4 Tips to Select the Right Background Music for Video Content

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Background music can transform your video, and affect its tone and pace while provoking an emotional reaction as well. Considering it plays such an important role it is crucial that you select the right background music for your video content.

Unfortunately that is easier said than done, and you may be stumped as to what background music you should choose. If that’s the case, there are a few tips that could help you to make the right decision:

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  • Define the mood to narrow down the genre

As mentioned, the background music will affect the tone of your video and help provoke an emotional reaction – so the first question you should ask yourself is: What do you want people to feel when they watch your video?

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Based on that you should be able to define the mood that you’re trying to foster using your background music, and from there begin to narrow down the genre. For example you may want an upbeat track that has a positive vibe and makes people feel happy.

  • Figure out whether it should have lyrics or not

Deciding whether or not your background music should have lyrics or not is relatively straightforward in most cases. If you’re using a voiceover and your background music is going to be playing throughout the video – skip the lyrics so that they don’t confuse viewers.

On the other hand if your video doesn’t have a voiceover or you’re only using the background music in specific areas that don’t have one – it is up to you. Keep in mind that the lyrics will be perceived as part of the video message however, so they need to mirror it thematically.


  • Pick a genre that appeals to your target audience

Try to consider the demographics of your target audience, and the types of music that they enjoy. For example more modern RnB or hip hop may appeal more to millennials, while classic rock or folk music may appeal to an older audience.


Keep in mind that age isn’t the only demographic that you should consider, and you should also take into account other factors that define your target market. By figuring out the genre of music that is a good culture fit, you will be able to help your video connect with your target audience on a deeper level.


  • Find a track that you can trim and loop to get it to fit

In most cases you will have to trim your background music and sometimes even loop certain parts to get it to fit your video – and it is important that the music allows for that. If you aren’t sure whether or not it does you could use a platform such as MP3 cutter to quickly trim it and listen to what it sounds like.

Generally speaking the best background music has distinct breaks that you can use to cut the music. If it does not you may need some advanced audio wizardry if you want to get the flow right.

Nowadays there are lots of places where you can go to find royalty-free music for your videos, and even more if you’re willing to pay. Many cater specifically to video creators that may be looking for background music, and will let you browse the selection based on the mood, pace, or other factors.

In short selecting background music doesn’t have to be that difficult – at least not if you follow the tips listed above. Try it the next time you have to find a good track for one of your videos, and see how much easier it makes it.

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