Rouxbe Online Culinary School Review 2021: Should You Trust Them?

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Course Material
Video Lesson
Ease Of Use


  • Third-party platform integrations
  • Support is good
  • Courses are very detailed
  • ACF and Worldchefs recognition
  • White labeling and branding
  • Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Arabic is available
  • Chef Instructor & live grading
  • Helpful guides
  • Engagement along the way
  • An active online community


  • Bit Expensive compared to other courses

Rouxbe is recognized by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation as a quality program and the World Association of Chef Societies as an approved quality culinary training.

Price:$ 9.99

In this post, we are going to share a detailed Rouxbe Review. Rouxbe is the world’s leading online culinary school that has over 300,000 students all over the world.

In the past few years, we as humans have become more conscious of our surroundings and how we treat those around us, be it fellow humans or animals and plants. There have been a tremendous number of documentaries and research papers that have been curated toward the same topic. What seems to be the best option, especially taking into consideration what we consume and how it affects those around us.

Bottom Line: Rouxbe Online Culinary School is an online learning platform for those who love making food and want to make a career out of it. Here on this platform, you will get videos, assessments, and instructor interaction to sharpen your cooking skills. Instructors of this platform are amazing chefs and it’s a great platform to start if you are still a beginner in cooking. Get Started with Rouxbe Online Culinary School Now.

With this being said, veganism and plant-based diets have been seen to be most ecofriendly and the option that is the best for our fellow residents of the planet. Now, it may seem difficult to take the step and make the change, however, there are numerous platforms such as Rouxbe that teach you how to make a smooth and seamless transition into a plant-based diet.

In this article, we will be giving you a detailed review of the Rouxbe Online Cooking School. We will discuss and cover the following:

Rouxbe Online Culinary School Review: In A Nutshell

Rouxbe Overview

Rouxbe is a certified culinary school that runs entirely online. When creating Rouxbe, its creators also created a platform of culinary education that could be accessed anywhere in the world as long as you had a gadget and the internet connectivity that allowed you to do so. This online culinary school teaches just like a regular school but is more accessible for those who like to practice and learn in the comfort of their own homes.

Rouxbe has with it a large team of experienced and well-practiced chefs, who curate high-quality videos and live sessions. These means of teaching allow the students to be under the guidance of seasoned culinary instructors and leaves them at the liberty of remaining in their own homes.

Rouxbe Overview

This culinary school also delivers the entire package to its students. If you are considering signing up for this online cooking school, you will not be disappointed in the slightest. The school equips you with knowledge about not only cooking but everything that you may find in a kitchen and how to use them.

This means that you will get coaching and guidance on how to use certain equipment and why certain utensils and equipment are used in what you do. What this does is that it gives you as a student, a more holistic and rounded education in terms of culinary education.

Learning about your surroundings in a kitchen and also taking up a course in Rouxbe ensures that you will understand why certain ingredients or appliances are used the way that they are. This way it also makes it easier for one to understand and follow recipes in a more organized manner.

Why Is Rouxbe Cooking School the best fit for you

Rouxbe is a platform that can be considered the best fit for various people from different backgrounds and different purposes and goals. If you are a busy person who doesn’t have flexible enough hours to entirely commit to a physical school, Rouxbe could be the best fit for you. Rouxbe allows you to attend classes and complete assignments and courses according to the amount of time that you have on your hands.

You can attend and take classes, whenever, from wherever, and on whatever device you want. Rouxbe cooking school can be seen as the best fit for anyone with an interest in cooking or the whereabouts and happenings of it. a kitchen.

This means you could have any kind of day job and still come back home and learn about the kitchen and its constituents. Rouxbe mostly sees its enrollments from students who are aspiring chefs but have little or no experience in working in the kitchen, Food bloggers, those who want to add finesse to their cooking, people who are keen on bettering the skill of cooking and understanding the sort of science that goes behind cooking.

Features and Courses

Rouxbe courses

1 Access to videos

  • You will have access to more than 70 lessons and all of them will be recipes by great chefs. Each of these videos will focus on teaching with the easiest methods possible.
  •  You will also have access to more than 12 courses on the other hand. These courses range from teaching you about the basics to teaching you about the details of cooking.
  • You can access these videos at any place, any time, and anywhere.

2.  Teaching Community

  • The members will have a chance to interact with the instructors as well as get personalized attention from them.
  • The teaching methods also involve quizzes and seminars to ensure engagement from the side of the students.

3. Perks

  • You will get a certificate of completion once you have completed the course.
  • The quizzes will boost your confidence as and when you become better at learning from the start till the end.

Teachers At Rouxbe:

We’d like to introduce you to some of the top Rouxbe instructors! They are always eager and ready to help with any culinary-related questions!

