Royal Partners Affiliate Review 2023 : Should You Join This Program?

Royal Partners Casino Affiliate

Overall Verdict

Royal Partners is known for its flexible affiliate program, timely payouts, and high commission rates for webmasters.

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  • Payments made quickly
  • Several currencies exist
  • Payments are not subject to a minimum threshold
  • There were no negative carryovers
  • RevShares and CPAs available for profit


  • There is no sub-affiliation


Price: $

Royal Partners stands out as a hidden gem among the many advertisers in the casino niche. Webmasters enjoy high commission rates and flexible terms through Royal Partners’ affiliate program.

Their casinos are licensed, and it is in-house offers. High conversion is connected not with the fact that affiliate applications are analyzed, but with the fact that they have a high-quality retention system

Find out why you should join the Royal Partners affiliate program right now by reading this article.

Royal Partners Affiliate Review

General Info About The Affiliate Program

Royal Partners

Royal Partners has been engaged in the gambling industry since 2019 and its reputation has been excellent ever since. There are over 500 affiliates that generate thousands of leads each day working for an advertiser.

Four reliable and licensed online casinos have partnered with the program:

  1. SOL casino
  2. Fresh casino
  3. JET casino
  4. ROX casino

There are currently 7 GEOs participating in the Royal Partners program in Europe, the CIS, and around the world, including:

  1. Finland
  2. Canada
  3. Australia
  4. Ukraine
  5. Russia
  6. Germany
  7. Kazakhstan
  8. Canada

Live streamers with at least 1k subscribers on or YouTube are also eligible for collaboration with the advertiser, in addition to affiliate partnership programs.

It is important to note that the audience should be over the age of 18 on the streaming channel. There is a mobile version as well as the PC version of the Royal Partners website, making it even more accessible to any affiliate.

The platform features a user-friendly layout, it is designed in yellow, black, and white colors, and it includes vibrant illustrations. Russian and English are available on the platform.

How To Sign Up For The Program?

Affiliate Manager will contact each applicant directly via email to clarify the details of their iGaming experience and determine the best payout model for them. Once the affiliate is connected to the offer, the manager will help configure the URLs, if necessary.

An affiliate gets access to the advertising platform when he or she signs up, where he or she can create promotional campaigns.

Affiliates can create campaigns on the dashboard, edit settings, apply filters to create high-quality promotional materials, and integrate third-party tracking tools.

The advertiser provides detailed statistics and provides special filters for tracking player activity, deposits, and traffic. 

Commission Models And Withdrawal Options

Payouts that are timely, collaboration models, and an array of withdrawal options are all signs of a reliable advertiser.

Commission Models - Royal Partners Affiliate Program

All of the requirements outlined above are met with the Royal Partners Affiliate program. It provides 3 common models for affiliate partnerships, which are:

  • According to this commission model, the webmaster receives money for the lead who made the first deposit.
  • The webmaster makes a profit for his client throughout his (client’s) life cycle. As part of this commission model, they propose no bundling and no negative carryover.
  • Partner receives both a fixed CPA and a percentage of the casino’s revenue under the hybrid model.

Commission Model

Several payout models are available to affiliates who sign up for the Royal Partners program and specify the GEOs, traffic sources, and expertise they have.

Based on the information provided by an affiliate, a personal manager will discuss everything with partners.

Depending on the affiliate’s commission model, Royal Partners’ website pays out according to a different payout model schedule.

For CPA l, the payments are made weekly basis every Monday. 

For RevShare, the payments are made on a monthly basis and on the 5th of every month for the previous time. 

For the Hybrid model, payment model, the payments are done once a week as the payments with the CPA model and on monthly basis as in the revenue share model. 


Affiliates can find the most suitable withdrawal option from Royal Partners’ website thanks to multiple withdrawal options. Among the options are:

  • WMZ;
  • Capitalist;
  • bank transfer;
  • USDT;
  • Bitcoin;
  • Skrill.

Royal Partners Affiliate Program – What You Should Do And What You Shouldn’t Do

The content generated by Royal Partners’ affiliates is carefully reviewed in order to provide high conversion rates

Therefore, the advertiser’s affiliate program prohibits the following types of content:

  • Traffic generated by online casinos’ cheating schemes;
  • A casino might mislead players with false information about the bonuses and terms;
  • Traffic originating from Telegram;
  • Contextual ads, SEO, and branded content;
  • There is traffic from fake accounts of the brand on social media and in instant messenger, as well as official logos and signs that can be associated with the casino brand.

What Makes Royal Partners A Popular Affiliate Program?

Features - Royal Partners Affiliate Program

Superior commission rates and a personalized approach

As soon as an affiliate registers with Royal Partners, a personal manager assists them with commission model and will provide support throughout the process.

Deep Retention

The company has a unique multi-tiered retention system that covers as many casino players as possible. Webmasters cannot increase profits, the retention system is needed so that the leads brought by the webmaster continue to play. And thus, the webmaster continued to receive money for them.

Promo Materials

The advertiser provides a wide range of marketing tools to help its partners create the best promotional campaign. Different banners and landing pages are available for different geographies and traffic sources, and the creatives are available in different sizes.

No Negative Carryover And Fast Payouts

Payments are handled by Royal Partners with the utmost care. With the program, affiliates can choose their commission model and don’t have to worry about negative balances extending into the next month.

Generous Bonuses For Affiliates

Affiliates at Royal Partners are offered a variety of bonuses and, frequently, competitions with cash prizes between partners are held to encourage referrals and create favorable conditions for the customers.

24/7 Support System

Support from Royal Partners is particularly appreciated by affiliate companies working with the platform. A range of support channels is available to users:

  • personal manager;
  • Telegram – @royal_partners;
  • Email – [email protected].
  • Skype –

Pros And Cons 


  • Payments made quickly and always on time.
  • Several currencies exist
  • Minimum Payment for CPA 20$
  • There were no negative carryovers
  • RevShares and CPAs available for profit and Hybrid.


  • Royalty fee is 17%. Сommission fee for payment systems is10%. Admin Fee 8%
  • There is no sub-affiliation

Customer Reviews

Customer Review - Royal Partners

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FAQs related to Royal Partner Affiliate Review

😍 How do you become an affiliate?

Once you have created an account on the site, you will need to select the offer you are most interested in, get a link and start posting.

😊 Is participation in the program free?

Affiliate program membership is free of charge. It only takes a few minutes to register. There are no entry fees or minimum play requirements.

😇 What does lead qualification depend on?

When a player fulfills the minimum requirements for CPA programs on the project within 7 days, they automatically qualify for the program. Players are then enrolled in the program.

🥰 What traffic sources are prohibited?

The following types of traffic are not accepted: Motivational. Cheating schemes in casinos encourage traffic. Traffic from Telegram A casino's working conditions, bonuses, etc., are misled (knowingly false information). Traffic to brands (contextual advertising, SEO) Traffic coming from fake official pages on social networks and instant messengers, and those which cause players to believe they are official (such as sites that use logos or official branding, or those that appeal to players on behalf of a casino).

Conclusion: Royal Partners Casino Affiliate Review 2023

Thus, overall, I give a big Thumbs up to Royal Partners. There is no doubt that it is a hidden gem. Royal Partners is known for its flexible affiliate program, timely payouts, and high commission rates for webmasters.

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