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We’ll go through each of the Rocket Languages plans in detail and provide a side-by-side comparison of their features and prices so you can choose the one that’s best for you.

What is Rocket Languages?

Rocket Languages Free Trial

A great app for learning languages is Rocket Languages. This educational tool is extremely intuitive and user-friendly. Students that use Rocket Languages can develop real-world conversational abilities. With the help of Rocket Languages, you can learn to speak fluently in conversations. To make sure the pupil learns the correct pronunciation of each word, the language programme uses voice recognition.

The programme at Rocket Languages uses a variety of instructional methods. Podcasts, flashcards, writing assignments, interactive exercises, and much more help students learn. Students can review lessons as often as necessary in the language software to help them retain what they have learnt.

In addition, Rocket Languages includes cultural elements in its classes to ensure that students learn more than simply the language.

Languages on Rocket Languages include Spanish, Sign Language, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Hindi, German, French, Chinese, Arabic, and English.

There are levels 1, 2, and 3 of the lessons. Lessons from Rocket Languages are designed for long-term success with the target language.

Rocket Languages Features

  • Having access to “benchmark” examinations to gauge current comprehension guarantees that you are studying at the appropriate depth
  • Highlight words, phrases, and sentences in the lesson’s audio transcript for quick reference. It’s fantastic to be able to identify the terms you need to practise with and then easily locate them
  • Certification tests following each subject
  • A community forum where members can share knowledge and ask about concerns
  • Learn common words, expressions, sentences, listening techniques, and more
  • The Rocket Languages app offers lessons for offline learning.
    Once a course is purchased, it is accessible for life. The lessons are jam-packed with useful information. (Cultural hints, regional jargon, and more.)
  • High-quality audio
  • A speech recognition button is included in audio files to help practise pronunciation.
  • You can skip lessons and only learn what you need to. After making a purchase, students get lifetime access to the classes and ultimately have control over their learning process on Rocket Languages
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Useful role-playing activities to integrate new language abilities into everyday conversation

Rocket Languages Free trial

Rocket Languages Free trial

In comparison to other language learning platforms, Rocket Languages stands out thanks to a long number of essential features. Therefore, Rocket Languages is the platform to check out whether you want to study a brand-new language, brush up on one for a trip, or need to learn a new language for business purposes.

A free trial with restricted access to the courses and exercises is available for the interactive language learning programme. This is very beneficial for the student to understand the software and get a sense of the type of lectures they might anticipate. The student will be asked to unlock the remaining lessons by making a one-time payment after completing the free trial lessons.

Rocket Languages is truly amazing software. They have emphasised the viability of language acquisition.
They also include culturally relevant material in their lessons, making them ideal for tourists. With Rocket Languages, the student controls the lessons, playback, pause, stop, replay, and other aspects of the learning process. You can tell that the programme values the learner at every stage of the process.

Rocket Languages Pricing

Rocket Languages Pricing

Three levels make up Rocket Languages. The levels can be bought separately or in packages by students. Lessons are designed to advance the student’s conversational proficiency in the target language. Hours of lesson time, voice recognition words, interactive audio lessons, cultural and linguistic lectures, and more are all included in each level.

Level 1 of Rocket Languages is $149.95.

For many languages, Rocket Languages offers lessons. There are three levels for each language. Lessons in audio, language, and culture are distributed throughout each level.

Level 1 Italian

This course is appropriate for students with basic to advanced ability levels, the same as the other level 1 course in the software. It assures that the student will become fluent and learn conversational skills.

Spanish Level 1&2 Rocket

With a 17% discount, the Rocket Spanish Levels 1&2 bundle, which normally costs $299.90, now only costs $249.90. This cost covers both levels and equips students with the ability to have assured conversations.

Rocket Spanish Level 1 and 2 costs the same as Rocket German.

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Wrapping up

Everyone looking to learn a language should use Rocket Languages. Whether you’re a business professional who needs to broaden your vocabulary or a traveller who needs to learn basic travel terminology, Rocket Languages is for you. Students have complete control over their studies, and courses are levelled.

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