Chef Dan Marek’s long-time favorite go-to for big umami flavor is mushrooms. “I love mixing varieties to get a nice wild flavor and pressing them to get a meaty texture,” says Dan. When not cooking, he spends a lot of time in the backyard poking around in the garden or playing guitar for my beautiful daughters.


Chef Lauren Lewis is passionate about whole food plant-based cooking and yoga, believing them to be two of the most powerful healing forces in life. Her favorite kitchen tool? A Santoku Chef’s Knife which she uses for everything. “A great knife is like an extension of your arm – it dramatically increases efficiency in the kitchen,” says Lauren.

Chef Eric Wynkoop’s favorite ingredient of the moment is miso. He loves the wide range of miso tastes, flavors, and aromas because they provide interest to nearly everything, savory or sweet. He adds a dollop of miso to soups, braised dishes, grain, and legume preparations…even his smoothies!

When he’s not in the kitchen, you can find Chef Eric on a single or tandem bicycle, and sometimes even a unicycle.


With a variety of expertise, culinary passions, and interests, you’re in good hands.

Rouxbe Review: Types of courses available at Cooking School:

1. The Cooking Roadmap – An Introduction.

This basic course contains a list of courses ranging from how to handle a basic knife to how to make steaming, brewing food. Cooking involves a lot of basic skills that every individual who wants to learn how to cook ends up overlooking.

Rouxbe- Cooking Roadmap

This course will make sure that you don’t miss out on creating your foundation while growing into the kind of professional chef that you aspire to be. Here are some of the basic courses that you can avail of under this broad course:

Knife Skills

Handling a knife isn’t as easy as the professional chefs end up making it look like. This course however will allow you to understand the variety of methods you can use to cut your ingredients effectively.

Rouxbe- Knife Skill

From the time we learned how to cut basic vegetables, we knew only one method to cut them. However, Rouxbe will help you learn that there is more than that. Along with this, this course will also help you learn how to take care of your knife and keep it sharp.

knife skills

Mastering Your Frypan

We see chefs tossing food in the frying pans like it’s no big deal, not to mention how fancy it looks as well. So, don’t look around anymore because this course will help you reach that level, step by step at your own pace.

Rouxbe- Mastering FRYpan

There are different things while we use a frying pan that includes the duration it takes to heat the oil properly, the art of tossing food in the pan and so much more. This course will help you learn it all without any hassle and with an easy to understand method.

How To Cook And Make Pasta

Pasta has been the favorite dish of many people since we can remember. You might also have family members who are a fan of eating pasta and you would want to make it for them in a professional manner.

 Make Pasta

This course is here to help you. The perfect pasta, with the perfect sauce and cooked to basically, perfection is what this course aims at helping you achieve. Now you can enjoy chef style pasta at the comfort of your own home by learning it on your own.

Cooking Chicken And Poultry

The great part about cooking chicken and poultry is that there are infinite varieties that you can try out while trying to make the best. Not only that, even after you make the finger-licking good chicken, the leftovers can be used pretty well.

Chicken recipe

Making chicken, if you eat non-vegetarian food, should be a staple recipe in your cookbook. Making the perfect chicken with the apt amount of roasting and cooking will ensure that you get the chicken that makes you realize that if you try to learn, you can make it too. This course is here to help you out with that.

2. Plant-Based Cooking: An Introduction

We have always been told to eat our vegetables because we have learned from a young age that every vegetable has tons of nutritional benefits that cannot be surpassed by any other food.

Rouxbe - Certification Course

But sometimes, the same olf vegetables get too boring to eat or they might not be preferred. This course is here to tell you that there are several ways that you can spice up your veggies and make them finger-licking good.

Certification that Rouxbe offers

Rouxbe offers its aspiring and potential students two different types of certification, each of with comes with a different syllabus and teaching structure. Each of the certifications come with their benefits, and it is up to the student to choose that one that seems most fit to them. Let us discuss each certification and what it has to offer

Membership Certification

This is the most sought-after certification, with the most number of applicants. This certification is one that is most applicable to beginners in the culinary field. What this means is that if you have only just begun dabbling in the culinary arts and you are not quite ready to invest and commit to the regular classes, the membership certification is the best fit for you.

This course includes in its 75 lessons and hundreds of recipes from renowned chefs from all around the world. You also get private tutoring from experienced culinary educators and chefs who are ready to help you whenever you need it. By the end of this course, you will receive a certification of the course competition that will specify that you have completed the course.

This certificate is issued by Rouxbe itself. In this certification, you will be granted access to multiple courses that will teach you the basics of using your game from an amateur to a trained cook. When discussing the prices, this certificate course also costs less than the other.

