to pay. Choose one and click on ‘SUBMIT.’

Riddick’s Call How To Buy Guide step3

Complete the payment, and you are good to go. 

Riddick’s Call — Speakers

Let us now see who will be speaking at Riddick’s Call — 

Moty Cristal:

Riddick’s Call - Speakers Moty Cristal

Moty Cristal is the founder and chief executive officer of NEST Group and NEST Consulting. Cristal founded NEST after a successful career as one of Israel’s foremost negotiation specialists to provide a novel holistic approach to the field of negotiation and the benefit of his knowledge and success to the business and public sectors. 

Mr. Cristal is a lieutenant colonel (ret.) in the IDF with substantial operational experience in crisis negotiation. He speaks globally on crisis negotiation and complicated crisis management.

Anton Agranovsky:

Riddick’s Call - Speakers Anton Agranovsky

From 2007 through 2010, I worked for KARO LLC, Russia’s top cinema network (30 movie theatres with advanced technologies). Anton Agranovsky was promoted from manager to development director. In the IT business, he began as the administrator of Russia’s first online gaming ventures (1998).

From 2008 until 2017, he was the creator and president of one of the first game firms on the Russian internet market, Destiny Development. Since 2013, he has been one of the company’s founders and owners. 

The company operates in the real estate rental industry. Since 2017, he has served as the president of Agranovsky IT Investment & Consulting LLC, which invests in Russian businesses and facilitates their development from concept to initial public offering. Since 2022, he has served as the Founder and Manager of AGRANOVSKY IT PROMOTION AND DEVELOPMENT L.LC-FZ.

Marina Ilyina:

Riddick’s Call - Speakers Marina Ilyina

Co-founder and CEO of PIN-UP. One of the most admired female business executives of the contemporary era. He has served as CEO of PIN-UP, the iGaming industry’s fastest-growing firm, for the last six years.

Has developed a holding with more than 1500 workers, which works in 12 countries and has six representative offices — a specialist in developing the company’s operating system and a master of critical thinking.

Alex Slobozhenko:

Riddick’s Call - Speakers Alex Slobozhenko

Alexander Sobozhenko is the proprietor of the media purchasing team Traffic Devils, a leader in the affiliate marketing industry. Everyone who is in any way involved with traffic arbitrage is acquainted with the Traffic Devils team. 

In a short period, it has developed into a true market giant that controls the top positions in the specialty gaming sector.

Alexander Slobozhenko is its permanent head. He has achieved widespread recognition inside Ukraine and considerably expanded his geographic presence outside of the nation.

Alex Riddick:

Riddick’s Call - Speakers Alex Riddick

Alex Riddick is the inventor of one of the largest and most successful affiliate networks, PIN-UP Partners, and the first affiliate marketing blog. He is also a successful entrepreneur.

He understands all there is to know about overcoming a business crisis, building a successful firm, and being the best in his profession. Alex launched Traflab, non-product gambling affiliate network APG, and contextual advertising firm iSkalka; he has also controlled about 15 affiliate companies.

Jordan Belfort (my personal favorite): 

Riddick’s Call - Speakers Jordan Belfort

In the 1990s, Jordan Belfort established one of Wall Street’s most active and successful sales groups. His innovative sales-training methodologies and regular motivating speeches have earned him a reputation as a “motivator without equal” to this day. His testimonies demonstrate he can encourage practically anyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, sex, educational background, or social standing, to accomplish objectives they never believed possible.

He has served as a consultant for more than fifty public companies and has been featured in virtually every major newspaper and magazine in the world, such as — 

  • Rolling Stone
  • Paris Match
  • BusinessWeek
  • Forbes
  • Corriere Della Serra
  • Le Monde
  • The Herald Tribune
  • The London Times
  • The Los Angeles Times
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • The New York Times

What You Will Learn From Riddick’s Event?

  1. The best secrets of personal brand influence on business growth in the B2B market
  2. Developing your business vision for the future
  3. Straight Line Persuasion System
  4. How personal brand affects your business
  5. Building a solid company’s structure and turning it into a corporation (this is something you must not miss)

Why Am I Excited About Riddick’s Call?

An Entire Day of Networking & Reports:

For me, business conferences are not business expenses. They are my sure-shot investments. I waited for them all year. You will make more connections and help you get some big clients. I would never miss a conference like Riddick’s Call.

Leading Speakers from All Across the World: 

“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.” – Dalai Lama.

That’s the power of listening. And listening to world leaders is even better. Even today, I try to attend at least one webinar a week. The reason is that even though I already know that topic in depth, I still learn at least one or two new things that will help me in the future.

But when it comes to leaders like these, you don’t just go home with one or two things. This isn’t a webinar, either. It is a huge business conference. You will meet the best of the business minds here, talk to them, know them, and make future deals and plans with them, and the part I enjoy the most is partying with them. 

The location — Dubai World Trade Center: 

The venue for this conference is the famous Dubai World Trade Center. It is one of the most significant spaces for events like these all across the world. It is a magnificent 38-story building. It is considered to be an ideal place to do business.

It’s an excellent opportunity to attend an event of this massive scale at a place like this. I love the place, so I may go on and on talking about it, so better if you just have a look at it from the Dubai World Trade Center’s official website. 

Lavish Afterparty with Special Guests:

As I mentioned earlier, the afterparty is my favorite part. Also, afterparties are the point where I make the best out of these events (which does not mean I drink a lot). This is the time when I bond with people the best.

Not just me but everyone. You make connections with people. You have fun with them. They can be world business leaders, smaller business owners, or professionals. But you get along with them and connect personally, which usually turns out to be good business relations with them in the future. 

And yes, as I mentioned, the afterparty is in Queen Elizabeth II, a floating hotel. Again I can go on talking about it, but it would be better if you see how great it is from their official website

Video Recordings:

One month after the conference, they will post a video report and an interview on a YouTube channel. All the recordings will be translated into multiple languages like — 

  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • English

Quick Links:

Conclusion: Riddick’s Call Conference

All in all, Riddick’s Call is a must-visit event. It has everything you and your business needs. It will help you with your personal growth and business development. You will learn a lot of new things from the speakers.

You will make many connections with the business owners during the event. You will make a lot of future relations along with enjoying in the party. I hope this article helped clarify some things about Riddick’s Call. Please let me know your views on the event in the comment section. 

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