Professional Certificate Course

This course is for those who have some prior knowledge in the cooking arts and those who want to build on their already strong foundation. This certificate course is also more fit for those who are looking to start a career in the same field or line. The certificate course carries credibility enough to be added to one’s resumes when applying for a job under the same branch.

In this professional certificate course, you will be assigned a chef instructor who will act as your mentor through the completion of the course. You are given lifetime access to the course and you will also be allowed to complete the course whenever you would like. Once you think you are ready, you will be required to get your skills tested by your mentor. Upon passing the assessment, you will receive the course completion certificate.

Under the Professional Certification Courses, you also get the option of which specific course you want to complete. The options that Rouxbe offers you Plant-based Professional Certification, Professional Cook Certification, Rouxbe Basic Certification for growing Teams, and Rouxbe Pro Certification.

How Much Does Rouxbe Pricing

Rouxbe - Pricing

  • The courses at Rouxbe are available for $9.99 per month and $99.99 per year.
  • There are options that allow you to pay the price at once for the duration that you want or you can also avail of the payment plan.
  • The payment plan at Rouxbe is ee which means that you do not have to worry about the technicalities of interest rates and time constraints. The community of Rouxbe only wants the best for its members.

Rouxbe Review: Online Culinary School Testimonials

Rouxbe - Testimonials

What People Say About Rouxbe On Facebook:

Customer feedback

Love all the things I have learned studying at Rouxbe. Really opened my eyes to the how and the WHY of methods. I look at recipes I made just a year ago and see where they were ok but now I would make them differently and they are sooo much better. Tips and tricks of the trade that make all the difference between a good dish and a great dish!- Heather Hem

This cooking school was way beyond my greatest expectations! I’ve always enjoyed cooking but I never understood the ways of building flavors and why things happen the ways they do until Rouxbe! The lifetime membership is awesome- access to a vault of recipes, lessons and courses of all types. I am loving the learning!- Anya Fyfe

FAQs On Rouxbe Online Culinary School Review

👉 When can I begin the course?

The course can be accessed at any point in time once you have purchased it. You will have access to all the videos accordingly.

👉Till when can I access the program that I purchase?

There is no limit to the time till when you access the courses. You have lifetime access which you can start, end, or start again at any point in time.

👉 How does Rouxbe support its students?

Rouxbe is a community of students who are important to them. They keep Q and A sessions. The students also have the opportunity to interact or contact their instructor directly, making it feel like real-time learning.

👉Is there a cancellation policy?

The limit to avail of the refund for your cancellation is 7 days. After this, no refunds can be availed. However, even during the first week of cancellation, 25% of it is still non-refundable according to our policy.

👉What is the age required to join the program?

There are no age requirements for a person to join their courses. Anyone can avail of this learning experience.

👉Can I learn how to make food according to my dietary needs?

Yes. The courses are such that they make you self reliant and teach you how to understand cooking in such a manner that you can make what you want for yourself, according to your needs.

👉What is the payment method for the course?

You can either pay for the course at once or you can avail of our no-interest payment plan.

👉Why does Rouxbe promote the only plant-based?

Plant-based food is much healthier than any food group. Thus, they make an effort to make you understand the need to incorporate a more plant-based diet in your dietary plans.

👉 Is there a certificate of completion?

Yes, once you finish the course, you will get a certificate of completion.

👉Who will teach us at Rouxbe?

The members will be taught by chefs and educators who have years of experience, for your best interests.

👉How do I buy the Rouxbe course?

You can buy the course through MasterCard, VISA, or Discover. There are also discounts that you can avail of.

👉What do I need to have to learn from this course?

The first lesson of this course contains the basics which will tell you what all you need.

👉Do I need to be experienced to join the course?

No, you do not need any prior experience.

👉What is the Rouxbe Curriculum?

The curriculum of Rouxbe contains information about the basics as well as all that you need to reach the professional level. The level of teaching is also very simple.

👉When and where can I attend my classes?

You can attend your classes anywhere and anytime. All the videos are available to you 24/7 for a lifetime.

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Conclusion: Rouxbe Review 2021 | Should You Buy This?

In conclusion, Rouxbe is a brilliant platform to learn cooking and culinary skills, or even to just build on existing ones that you have. This online academy is ready for anyone with any background, regardless of your goals are career-oriented or if they are to simply make you a better cook. The platform is very user-friendly and accessible for anyone regardless of which part of the world that they’re accessing the courses from.

With the different certification types and features that Rouxbe offers, it makes it easy for you to make an informed decision based on what kind of certification you might want to end up with by the end of the completion of your course

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